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The real, actual, genuine arrival sign!


Blog Guy, I just heard that a pilot on a Continental Airlines flight from Brussels to Newark died in mid-flight today!

That’s true. But the plane was landed safely by two co-pilots.

Yikes! That raises so many questions!

Like what?

Like, when the plane landed, what did the arrival sign look like?

I’m very glad you asked that, complete stranger. It gives me the opportunity to use our actual photograph of the sign, which otherwise nobody might ever see. It looked a lot like this.

Amazing! were you alone with that shot?

Um, something tells me others managed to get it, too.

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Above: A message board shows the arrival of flights at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, June 18, 2009. The pilot of Continental Airlines flight 61 died in mid-flight and the plane landed safely under the control of two co-pilots.

Right: cameramen shoot the arrival boards.

REUTERS photos by Eric Thayer

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It don’t get no stupider than this!


Blog Guy, I know you declared that wedding countdown bra to be the worst idea ever. Now that we have a winner, are you finished watching for other stupid stuff?

Hardly. In fact, I may have spoken too soon. The beer bike, which is a tourist thing over in the Dutch Holland Netherlands, may be even more lame than the bra.

Let’s take a load off until a taxi comes by…


Ooookay, guys, I’ll admit it was a dumb idea to just drop by the ambassador’s residence here in Paris without calling first, but who knew he’d be out on a weeknight?

Y’know, he told me to come by if I was ever in France, but I guess folks always say that.

The most romantic wedding spot on earth?


I guess every couple in love wants to be Romeo and Juliet. To refresh your memory, Juliet was a 13-year-old girl who couldn’t marry her boyfriend, so she takes a potion that makes her seem dead, then he finds her and takes poison, and when she wakes up and sees his body she stabs herself to death.

What young love bugs wouldn’t want a relationship like that?

Now modern lovers can have the ultimate romantic thrill, getting married on the balcony in the 13th century mansion thought to be the home of the Capulets of Shakespeare’s tragedy, ‘West Side Story.’

Oy Vaycation!


Blog Guy, I could use some travel advice. I’m going to Israel tomorrow, and I need to know what clothes to pack. I want to blend in, and not take a lot of stuff I won’t wear.

Four words for you. Fruit of the Loom.


I checked the last few photos we have showing people in Israel, and it seems all they wear this time of year is underwear.

Friar takes a flier?


Welcome back to our popular feature, Stuff Maybe we Should Have Mentioned in the Caption, but Didn’t.************Now, the actual photo caption we put on these pictures tells us a man dressed as a friar is jumping off a 33-foot cliff at a restaurant in Peru, as a tourist attraction.******Huh? He’s doing what? In fairness, our caption also says the restaurant’s name is “The Jump of the Friar,” so either this is quite an amazing coincidence, or else the guy works for the place.******I suppose he’s just happy they didn’t decide to name it “The Beheading of the Friar” or the “Colonoscopy of the Friar” or something like that.******But anyway, here’s my point. You recent college graduates with difficult-to-market skills should pay attention. One of these days this guy won’t come out of the water, which is your opportunity to be the star attraction at Peru’s newest cliff-side eatery, “The Jump of the Creative Writing Major.” Hey, it’s a job.***

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************A man dressed as a friar jumps from a ten meter (33 feet) cliff at “The Jump of the Friar,” a local restaurant, as a tourist attraction in Lima, May 28, 2009. REUTERS/ Pilar Olivares

Cheese, oh soothing cheese…


You’ve GOT to help me, Blog Guy! Big News is breaking too fast. North Korean nukes, a new Supreme Court Justice, the economy….

Can you please direct me to the LEAST significant thing on earth? I need to totally zone out for about 45 seconds with the most inconsequential thing you can find.

Hey, my Raisinets are moving!


Blog Guy, I went to dinner last night with friends here in Colombia. The  restaurant must have been in a skyscraper, because when we looked down, everything looked like ants!

You were looking at the dishes on your table, and they WERE ants. This is the season when they eat huge ants in various ways in Colombia.

Another bowl of blood, Lonnie!


Blog Guy, you write a lot about travel. My wife and I need a vacation, but we’re trying hard to lose weight. Vacations always mean wonderful meals, and we come home 10 pounds heavier. How can we break that cycle?

Do what I do. Plan a vacation to Vietnam.

Oh hot-diggity. How does that help?

For dinner in Hanoi, head out to a bistro I know specializing in entrails and blood soup.

How do you stay so thin, Mr. President?


Blog Guy, I see President Obama seems to be going to every country in Europe.

Get a clue! Obama himself went to a couple of important countries, then flew home. Now they’re just shipping cardboard cutouts around so the leaders of other nations can have photo opportunities.

The cutouts stand in front of a cardboard version of Air Force One, pose with some locals, and then they’re quickly put back into their flat travel carton.