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I’m going to my Rotary Club, dear….



Quick quiz: The guy in this picture is making…

CHINA/a) a helicopter-shaped ice sculpture

b) a helicopter-shaped lamp for his living room

c) a helicopter-shaped playhouse for his children

d) a homemade helicopter

As bizarre as it may sound, d) is the answer.

I blame myself. I’ve spent so much time in this blog warning about homemade submarines that I haven’t actually mentioned, if you’re going to go straight up in the sky in a vehicle, it should not be put together from crap in your back yard.

Kids, this especially goes for you….

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Gao Hanjie (top) installs the rotor blades on his homemade helicopter in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China, June 9, 2010. The graphic designer and helicopter enthusiast, with help from his friends, has spent more than a month building the helicopter. Gao claims he will eventually fly the contraption as a personal project, according to local media. REUTERS/Sheng Li

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Going to Mars: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?



Okay, this has got to be the most thankless job of the entire decade. These six astronaut guys are going to spend 520 days going to Mars and back.

That’s a long, long time to be away from family and cable TV and doughnuts and stuff, but this is how history gets made. This is how real pioneers rock ‘n’ roll.

The Swiss Army Sock, darn ‘em



Gadget lovers, technology buffs, footwear enthusiasts, get ready for the all-new Swiss Army Sock.

SWITZERLAND/That’s right, the country that gave us that iconic all-purpose pocketknife is now designing new socks for its army, as these genuine, unretouched photos show.

Most popular posts for April…


Come on, Blog Guy, it’s like May 1st. Time to tell us your 10 most popular blog posts for April, so we can collect on our bar bets!

Yeah, okay, I’m just opening the sealed envelope from the firm that does the official tally. Wow! Turns out, the number one item was my report on the lavish festivities celebrating the 10,000th member of my Facebook blog network.

Neat stuff I’ve found at techie taverns…


bikini beamer 490

Blog Guy, have you been following that amazing story about the techie who left a prototype of the new iPhone in a bar?

Yeah, and I have to laugh that people are surprised at that.

SPAIN/I mean, I have four of those things myself.  I live near a techie bar, and you’d be amazed at the crap I pick up when they get drunk. It’s a treasure trove of gadgets.

iPad? Damn, was that THIS weekend?


Blog Guy, you’ve been strangely silent on the release of the iPad. It’s all any of the other bloggers are writing about, and especially with your technical following…

ipad combo top 490

Yeah, sorry, I just heard about it. I wish somebody had told me it was being released this weekend. But when I saw it in the newspaper yesterday, my team and I bought one and put it through its paces.

Toilet timer to eliminate waste?


Now and then an idea comes along that is so bad, it deserves a place in the Bad Idea Hall of Fame. Maybe you remember such brainstorms as the hotel bed-warming service, the “marriage hunting bra,” the plan to get civil servants to mingle with the public


But I digress. From the UK comes news that  workers in an office have been given a 10-minute limit in the toilet. A hidden sensor switches off the toilet light when their time is finished, even if they aren’t.

Stuff we don’t need to experience in 3-D


3d combo top 490

Following the runaway success of “Avatar,” 3-D technology is taking over the world.

Suddenly we’re reading about more 3-D movies3-D fashion shows, 3-D television, 3-D maps…

Did you get to the part about the wipers?



Blog Guy, check out this bizarre photo. What do you suppose is going on here?

Uh-oh. This looks bad. Really bad. Has anybody else seen this picture?

minsk crop 260Um, probably millions of people. Why?

If I had to guess, I’d say this is a top-secret consumer group testing the new Apple iPads. These things are supposed to be in stores on April 3, but it looks like there may still be glitches.

Wait a minute, Blog Guy, I have to think an Apple product is gonna perform better than this, a month away from launch.

Get out the marshmallows, it’s time for the Olympics!


Blog Guy, at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it seems like the Olympic Flame was under-played. You know, they used to carry a torch all the way around the world, and it was a big deal.

olympics flame combo 490

I agree with you. This year, some guy just sat there and talked into a phone, and then flames came out of an electric gizmo.