Raining hockey pucks at the Olympics

By Reuters Staff
March 2, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Ice HockeyMolly Riley writes:

Covering hockey at ice level is rarely without excitement but usually without injury to photographers … until the game I was working at last Friday.

I was covering the last of three hockey games in one day from our assigned position in a seat against the glass. During second period a puck that was shot up to the net above the glass dropped straight down and hit me on the leg. I didn’t think much of it and while fans scrambled for the loose puck I thought ‘what are the chances of that happening?’

Then during the third period another puck was shot up into the net and came straight down, this time on my head.

I did not see it coming but knew what it was when it hit, and I thought ‘hmmm I just got hit on the head with a puck…’ It didn’t hurt much but I felt my head and found it bleeding. I cleared my cameras and laptop away, leaned over the isle watching blood drip from my head to a pool in the floor, and signaled for help.

puckA doctor from the crowd came down and said the cut didn’t look too deep. Soon a couple of medics appeared, moved me to a seat a couple rows up, and proceeded to wrap an over sized bandage around my head. They stood me up and as we walked up the isle, spectators in the two neighboring sections applauded. The medic told me that they were applauding for me. Embarrassed and laughing, the only thing I could think of to do was to wave to acknowledge their applause.

We arrived to the clinic onsite and after getting treatment I walked out to a group of waiting colleagues who were concerned and eager to show me the photos, some of which had already been tagged on Facebook.

My Olympic souvenir: While in the clinic dealing with all the commotion, I reached into my pocket and found a hockey puck. Apparently the fan who scrambled for the puck after it bounced off my head thought that I should have it, which I thought was very nice.

Molly Riley, defense


Puck! what bad luck! Don’t cover any javelin events

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