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I started reading with Raj’s comment and then went back to the beginning…. lol
Tell me the truth, didn’t you laughed once by reading so many truth posted?

I trust you buddy, if you have laughed really, then believe me I laughed a loud @ 3:00 am and got my dad shouting @ me 😛

To all my Pakistani friends,
Let’s pray the war doesn’t break off on your nations, cos if it does, please believe in Kabura’s words by looking at the current “War on Terror” you are supporting with USA. The thing is if Afghan is free from Taliban, then US will surely ask Kazari to send Afghans to support War on Pakistan, and take my work they will come with all vengeance and revenge to help USA by thinking of the support that your Army and ISI did to these Terrorists to take refuge in Aghan and spoil their nation for decades.

As far China is concerned I think they will support you just like your army is supporting War on Terror.

As far other Arabs are concerned they are busy in thinking about Oil prices gone so low, and worried about their living. They will not come to your help as you already being an ally with USA who is a foe of Arabs.

As far Israel is concerned, they damn care for UNSC etc, all they know is to strike at once. Remember Israel’s Nuclear is not yet known to anyone, they are very secretive, and they have full support from US (who always discloses other nations’ nuclear installations and tests”, so in case of Israel, they wouldn’t or didn’t. BTW they are very irritated on the word “Jihad”.

As far India is concerned, although they have a good relationship/friendship/ties with Russia, India really don’t depend on Russia as Pakistan depends on China. And I’m sure whole world knows India has edge over Pakistan in past wars and will have in future too. Note if you have an access to UNSC sites, you can see UNSC charters & archives.

As far Russia is concerned, a word of caution don’t wake up the Monster by mistake. Neither China nor Pakistan can do anything to them. In fact despite all enmity, disputes even US and China couldn’t make a move on them. Also don’t forget they were the key in WWI and WWII when Pakistan was just an infant. I must also pity because they are a good ally to India.

@Kabur, Irna
I appreciate you words, it makes to me agree with you to much extent.

By: RAJ Mon, 25 Aug 2008 16:14:54 +0000 I m reading to the post of others in this Blog, My God its too hillarius, Some pakistani says : pakistan full of technology to counter US , some says that they have 5,500000 strong Army and some says that we are the fighting race. But you know what its really really hilarious to US i mean for Both USA and INDIA.

I m an Indian and when i say , who wins if India and China go to war, Obviously i m patriotic but i would say China, you know wny becuz i m wise Indian and accept the Truth. Ha ha ha ha, I m busting to laugh loud, God these PAKIS are crazy, give them some brains.

If pakistan broke in war with USA, it would take only 15 days to bring Pakistan Down, I mean they will paralyz it and would then use there toys(i mean some sophisticated technology yet to be test in wars like UVS and some sensors and laser guided technologies)

First of all Pakistan’s Economy would not to able to recover for atleast 15 yrs. and the destruction caused by the USA would deffinately not take pakistan to Stone Age but ofcourse to Bronze Age. Finally Pakis have good news that if war breaks they will end up landing to Bronze Age. How Funny na…. I m too wondering how would they go to Bronze age……. You silly guys, no… they wont board a TIME MACHINE they will remain in past in the present.

But the ground reality is the USA would not Attact Pakistan, It only wants to destablize the Waziristan and border Regions of Afganistan.IF it attacks it will only focus to these regions doesnt make difference if it upsets Pakis or Iranis or any other Nation.

Now question is why wont it attact complete Pakistan, Simple USA need a dog who bites India but doent like the tail of Dog as it(tail ) irritates it(US),so it wud chop the Tail of DOG so that it doent irritate it further and since the Dog live US wud Dog to counter India.

and one more thing US doest want to control/counter India but doent want the Influence of India to Others.

Baby if you go back to Bronze age I would

By: wajeeha Mon, 21 Jul 2008 08:02:17 +0000 look Pakistanis should not worry about this because we are muslims and we know death is going to come whenever!and america should also be alerted because if he attacks Pakistan we will also attack on America. They should not forget what happened in 9-11.

By: shero Wed, 16 Jul 2008 18:53:59 +0000 Talking of war, doesn’t necessarily means heading straight into the battlefield especially when u r dealing with a nuclear will. In war for Pakistan, battle will come the last. If you look at the string of events in last decade, you have an idea that war has already started.

1. 1999 Democracy in Pakistan thwarted
2. 2001 Most sophisticated attack in the most secure country blamed on cavemen living in Afghanistan with help of manuals for flying propeller planes
3. Afghanistan attacked with inevitable spill over of anti occupation factions to Pakistan (same in case of Russian invasion)giving all reasons to have calculated adventures into Pakistan Territory
4. Establishing military bases on Pakistani soil
5. Biggest democracy supporting a dictatorial regime under hoax of War on Terror
6. Using the puppet government to destroy civil institutions including the courts of justice by either blunt dismissal or hostaging them by installing ex-generals at the top
7. Putting extreme inflationary pressure on population to consume them in Money minting, oblivious to everything going around
8. Moral and Ethical degenration theorugh so-called free media and pseudo intellectuals. Today, all values that we once cherished are extinct in our society, values which keep us together as a family, society, nation
9. Create and widen the GAP between liberal and religious sections of society to the extreme leaving the masses in confusion
10. Use the military against own people in the worst ways to create a clear rift between population and the armed forces thus weakening the strongest organized muslim arned forces
11. In cover of military operation, fan the separatist sentiments in dissenting elements of federation

Once a complete annihilation of idealogical and social institutions has been achieved, the time for battle starts even if it is a nuclear power as even nukes need a national will to become a deterrant.

