Pakistan’s subdued election day

February 18, 2008

Subdued. That is the best word I can come up with to describe the Pakistan blogosphere on election day. In a country used to the unexpected, the overwhelming sense is not over who is going to win  but about what is going to happen next.

All Things Pakistan  kicks off its own election-day debate with a prognosis, reproduced from an op-ed in the New Straits Times, that things will get worse before they get Woman voting in Rawalpindi/Adrees Latifbetter. The Pakistan Policy Blog examines the potential for vote-rigging and post-election manoeuvring and concludes that “these elections are an exercise in managed competition.”

The Web site PKPolitics has put together a straightforward front page promising full details of the election results, although this appearance of normality is belied by two of its sub-headings — “violence reports” and “rigging reports”. Only a couple of blogs sound genuinely passionate about the poll. Chowrangi urges people to go out and vote, as does The Pakistani Spectator .  

So far, the turnout has been fairly low. So what happens next?


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