Fears grow of U.S. attack on Pakistan

June 24, 2008

Some people have begun to voice what has been for some time an unspoken fear in Pakistan – that of a U.S. attack.

What would happen if there were to be another big attack  on the United States that is traced back to militants holed up in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas on the Afghan border?

A U.S. soldier on patrol in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border

“Such an attack would immediately trigger massive bombing and an invasion of Pakistan by the U.S. and NATO,” says Riaz Haq in his blog Haq’s musings. “It could also result in the removal of the democratically elected government and installation of a new military regime in Pakistan,” he writes. “In addition to unparalleled death and destruction, such a scenario could turn Pakistan into a failed state with widespread unrest, homelessness, poverty, hunger and disease.”

Within the United States, he says, it would mean the election of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

A top adviser to McCain appeared to corroborate that bit at least when he was quoted as telling Fortune magazine that a Sept.11-type attack before the November election would benefit McCain. Charlie Black has since apologised for his remarks following widespread criticism.

Haq is the not the only one worrying about the months ahead. Pakistani blogger Farrukh Khan Pitafi  goes as far as to say : “Accept it or not, Pakistan is the next target of the U.S. invasion.” Over-reaction ?  Paranoia ?

You could argue both, but four months after Pakistan voted a civilian government into office there is a leadership void in  Islamabad, argues the New York Times, and perhaps that is feeding some of the insecurities. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge, and there is even less coherence on dealing with al Qaeda and the Taliban. The confusion is allowing the militants to consolidate their sanctuaries while spreading their tentacles all along the border area.

U.S. air strikes earlier this month in Pakistan’s Mohmand agency that killed 11 soldiers of the Frontier Corps,  followed up by a threat by Afghanistan’s Washington-backed President Hamid Karzai to chase down militants inside Pakistan, have heightened the anxiety.

But it isn’t just Pakistan. Descent into Chaos  is the title of reputed Pakistani journalist and author Ahmad Rashid’s latest book and it, according to the reviews, chronicles how the war against Islamist extremism is being lost in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia.


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Attacking a nuclear Pakistan will not be good option for the US. The CIA cannot accurately identify the storage sites of nuclear warheads and missile facilities. There is every risk of nuclear confrontation if Pakistan’s sovereignty is seriously threatened.
Most of people in Pakistan have every reason not to panic, stay calm and concentrate on what is important for the country in terms of economy, defence, foreign policy and stability/good governance etc.

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America has an extensive relationship with pakistani ISI intelligence service going back for decades. this has given american intelligence a comprehensive working knowledge of the types and locations of pakistani nuclear installations. these could be atacked and heavily damaged by american air power. pakistans missiles dont have the range to attack american soil with nuclear weapons. nor would it be wise to respond to a non-nuclear american attack with pakistani nuclear weapons as this would mean an american nuclear counter strike.
America is attacking pakistani extremists currently with special forces and drone operations.a more robust bombing campaign and land invasion would be an excellent option for american leadership. Americans support combat against the extremist pakistani people and any terrorist strike within the US would certainly cement the will bomb the pakistanis back into the stone age.

Posted by IRNA | Report as abusive

Attacking terrorist sanctuaries and terror bases inside Pakistan is the only way to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan and South Asia.

The U.S. and NATO forces are running out of time and options. As the civilian casualties increase, the Afghans begin to, slowly but surely, question their alliance with the U.S. and NATO forces as they fail to protect and defend the territorial integrity of Afghanistan in the face of naked aggression by the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies (ISI)). Most suicide bombers and terrorists are from Pakistan.

Attack terrorist bases inside Pakistan or West will pay the same price as the British and Russian misadventures in Afghanistan.

Posted by kabura | Report as abusive

US or NATO cannot win this fake war against terrorism ,that,s for sure but they are doing worst crimes against humanity by invading and killing in there own land …..but i am sure and hopeful that ISLAM will prevail no matter what they do against the system of justice for humanity …….

Posted by Fahad | Report as abusive

Terrorism in Pakistan has been created by the misguided policies of the Musharraf regime under the blessings of the United States. Yes, Pakistan had terrorism previously as well but it was no way close to this level, nor this severe.