Pakistanis, being a resiliant people have posed more resistence to their war efforts than they expected. So they have to delay. They have to wait for the right time to ensure minimal damage to themselves. We still have not degenerated to a level which ensures smooth sailing for their army but nevertheless they keep tightening the noose.

They are not deterred by nukes, be rest assured. Only things which will deter them are
1. Narrowing of the GAP between liberal and religious segments through homegrown intelligentia who can think free of western ideals and bring all together to common ideology which we all once cherished but got lost on the way
2. To stand behind the democrartic government whether good or bad and make sure no other dictatorship threatens the democracy and give it a chance to mature. This is the only thing which will eventually bring us together and strengthen our civil institutions to deter any external power to come to us. Any dictator to be thrown out even if it has to be violent.
3. To promote further the philanthropic attitudes among our rich so the not so blessed segments of our society know that their blessed brethern will come to their help. (We have already manifested in times of quake)

Else, if we keep treading the path that we have now chosen, US invasion may not be very far.

By: Hassan Tue, 15 Jul 2008 18:45:42 +0000 Osama and Al-Qaeda are just excuses, similar to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. If Americans know where they are, then Pakistanis dont mind taking action, or even a combined action against these elements on Pakistan’s soil.

America should concentrate on finding what it came for i.e. Osama and Co. It should have trained Afghan army in numbers and quality to fight Taliban. Why it did not train afghan army in such a way ? It was not question of cost, because retaining western armies in large numbers is even more costly. It was because of strategic reason of maintaining even longer term occupation of Afghanistan.

So, all these are just excuses for war monging. America has already bribed Pakistani generals, and all the other components of ruling elite, so that it can have cat walk of destroying Pakistan.
Please stop Bush and others if you have any concious left in America and West.

By: fawads Tue, 08 Jul 2008 17:42:10 +0000 the entire mess in this region was created by America. Pak Army seniors being the most corrupt generals assisted cia in developing madressa’s and teaching jehad to the afghan mohajireen in pakistan and sending them back to fight against russians. At the same time, afghans shud not forget that still there are over 4 million afghans taking refuge in pakistan and creating problems for us. Speically Kabura!!! look at ur country and your traditions…even when the russions werent there in ur country what the hell did afghans do to improve their lifestyle. Believe it or not your country really sucks!!!! Stop blaming pakistan and do some constructive work in the ruins of kabul. You guys are ammune to drugs that has teken your ability to think and digest the truth.

By: Amaad Sun, 06 Jul 2008 12:35:34 +0000 Most of the comments here are completely hilarious.. re Pakistan retaliating to US attack.. there is no comparison at all. Lets face it.. US is the most powerful nation in the world politically, economically and military vise.. no nation in the world comes closer to US. let alone Pakistan.

all Pakistan can do is eliminate any chances or excuses that validate a US attack.. how? I leave it to your imagination.. the options have been talked to death.
God save us all.. (by all I mean Pakistanis, Americans and the rest of peace loving people of the world).

By: Aatif Fri, 27 Jun 2008 07:58:24 +0000 Pakistan missiles may not have their range to strike in US’s territory but what about US’s military installations, assets like Air Craft carriers etc … in the region? Who will guard them against Pakistani missile or Air attack?
Also, China will not only ‘sit and see’ the drama.
So US should think infinite number of times before such a mistake.

Long Live Pakistan

By: Aatif Fri, 27 Jun 2008 07:40:23 +0000 Those talking about the US invasion on Pakistan, live in fools’ paradise. They think as if Pakistan has nukes, missiles and fighter jets just to show-off. The military strength of Pakistan and Afghanistan/Iraq (where US hasn’t succeeded yet) has no comparison.
Having intelligence ties with ISI doesn’t mean that ISI has told them every point of installation of nukes and missile launchers.
No country (even Israel) in the region would afford to support US and provide it a ground base to attack on Pakistan, if it has a little knowledge of Pakistan’s nuke missiles and their range.

Long Live Pakistan.

By: ahmed wahiri Wed, 25 Jun 2008 19:46:39 +0000 america should not attack our pakistan soil. we know there are terrorist people in our country but we can not arrest them because they will kill our people and family.
americans should know there military is more bigger than ours army and we will not win from them. we ask america to not bomb our homes and factories building. we ask america to not kill our people and familys. american should help us to arrest terrorists pakistanis.