Olympics Notebook: Vancouver 2010

Winter Olympics, day 15 — live


The final race of the Olympic Alpine skiing programme is underway, with Austria’s Benjamin Raich among the favourites. There are seven medals in play on the penultimate day of competition in Vancouver, Whistler and Cypress and we’ll be here for all of them, so please join us for expert commentary from our reporters on the spot.

Winter Games, day 14 — live


The men’s ice hockey semi-finals pitting the United States against Finland and Canada against Slovakia are the highlights of the day … but with the mayhem of short track speed skating and the women’s curling final there’s plenty of other action to shout about… Join us here today and every day of the Games.

If you want to get ahead, get a canoe


OLYMPICS-SNOWBOARDING/Debbie Charles writes:

If we needed any more proof that these Winter Olympics are more like the Spring Games, just look at what snowboarder Shaun White did the day before his amazing gold medal halfpipe run.

He went Kayaking. Not far from Cypress Mountain where he won gold with a near-perfect run on Wednesday night.

Lay down the run! And update your Olympic lingo


OLYMPICS-SNOWBOARDING/In the skiing and snowboarding events at the Olympic Games these days, we have many a super athlete giving us mere mortals lessons in linguistics.  It’s actually sick, in modern terms that is.

Sick (“crazy, cool, insane“) was snowboarder Shaun White’s killer second run through the half-pipe, a near perfect, thriller of a ride, even after he had already clinched the gold medal. Dude’s on fire.

Shaun’s White House ambition


Shaun White is free for dinner with Barack Obama, as you can see by clicking on the video above (or the headline first if you are on the home page). How will the president respond?

Winter Games, day six – live

Yevgeny Plushenko is the main attraction as the Russian attempts to seal gold with the men’s free skate but there’s plenty of irresistible medal action before then.

Join us on the live blog … we’ll be here all day with on-the-spot comments from our team if reporters, medal flashes, standback views and stats. Feel to dip in and out, and remember, comments are always welcome.

Winter Games: picture of the day




Reuters North America news pictures editor Gary Hershorn writes of this Mike Blake shot of snowboard halfpipe winner Shaun White:

Context and perspective are the key to this picture, which gives a beautiful illustration of the height the snowboarders achieve against the environment they’re in.

Winter Games: Picture of the Day



Welcome to our Picture of the Day feature from the just opened Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Each day of the Games a senior photo editors will choose a frame they particularly like from our team of photographers at the Olympics here in Vancouver, and up at Whistler and Cypress.

Snow patrol: Tuesday update


OLYMPICS-VANCOUVER/We’re just three days away from the start of the Winter Olympics and snow is still conspicuous by its absence in balmy Vancouver.

Organisers are making terrific last-minute attempts to snow the place up a little, given the unseasonably warm weather here. Using helicopters and a 750-strong workforce, they’ve transported more than 5,000 cubic metres of snow to Cypress Mountain and the bare freestyle skiing and snowboard courses.