Attacking Pakistan is not, and never will be, a smart action. Pakistanis have shown their mettle in previous wars against a far superior enemy (in size/numbers) and all an attack, or even the conversation of it, will do is further strenghten the resolve of the Pakistanis and have the unwanted effect of giving credibility to the extremists.

IRNA/Kabura, I don’t know which planet you live in or how stupid you both are but you have no idea about the ground realities of Pakistan. Stop making stupid comments about bombing Pakistan to the stone ages and all that – it will never happen. Show some respect and some knowledge about a country that has, to its best ability and juggling numerous challenges, helped the U.S., Afghanistan and many others. I know you people do not acknowlege this but do not forget that the Taliban problem was created by the CIA, not Pakistan.

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Pakistan is the worlds 9th biggest power and technology is smart as well pakistan is prepared for any attack.some indians dont knw its power because they are entertainment based people, no idea about the ground realities.alqaida is american drama to kill muslims.see american movie on youtube.com named “loose change 2″they cant handle afghnis and iraqis where they could easily kill innocent people who were zero in army. Can they handle pakistan no way. Isi prepared everything for them they know the next step of usa they are not children.

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I know this is a blog, but this is still Reuters – one expects at least some standards !

There’s no substance here whatsoever ! A few opinions picked from random blogs and rolled into more opinions and capped with a sensationalist headline.

Please ! I never expected this from Reuters.

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Not every leader in PK is like clown Musharraf dressed up as general. There are three possibilities in case that PK is invaded by a bunch of countries.

1. PK leadership sit and recevie the massive attack and do not retaliate like Iraq or Afghanistan (these countried did not have any means to retaliate.


2. in response to any attack by a bunch of countries, retaliate by firing all thermonuclear tipped balastic missiles on the attacking nations.


3. If the leadership is certain that an attack is inevitable then pre-emptively firing thermonuclear tipped balastic missiles.

In first case senario only PK will be devastated but in 2nd or 3rd option there will be unlimited devastation. The outcome will totally depend on the personality of the leadership of PK at the time of attack. Anybody getting this stupid idea in head should really think about it millions times because as I said not everybody in PK will act like “Musharraf”.

Posted by Sherdil malik | Report as abusive

Close American ties with ISI doesnt give US any info regarding Pakistan’s strategic weapons. Thats what intelligence is all about. Secondly, Pakistan has multiple options to carry out a nuclear strike which include Fighter jets(F-16s) and Surface to Surface ballistic missiles(Ghauri, Shaheen etc). Therefore, it is irrelevant if the US bombs few nuclear installations, as Pakistan will still maintain a second strike status (the ability to respond to a nuclear/conventional attack with one of its own).
Again, you certainly dont speak for the American leadership. An all out confrontation with Pakistan is the last thing any US administration would like given the unpopularity of Iraq/ Afghan campaigns and resulting toll.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

Any land invasion is only possible via Afghanistan or India. A potent threat of Tactical nuclear strike to Kabul and New Delhi will deter them to provide support/bases to invading troops and will provide Pakistan with a bargaining position.
You also made a referal in your comment’ “extremist Pakistani people”. FYI, most Pakistanis elected moderate political forces into power in recent elections which shows they are moderate.
Having said that, Pakistan will have to deal with these challenges and outmaneuver the odds with intelligent diplomacy backed with decisive military force.

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In the words of Eric Margolis, contributing foreign editor for Sun National Media Canada, is the author of ‘War at the Top of the World’.

1. Any US attack on Pakistan would be a catastrophic mistake. First, air and ground assaults will succeed only in widening the anti-US war and merging it with Afghanistan’s resistance to western occupation. US forces are already too over-stretched to get involved in yet another little war.
2. The US military has grown used to attacking small, weak nations like Grenada, Panama, and Iraq. Pakistan, with 163 million people, and an equipped & very tough 550,000-man army, will offer no easy victories. Those Bush Administration officials who foolishly advocate attacking Pakistan are playing with fire.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

Pak will have to defend itself, the best defence is offence. And in case of any attack on Pakistan that offence will mean an attack to offending countries and on their frineds who ever is in Pakistani missile or airforce range, this could mean northern europe, israel etc.

