Pakistan: Now or Never?

January 20, 2008

In a 1933 pamphlet, Choudhary Rahmat Ali — credited with coining the name of Pakistan — called on fellow Muslims in the Indian subcontinent to set up a separate nation. His pamphlet titled “Now or Never” argued that Indian Muslims risked losing their heritage if they did not fight for their own country. “Either we live or perish for ever,” he wrote.Child throws petals at Bhutto’s grave

Now more than 70 years later, Pakistan faces a crisis which some say could threaten its very existence — a view dismissed as alarmist by its leaders. In the coming weeks and months, we will aim to round up the best opinion, analysis and blogging about Pakistan, from both inside and outside the country. While content on external internet sites does not reflect the views of Reuters, we will be looking to identify the major themes as they emerge.

Have your say now or on any of the future posts. Is this the biggest crisis faced by Pakistan since 1971? Is it Now or Never? Or will Pakistan’s usual resilience see it through? And let me know if you come across interesting material elsewhere on the Web. I promise I’ll read all your submissions and respond when I can.


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what is with the British? will they never learn? they been talking to the taliban, throwing money to train renegade fighters in a special camp and set them up against mullah omar. and they forgot to tell karzai! they undermining their own puppet, they playing their little games and this from an imperial power that repeatedly came to grief in that wounded corner of the subcontinent

they forgetting history all over again. fortunately the afghans are not

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I agree with Durrani but the longer it takes for the PPP to choose its leaders (do we really need to go through this charade of democracy when the party has given the bhutto survivors a carte blanche?), the more menacing the militants look.

There is a power vacuum in pakistan at the moment. power is slipping from president musharraf each day, already the mps are taking oath under the constitution suspended by him and he increasingly looks like the dinner guest who had long overstayed his welcome.

Yes, there is an armed insurrection on inside pakistan, but for precisely that reason alone pakistan needs a leader, a government that can begin to confront this reality.

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I think some of the best blogging on Pakistan is at the Newsline magazine’s website. Zahid Hussain ( y/blog-row/zahid-hussain/) and Nadir Hassan ( y/blog-row/water-cooler/) have very good analysis of events in the Pakistan.

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[…] the idea of Pakistan finds its ideological moorings (for those who don’t know, this blog, Pakistan: Now or Never, is named after a 1933 pamphlet calling for the creation of […]

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