“Support Our Troops” slogan falls foul of Olympic rules

February 16, 2010

OLYMPICS-ICE HOCKEY/Trouble is brewing over United States ice hockey goalie Jonathan Quick and the “Support Our Troops” slogan on his helmet. Slogans of this sort are banned under Olympic rules and Quick will be told to remove it, the International Ice Hockey Federation has told Reuters.

Ryan Miller has also been told to remove the slogan “Miller Time” from his helmet while the third American netminder Tim Thomas had already placed a sticker over a slogan on his mask for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

IOC rules forbid political propoganda or advertisements being placed on equipment. “If the players don’t agree with the interpretation they can ask the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) to petition the IOC.”

Miller said he had agreed to remove “Miller Time”, which is also a popular beer company slogan, but might fight to keep “Matt Man”, a tribute to a dead friend from being taken off his helmet.

What do you think? Should athletes be allowed to carry personal or political messages on their clothing or equipment at the Olympic Games? Or is the IOC right to keep such messages out of the Games?

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You said: “Olympic Charter Rule 51 / 3 states No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”

I agree. But the IOC already violates this very rule by allowing patriotic and religious national flags and anthems to be displayed in ceremonies parades and even games. Everything in those national symbols are either political or religious statements. If they were serious about it, let’s all come in without nationalities, flags, alegiances and patriotic fervors.

Gray uniforms everyone? Yes that would nice too. Nobody should wear any religious symbols such as crosses and other emblems. Uniforms should have no logos. The IOC should not request any financial supports from businesses and should not allow commercial ads to be aired while they are being shown to the public. The rule is unenforceable and to pick on an American with the love and support for his protectors is just like seeing the splinter in another man’s eye but failing to see the log in theirs.

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You said: “Fox news tells you how to think and you follow like sheep. Let me ask you this; if we’re over there fighting the “ïnsurgents,” then who are we….the locals? Cut and run? your masters make it sound so cowardly. We should have gone over, gotten Osama, and come home. Anything else is not what our once great nation is all about. And you flag wavers make it all happen. Do you think Cheney or the rest of them care if you’re blown apart. They’re safe. Their kids aren’t going over there. WAKE UP.”

As opposed to Air America, ABC, MSMBC, CNN, CBS, Media Matters…and all State-controlled media, who for the life of me always come out and say the same exact things at the same time, and for no apparent reason, all liberals sprout too? Talk about being brain dead.

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The word you’re not getting in the Olympic charter is “Propaganda”, of course flags are a symbol of nation but as I stated before, not ALL Americans support the placement of American troops in certain areas of our world.
From your comments towards others here I take it you’re a republican who watches Pox and loves Palin? You’re nothing but a patronizing know-all who uses the word “WE” as if everyone agrees with you! Well kiddo, some people DON’T.
If you want to start your own festival with logos and advertising and maybe a military regatta to start and finish with then go ahead but as YOU agreed, the rule is there. If you think the Olympic committee is being hypocritical then do as the USA did before and pull out of the games, no-one missed you then and I’m sure no-one will miss you again but I’m pretty sure that thankfully you don’t speak for all Americans, only the POX clones.

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It IS propaganda. I find that Fox “News” viewers are blindly passionate about that station. They are in chat rooms all over the net sticking up for it – defending it – shilling for it. You almost never hear anyone defending ABC or CNBC when those stations are slammed. Chat rooms are not filled with packs of angry ABC groupies who feel personally threatened whenever ABC is called to task. Pretty much all tv news is corporate propaganda. But only FOX viewers cling so desperately to their station – cling so deeply – that they want to fight to defend the propaganda it spews. Say what you will, but Fox viewers like you come across as totally brainwashed. Stop watching ALL tv news. Oh, and BTW, Air America does not exist anymore.