Posted by ultanvi | Report as abusive

Attacking Pakistan will be disasterous. They have not been able to bring peace and normalcy in Iraq even after the passage of so much time. If Pakistan is attacked it will spiral into a major problem. It will be resisted by all segments of the people.

Posted by Nasir Jamal | Report as abusive

Where is Joe Biden now? He wanted Musharraf to “yield to democracy”. Thanks to his ‘democracy” in Pakistan, now the next plane flown by Baitullah Mehsud’s suicidals may head on down to Biden’s house.
And where is Barack Obama?
Neither have a clue when it comes comes to the suitability of Western style democracy for the majority of Paindoos in Pakistan. “Democracy is not for Paindoos.”
That’s the bottom line. Give democracy to the paindoo and it’s like a knife to an idiot. He’s only going to cut himself. Like the ignorants of Pakistan have done. They are dying in their belief that two ex-cons of the calibre of Sharif and Zardari will bail Pakistan out of its problems. Pakistan is rooted in intolerance, bigotry and ignorance. A combination more devastating than an atomic bomb….This is the beginning of the end…

Posted by Ahmed | Report as abusive

Pk can be achiles heel for the US…if it cannot act let others act…some people are talking of nuclear confrontation with US…there is only one term to describe them nuts….because if it goes down to that level its for sure that there will be no projectiles in Pk airspace and surroundings other than Americans….so talking abt F16 and M9 and M11 are ridiculous…
But the question is if they don’t act now will the problem get solved?does the people who are ruling pk have the capacity to stop the rot?if it detoriates then what will be the option?

Posted by D | Report as abusive

America will not make this mistake if she uses her brain appropriately. Combined NATO strength in Afghanistan and Iraq cannot match tough Pakistani Army and armed to teeth 1 million+ militia and not to forget heavily armed tens of milllions of Pashtuns and their other counterparts from entire country ready to fight the so called “invaders” along with the dangerous ISI with roots in entire world, will be a catestrophic mistake of western armies to attack Pakistan.

Provided if an attack takes place and Pakistan decides to retaliate, Pakistan will bring down American Aircraft carriers by attacking from all angles (exactly as Iran have planned in case of attack on them, which is barring U.S. from any attack on Iran as she does not want to take this chance for now), Pak will bomb all those countries taking part in the attack or becoming launching pad, the NATO airpower will be matched with 750 War planes of PAF after the Air Defence system will bring down dozens of fighter jets on its own, then mobilizing the strong million + fighters from within Pakistan and another few hundred thousand from Afghanistan to isolate and defeat entire NATO army (as we know without airpower NATO army is ZERO and will be cut into pieces, Eric Margolis describes that accurately), Not to forget regional powers like China and Iran and Turkey and Saudi Arabia, all will help Pak one way or the another. A call for jehad will be called, and Millions more armed to teeth from 163 million population will flock to defend its nation on the name of Islam and freedom. And by the time NATO will prepare to send more troops and planes, the waters will be controlled and none will be let inside to deploye anybody. Russia will block its entry points to disallow americans (to take revenge from U.S. as its already doing every possible thing to engage U.S. in Afghanistan).

And America will be left with only two options, a humiliated defeat or a Nuclear attack. In either cases, that will be the end of the superpower on the expense of a bloody war which will claim few million innocent lives for the mere petro dollars.

Knowing the crazy Pakistanis, I read and see that they are ready to give this sacrifice.

Posted by CKE | Report as abusive

Threats will not work with PK. Nato is not capable of tackling a mega thermonuclear power Like Pakistan. Nato may have some success in occopying and controlling small countries like Afghanistan or Iraq(though it is also becoming questionable). It will be really deceiving to believe that PK does not have long range missiles therefore to start a misadventure. Even a primary school student understands that once you have Missile technology then it is very easy to increase the range, of the missile. In my opinion the best way is to discuss the issues and solve the problems like civilized people, instead of solving problems on barrel of gun.

Posted by Murad | Report as abusive

The US will never attack or attempt to occupy Pakistan. Here is why:

(1) Pakistan Army is one of the most professional armies in the World. It has fought three wars with neighboring India and gained a third of the disputed territory of Kashmir.

