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I don’t remember HER from the revolution!



Comrade Johnson, thank you for coming in. We have just a few questions before we renew your license to paint revolutionary Communist heroes.

We’ve dropped by your workshop, and most of your portraits are very nice. Good job on Deng and Mao. Very inspiring…

street art crop260Um, that brings us to some of your other paintings, which don’t seem to depict immediately-recognizable heroes of the revolution.

This young lady in the top row, for instance, doesn’t show up in our archives of revolutionary leaders. Her uniform is no help because she isn’t wearing one. So naturally, we are wondering why you display her alongside noted and revered leaders.

Which half of ‘em is naked?


naked run combo 520

Okay, I’ve got another small quibble with our photo captions.┬áThe actual caption for the pictures you see here begins, “People take part in a half naked “Santa run…”

While it is true that most of them are not wearing shirts or pants, I don’t see anybody I’d call “half naked.” I just see people who aren’t fully clothed.

The all new Lock and Load Blog!


Well, drop a grenade down my pants, this one REALLY took me by surprise!

The official tabulation of this blog’s posts for November reveals that the most popular item had nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret or stupid fashions or Barack Obama or the other usual topics.

Instead, it involved ceremonies honoring Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the weapon that bears his name.

What’s your outfit, soldier?


Blog Guy, I know you’re always making fun of bizarre fashion show outfits, but they can’t ALL be that bad. Is it fair for you to only show a designer’s strangest creations?

I guess you’re right. A few days ago I got a lot of traffic, and comments, on a post showing a creation by Pakistani designer Tayyab Bombal, which featured a model wearing only shoes and trousers.

Just another topless model?


Blog Guy, my girlfriend gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, and I’m treating myself to some nice new duds. I wanna be right up there with the latest fashions. What should I get?

That’s simple. Shop around for a nice shirt, and then don’t buy it and don’t wear it. Just go out shirtless.

Nobody wants to see exposed fashion models!


Okay Lonnie, we took you on as an intern during Paris Fashion Week because what the hell, you were willing to work for free just to meet the models.******But Lon, we assigned you a VERY simple task, just to wash the tops for each outfit, and what happened?******Every one of them shrank drastically, leaving the models fully exposed on the runway! You think anybody wants to see that?******Lonnie, I’m sure this was just an accident, but we did warn you that heat shrinks fabric. So what did you do wrong?******Really? Washed them repeatedly all night long in a steam room, huh, and then dried them over a Weber grill?******Well gee, that sounds like an innocent mistake to me, Lon…***

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******Models present creations by designer Gareth Pugh as part of his Spring/Summer 2010 women’s collection during Paris Fashion Week, September 30, 2009. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen***

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Lookit the Nasdaqs on that chick!


If you’re like most guys, hearing about the global financial meltdown makes you think about naked chicks. Then again, if you’re like most guys, hearing about tapioca pudding make you think about pretty much the same thing.

From my Department of Bad Taste, a famous cabaret in Paris offers a number called “Crisis,” where women lose their shirts, and nearly everything else, in the market plunge.

You’ve reached the firm of Ponce, Bonache and Gotcha!


Blog Guy, do you stand behind the info in your photo captions? Is there a chance anybody ever pulls a fast one on you?

We do our best to check information, but my own personal suspicion is that sometimes people in Spain are having a laugh at my expense.

Maybe she’s about to sneeze?


Blog Guy, what is that actress Pamela Anderson up to these days?

It’s a sad story. Judging from new photos of her, she’s lost all control of her face muscles. Still, the Serbs were nice enough to put her on the cover of their Playboy magazine.

Well, sure. Who looks at faces in Playboy, if you take my meaning? What does the magazine translate to in Serbian, anyway?

You call it fashion, I call it flashin’


A few days ago I did a very popular post on what appeared to be a fashion trend, a dress that leaves one breast exposed, so the woman has to cover it with her hand. I saw some flaws in the idea, and there was plenty of reader discussion about it.

Good news! The designer of The Dress, Kimya Glasgow, has now assured me she did not intend for the creation to be worn in such a revealing manner.