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Okay, who had 131 in the pool?


victoria-lips-140.jpgJust to catch you up, I have been a bit amused this week at the abundant coverage of those Victoria’s Secret models, starting on Monday when we filed 15 shots of their arrival in California.

I mean, that’s not such a huge deal. Even Jed Clampett managed to get to the West Coast.

Well anyway, then they got an award in Hollywood, then they put on make-up, and then they held some kind of a fashion show. One thing leads to another with these gals, and our total for four days is now up to 131 photos. My guess in the office pool was 642 shots for the week. We’ve got three days to go, so I think I’m still in the running. If you’re interested, here’s a slideshow of the models:

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2007 in Hollywood, California November 15, 2007. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

And for meritorious underwear posing…


star-face-140.jpgAfter months of a J.D. Salinger sort of existence, the Victoria’s Secret models are back making real news again. We moved 15 pictures of them landing in a plane, as you saw in this blog yesterday, followed by 11 more photos and a video report of them getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Wait a minute. Don’t you have to be like Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep or somebody talented to get one of those Walk of Fame star things?

Call it a model airplane, I guess…


klum-180.jpgSome of you have been concerned that we haven’t met our photo quota of those elusive supermodels in 2007, as discussed recently in my blog post Are Victoria’s Secret models turning shy? 

It appears we’re trying to make up for it at the end of the year, starting with 15 shots of Victoria’s Secret models arriving on their own plane.

Victoria’s Secret models, back for no reason!


victoria-360.jpgBlog Guy, of all the famous people you write about, who attracts the most readers? I mean, if you wanted to sell out totally and rerun stuff just to boost your blog traffic, who would you turn to?

Let’s see. A few months ago I did some items about these models from Victoria’s Secret, and readers seemed to find them very interesting, so maybe I could dredge up some of those posts. But I’d feel kind of ashamed, and I’m not sure I could even find them again. Hold on, speak of the devil, here are some of them right now…

Your favorite posts for August were…


Blog Guy, our family keeps a list of our favorite postings in your blog. We read them over and over, and laugh until root beer comes out of our noses. We were just wondering if other readers have favorites, too?
The Johnsons

Okay, nobody believes for a moment that there’s a Johnson family that rereads this junk, but I am able to tell you the most popular posts.

Are Victoria’s Secret models turning shy?


This week, we moved some newsphotos of a new Victoria’s Secret uplift bra, and the question suddenly hit me: what are those darned supermodels doing these days? The year 2007 is half over, and Reuters has had only 32 pictures illustrating their adventures, compared with nearly 200 pictures for 2006!

Of course, 2006 was an exceptional year, what with one of the models winning the Nobel Prize for Undergarments, two of them being elected to the U.S. Senate, and another finding a cure for a tropical disease between beach photo shoots. But all that’s history now.

It’s almost like getting publicity for free!


It’s been two weeks – like, an eternity – since we last brought you news about those reclusive Victoria’s Secret models, and you’re probably worried sick about why they just dropped off the face of the earth.

Well, today three of them showed up at the New York store to promote a new line of something or other. Naturally, we weren’t going to let a news opportunity like that go by without being there, because when two or more of them get together, sometimes they pose and smile, which is exactly what they did! Were we lucky, or what?

What’s a model doing in a place like this?


A few months ago, when some Victoria’s Secret models flew from New York to Los Angeles for a publicity thing, this blog kind of made sport of the roughly 42,000 photos we issued over the course of the junket.

Fast-forward to yesterday. One of their models made an “appearance” at a Victoria’s Secret store, and we put out several pictures of it. I guess that really is newsworthy. I mean, what are the chances that a Victoria’s Secret model would show up at a Victoria’s Secret store to promote Victoria’s Secret products? Like a million to one?

Farewell to the Victorian era?


It seemed like the world revolved around the Victoria’s Secret models last week, because, well, we offered up a grand total of 113 photos from their trip to Hollywood, starting with getting on the plane and ending with this picture here. 

I’ve been watching for some proof that the young women actually got back home, got their luggage okay, managed to get a bus into town, etc., but our photographers seem to have lost all interest.  If you hear anything, please let me know via Post a Comment.victorialast360.jpg 

Not that we’ve been holding back, but…


Some readers think we’ve been too conservative in our photo coverage of the Victoria’s Secret models this week, what with only having seven pictures of them getting on a plane in New York, and then only 17 pictures of them getting the key to the city in Hollywood.

You will be happy to learn that we’ve cut through the bureaucratic red tape that constrained us, and issued SIXTY shots from the actual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. For my part, I’ve chosen the most unattractive one I could find, so as not to be a willing participant in this publicity machine.fashion300.jpg