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Doc is the only puma in Yuma…


puma-2-180.jpgBlog Guy, I’m new here, and my donkey has a bad toothache. Can you recommend a dentist?

Welcome to Arizona. I checked your policy, and your donkey is only covered for dental work if it’s done by a puma. That’d be old Doc Cougar, up on the hill.

Doc Cougar, huh? Guess I better haul my ass up there.

Hey, we don’t use language like that… Oh. You meant your donkey…

Yep. So this Doc Cougar. He’s the only puma in Yuma?

Heck, he’s the only puma from Yuma to Montezuma!

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puma-1-360.jpgThe sculpture ‘Puma-Dentist’ made with plastic, wax and original heads by Austrian artist Deborah Sengl, at an exhibition in Berlin April 15, 2008. REUTERS/ Fabrizio Bensch