(2) US interests in the Middle East will be threatened if a nuclear-armed Pakistan is attacked. The West would want the only nuclear armed Muslim nation on its side and not against it.

(3) The US cannot afford another war in the foreseeable future. If the US cannot contain smaller countries like Afghanistan (32 million) and Iraq (29 million), how can the sixth largest country in the world with a population of over 180 million be occupied?

(4) In case of a major terrorist attack on the US, the US can possibly launch an air attack on the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

Posted by Dawood Khan | Report as abusive

There will never be peace. This has been going on long before any of us were alive. Only when our societies become intelligent enough to look beyond religion will peace be possible.

Posted by daniel | Report as abusive

As far as occupy Pakistan…. It won’t happen. It can’t logistically be done with such an unpopular war. But, the U.S. can and will bomb them if Pakistan continues to do nothing.

It’s no big secret that the radicals have a stronghold on Pakistan.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

There is no opportunity for US to attack Pak. It doesn’t even have Oil!!!

In afghanistan, NATO forces are in much higher numbers then the US forces. US presence is limited to lucarative redevelopment assignments (after bombing everything, it needs to be rebuild) funded by generous donations from EU countries.

Probable target for US can be Iran (direct or through Israel) as iran has got OIL

Posted by Sumit | Report as abusive

I highly condemn the statement that any future attack on US or Europe soil would initiate from Tribal Areas of Pakistan. I think if such an attack does happen then it would be carried out by Americans themselves. Macain advisor has already indicated that the terrorist attack would be a big advantage for Mcain winning the 2008 election.

Thank you Mr. Black that first time an american revealed the truth that how American politics works.

Posted by saaq | Report as abusive

Let me make a few things clear:

1. Ahmed: you are totally right when it comes to Pakistan’s real problems, which are among other things religious extremism injected in the minds of many Pakistanis by successive military and dictatorial regimes in that country. Here I feel sorry for the Pakistani people, who have never been free. It is no secret that hate of Hindus, Christians ad Jews are the basic principles of Pakistan’s state ideology.

2. I’m not against the poor Pakistani people but the Paki army and intelligence services that own almost everything in that entity.

3. There will be no nuclear war. The formula here is that if A attacks B, B will respond in the same manner. The fears of both A and B will prevent nuclear confrontation, which is called a “terror balance”.
But, I believe, if a nuclear war breaks out anywhere on the planet, it will be a global war that will destroy life all over the planet. Everyone will use whatever weapons of mass destruction at their disposal, such as biological and chemical weapons. But knowing the mentality of Paki army generals and the ISI, Pakistan would be the only country to use nuclear weapons against anyone, even Muslims or Muslim countries. This the most frightening scenario.

4. Nuclear capability can actually end up being a liability for many countries, particularly Pakistan which is a poor country.

5. Nuclear capability does not bring you victories in war. The U.S. experiment in Vietnam and Soviets invasion of Afghanistan are relevant examples in this regard.

6. Pakis should know that Afghans were fighting the Soviets with almost empty hands. I witnessed all that during the war against the Soviets, when Pakis and Arabs were coming to Afghanistan to learn from the Afghan lions and become men. When I was fighting the Soviets, we never let Pakis or Arabs to fight in the first lines of fire because they were too scared and sometimes we had to risk our own life to save these guys.

7. Mohammad Sheikh: You have no right to threaten me and IRNA because we don’t agree with you. Our comments are not “irresponsible”, because we are well-aware of Paki falsehood in many respects, not to mention the “war on terror”, where you made billions of American dollars and your economy was suddenly booming. But that was the good old days. You Pakis made a lot of money from the Soviet’s invasion too. Up to 60% of the aid meant for the Afghan Mojahedin ended up in the pockets of your generals and the rest of your corrupt establishment, who would sell their mothers for money.

8. Finally, remember that no country has ever won a war against the brave nation of Afghanistan, particularly not in her neighborhood. Ask the Persians, the Arabs, the Turks, the Greeks, the British and the Russians.

