Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010

Shaun’s White House ambition


Shaun White is free for dinner with Barack Obama, as you can see by clicking on the video above (or the headline first if you are on the home page). How will the president respond?

Vancouver podcast – day six



We’re back, and now with new added Australian. Join me, Julian, Mary Milliken and Miles Evans for our chat about the Worst/Best Games Ever, Lindsey Vonn and, inevitably, the great Aussie contribution to the Winter Olympics.

from Left field:

Russia expects as Plushenko prepares for glory

OLYMPICS-FIGURE SKATING/Millions of Russians will be setting their alarm clocks a little earlier than usual on Friday morning.

The patriotic inhabitants of the world's largest country are desperate to see Yevgeny Plushenko bring home the cherished gold medal in the men's free skate at the Winter Olympics later today.

Vonn crashes, gold for Riesch

OLYMPICS-ALPINE SKIING/COMBINED-Lindsey Vonn’s hopes of a five-gold haul slipped away on Thursday as the American took a tumble on the slalom leg of the super-combined.

Vonn, winner of the downhill on Wednesday, was fastest again in the downhill section in the morning but only by a third of a second and with Riesch producing a masterful run in the slalom the pressure was on the favourite. Needing to pull off the slalom run of her life, she pushed just a little too hard, slipped and went down.

Oh no Canada! But don’t be so quick to write off these Olympics


OLYMPICS-ALPINE SKIING/The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been beset by tragedy and trials, from the death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, through the Goldilocks weather up at Whistler and Cypress — too much snow or too little snow, it’s never just right — to a biathlon scoring fiasco described as “the blackest day ever“.

Then there was the opening ceremony fail with the missing fourth ice pillar, the PR disaster of moving ugly chain fencing in front of the outdoor cauldron so no one could take a decent picture, the thousands of ripped up tickets and having to call on Calgary to the rescue after the ice machines broke down.

Winter Games, day six – live

Yevgeny Plushenko is the main attraction as the Russian attempts to seal gold with the men’s free skate but there’s plenty of irresistible medal action before then.

Join us on the live blog … we’ll be here all day with on-the-spot comments from our team if reporters, medal flashes, standback views and stats. Feel to dip in and out, and remember, comments are always welcome.

Winter Games: picture of the day




Reuters North America news pictures editor Gary Hershorn writes of this Mike Blake shot of snowboard halfpipe winner Shaun White:

Context and perspective are the key to this picture, which gives a beautiful illustration of the height the snowboarders achieve against the environment they’re in.

Snowboarding, freestyle now the main Olympic events


Snowboarding and freestyle skiing have been the heart and soul of these Winter Olympic Games. While we’re waiting for Shaun White to tell us about his fantastic gold medal in the halfpipe, here’s what Seth Wescott had to say after he grabbed his second gold medal in snowboard cross a couple of days ago.

Click here for the full story too.

Lindsey takes first gold — the Vonn-couver Olympics begin



Lindsey Vonn shrugged off the most famous shin-jury in sport to produce a fantastic victory in the women’s downhill Alpine skiing at the Winter Games on Wednesday, marking the start of what may well be the Vonn-couver Olympics.

Vonn, the hugely popular American and one of the most famous faces at these Games, blew away her nearest rivals, which is astonishing given that she arrived worried that her bruised shin might be so bad that it would stop her competing altogether. If she is so dominant when having to ski through gritted teeth, how* good would she look here fully fit?

Winter Games: picture of the day


OLYMPICS-SPEEDSKATING/Paul Barker writes on Tuesday:

I spent much of the day editing the women’s 500 metre speed skating race, looking at many very good pictures. Jerry Lampen’s frame of Annette Gerritsen of the Netherlands crashing as Nao Kodaira of Japan speeds past was the image of the day from that event.