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I am not a republican. I am a small business owner. Never registered with any party nor will ever affiliate myself with one. So you are already misjudging me. Not all republicans watch Fox News and not all who view Fox news is a republican. I think on my own. I am not born in the US but I have chosen America to live in and be a citizen of. I am not white, have a degree in an art and science field of studies, currently employed as a consultant while in business for myself, work hard, do not drink beer or get behind the wheel drunk, I live clean and have an educated and supportive wife. I have a special needs child whom I love. I respect my parents and supportive of my children. I am not your stereotype and there are plenty of us out there. I am a former citizen of a poor country. I have seen the worst so called progressive or socialistic societies. I have exprienced fear and danger from extremists so I know what it means to be vulnerable and helpless. Do not place me nor anybody who contradicts your views in a very narrow box because we think freely for ourselves.

The IOC and the UN, although they say they believe in freedom, are contradictories to their own charters. I agree the rule is there but the one thing you are missing is the hypocricy of the IOC. It is all about patriotism! Can an athlete not say “I love America” in their uniforms? To some it is perversely concluded that even that statement is a “political statement” that must be banned. That is a statement of fact. You may also argue that not all love America, even within the Citizenry. I would agree but does that take away a person’s right to air a very obvious sentiment? Being a patriot does not only include the participation in “friendly” competion but also includes the expression of pride in one’s homeland and the people the make up for it. For this one person he expresses a fact! Not all support the placement of troops in certain areas but I am betting you that even the best of detractors still support and love the troops!

I do not know where you are from but this is a voluntary armed forces. When my son joined I asked him about his feelings to be going to Afghanistan or Iraq as it is always in the news. I told him once inside you are sent to wherever command wishes to send him. If he becomes a consciencious observer then that is up to him too. He told me that all of them going in know full well what they are going to go through and going to do.

They love freedom and peace but for my son the tool is to pick up guns so that the rest of us can be separated from our murderers. The same with what he wants in Iraq and even Afghanistan. He has his own ideal. He believes in it and he volunteers.

That is the one thing that you are not counting on, the voluntary nature of our armed forces. So if you hate the war they wage, then you hate their ideals as well.

BTW, there are a lot of us non-republicans who have the same sentiments and you will see that in the ballot this coming November. Count on it.

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Air America folded tent because the market system tend to weed out what is true propaganda. People do not listen to the dribble of liberals because they know that what they do is propagate hate and contempt. They closed down because noboby listens to them!

BTW, you do not tell me what not to watch or listen to because you are not the dictator of me.

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Heremes, wardback and others: give it up. What you don’t realize that most Americans have no idea what Fascism is. They wouldn’t know a Fascist if one kick them in the butt with their jackbooted foot. Propaganda works. They actually believe they live in a free country when in reality, they can be “detained” for wearing their clothes a certain way, driving the wrong kind of vehicle on the wrong kind of road, smoking in a bar, buying an adult toy, selling lemonade without a liscense. The list of things they can’t do without “official approval” is endless. They can’t protest except in a “protest zone”. They can’t fly except they take off their shoes, leave their toothpaste and shampoo at home, strip to their undies if ordered to do so. They may be pulled over by a “law enforcement officer” and tased if the cop is having a bad day. At worse, the “law enforcement officer” is suspended with pay, then cleared and reinstated. You can be denied “health care” if your poor. And on and on it goes. But hey, we got the best military money(the people’s money)can buy. And by God, since those troops cost so much money, you damn well better believe we are going to support them. That’s all we got left.

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It is a real shame that the men and women who have given their lives to protect defenseless people and nations around the world are labeled baby killers and murders. If only we had kept our troops at home and not liberated Europe and the Pacific and countless other s*** holes at the expense of countless American lives. Well at least we would not have to hear them calling us warmongers and imperialist. What nation has achieved the power we have and has acted with as much restrain and responsibility as we have. Please show me this great nation that has done this and not made any mistakes.

What you must remember is nations are governed by men. Men make mistakes and many times have flawed character.

