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Sir, that carry-on bag is too large! Sir!


police-2-160.jpgHandy Summer Travel Tip #42: Airlines are clamping down on carry-on luggage regulations. If you have a hanging bag for your suits, you may meet resistance in carrying it aboard the airplane. 

Take these two businessmen, who are probably violating several other airline rules in the process of expressing their very strong feelings about their carry-on bags. In international airline parlance, this maneuver is known as “The Butch and Sundance Ploy.”

Please return for tomorrow’s Handy Summer Travel Tip #43: “Gasoline too expensive? Eight rolling road trips you can take that are entirely downhill…”

police-tis-360.jpgMembers of Austrian police special unit demonstrate skills during a drill for the EURO 2008 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, May 16, 2008.REUTERS/Herbert Neubaue

Two first class tickets to hell, please…


ukraine-180.jpgYou know, I like top ten lists as much as anybody else, but I have to wonder who thought this one was useful. We have this story on somebody’s list of the top ten “Hell on Earth” spots.

You could knock me over with a feather, but it turns out you should avoid Papua New Guinea. It seems they have lots of disease, and wild gangs that use machine guns in bank robberies. Another bad place is Chernobyl, Ukraine, unless you  enjoy radiation much more than most people do.

Tell the back row to pass the toilet paper!


Blog Guy, you give great travel advice. I would love to go overseas, but I’ve always been worried about, well, you know…

The bathroom situation? You’re not alone. A new poll shows Americans list their top five foreign travel concerns as:

Hello, I am looking for bombers…


bombers-140.jpgBlog Guy, it’s well known that you are a man of the world. I plan to visit Japan soon, and since I don’t speak the language. I’m wondering if there are any quick shortcuts.

Well, I gather from this photo of the Japanese cheerleading championships that their word for “bombers” is surprisingly similar to ours. So I guess you could go around and wave at people and shout out a friendly, “Sayonara, bombers!”

Bare in the air, if you dare…


Sometimes I hear a new idea and all I can do is see flaws. We have a story about this travel agency offering a $735 airplane flight for nudists who want to fly buck naked to a Baltic Sea resort. But read the fine print.

You can’t strip until you board, and you must dress again before you get off, which sounds like lots of work for a short flight on a small plane. And you may want to consider hazards like snapping your seatbelt buckle and getting certain exposed body parts caught in your tray table.

Now, get credit for your fantasy life!


Welcome to today’s episode of “Fun With Statistics.” A widely-reported story tells us that two out of three Australian travelers are members of the Mile High Club, or would like to be members.

Pretty amazing, huh? Oh, wait. Doesn’t that cross the line between reality and fantasy, by lumping people who would like to have sex in a plane, together with those who actually have had it? If that’s how we’re going to play, prepare to be dazzled by my blog’s exclusive survey results:

Landmark? This jade shop is a landmark!


macau-tourists-300.jpgThey call it the “Shop Till You Drop Tour.” It began as a nice visit to Macau,  but ended with riot police, arrests, and a bunch of very cold and angry sight-seers.

The problem? According to the Chinese tourists, they wanted to see landmarks in the colorful and historic enclave, but the tour guides wanted them to spend more time shopping and spending.

Enjoy, and don’t send me a postcard!


skywalk-300.jpgBlog Guy, some of your postings  offer vacation  tips.  Are you a travel agent? Can you help plan my holiday?

Sorry, my travel blogging involves  advising folks where NOT to go. It is hard to make a buck in the fast-paced travel game by telling folks to stay home, so I wouldn’t do very well.

China’s Great Wall: no wonder?


In case you’re unaware, voting is going on for a new list of seven wonders of the world, since most of the old seven wonders no longer exist. There are 21 finalists, so it’s too late to nominate Pamela Anderson or your neighborhood Ben & Jerry’s.

Just about anybody can vote, even if they don’t bother to look at the itty-bitty pictures on the official Website for an informed decision about whether the Taj Mahal is more wonderful than the Sydney Opera House. After all, who is better placed to choose the new wonders than millions of folks who may never have seen any of them?

Join the club? This could get ugly…


sign.jpgSomething is getting lost in translation here.

One of our photographers took a bunch of pictures of the ‘Ugly Club’ in the town of Piobbico, Italy.

The club, with links to the town that go back to 1879, was re-launched 40 years ago as a marriage agency for the town’s single women who felt they couldn’t find husbands because they were ugly. This sign reads in Italian, “Ugliness is a virtue, beauty is slavery.”