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Hardware store? Send more wingnuts!


Blog Guy, I need some of your famous career advice. I recently graduated from college, and Mom gave me a brochure called “The Exciting World of Wing Walking.” I was wondering if I should pursue this?

I guess everybody goes through that phase, including me… We all want to be like Ormer Locklear, the first great daredevil wing walker. THERE was a barnstormer!

Whatever happened to Ormer?

He died in a plane crash while shooting a 1920 movie, “The Skywayman.” They went ahead and used the crash scene in the movie.

I certainly had no idea that you yourself were once a wing walker!

Well, I fell more into the category of wing barfer, but it’s the same general idea. There’s still that adrenaline rush that comes with clutching the top wing with your fingernails while watching your lunch cascade below.