Pakistan and the battle for Peshawar

June 28, 2008

June 27 photo of Peshawar protestPeshawar is such an important city for Pakistan that it can be hard to write about it without sounding shrill.  It is significant strategically since it lies near the entrance to the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan.  But it is also important emotionally — not only is it a Moghul city and an ancient Silk Route trading hub, but it is also a Pashtun town on the Pakistani side of the Durand Line , the ill-demarcated border between Pakistan and Afghanistan imposed by British colonial rulers that splits the Pashtun people of the region in two. For Pakistan, fighting for control of Peshawar is probably comparable to what France and Germany felt about Alsace Lorraine before World War Two.

So when the New York Times publishes an article about Peshawar being at risk of falling into Taliban hands  we must pay attention.  “In the last two months, Taliban militants have suddenly tightened the noose on this city of three million people, one of Pakistan’s biggest, establishing bases in surrounding towns and, in daylight, abducting residents for high ransoms,” it says. “The threat to Peshawar is a sign of the Taliban’s deepening penetration of Pakistan and of the expanding danger that the militants present to the entire region, including nearby supply lines for NATO and American forces in Afghanistan.”

The Daily Times says it more dramatically, with a Kiplingesque notion of what the fall of Peshawar to Taliban control would mean for Pakistan: “The Taliban are no longer at the gates of Peshawar, they’re inside, making their presence felt in the largest city in the NWFP (North West Frontier Province),” it says.

Paramilitary soldier near PeshawarPakistan has just launched an offensive against Taliban fighters near Peshawar  in an attempt to re-impose government control. As I said at the beginning, it’s hard not to sound shrill about a place that few outsiders understand. But history is in the making here, and the battle for Peshawar is one we all should watch.


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This is what happens when you try to appease terrorists. You embolden them.
The Pakistani government and the Pakistani people dont have the foresight to see how dangerous these Taliban really are.
They need to be stamped out and fast.
The only way to deal with these people is by extreme prejudice, the alternative is a country of 170 million controlled by extremists with their hands on the nuclear trigger.