What other military goes through the pains and trouble that we do to prevent collateral damage. Please show me this nation. What other nations troops risk their lives to protect innocent civilians and children and put themselves in harm’s way to do so. What nation do you know of that has no corrupt leaders. Please tell me for I would love to move there.

The point is this is one of the best nations there has ever been. Not perfect but d*** good. Stop brining up the past because everybody did stupid stuff at one point or another. Every nation at one point has invaded conquered and pillaged another nation. But none has done so much for other nations at as great an expense as we have. In the mean time why don’t go see the people who blow up their own women and children just to a US service member. Why don’t you go see them hide behind women and children while they shoot at us.
Most all of us who have joined, did so because we wanted to do something good. To make our lives count and to protect those who could not protect themselves. We wanted to do something about those who repress, murder rape and pillage. Some one once said that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Well I refuse to do nothing. If you know of some better way to stop evil than eliminating it then please tell. Evil must be treated as weeds if you don’t get rid of them they overgrow.

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Do you know what fascists really tell you? “We will give you free this free that”. That’s all the carrot they need for you to give up your freedoms. Yes, that is what they want, your freedoms. They could not care less if you are patriotic, rich or poor as long as you believe that government is the answer to all of society’s ills. They keep feeding you and you keep being passive with little or no freedom. That is fascism. Fascist will tell you that the government will produce equality and they will destroy the ambitions in order to keep the distribution of wealth equal. Fascist will tell you that fighting for freedom is fascism in its worst form.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGk6LG0GA 4A

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They will also tell you to support the troops no matter what. They will tell you there bad people out there, somewhere, waiting to kill you if our boys don’t go half way around the world to kill them first. They will tell you that certain groups of people are a threat and dangerous. Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Protestants, Atheist. Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow. Liberals, Conservatives, Moderates. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians. Iraqi, Iranian, Chinese, Russian. Homosexuals, Bisexuals, Transexuals. Mix and match to each country. Exploit the fears, desires, joys of the people of each country. Divide and conquer. They’re usually the first to wave the flag and the last to fight. They will tell you they must take your money and give it to their favored corporate cronies. If their corporate buddies go bankrupt, they will tell you they must give them more of your money because “they’re to big to fail”. If you run out of money, they will send the troops to foreign lands, conquer them and take those peoples money while telling you they’re “fighting for freedom”. They will pay the people in those foreign countries pennies a day so you can go to Walmart and buys the products they make at “Always Low Prices”. They won’t tell you that Fascism is more than military fanaticism. It;s an unholy marriage of Government, Corporate and Military, a three headed monster that will consume everything, including itself in the end. Is that what you meant?

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he should put a piece of detail tape on that great paint job in the shape of an ‘I’. Later he should kick the pants of you sissy libs. you love your freedom to puke poop out of your sewers but dont like what it takes to keep that RIGHT. The troops have no choice. they do what they are told, thats how an army works. you clowns do, if you dont like something that your government is doing VOTE.
I support our troops. even the ones who give black eyes to the enemy during a midnight raid. Hero’s, each and every one of them.
you brain dead sheep are the lambs to the slaughter.

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“Our troops are the symbol of peace and freedom throughout the world”.
“Now regarding the left’s reaction to this, well they are just a bunch of loons “
“Ranks of the shrill moronic left”
“Perversion of the left”
“All liberals sprout too? Talk about being brain dead”
“Dribble of liberals”
“I do not care if you think that is a political statement”
“I agree the rule is there but”

I think we know where you’re coming from Chiquito, anyone who disagrees with you is left wing, yeah. And the rule is there but you don’t think we should obey rules we don’t like, yeah.
Insult your opponents, obey rules you like, and then make yourself sound like a really nice citizen. Yeah. You’ve caught the POX without even knowing it, welcome to Murdoch’s America.

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Anybody who hates what our troops symoblizes is against everything that our troops stands for. The left carries that flag. The loons are shrill and dibble with contempt.

