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The latest ingenews from Cannes!

May 15, 2010

zombie women 490

Blog Guy, are you covering that big-deal Cannes Film Festival that’s going on now?

Here they are, undead and untanned….

May 11, 2010

fashion sunblock 1 490

Blog Guy, can you settle a bet I have with the guy who does grout work in my grandma’s shower?

Zombie models, undead and unamused

March 23, 2010

fashion zombies 490

Okay, fashion show staff, as you know we’ve been struggling for some time with the problem of models showing too much emotion when they’re out on the runway.

Gym zombies on the prowl! Is YOUR brain safe?

January 12, 2010

Blog Guy, I suspect that the trainer at my health club is a zombie. Is that possible?

Shopping for droppings WHERE?

October 10, 2009

Blog Guy, I enjoyed your item about the festering zombie skankfest. but you didn’t include the most important information. Where can I get ME some outfits like those?

It’s a festering skankfest of zombies, Clancy!

October 8, 2009

Lamar, you mark my words, tonight is a turning point in our luck with the babes.

Clinton adviser left in the lurch?

September 14, 2009

Blog Guy, whatever happened to James Carville, that bald Cajun political adviser to Bill Clinton? You know, the guy who married that actress Marlee Matlin?

They’re called the WHAT?

August 21, 2009

Listen up, folks, let’s show everybody why we’re the best ad agency around. Now, we’ve been hired by this religious movement out of Bulgaria.

Don’t leave me in the lurch!

July 20, 2009

Blog Guy, you know stuff going on around the world. I’m a zombie – where can a guy like me kick back and have some fun with other zombies?

Hey handsome, what’s your hat size?

May 31, 2009

Blog Guy, I have a deep-seated fear of zombies. Like I was at a party and I met a nice chick but she had a dazed look and she started asking personal brain-related questions and I got scared.