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Ignorant Talibans must be crushed with iron hand,Pakistani regime of Musharraf is responsible for their regrouping,if they would had taken action long time ago.Talibans would not have gained any power.
I knew this will happen, Peshawar could fall to militants is obviously terrifying, Thanks to ANP leadership to decide to release terrorists and hold peace talk with them ,these ignorant thugs and criminal Talibans don’t understand language of dialogue, these coward militants hiding in rat holes should be crushed with iron hand, I don’t buy latest story of Pakistani regime that international mafia is involved in it, No, they are the guys who are on ISI payroll, they are not fighting for Islam but they are indeed damaging name of Islam and killing Pukhtoons. Afghan President Mr. Karzai was right, when he criticized Pakistani regime,HE WAS RIGHT TO SAY THAT he will send troops kill Taliban leaders. Taliban is the creation of Pakistan government themselves who initially provided them military training, weapons and finances to carry out guerilla warfare against Russians occupation in Afghanistan. After getting support from the feudal warlords in the NWFP tribal belt, the Talibans became more and more stronger. Pukhtoons are the ones who are suffering because of Talibans, these talibans are closing girls schools and destroying music centers. Peshawar is in a state of siege and lets hope not it falls into talibans hands, it seems like Pakistani govt has lost writ and not willing to shoot n kill these talibans and their leaders. If you don’t do it then someone else will take care of it, when that someone else will take care they will be marching on your streets. Its the fault of ISI/CIA who hired and trained these militants and make them fight against soviets.
If ANYONE supports these militants then is it in Islam to bomb girls schools, ban women decent and normal activities, Musharraf failed policies are destroying the whole nation. Musharraf and his cronies are playing double game, there are reports, in New classified US documents that mass infiltration of Frontier Corps by Afghan insurgents is helping latest offensive. The Pakistani Frontier Corps has been heavily infiltrated and influenced by Taliban militants, sometimes joining in attacks on coalition forces, according to classified US ‘after-action’ reports compiled following clashes on the border. Pakistan is in a leaderless drift four months after elections, according to Western diplomats and military officials, Pakistani politicians and Afghan officials who are increasingly worried that no one is really in charge, that is so obvious, there is no way that powerful Pakistani military can’t control these ignorant fanatics, I don’t buy their story that they can’t get and shoot coward militants leaders hiding in rat holes. It is a fact that Pakistan is not interested in the Afghans’ welfare? If so, from 1989, the year the Soviets left till 2001/2 (when the US invaded Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11), Pakistan all but turned Afghanistan to rubble by providing arms to its favorites and encouraging them to fight it out amongst themselves, pukhtoon against pukhtoon Why blame the US or Karzai alone when you need to look no further than your own backyard. It would be a shame if Peshawar were to fall. The might of the militant groups operating around Peshawar from one to the other end is all too visible and alarming to ignore, but its also obvious that military, police and others in the govt of Mush never paid attention to this problem, I always said if you don’t control it then there are forces across the border who will control this but then you will not have Jinnah’s Pakistan either. The problem is Mush regime never been sincere to control this situation. Police stations in rural Peshawar have long given up patrolling at night because they are afraid of Taliban’s attacks…what a country, Foreign Office spokesman Muhammad Sadiq said in Islamabad on Thursday that There was evidence of presence of both foreign elements and foreign help, ok then make it public, show it to the world. It is a typical statement of Pakistani govt to accuse others but not to take care of the problem. This is just one instance of the state of denial that colors our response to criticism. When radical Muslims from all over the world travel to Pakistan to receive training in bomb-making at madressa‘a, we hold up our hands and claim we are not responsible. Never mind that these training camps are located within our borders, and those running them are well known to our intelligence agencies. When graduates from these camps kill and maim innocent people in the West, pukhtoonistan and Afghainistan, we wash our hands of all responsibility. Similarly, when drugs were a major export from Pakistan, we conveniently blamed the addicts for pushing up demand and prices in the West. And when supporters of the Taliban cross over into Afghanistan, or when jihadis traverse the Line of Control into Indian Kashmir with or without the connivance of our intelligence agencies, we pretend complete ignorance. About 4,000 Pakistani troops are based near Jandola, but did not interfere during the Taliban attacks on their erstwhile allies. The principle of protecting the population does not seem to be a tactic of the Pakistani army at the moment. Nor does recruiting local support and nurturing their self-defence efforts. You hear nothing about the threat to Peshawar. One has to wonder how the general Pakistani population would react to the fall of Peshawar to a group that slaughters large numbers of people, close down girls schools, ban music and TV, I cannot believe that it would raise the popularity of the central government if the army stood by and did nothing. Is the Pakistani Army really this feeble and feckless? Are they cowards? Or does the problem lie with the Pakistani government and leadership? And if Pakistan is willing to give up its control over the NWFP, why don’t they simply cede Kashmir to India ? One wonders if they even would defend Islamabad from the Taliban? Its amazing that Mush regime in Feb 2005 signed a so called peace deal with Batullah mehsud and issued him a licence to kill. The Srarogha agreement virtually handed control of the area to Baitullah as all the checkpoints on the roads were removed and he and his fellow tribesmen were compensated for the human and material losses they had sustained as a result of military operations. Baitullah seems to have taken the opportunity to build up his power base and probably has several thousand battle-hardened fighters. So you are giving control to criminals because your o fficials don’t want to do their job, instead of arresting such people and punishing them, you make peace deals with them.
Bourgeois and elite of Jinnah’s Pakistan are trying to keep Pakhtuns backward and keep them in the dark, the terrorist attacks by bunch of cowards who hide their faces, hiding in rat holes or hide themselves in Burqa are killing innocent Pakhtuns. That will be a biggest disaster if Peshawar falls to Talibans. Its amazing that officials in Pakistan’s Home Department, who evaluate the situation on an almost daily basis, believe declaring a state of red alert is now only a matter of time. “The military, the paramilitary, the constabulary and the police are unable or unwilling to muster enough force to defend the city,” So what this statement tell you??? Or consider the Taliban to be their best counterparts. What the Taliban have done to the Pakistani people is irresponsible and unjust. I want to know why they are doing this, why they are successful, and who has to suffer because of it?” Pukhtoons are better Muslims, they don’t need Saudi wahabiism or talibans to teach them Islam, T o me Talibans are criminals, ignorant and thugs, they are committing crimes against humanity and they must be punished. Peshawar, under siege by ignorant and barbarians, who wants to impose their views on others, who wants to kill innocents because they don’t think like them. They wants to close girl’s schools because they want to keep Pakhtun nation in dark. Peshawar University, the seat of learning for Pakhtuns , received threats to stop co-education. I think its 2008, I wonder what is the level of education, these religious, barbarian mullah and talibans have??? The root of this campaign against female education is fear. The so called Talibans are afraid that if women become educated, they will eventually be uncontrollable by religious dogma and coercion. Educated women would be the death knell of these fanatics. These terrorists are criminals and thugs. Islam is a peaceful religion, terrorism is essentially an act of intimidation aimed towards a state for the purpose of achieving political ends. Islam rejects all forms of terrorism and its manifestations, people who kill other people with suicide bombs are living under the misconception that they are Muslims, these terrorists are black spot on the name of Islam. What kind of Islam teaches that its okay to blow urself up in the mosques, streets or other gatherings? Talibans are ignorant and know nothing about Islam. Suicide attacks and killing innocent people are horrific acts of genocide similar in psychotic madness as to what surged through the veins of Hitler.
Ze chi pe mayeen yum da agha pukhtunistan de. Tul de ve Pakhtunistan.