It is not surprising that the very people who oppose this slogan are the very people that hate the actions of the west as liberators. Equating the statement with genocidal propaganda and calling their current actions immoral. You package yourselves this way. I just call you out as liberals. Why, ashamed of that monicker? Yes calling our troops as braindead followers of an evil cause is nothing but moronic, perversed and lunatic. Because they stand for freedom. Our troops stand for freedom. That statement is a fact! I do not insult you more than you already have. I am just elucidating it for you.

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Chiquito,a almost living Zombie,Zombie’s don’t have a soul, your moronic rantings touting your self professed greatness just proves that the USA is full of braindead, spiritually dead, inbred, despicable ingrate cretins. You wouldn’t know a Fascist from a Chiquita bannana because they parade on TV endlessly, the Fascists. They are POX, the 400 retired military experts working for the MIC who all orchestate the call for wars that you seemingly pay for like the good American Sheeple that you are. The religionists fascists who call their congregations foul names and then beg the same for money and they give it.You embarass America with your ignorant emotions which disable you from knowning thought from fact. You are so gullible that you take the thoughts of others and construe them into what you think are facts. This is co-dependence, a mental illness, which is institutionized in the USA by business, government and religionist, the pretend christians. Keep making a fool of yourself and embarassing your familiy by continuing to comment.

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I’m not ashamed of the word Liberal because apart from how certain people have twisted its original and true meaning Liberal stands for everything you SAY you stand for! You might well have some or other degree but you obviously haven’t got it in History, Geopolitics or the English language.
American troops are there as all other countries troops, to promote the interests of America; to believe that America goes into places other than to protect its own interests shows both ignorance and naivety. If America REALLY wanted to promote democracy they could start by changing regimes like Saudi Arabia instead of licking the oily asses.
And, I get fed up with Americans telling the world that they joined in WW2 to liberate Europe, They came in (LATE) and only because they got whacked by the Japanese and FINALLY saw it was in their interest to do so.
As far as terrorism is concerned, all the time that the IRA was carrying out terrorist attacks in Britain they turned a blind eye but as soon as they got whacked again it suddenly became “THE WAR ON TERROR” FACT.
Back to point 1, if you don’t like the rules, don’t join the club.

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Not my professed greatness but the greatness of our military. Yeah right, the US is trash. When other countries are in trouble and the US does not intervene the US is callous. When the US liberate, you call them freaks of war. You just can not get it both ways. Make up your mind. Be proud to all the US military dumb murderers and be done with it.

And yes, people vote with their feet. Many die to just even make it to the shore and borders of the US. Trash them as the evil country that you think it is but many believe that it is still a safe harbor for those looking for opportunity and freedom from.

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Of course, they are there to promote the interest of America. It would be insane for America to do things without any self interest attached to it.

If democracy is promoted, then America benefits. If peace and stability is achieved our shores achieve peace as well.

If the rest of the world prosper so do we. If the rest of the world is in turmoil so are we.

Regarding your comment on the US entering into wars. You just contradict yourself. Isn’t that what you wanted, that the US be not involved with any wars? Then why the heartache that America never attacked Saudi Arabia or was late in WW2?

Just for your information. The US stayed away from war then Japan attacked and four day after Germany declared war on the US. So Roosevelt did not even lift a finger till these events happened. Congress declared war therefore we entered. We kept our distance long enough for Japan and Germany to notice us.

Again a war that has self interest written all over it.

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deltablu was right, its a waste of time trying to have a conversation with a banana in a banana republic.

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Told you, Heremes. Americans are A)clueless, B)apathetic, C)fascists, D)all of the above.

Posted by deltablu | Report as abusive

Wow, and you are all angels?

