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Welcome to Beer Cave, guys!


About 400,000 people die exploring caves each year. This is a very rough estimate off the top of my head, but you get the idea.

To shed some light on this hazardous hobby, we covered an international competition on the subject.

What we saw amazed us. That picture down below on the left shows a caver building a tower with beer crates. I can tell them right away, if they’ve emptied that many crates of beer they have no business climbing that high.

Now look at the photo below on the right. Did I call that one right, or not?

Apart from that, I would point out that every cave I’ve ever been in has been below ground, or at least ground level, so what they’re doing stacking beer crates and calling it a cave is way beyond me.

As cosy as a high school gym?

“Welcome to our castle, President and Mrs. Obama. This is the living room, where we like to chill.”

“Very comfy, President Klaus. Quite intimate.”

“Take off your shoes and put your feet up on the coffee table. Here, have some of these Czech Sausages. My wife opened the can herself.”

The roadkill family vacation scrapbook!


Sorry to get serious for a moment readers, but… Death. Our inevitable fate.

There’s just something about death that makes us as human beings want to stand in front of it and get our fricking picture snapped.

Think these hot TV lights will hurt the ice?


Blog Guy, I’m a real sports nut. Are there any new shows I should be watching?

Absolutely. There is a mid-season replacement sports show, since the televised World Russian Roulette Championships ended so abruptly last week.

Another busload of yokels, Santino!


Blog Guy, are humans the only animals capable of abstract planning?

I get that question a lot. Watch this stunning video report about Santino, a chimp who plans for feelings he knows will exist in the future.

Like writing a letter to an unborn child? Or hitting a rap music CD with a claw hammer before you even listen to it? What does Santino do?

You put your handcuffs on, you take your handcuffs off…


Some of you have asked me about that new program down there in Mexico, where nightclubs are being operated by federal government police.

I think the experiment seems to be working, judging from some fresh photos I’ve just seen from nightspots in Ciudad Juarez.

Flap faster, honey!

Blog Guy, you give great travel advice, and I need some. I just bought tickets on a budget Tibetan airline. They were very cheap, and now I’m wondering what to expect in the way of quality.

I guess it depends on how picky you are.

Um, why do you ask?

That airline doesn’t really own any planes. They use a more theoretical method of travel in which passengers get on a very fast horse, which gallops at breathtaking speed toward a mountain precipice. When it gets there, the horse stops suddenly.

You did WHAT in the overhead bin?


After paying for their aisle seat, blanket, food and a cocktail, air travelers may need to set aside a little cash for… well, you know…

There’s no delicate way to put this. The chief executive of Europe’s largest budget carrier said today that Ryanair might start charging passengers for using the toilet while flying.

Do you validate, Mr. le Bon?


Blog Guy, I’ve had it with the U.S. economy. Do you know some other currency I could convert my savings to?

Have you thought about the Democratic Republic of Congo’s currency?

Frankly, no I haven’t.

Go to Goma and look up my friend, le Bon.

How will I know him?

He’s a Sappeur – the local name for a dandy dresser. You want a dapper banker, don’t you?

I’ll have more of those chewy round things!

Blog Guy, I was recently in Bolivia, at a little restaurant on the outskirts of La Paz, and I had a WONDERFUL soup called “caldo de cardan.” ! really felt great afterwards and it even cured my hangover!

Say no more. Brown stuff in white gravy?

That’s it! What’s that yum-yum stuff in it?

Boiled bull’s penis and testicles. You find it in restaurants located near slaughterhouses. Use Yahoo Yellow Pages to find the nearest shop where you can buy the ingredients.