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Get my cell phone, Hon, it’s in the toilet…


Blog Guy, like most of your readers, I come here for news about toilets, which you cover better than anybody else. I was wondering, are women’s bathroom habits any different from men’s, apart from the obvious?

They may be, judging from a new survey of women.  Among other things, the survey asked about items that women accidentally drop in the toilet. Money, jewelry, medicine, toothbrushes…

It turns out the most commonly dropped item is the cell phone, which gives me an idea for a million dollar app – a smart phone that automatically switches to Speaker Mode when submerged.

Wow! If you want investors, I’m in, Blog Guy! What else?

The survey found on average an item has to cost at least $75 before a woman will fish it out of the toilet. Fully 16 percent said that NO item was worth going after in the toilet. My own guess is, when that Xanax bottle drops, you’re going to see some fast splashing.