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Honey, I’m on my way!


Blog Guy, you know that place in Siberia you say is the goofiest place on earth? I think you call it Wackytown, and you organize tours there.

Sure. Krasnoyarsk. There’s no other place like it. You should come with us. What are you looking for?

Well, this is kind of delicate. I like to go where I can find a little honey, if you take my meaning. I love my wife, but, you know…

Wait. Um, are we talking about…

You’re a man of the world, Blog Guy. Do I have to spell it out? I need something sweet, if you catch my drift … Does Wackytown have what I’m looking for?

Drinking in bed, in an ocean of red…



Blog Guy, what happened? You kind of left us hanging. You were about to crown a new Queen of the Entire World a couple of weeks ago, and it was down to two candidates.

queen new vertical 240Remember? One was in a giant feathered headdress and the other was just back from the longest Ash Wednesday service in history.

Merlot on the go?



Blog Guy, like many of your readers I’m looking for a new and interesting career. I like to drive, I like retail work, and I enjoy making people happy. Any ideas?

I may have just the thing. How would you like to drive a van around and stop to sell wine to people?