Lay down the run! And update your Olympic lingo

By marymilliken
February 19, 2010

OLYMPICS-SNOWBOARDING/In the skiing and snowboarding events at the Olympic Games these days, we have many a super athlete giving us mere mortals lessons in linguistics.  It’s actually sick, in modern terms that is.

Sick (“crazy, cool, insane“) was snowboarder Shaun White’s killer second run through the half-pipe, a near perfect, thriller of a ride, even after he had already clinched the gold medal. Dude’s on fire.

Lindsey Vonn showed us how to “lay down a run” with her daring downhill burst that brought her a gold medal.  It appears that “throw it down” and “put it down” can also be used when talking about runs and races.

And then there are the broadcast commentators of a certain age who can be heard talking on their nice mainstream media about ”ripping” snow conditions and ”stoked” snowboarders. Granted these words are not new to the modern lexicon, but they may be to these people.

 Finally, there is a quaint little Canadian phrase that just might be catching on to a wider world, because it is just  too ambiguously funny to keep confined to Canada. That is “hurry hard” — the words Canadian curlers use to get their teammates to sweep harder.  They have even inspired a new brand of condoms.

Heard any more at these Games? Let us know in the comments.

PHOTO: Silver medallist Hannah Teter of the United States waits for her score after her second run in the finals of the women’s snowboarding halfpipe on Cypress Mountain at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, February 18, 2010. REUTERS/Todd Korol


*stunned silence* Do you not watch TV? Or what? I know you — hmm, way to burnish your ‘never leave my desk, only focus on news’ cred. This story maybe is supposed to be funny, in which case EXCELLENT job. I laughed a lot!! But if it wasn’t supposed to be funny – are you trying to make sure people over the age of 85 (with no family members below the age of 45) don’t feel alone? This story puts out a serious OWG (Old White Guy) vibe.

Posted by sunshyny | Report as abusive

Man, this is pale

Posted by Gingerly | Report as abusive

Wow. Sunshyny hit that right on the head.

Thank goodness the traditional news outlets are still relevant and aren’t grasping at straws to cover a world rapidly accelerating away from them!

Posted by SteveZissiou | Report as abusive

Um, Weak Sauce, do you live under a rock? If you were going to wax urban poetic you should have put it to us yo. Instead you come across as a blue hair that is not only late to the party, but brought a fruitcake to a kegger.
And your closer: “Heard anymore at the Games? Let us know in comments…” IDK, you are hoping for mad hot posts like “I heard someone say ‘hurl’ at an after party. I think it means throw up…” or “A guy in a beanie asked me ‘What it do?’ What does what do?” Next time shut it down or shut it period.

Posted by wordnerd | Report as abusive

The only thing i can think of is ” that just chaps my ass” or ” Shit in the bed ! ” but nothing beats the description of the people in my “neck of the woods”. We are ” ridge-running stump-jumping hillbilly’s ” … but i like being one..

Posted by janeycat | Report as abusive

chaps my ass is great

Posted by Gingerly | Report as abusive

Or should that be sick?

Posted by Gingerly | Report as abusive

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