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Have another round? No, I mean drinks!


Blog Guy, I need some of your great advice on home entertaining.

Is it something that can be solved by a fancy Williams-Sonoma gadget?

Not this time. I’ve invited some of those anti-Gaddafi soldiers over for a home- cooked dinner, and I’m wondering if there’s anything special I should know. We’ll start with pre-dinner drinks in the living room.

That sounds lovely. Make sure they have a clear line of fire.

Excuse me? Clear line of fire?

You know, they’ll want to use your sofa’s arm rest for their assault weapons, so you should only put one fighter on each piece of furniture.

Yikes! What about my dining room? I’ve planned a formal setting for an eight-course meal with my Limoges china. Is that okay?

Sure, as long as the guys can squeeze off a few rounds from an open window between the soup and fish courses.

Honk if this seems strange…


Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down

Blog Guy, how’s come you’re playing a Doors album really loud? What’s up with that?

Oh, I think it’s that war in Libya. It’s getting weirder and weirder, and starting to remind me of tracks off that “Strange Days” album.

Shooting blanks from some hidden tanks?


The captions on this series of photos say this tank, which is firing blank ammunition, is “releasing┬ásmoke bombs to hide itself” during war games.

Okay, somebody needs┬áto step forward and tell the hard truth, and I guess it’s going to have to be me.