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Location, location, locomotion!


Good morning, sir, and and congratulations on your new restaurant!

Thank you! You’re my first customers.

We’d like your finest table.

You must sit over here, then. It has our very best view!

Thank you. View of what?

Why, these long metal things with wooden cross-ties. It’s quite a phenomenon – they seem to stretch out forever! Plus, if you enjoy background music you can hear a whistle off in the distance!

You haven’t been here long, have you? Maybe we’ll move over to…

STAY! I insist! You shall have our two-hour breakfast special! Chew! Chew!

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A couple waits for more commuters in a makeshift passenger trolley that will be pushed manually down a rail track when it is full, in Bicutan, south of Metro Manila, February 5, 2009. REUTERS/John Javellana

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Hey, did you see who just knocked?


Blog Guy, when you travel to an exotic world capital, where’s the first place you go? An art museum? A cathedral? A celebrated restaurant?

None of those. I have a favorite prank I always play. I go to the home of the president or king, ring their doorbell and run away. Then I watch them look confused when they open the door.

Get out your cash, honey, it’s the famous robbers!


Blog Guy, I’m planning a month-long trip to China. It’s the dream trip of a lifetime. I’m going all over by bus, and I want all the tips you can give me. Give me all the insider stuff, rich with tiny details!

Sure. Don’t get off the bus in Foshan.

Um, it’s not that I’m not grateful, but I thought you might have more advice. And why shouldn’t I get off the bus in Foshan?

My ticket out of this dump?


Blog Guy, I hear your readership is getting huge. I guess we can look forward to your Oddly Enough blog for some time, huh?

Fat chance, loser!

Excuse me?

I hope that didn’t sound rude. I just mailed my application for the greatest job in the world, and with my blogging experience I’m a shoe-in.

Is that a rabid flying schnauzer?


From London comes a news photo of the start of an atheist bus campaign. I mean, a bus can’t BE an atheist, but they have signs saying, “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD…”

Uh-huh. Notice the word “probably.” Meanwhile, London is a huge city with double-decker buses.

Last tango in Hyderabad…


Blog Guy, I’m a man who LOVES ballroom dancing. I’m taking a trip to India, and I wondered where I might enjoy an elegant evening over there?

There are some places, but judging from pictures I’ve seen they do things very differently. You may not like it.

Take a Willy Wonka vacation!


Blog Guy, I was amazed by your item about the two Taj Mahals. I’m planning a trip to exotic Machu Picchu. How many of those are there?

Counting the chocolate one?

Wait! There’s a chocolate one?

Sure. Here’s a photo. Many popular tourist places are being replicated in dessert form these days, since folks are tired of the real thing. For instance, the best Big Ben is a chocolate one in Italy.

A brand new Taj, it’s no mirage!


Blog Guy, I need your travel advice. I’m planning a trip to the Taj Mahal.

Sure. Which one?

Excuse me?

Well, there’s the old one in India, and then there’s a brand new $60 million replica in Bangladesh. It’s about 800 miles from the old, worn-out one.

I thought there was just the one. Which do you recommend?

I’ve only personally seen the India one. But it’s 400 years old, so I have to assume this new one is better. You know, probably has digital special effects, better snacks and restrooms…

Glad gladiators and merrier terriers!


Blog Guy, I know that President-Elect Barack Obama brought diverse groups together. What’s the oddest coalition you’ve seen from  the election?

That’s easy. In Italy, there was a group called Terriers and Roman Centurions for Obama.

Grab the kids, we’re takin’ a stupid trip!


This blog’s travel section has kind of a cute twist. It caters to folks who want a good reason to stay home. That job just got lots easier, what with a new attraction in Australia.

Crocosaurus Cove, which is Australian for “Toss another tourist on the barbie,” allows you to be in a clear underwater container, face-to-face with a massive saltwater crocodile.