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Hey Liz, your bra goes…oh, never mind!


Quick quiz: This photo from a fashion show illustrates:

fashion bizarre 260a) The growing problem of headless models

b) A model who is too stupid to put her big sunglasses on right

c) A model who is too stupid to put her airline sleep mask on right

d) A model who enjoyed a little hanky-panky backstage before the show, and doesn’t think anybody will notice

e) A model who frankly is just counting the days until retirement…

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A model displays a creation during a special show organised for the Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation during Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev March 16, 2010.  REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

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Lingerie models, coy and decoy…


Blog Guy, I know you’ve done security consulting for some major companies. Are you working with anybody now, or is that confidential?

I’ve recently been working with the Victoria’s Secret folks. Their supermodels are often the targets of stalkers, creeps and pervs. You know, basically the guys I call my readers.

Well, she’s got MY vote!


politics performer 490

Okay guys, this is a REALLY tough presidential campaign for us. We need some very successful rallies, so let’s brainstorm this.

politics performer vertical 180Well Boss, how about some entertainment? Some kind of performer to bring in the crowds?

Overdressed on Underwear Day?


Blog Guy, I understand yesterday was some kind of national holiday in Brazil. You usually keep us up on stuff like that.

Sorry. Yes, it was Brazil Underwear Day, so they all went around in bras and panties and lingerie.

Tops for December: blog enters the steam age?


Sorry, this one is a bit anticlimactic since I’ve already posted several lists on the top blog posts for 2009, but for legal reasons involving off-shore gambling accounts and so on, I still need to identify this blog’s most popular posts for December.

december best eagle 280The stats show that December’s readers flocked to items about home improvement, gift ideas, exotic travel and the effects of cold weather on the human body.

A holiday gift from Shameless to Nameless


victoria new three 490

Blog Guy, I have a complaint. Back in the old days you used to run photos of Victoria’s Secret models to make the point that they were getting too much news coverage.

victoria new vertical wave 140But now, you seem to go out of your way to use as many as you can, for no apparent reason. It seems like you’ve lost your satirical edge, and just joined the enemy. I hope I’m wrong.

I see England, I see France, I see special underpants…



I tend to have to take a lot of crap from female readers who say that I use too many photos of attractive women and not enough of men.

So this one is for you complainers.  Shots of  trim, fit, muscular, buff young male models, displaying underwear for surprised pedestrians from glass window boxes in Madrid.

Bleu video: a sexy homage to fromage?


Bob, it’s me. Your boss. Remember we discussed increasing traffic to your blog? Huh?

Sure, Boss. I’m supposed to blog on Saturdays and Sundays too, 365 days a year, and never take a day off because “days off are for losers,” right?

I see Belgium, I see France, I see lots of underpants


Wouldn’t you love to see underwear from the very most famous person in Belgium?

Well no, I don’t actually know who that is. I was hoping you would.

Anyway, an artist in Brussels has just opened the Musee du Slip, featuring framed underwear donated by mostly Belgian artists, singers and politicians.

Just leave your parrot outside, sir…


Come in and have a seat, Mr. Johnson, and thanks for your application to join our little company.

Let’s see, it says here your last position was in Somalia! Well, that’s quite a long ways away, I guess. Iowa, or someplace?