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My name is Trump, put up yer dukes!


Blog Guy, you’ve written about this Donald Trump guy who may be running for president. He’s never been a candidate, so I don’t have a feel for his personal campaign style.

Trump is very confrontational. He’ll go to a place and pick a fight with some guy just to draw a crowd, as you can see in this photo.

Wow! That’s harsh! Tell me more.

He also goes around in his limo and brags about being a “TV star” as he passes out campaign literature.

I suppose that’s sort of true, right, with that “Apprentice” show?

The best TV crime show on the heir?


crime queen this 490

Okay, you know why we’re here. We owe the network one more high-concept police procedural to match our earlier hits, “Police Pope” and “Monkey See, Monkey Blue.”

crime queen 240So who’s got an idea for us to pitch? Lamar?

Well Boss, the public just can’t get enough of those crime sceneĀ  forensic science shows.

This shore isn’t much of a school….


Blog Guy, it’s been three whole weeks since you spotted the most recent sign of that onrushing Apocalypse. Can I bring my family out of the panic room now?

snooki vertical 220Not just yet. Were you aware that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, from “The Jersey Shore,” spoke at Rutgers University recently and the school paid her $32,000?