There is no need for foreign forces to assist the Afghans in order for us to take care of the terrorist army of Pakistan, which is best at killing Baluch and Pashtun civilian on daily basis or sending suicide bombers to Afghanistan to kill Afghan women and children. That is the real face of Paki army at best and I can’t recall any victory against any country by the Paki army, which is sucking the blood the poor Paki population.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, you Pakis need to stop supporting terrorism and using it a political tool or policy instrument, or the Afghans will make you eat those terrorists. I have already volunteered for the Afghan armed forces and if a war breaks out between the Paki army and Afghanistan. I have also asked to be send to the first line of fire against you.

So you Pakis need to do the following things:
Read the history of wars in Afghanistan.
Stop supporting terrorism and extremism in your neighborhood and the world. If you fail to do so, you will have yourselves to blame. If you do as you are told, then we might consider saving your life.

Posted by kabura | Report as abusive

Some random Indian giving “perspective” on Pakistan… Wow!

That is like asking Al-Qaeda to give perspective on the US – an exercise in futility due to inherent bias.

Posted by Asad | Report as abusive

I live in the west & work with all kinds of people. A Jew once said to me. “Every muslim person in this world has a price!”. What did he mean by that? Any Muslim or country loyalty can be bought with the power of Money. It will be Unfortunate if another Muslim Country soil would be used to attack another muslim country. Out of all neighbouring countries the attack on pakistani soil is likely to come from another muslim country, how unfortunate will that be? when would the muslims wake up? Zionist & western strategy is to divide & rule. Karazai’s escalating comments mean only 1 thing. He wants to escalate the hostility to the point where it will look justifiable in the eyes of the world to attack pakistan. History is full of traitors & lap-puppies like Karzai who eagerly jump to the US command. Because of people like him the muslim history is full of their own blood. Nobody could hurt muslims when they were united under the rules of ottoman, Khilafah etc etc but once divided, the christian west devoured muslims & shred your unity into smitherines. Go on Karzai, Show the world how many muslims you can kill & please your American masters. But Dont Forget. The Mind of a muslim is a free mind & he bows to no-one, except Allah. Allah is all supreme & the best of Planner.


Posted by Mubasher | Report as abusive

If Pakistan is attacked you have to think about China coming into the equation as it is Pakitans closest ally, Pakistan recently made it clear to the world that an attack on China is an attack on Pakistan, china’s war is pakistan’s war, china knows pakistan is a staunch ally in the region for them, they will not stand by and let Pakistan fall under attack, I am sure the Americans are well aware of this.

Posted by Ozman Mirza | Report as abusive

I agree to some extend with whatever Mr. Kabura has mentioned but he was not fair while concluding his comment, Pakistan is not supporting extremisim and terrorism, because we are also victim of these henious crimes, whatever is happening with NATO forces and Americans because of the anti americanism. No american safe is safe in the world, why this hatred? if they will keep killing innocent civilians and keep on bouchering the justce system by making Guntanobay then dont expect the world to nice with them.

Posted by shafic | Report as abusive

If America want to commit suicide, it will come to Pakistan. We must remember what happened to USSR, when Pakistan was threatened. Americans have to be real stupid to do such a silly thing. Attacking the nuclear and missile installations of Pakistan is day dreaming. I don’t believe that Pakistan has all its nuclear weapons inside the country but they must be spread in some Arab countries for a situation like this. We must not forget what will be the reaction of Saudi Arabia and China if Pakistan is threatened. I don’t think that they will allow this. Forget about India helping USA to attack Pakistan, it will destroy India’s rising economy. Comedian like Hamid Karzai will create even further problems for Afghanistan.

Posted by TopGun | Report as abusive

U.S may think it can finish off all the Muslims over the face of the earth (giving their lame petty excuses to kill them) but it can’t do anything against the Higher prophesies and the Will of Allah and about what they’ve been warned against in their Holy scriptures.

They aren’t fighting Muslims they’re on war with Allah Almighty and u can judge better who’s going to win :)

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Afghanistan and Pakistan have to work together because the Americans will leave one day the two neighbors are stuck with each other, We can change our polices but not our geographic locations. Pakistan does have a strong army no doubt but not stronger than USA, Russia or UK. all defeated in Afghanistan.

What is holding Pakistan together is the Army other than that there is no national unity, the pathans and balouch hate the punjabies, the people of Sindh hate pathans and punjabies. It is to the best interest of Pakistan to stop interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs because what goes around it comes around.

