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Quick quiz: This photograph shows…

cucumber crop 280a) A family enjoying dinner out at Ye Olde Benihana of Camelot.

b) A scene from an upcoming episode of The Tudors, when that sniveling Culpepper gets what’s coming to him.

c)  A very early version of the Cuisinart, in a 1562 Williams-Sonoma catalog. Like everything else, it cost $299.95.

d) A medical student training to do circumcisions.

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An actor dressed as a knight cuts a cucumber during a two-day medieval festival Arena Temporis in Berlin, April 17, 2010. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

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Get out the marshmallows, it’s time for the Olympics!


Blog Guy, at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it seems like the Olympic Flame was under-played. You know, they used to carry a torch all the way around the world, and it was a big deal.

olympics flame combo 490

I agree with you. This year, some guy just sat there and talked into a phone, and then flames came out of an electric gizmo.