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Armored combat for the golden prize…


Blog Guy, everybody knows you’ve campaigned against bullfighting and other forms of animal cruelty. It’s safe to say that any event involving animal combat is inhumane, right?

Pretty much, yeah…

Pretty much? What does that mean?

Well, I must admit that now and then I fly over to Singapore to watch the Giant Tortoise Carrot Fights.

Giant Tortoise Carrot Fights?

Yeah, people gather around and two massive giant tortoises go after a carrot.

After about the first day and a half, most of the spectators have gone home and the rest are asleep in their seats. The bookies won’t touch the sport, because of the number of variables.

Too many variables?

No, none at all. The animals just tug until the carrot finally snaps. Then they share the pieces, have some watermelon for dessert and lumber off to watch pro wrestling. I can live with that.