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Want a margarita in a dribble glass, sir?


Blog Guy, I know you’re blogging from vacation, and some of your readers have been debating where you might have gone.

Thanks for your interest. I’m at a world-famous practical joke camp for adults.

A practical joke camp for adults? What’s it called?

“Camp Juvenile, where the novelty never wears off!” We spend two weeks learning the basics of really amusing practical jokes, with an emphasis on the classics.

It’s wonderful here. I love meals in the rustic mess hall, where every seat has a whoopee cushion and they only serve drinks in dribble glasses.  Last night at campfire, the director doused the flames and the logs kept relighting. We were in stitches!

How I spent my vacation…


Blog Guy, you never take vacations, do you? I notice you blog every day of the year. That’s quite a pace!

Yes, but honestly, blogging isn’t very hard work. I’m not in danger of dropping over from exhaustion or anything.

Climb faster! We got a plane to board!



Blog Guy, I can’t remember the name of it, but you blogged about some city you called the “goofiest spot on earth.”

You mean Wackytown? That’s Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia. I put together tours there as part of my blog’s Goofy Travel series. Are you interested?

Taking an airplane? Don’t go there!


airline gross nails this 490

Blog Guy, you’ll never believe where I’m e-mailing you from. I’m flying on one of those planes with Internet access. Greetings from 32,000 feet.

Don’t touch a thing, and come back down here this instant!

What do you mean, Blog Guy?

Look, I just read this story on AARP about germs and hygiene on airplanes, and it’s disgusting beyond words.

Wanna turn the wipers on, Blog Guy?


Blog Guy, summer is right around the corner, you know. You and the missus got big vacation plans?

The usual. A nice road trip.


Not another road trip! In that rusted-out car with no windshield? The one that’s up on blocks in your yard?