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Hey, I never said I’m proud of myself!


Blog Guy, I’ve just started a new blog, and I could use some advice from a veteran like yourself. What do you do if you want to get a lot of traffic, but you don’t want to work very hard for it?

That’s called cheap pandering to readers with click-bait, and blogging professionals don’t do it.

Yes, but just between you and me. If you wanted to pander, just once, what would you do?

I’d go for a wide audience. I’d anchor it with a really good new photo of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. A close-cropped face shot, just oozing with charm.

When pensive gets expensive…


fashion one foot combo 490

Okay Lamar, the big day has arrived! For once, we’re spending some real money on supermodels for our fashion show, and you’ll see what a difference quality can make.

Now, did you teach them the subtle moves I asked for?

victoria kiss combo 340You bet, Boss. Two of them have mastered the intricate “Stand on one stiletto, lift the other foot and smile” maneuver.

Welcome to Brassieres 101, ladies…




Okay ladies, thank you for coming to the Victoria’s Secret “bra launch” today. We’re sure you will enjoy your new purchases.

bra launch crop 260You were wise to sign up for this class on how to wear a brassiere, a must for any young woman going out into the world.

Dream a little dream of me?



Blog Guy, I see they just showed the big annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on television.

fashion scary 260I know you had a few shots from it a couple of weeks ago, but it seems like you used to devote a lot more space to events like this. What’s up?

The very best of a goofy month…



Goofy was the operative theme for November.

Statistics for this blog show that readers flocked to items on a goofy breast examination scam, the first goofy look at a future queen and a strange choice for a new piece of art for the Louvre.

HUNGARY/The top three items for the month?

A hard-hitting theory about who may be plotting against our supermarket tabloids, a look at a Victoria’s Secret audience participation gimmick that went horribly wrong, and a self-help test to determine who is smarter, you or your Thanksgiving turkey.

All you nutjobs, come up onstage now!



Blog Guy, if I’m not mistaken, the big annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held last night. I come to your blog for all my shameless retail lingerie news, so what can you tell us about it?

secret fashion combo 280You know, I got kind of bored with this one, but I can give you a few details.

I gather from seeing our photos that this year’s theme was “Great Acid Trips of the 1960s.”

Why are these bikini models romping?


victoria celebrate combo 490

Quick quiz: These three perky Victoria’s Secret models are celebrating because…

USA/a) It’s the 15th anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret swim catalog.

b) It’s the 50th anniversary of blowing air kisses for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Lingerie models, coy and decoy…


Blog Guy, I know you’ve done security consulting for some major companies. Are you working with anybody now, or is that confidential?

I’ve recently been working with the Victoria’s Secret folks. Their supermodels are often the targets of stalkers, creeps and pervs. You know, basically the guys I call my readers.

How much do you tip a lingerie model?


bombshells 1 490

Blog Guy, am I missing something? It’s the middle of February, and you haven’t posted any new Victoria’s Secret photos. Just warmed-over stuff from 2009. What’s up?

bombshell tips 240That’s what I’m trying to find out, stranger. I have some shots from a recent New York City event, but they are confusing and vaguely disturbing.

Stop him! He’s costing me a fortune!


office shot this 260Blog Guy, I need your opinion on a pop culture phenomenon.

Have you seen this video on YouTube showing a guy in a financial office looking at racy photos on his computer, not knowing he’s  live on television? It’s been seen by thousands of people now, and has a five-star rating

Yeah, big deal. You can barely see that poor itty-bitty dude back there behind this talking head.