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Now, THAT’S what I call a public toilet!



Blog Guy, you did a great blog item about how to find public toilet facilities when we’re traveling overseas. As you know, this is very important to Americans.

toilet and water crop 200I wonder if you can elaborate a bit and identify any cities we should avoid because of bad bathrooms.

Sure. Judging from the most recent photos I could find without working too hard, it looks to me like you should stay away from Paris, France.

See, their toilets are right out in the open, and I gather other people line up to watch you.

Mom and Dad, the Beautiful People?


parents combo 490

I should warn you, I’m kind of emotional today. See, I’m adopted, and I just got a report from a private detective who has tracked down my biological parents after all these years. You can imagine my feelings as I read it.

Hmmm. It says BOTH of my parents were models, which might explain my interest in fashion.

Send in a SQUAT Team….



Blog Guy, you mentioned recently that when Americans travel abroad, the main thing we’re concerned about is whether the toilets will be suitable for our needs. I suspect you’re right. I’m going overseas on a trip with my friends, but I’m a little concerned about how to spot the facilities.

portajons 280I can help you. As you can see here, public Porta-Johns in other countries are often marked with a distinctive yellow POLISI, which I guess means GENTS.

Police help fight Mister Tooth Decay


Blog Guy, I want to teach my family to cut back on the water we use. Do you have any figures on how much water it takes to, say, have a shower.

Sure. A shower takes two gallons of water a minute, so you should make it a quick one.

Carnival: if you go, don’t plan to go


Not to seem indelicate, but I guess it’s human nature to worry about having ample places to go to the bathroom. I suspect that if somebody came back to life after having seen the afterlife, our first question would be, “Are there enough toilets over there?”


Indeed, travel surveys have found that among Americans planning to go abroad, their number one and number two concerns are, well, number one and number two.

Sorry pal, the bathroom’s busy today!


bathroom bodybuilding 490

Oh Lord, now I’ve REALLY done it!

PERU/I had to go and have three cups of coffee this morning at a place where the only men’s room is the site of the Bathroom Bodybuilding Competition, popularly known as “Pottybuilding.”

Pottybuilding! Of all the stupid sports!

And it sure doesn’t help that I took a harsh laxative last night before going to bed.

January’s top blog posts: a time for learning…


The traffic statistics are in for January, the first month of the new, slightly more educational, grown-up version of this blog, and clearly readers are coming along for the ride.

toiletead combo january 200The ten most popular posts for the month found readers enthralled by Canadian history, a serious look at improving airline security and an attempt to come up with the worst travel idea ever.

The grossest picture of the year so far?


Blog Guy, I know you hate all those photos of people starved for attention, who take icy “polar bear” swims in the winter. But I heard that during one of those swims, in Canada…

toilethead 490

Let me stop you right there. It’s true, the fabled Eugene “Toilethead” Johnson made a surprise appearance, arriving at the beach by swimming up through a public toilet. A very dirty public toilet, it seems.

If superstars went to the bathroom…


According to the founder of the World Toilet Organization, the reason people are so reluctant to talk about hygiene is that it isn’t cool. He may have a point.

Television and movies show us what’s cool, and they don’t show toilets. Sure, Fonzie frequently checked out his hair in the bathroom, but you just saw a mirror.

Look Out for the Cheetah…


Blog Guy, I’m outraged. Connect me to your blog’s complaint department!

Hello, this is the Odd Blog Complaint Department. Your call is important to us…