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I’m out of here! Just call me Chicken Kiev!

November 2, 2009

Hey Blog Guy, I’m takin’ a vacation to Kiev soon, and I need your travel advice. I like to hang out at singles bars. I guess they’re pretty much the same everywhere?

Lookin’ for my Luger, Sugar?

September 21, 2009

Blog Guy, recently you blogged about that Oktoberfest thing in Germany – you know, the party with all the beer and the women with those huge, uh, mugs? I saw a travel ad for it that said, “Come to Germany and get frisky!”

Hey Diego! Know where you should avoid?

September 19, 2009

I’m very reluctant to call anyone stupid. What? Yes, I HAVE used that word in 423 blog posts, which just goes to show my restraint.

How I spent my summer vacation

September 8, 2009

Welcome back to a feature called What Year is this Again? where we offer items that lack humor, but do make us wonder if we have somehow gone back in time…

Are you dummies talkin’ to ME?

September 2, 2009

Irving liked exploring on his own, but at times he had the distinct impression strange characters were following and taunting him.

Is this the WORST subway ride ever?

August 31, 2009

Blog Guy, I have a travel question. I hear about tourists going to faraway places and waking up in a bathtub with a kidney missing. Should I be afraid?

That’s a lotta terracotta!

August 30, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m about to leave on my dream trip to China, to see the famous terracotta warriors. Any advice?

That fake blood looks SO real!

August 17, 2009

Okay group, the Rome Tourist Board hired us to crisis manage this horrible PR problem in the middle of tourist season. Their security guards are having a job action at one of the most popular attractions, the Colosseum.

The wurst way to turn your kids into vegans…

August 14, 2009

Blog Guy, our family is going to Berlin for a vacation. Are there any museums we don’t want to miss?

Am I my brothel’s keeper?

August 11, 2009

Hey Blog Guy, I’m going to London on vacation. Let’s say some evening after a great English meal I want to find a brothel. You know, a bawdy house. A bordello. A den of iniquity. Where do I go?