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“You must be joking” tourist site opens

March 21, 2007

I’m kind of losing the urge to travel. What’s there to see? Now we have a just-opened glass-bottom walkway perched 4,000 feet over the Grand Canyon

Travel to Hannibal’s home! Lock up the fava beans, boys!

February 15, 2007

No, thanks.  No matter how many exclamation marks you put beside it, an invitation like this just isn’t too enticing.   

Here’s me at a former power station, here’s me at…

February 8, 2007

tour.jpgDear Blog Guy,
I plan to go to Europe, but I’d like to visit some places that aren’t wall-to-wall tourists. Any suggestions?
Traveling Gal

Cheap travel deal: nothing dentured, nothing gained

October 16, 2006

This may end up being my favorite quote of the month: It is a perfect opportunity to combine holidays and dental care. 

Paging Mr. Kafka…

September 28, 2006

We warned you here yesterday: the party’s over in Bangkok.  If you’re one of those decadent people who travel the world going from coup to coup looking for laughs, cross Thailand off your list.  The country’s new military rulers have said go-go dancers and other entertainers who are posing with tanks and entertaining the troops were no longer welcome.

“Fawlty Towers” reopening: no riff-raff

September 18, 2006

 “I’ll ruin you. You’ll never waitress in Torquay again.”

“Next contestant, Mrs. Sybil Fawlty from Torquay. Specialist subject – the bleeding obvious.”