The problem in the region is created by the British divide and rule concept. They divided the Muslims between India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. They created the Durand line so the two countries will always have problems. One thing every day innocent blood is spilled in Afghanistan, their blood will answer whether they are killed by Nato, Americans or their Pakistani Muslim brothers trained ISI. Seeing school burned, children killed is different when you see it in real life, than watching on the news.

All respect to the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan because the goverments of the two countries do not represent the people regardless of what they call a free and fair elections.

Posted by Omar | Report as abusive

Afghanistan and Pakistan have to work together because the Americans will leave one day the two neighbors are stuck with each other, We can change our polices but not our geographic locations. Pakistan does have a strong army no doubt but not stronger than USA, Russia or UK. all defeated in Afghanistan.

What is holding Pakistan together is the Army other than that there is no national unity, the pathans and balouch hate the punjabies, the people of Sindh hate pathans and punjabies. It is to the best interest of Pakistan to stop interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs because what goes around it comes around.

The problem in the region is created by the British divide and rule concept. They divided the Muslims between India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. They created the Durand line so the two countries will always have problems. One thing every day innocent blood is spilled in Afghanistan, their blood will answer whether they are killed by Nato, Americans or their Pakistani muslim brothers trained ISI. Seeing school burned, children killed is different when you see it in real life, than watching on the news.

All respect to the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan because our the goverments of the two countries do not represent the people regardless of what they call a free and fair elections.

Posted by Omar | Report as abusive

@kabura, yeah right, we are very scared that a wannabe soldier will be attacking us in his dreams. 😉

Posted by Mohsin | Report as abusive

Guys. We are talking of a scenario IF there is another attack like Sep 11.
The most likely outcome is this: An attack with evidence pointing out to Taliban/Al Qaeda will have the strongest condemnation by none other than the Pak Govt. It will support US/ NATO to attack FATA regions because which is the bigger devil, an attack on FATA or an attack on the whole of Pakistan? US/NATO, with strong approval of world communities, would surely confront Taliban/ Al Qaida in their home ground. Pak Govt. will also be happy because they are getting their backyard cleared of Taliban at US expense (which they can never think of doing on their own for religious and military reasons).
But any speculation of a US attack on the whole of Pakistan is just hogwash; US cant strain its army any further on 164 million people, India doesn’t want a refugee crisis, Pakistan doesn’t want to go into oblivion.

Posted by Skan | Report as abusive

Complete elimination of pakistan is unavoidable for world peace and that day will soon be there.

Posted by npmk | Report as abusive

Before, I submit my comment here, I just want to clear one thing that Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan, and no body can easily attack on a nation which has ability to retaliate with power.
Anyhow, attack on any nation should not be supported at any level and I can’t understand why some people are very happy in their comments about ‘possible attack’ on Pakistan?
Despite their internal differences, I am hundred percent sure that all Pakistanis are united and able to respond powerfully.
The government and people of Pakistan always supports peace and harmony at regional and international level. So, dont show aggressive attitude towards Pakistan, and just think positively.

Posted by Muhsen Naseim | Report as abusive

america should not attack our pakistan soil. we know there are terrorist people in our country but we can not arrest them because they will kill our people and family.
americans should know there military is more bigger than ours army and we will not win from them. we ask america to not bomb our homes and factories building. we ask america to not kill our people and familys. american should help us to arrest terrorists pakistanis.

Posted by ahmed wahiri | Report as abusive

Those talking about the US invasion on Pakistan, live in fools’ paradise. They think as if Pakistan has nukes, missiles and fighter jets just to show-off. The military strength of Pakistan and Afghanistan/Iraq (where US hasn’t succeeded yet) has no comparison.
Having intelligence ties with ISI doesn’t mean that ISI has told them every point of installation of nukes and missile launchers.
No country (even Israel) in the region would afford to support US and provide it a ground base to attack on Pakistan, if it has a little knowledge of Pakistan’s nuke missiles and their range.

Long Live Pakistan.

Posted by Aatif | Report as abusive

Pakistan missiles may not have their range to strike in US’s territory but what about US’s military installations, assets like Air Craft carriers etc … in the region? Who will guard them against Pakistani missile or Air attack?
Also, China will not only ‘sit and see’ the drama.
So US should think infinite number of times before such a mistake.