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You response simply stated that I am “wrong and ignorant” on nearly everything I was trying to state. Some of what I wrote qualifies as opinion. By its very nature it cannot be “wrong,” hence the reason why this debate is even occurring. If someone was of the opinion that the world is flat, well then certainly that opinion is wrong. However, where conflicting evidence exists or there is a complete lack of evidence, it is possible for the opinion of two individuals to conflict with neither party being “wrong”. While I disagree with your worldview, I could hardly say it was “wrong” or ignorant. By labeling people that disagree with you as ignorant, uneducated, warmongering rednecks, aren’t you practicing the same intolerance you claim to combat? I am certainly not infallible, are you? Instead of simply insulting me without citing and correcting my errors, please enlighten me as to where I’m so wrong and misguided. If the evidence weighs contrary to my beliefs or if the facts I listed above are proven false, you would find me likely to change “my tune”. Simply stating that I am “wrong and ignorant” seems a bit petty for such an enlightened individual. If you know my ignorance to be true, then reveal it to me. You say that you are an “open-minded” person and that all Americans are close-minded. If you really are fair and open-minded, then you must have a reasonable and factually-sound argument for disagreeing with my previous statement. Would you care to share it with me?

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I think some people are reading a little too far into this matter. Just because someone has a sticker on their helmet that reads “Support Our Troops” does not mean they are saying eff-off to the rest of the world or that they support killing innocent people. He merely supports individuals who are sacrificing their lives for what they believe to be noble ideals. Even if one believes these ideals to be misinformed or barbarous, the fact that they are willing to lay their life on the line for them is noble. Not many people in a chat room, the ultimate land of “I can insult you and say whatever I want because I’m free from harm and reprocussions,” can say they’ve done or would do the same. If a person isn’t willing to die for anything, then in my opinion they have little to live for. These men and women are laying their lives on the line for the belief that they are protecting their countrymen, friends and family. I don’t see why supporting something like that could be misconstrued as threatening and imperialist. People that believe all Americans are ignorant killers will read “Support Our Troops” as a war-cry because it is consistent with what they already believe. People don’t like to change their beliefs. This is why Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” says that the individual who was living in the dark and a world of falsehood is painfully blinded by the light of the sun upon entering into the “real” world, where everything is seen for what it truly is. Try reading the slogan “support our troops” once again and tell me where you find “takeover the world,” “screw independent thinkers,” “we hate muslims” etc. Could it be that you’re actually assigning meaning to the statement that the slogan does not support? When you read between the lines too much you often read whatever the heck you want. Example (maybe some people can relate).. if I say to my girlfriend “ohh so and so’s girlfriend looks like she’s lost weight..she looks good” many women I know would take it as a personal insult (“oh does that mean I’m fat…what am I chopped liver?”). The initial statement and the response have little to nothing to do with each other. One person looking good does not mean that the other is not good looking; they aren’t mutually exclusive. However, bias and insecurity can take hold and the result is anger and conflict when there really was no good reason for either in the first place.

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Good take Shynezb. I like what you said. Well, a lot of those who assign guilt or evil to the slogan have such contempt to our troops that they talk about them like they are barbarians always out to go for blood and kill whoever they see. The truth is our troops are given a very strict set of rules for engagement. Their primary directive in combat is to protect civilians first when engaging an enemy combatant. To picture them as blood thirty neanderthals is just so wrong.

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Ok. It’s my opinion that we should stop plastering stale generic slogans like ‘Support the troops” on bumpers and helmets and actually start supporting them by bringing them back home where they belong. Stop allowing them to be sent around the world making it safe for Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobile, CocaCola, etc to do business in “developing markets”. They are not defending Americans, they’re defending some American’s corporate interests. The rest of us are being screwed.

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It’s getting late, I’ll get back to you chiquito tomorrow.
But deltablu is much closer to the truth than most here.

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Stale slogan only for you deltablu. You do not see value to the statement therefor you trash it. So what if americans are depending american interests. Better than defending terrorists who blows us up because we are americans. Don’t send your refugees here anymore since this is the worst place to go to as you have just inidicated.

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Let me make this short and “sweet.” Message to all the girly-men libtards out there: “If you don’t stand behind our troop, stand in front of them.” ‘Nuff said.

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