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Hold on Ma, we’re a half-second from Miami!


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Blog Guy, I know you’re one of the biggest names in travel writing, and I have a question.

My family loves to travel overseas, but we hate the hassle of getting there. You know, 10-hour flights to Europe, and like 20 hours or more to Asia… Is anybody working on faster flights?

missile travel side 340Indeed. A travel agency called Going Ballistic is sending several people at a time on long-range trips via surface-to-air missiles.

How’s the food on these flights?

Food? You don’t seem to understand. These folks will be in Cleveland in four seconds.

Those are some scary mug shots!



Boy, it’s getting close now, Blog Guy! It’s almost Oktoberfest time in Germany. Will I see you over there?

No way in hell.

GERMANY/Ah. For the usual reason?  “I have no interest in linking arms and singing about sauerkraut with 10,000 exuberant drunks in Lederhosen,” was what you said last year.

It’s festival time, round up some poor animals!



I hate to get serious here, and I promise I won’t make it a habit, but WTF?

SPAIN/In the past couple of days alone, we’ve had pictures from a festival in Spain where they attach flaming torches to a bull’s horns, as well as photos and video of a bull leaping into the stands and injuring dozens of spectators at a different event in Spain, where “young boys run before the bull trying to avoid being caught.”

Putting the pee back in Presley?


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Blog Guy, you’ve written a lot about toilet facilities overseas, a topic of great interest to Americans planning to travel. Anything else we should be on the lookout for in foreign lands?

PHILIPPINES/Yes. Some tourists may be surprised at the large number of places offering THREE kinds of restrooms instead of just two.

I don’t want what he had…



“Lamar, aren’t you gonna finish your fish taco? Then whose is it? Ah, that dead guy’s?

“Well he’s not gonna finish it, so shove it over here, I’m still hungry.

Won’t this vacation ever end?


Lately, we here at reuters.com have been offering etiquette advice for a wide variety of social situations. You may have found our tips very informative, if you were raised in the wild by wolves.

Our Dining with the boss advised not to “clank your utensils loudly against your teeth,” while our tips on Summer dress etiquette said if you plan to wear sandals to work, “be sure your feet look and smell appropriate for business…”

Look who’s in the driver’s seat…


Blog Guy, you know what I always wonder about world leaders? They must forget how to drive, what with being driven everywhere, huh?

Nah, most of them drive more than you would think, especially these days, when money is tight.

Top 10 stupid blog posts for July


I just couldn’t be more proud.

VIETNAMFor July, readers of my blog continued to reveal their well-rounded, eclectic and sophisticated tastes by clicking in large numbers on a wide variety of useful topics.

They went for the arts – our item about Hell’s Orchestra – and travel, for our exposé of brutal forced shopping in Hong Kong, and a God-awful idea for a tourist attraction.

Don’t poke that shark in the eye, Lamar


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As some of you know, a string of shark sightings in recent weeks has rattled swimmers in Massachusetts, and is evoking memories of the “Jaws” movie hysteria.

Officials in the Cape Cod town of Chatham have warned beach-goers to stay close to shore after “numerous” sightings of great white sharks.

Travel tips, or just more yellow urinalism?


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Blog Guy, I’m an American planning some overseas travel. As you know, the main thing we look for in foreign countries is good toilets. What can I expect to find?

It’s different in each country, of course, but here are some examples. In the top photo, you can see typical public toilets in Asia. There is no privacy, and the only difference between the men’s and women’s restrooms are that the women’s are pink.