Long Live Pakistan

Posted by Aatif | Report as abusive

Most of the comments here are completely hilarious.. re Pakistan retaliating to US attack.. there is no comparison at all. Lets face it.. US is the most powerful nation in the world politically, economically and military vise.. no nation in the world comes closer to US. let alone Pakistan.

all Pakistan can do is eliminate any chances or excuses that validate a US attack.. how? I leave it to your imagination.. the options have been talked to death.
God save us all.. (by all I mean Pakistanis, Americans and the rest of peace loving people of the world).

Posted by Amaad | Report as abusive

the entire mess in this region was created by America. Pak Army seniors being the most corrupt generals assisted cia in developing madressa’s and teaching jehad to the afghan mohajireen in pakistan and sending them back to fight against russians. At the same time, afghans shud not forget that still there are over 4 million afghans taking refuge in pakistan and creating problems for us. Speically Kabura!!! look at ur country and your traditions…even when the russions werent there in ur country what the hell did afghans do to improve their lifestyle. Believe it or not your country really sucks!!!! Stop blaming pakistan and do some constructive work in the ruins of kabul. You guys are ammune to drugs that has teken your ability to think and digest the truth.

Posted by fawads | Report as abusive

Osama and Al-Qaeda are just excuses, similar to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. If Americans know where they are, then Pakistanis dont mind taking action, or even a combined action against these elements on Pakistan’s soil.

America should concentrate on finding what it came for i.e. Osama and Co. It should have trained Afghan army in numbers and quality to fight Taliban. Why it did not train afghan army in such a way ? It was not question of cost, because retaining western armies in large numbers is even more costly. It was because of strategic reason of maintaining even longer term occupation of Afghanistan.

So, all these are just excuses for war monging. America has already bribed Pakistani generals, and all the other components of ruling elite, so that it can have cat walk of destroying Pakistan.
Please stop Bush and others if you have any concious left in America and West.

Posted by Hassan | Report as abusive

Talking of war, doesn’t necessarily means heading straight into the battlefield especially when u r dealing with a nuclear will. In war for Pakistan, battle will come the last. If you look at the string of events in last decade, you have an idea that war has already started.

1. 1999 Democracy in Pakistan thwarted
2. 2001 Most sophisticated attack in the most secure country blamed on cavemen living in Afghanistan with help of manuals for flying propeller planes
3. Afghanistan attacked with inevitable spill over of anti occupation factions to Pakistan (same in case of Russian invasion)giving all reasons to have calculated adventures into Pakistan Territory
4. Establishing military bases on Pakistani soil
5. Biggest democracy supporting a dictatorial regime under hoax of War on Terror
6. Using the puppet government to destroy civil institutions including the courts of justice by either blunt dismissal or hostaging them by installing ex-generals at the top
7. Putting extreme inflationary pressure on population to consume them in Money minting, oblivious to everything going around
8. Moral and Ethical degenration theorugh so-called free media and pseudo intellectuals. Today, all values that we once cherished are extinct in our society, values which keep us together as a family, society, nation
9. Create and widen the GAP between liberal and religious sections of society to the extreme leaving the masses in confusion
10. Use the military against own people in the worst ways to create a clear rift between population and the armed forces thus weakening the strongest organized muslim arned forces
11. In cover of military operation, fan the separatist sentiments in dissenting elements of federation

Once a complete annihilation of idealogical and social institutions has been achieved, the time for battle starts even if it is a nuclear power as even nukes need a national will to become a deterrant.

Pakistanis, being a resiliant people have posed more resistence to their war efforts than they expected. So they have to delay. They have to wait for the right time to ensure minimal damage to themselves. We still have not degenerated to a level which ensures smooth sailing for their army but nevertheless they keep tightening the noose.

They are not deterred by nukes, be rest assured. Only things which will deter them are
1. Narrowing of the GAP between liberal and religious segments through homegrown intelligentia who can think free of western ideals and bring all together to common ideology which we all once cherished but got lost on the way
2. To stand behind the democrartic government whether good or bad and make sure no other dictatorship threatens the democracy and give it a chance to mature. This is the only thing which will eventually bring us together and strengthen our civil institutions to deter any external power to come to us. Any dictator to be thrown out even if it has to be violent.
3. To promote further the philanthropic attitudes among our rich so the not so blessed segments of our society know that their blessed brethern will come to their help. (We have already manifested in times of quake)

Else, if we keep treading the path that we have now chosen, US invasion may not be very far.

