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Yes, it’s hot enough for me! Okay?


I went out this morning and I lost count of the number of people who said, “Hot enough for you?” and “Gonna be a scorcher!”

I never know what to say to things like that.

Such comments are called phatic speech – words used to create an atmosphere of shared feelings, as opposed to imparting information.

Which to me is another way of saying people could just keep their mouth shut.

Yes, I am hot. You’re hot. We’re all hot. Our flop sweat has its own flop sweat.

If you live where we do and you’re not hot, then you’re nuts. Those are the only alternatives.

Bubble, bubble, I’m in trouble?


witches top 490

From Romania comes news that the government has proposed a law under which people who practice witchcraft can be fined or even imprisoned if their predictions do not come true. I am NOT making this up.

witches horiz this 240Now, let’s set aside the fact that such a law seems more appropriate for fortune-tellers than for witches. Maybe job distinctions overlap over there. But whatever predictions they do make are suddenly going to be a LOT less specific…