Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010

Winter Olympics — day four

Our live blog on the Winter Olympics is up and running. Follow it in this window (or by clicking on the headline) and follow the main medal action, with on-the-spot comments from our team of reporters.

Winter Games: picture of the day



We’ve gone for another celebration picture today … and this one by Lucy Nicholson was just irresistible. The emotion of winning gold is captured in the strong expressions on the faces of husband-and-wife pair Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo after the scores for their routine in the figure skating pairs came in.

Original caption: China’s Shen Xue (L) and Zhao Hongbo celebrate on learning that they had won the gold medal after their performance in the pairs free skating figure skating event at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics February 15, 2010. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

“Support Our Troops” slogan falls foul of Olympic rules


OLYMPICS-ICE HOCKEY/Trouble is brewing over United States ice hockey goalie Jonathan Quick and the “Support Our Troops” slogan on his helmet. Slogans of this sort are banned under Olympic rules and Quick will be told to remove it, the International Ice Hockey Federation has told Reuters.

Ryan Miller has also been told to remove the slogan “Miller Time” from his helmet while the third American netminder Tim Thomas had already placed a sticker over a slogan on his mask for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Vancouver podcast — day three



There’s gold in them there Canadian Hills. Join our podcast crew to discuss Canada’s first success at a home Olympics, the Swiss winner of the men’s Alpine skiing downhill and, of course, The Simpsons.

Winter Olympics — day three


Cowbells are clanging, horns are blaring – it’s race day at Whistler Creekside at last… Yes, that’s right, the weather has finally improved to the point where Alpine skiing is possible at these Games. We expect the men’s downhill gold to be decided at around 1200 local time (1500 ET and 2000 GMT) and there’s plenty more action where that came from here in The Couver. Join us here for the fun.

Winter Games — picture of the day



Picture of the Day has to feature Alexandre Bilodeau, the man who wrote himself into the record books by becoming the first Canadian to win a gold medal at a home Olympics.

This picture, taken by Mark Blinch, captures him just as he launches his arms into the air in celebration at that gold medal win in the moguls freestyle.

Breaking news: Canada wins first gold



Alexandre Bilodeau’s nerveless performance in the men’s freestyle moguls has ensured his position as a national hero, while lighting up an Olympic Games that had been in danger of falling flat.

The 22-year-old from Montreal became the first Canadian to win a gold medal at an Olympics hosted by the country — and this is their third — when he clinched victory at 1819 local time on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, at Cypress Mountain.

Vancouver podcast — day 2


Here is episode two of our daily podcast from the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I’m joined by Mary Milliken, Ossian Shine and Steve Keating as we talk about the Canadian curse, odd nicknames and what the athletes get up to on Valentine’s Day in the Village.

Want to know how the Dutch manage to do so well at the speedskating? Tune in to find out.

Olympic icon carries hands-off warning

The hot Olympic ticket for those without tickets to the Games seems to be a trip down to the Vancouver waterfront to see the four-pronged metal cauldron where the Olympic flame is burning.

Except that heading down to the waterfront means joining tens of thousands of others with the same idea, and obeying the strident instructions from Olympic volunteers trying to herd the horde in the right direction without letting people fall under a bus.

Reuters Sportswrap: Sven Kramer Special

The Dutch are calling these Games the Svencouver Olympics after Sven Kramer’s victory in the speedskating on day one.

I went down to the Dutch House in Richmond for a look at the celebrations … click on the video to see.