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look Pakistanis should not worry about this because we are muslims and we know death is going to come whenever!and america should also be alerted because if he attacks Pakistan we will also attack on America. They should not forget what happened in 9-11.

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I m reading to the post of others in this Blog, My God its too hillarius, Some pakistani says : pakistan full of technology to counter US , some says that they have 5,500000 strong Army and some says that we are the fighting race. But you know what its really really hilarious to US i mean for Both USA and INDIA.

I m an Indian and when i say , who wins if India and China go to war, Obviously i m patriotic but i would say China, you know wny becuz i m wise Indian and accept the Truth. Ha ha ha ha, I m busting to laugh loud, God these PAKIS are crazy, give them some brains.

If pakistan broke in war with USA, it would take only 15 days to bring Pakistan Down, I mean they will paralyz it and would then use there toys(i mean some sophisticated technology yet to be test in wars like UVS and some sensors and laser guided technologies)

First of all Pakistan’s Economy would not to able to recover for atleast 15 yrs. and the destruction caused by the USA would deffinately not take pakistan to Stone Age but ofcourse to Bronze Age. Finally Pakis have good news that if war breaks they will end up landing to Bronze Age. How Funny na…. I m too wondering how would they go to Bronze age……. You silly guys, no… they wont board a TIME MACHINE they will remain in past in the present.

But the ground reality is the USA would not Attact Pakistan, It only wants to destablize the Waziristan and border Regions of Afganistan.IF it attacks it will only focus to these regions doesnt make difference if it upsets Pakis or Iranis or any other Nation.

Now question is why wont it attact complete Pakistan, Simple USA need a dog who bites India but doent like the tail of Dog as it(tail ) irritates it(US),so it wud chop the Tail of DOG so that it doent irritate it further and since the Dog live US wud Dog to counter India.

and one more thing US doest want to control/counter India but doent want the Influence of India to Others.

Baby if you go back to Bronze age I would

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I started reading with Raj’s comment and then went back to the beginning…. lol
Tell me the truth, didn’t you laughed once by reading so many truth posted?

I trust you buddy, if you have laughed really, then believe me I laughed a loud @ 3:00 am and got my dad shouting @ me 😛

To all my Pakistani friends,
Let’s pray the war doesn’t break off on your nations, cos if it does, please believe in Kabura’s words by looking at the current “War on Terror” you are supporting with USA. The thing is if Afghan is free from Taliban, then US will surely ask Kazari to send Afghans to support War on Pakistan, and take my work they will come with all vengeance and revenge to help USA by thinking of the support that your Army and ISI did to these Terrorists to take refuge in Aghan and spoil their nation for decades.

As far China is concerned I think they will support you just like your army is supporting War on Terror.

As far other Arabs are concerned they are busy in thinking about Oil prices gone so low, and worried about their living. They will not come to your help as you already being an ally with USA who is a foe of Arabs.

As far Israel is concerned, they damn care for UNSC etc, all they know is to strike at once. Remember Israel’s Nuclear is not yet known to anyone, they are very secretive, and they have full support from US (who always discloses other nations’ nuclear installations and tests”, so in case of Israel, they wouldn’t or didn’t. BTW they are very irritated on the word “Jihad”.

As far India is concerned, although they have a good relationship/friendship/ties with Russia, India really don’t depend on Russia as Pakistan depends on China. And I’m sure whole world knows India has edge over Pakistan in past wars and will have in future too. Note if you have an access to UNSC sites, you can see UNSC charters & archives.

As far Russia is concerned, a word of caution don’t wake up the Monster by mistake. Neither China nor Pakistan can do anything to them. In fact despite all enmity, disputes even US and China couldn’t make a move on them. Also don’t forget they were the key in WWI and WWII when Pakistan was just an infant. I must also pity because they are a good ally to India.

@Kabur, Irna
I appreciate you words, it makes to me agree with you to much extent.

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