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Campaign’s emotional baggage

Blog Guy, your recent posts about political coverage have been a virtual textbook for aspiring photojournalists, what with pieces on shooting shoes, handshakes, stair-climbing and what-not. What else makes for a great photo?

Luggage, for sure.

You mean like suitcases?

Yep, especially journalists’ suitcases. The public has an insatiable appetite for details of what kind of luggage we travel with, as you can see from these photos from yesterday.

Just look! Festive red ones, somber black ones, hard, soft…. I personally think we’ve kind of under-played the press luggage angle for this campaign, so these shots are a welcome change.

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Baggage belonging to the traveling press is laid out on the tarmac for a security sweep before loading onto Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s plane at Albuquerque Airport, October 26, 2008. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Looks like I didn’t get my wish…


trevi-full-240.jpgBlog Guy, all my life I dreamed of a Rome vacation. Last week I finally got there. I went to the famed Trevi fountain, and LIZA MINNELLI was there! She wouldn’t shut up, so my dream trip was ruined!

This doesn’t surprise me. The exact same thing happened to me at the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall, and some lounge in Las Vegas. She’s showing up all over.

Cleanup on isle two!


Quick quiz: For which one of these occupations is it not really so good to oversleep and come in late?

air-traffic-crop-160.jpga) butcher

b) baker

c) candlestick maker

d) air traffic controller

Yeah, I’d pretty much have to go with the air traffic controller on that one. Two planes heading to a Greek isle had to circle above the Aegean Sea for more than 30 minutes, because an air traffic controller overslept.

A wiener dog is my copilot!


Blog Guy, I’m planning a vacation in Italy. I hear there are labor problems at the airline over there. What is the main issue?

alitalia-dog-220.jpgWell, it looks like flight crews are demanding the right to execute passengers by hanging.

Help! I’m stuck with Stinky!


passenger-train-crop-160.jpgA reader from Biloxi says he plans to visit Indonesia soon, and asks if it’s okay to save money by riding trains in economy class.

No, I wouldn’t do that. Here is a typical Jakarta economy car, which they call Ekonomi because their dictionaries are older than ours. Do the passengers LOOK like they’re having a good time?

Honey, how was your commute?


Blog Guy, my commuter train was an hour late again today! Happens all the time! What can we do?

Well, by way of comparison, that happened in the Buenos Aires suburbs today, too.

I want your dinner and your pillow!


bodybuilder-140.jpgQuick quiz: The guy in this photo is saying…

“Hi! Looks like we’re seatmates all the way to Tokyo!”

“You don’t mind if I fly naked, do ya Bob?

“You take the middle seat. Sometimes I have to get to the lavatory REAL fast!”

“Bob, those bloggers make me CRAZY! I’d love to get my hands on one! So what do YOU do?

We’re experiencing turbulence, hang on to your pole!


Hey, Blog Guy – Do you believe all this stuff the airlines are starting to charge extra for? Aisle seats, pillows, soft drinks… How far can they go with this?

biplanes-2-360.jpgThat’s only the beginning. Check out this video clip . One airline is standing passengers against upright poles on top of old biplanes.

I wish I had one pantsuit that nice!


Goodness gracious, now I’ve done it! I should have stayed with the tour, but no, I knew better!

So I guess this place must be one of those gigolo bars. Sheesh, every man in here is dressed better than I am. They all have those fancy things on their shoulders like they’re colonels or something, but I bet they’re not. They even have CAPES for cripes sake, and here I am in a plain dress!

Toss me another tourist, Toro!


pamplona-2-220.jpgDear Mama and Papa Bull, it’s exciting here in Pamplona! I can sure see why us bulls love the annual Running of the Tourists!

I feel a little guilty, though. Face it. If these people had any brains they wouldn’t be out jogging with huge honking bulls. Then they drink gallons of wine, just to give us even more of an edge!