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Seriously, the headline is way over-sensational. Peshawar is in Pakistan’s hands, and there’s not even a remote danger of it falling. It’s just an offensive against militants around the city area, nothing less nothing more. I live here and I should know!! Grow out of the ‘Flash a head and get attention’ mode! Sheesh!

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Talibans are not just terrorists but the most dangerous creatures in the world. I have lived in Peshawar all my life and know what kind of hell they are capable of producing. The word intemidation would be a very diluted way to put what they are been doing. Worst Musharaf while in power did not do enough. He was more concerned about his power politics and showing fists to civil society and intelligensia. The need is now for Pak Media to run a full WANTED campaign against these terrorists, the right word to describe these blood suckers would be ‘Terroristan’, a pashto word meaning a person who profess or support terrorists. If the Pak Army does not flush them out I as a Peshawari and Pathan would support US and NATO forces to come and kick the hell out of Terroristan. If Saddam Hussain was a threat to free world then on scale of 1 to 10, it would be 1 in my opinion. Terroristans are at 10. Please help.

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I would also like to say here that people of Peshawar do not support or approve of any views held by the Terroristans/Talibans. Just they have been watching helplessly when the writ of state was not implemented b/c Musharaf priorities was to secure power for himself through his crownies. We, the Peshawaris, request that these fanatics should be flushed. The process would be longer but it may be possible. If US can help us I would say US Zindabad, and if Pak Army mean business this time then I would also say for them, Pak Fauj Zindabad.

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So the Zardari and Sharif honeymoon with the terorrists barely lasted even the 40 days of Musharraf’s maatam.
Every paindoo of Pakistan who ‘elected’ these two ex-cons, and bought their fantastic ideas about solving Pakistan’s problems should now realize how right Gen Musharraf is. Musharraf told you that you can kiss up all you like to a snake but sooner or later it will bite and kill you. Just that the snake is smart and you are not..

Fact of the matter is that in Pakistan’s entire history there have been only two periods of stability and development: Ayyub Khan’s rule early on and now 9+ years of Gen. Musharraf’s governance. All other times, especially the democracies have been a disaster. Thanks to all the cancers Pakistan is being devoured by: corruption, religious intolerance and ignorance. Benevolent military rulers seems to be the only way for sick Pakistan to survive. Just like Saddam Hussein was for Iraq. Ask the US president Bush. He took bad advice from Dick Cheney and opened up a 100-year pandora’s box for the US. The US will either be in that Pandora’s box for 100 years, or will leave in disgrace and when they leave they’ll make sure that nothing is left standing. And now by ‘electing’ two ex-cons to be the stewards of Pakistan’s destiny, the paindoos of Pakistan are presenting the US to open a 2nd Pandora’s box in Pakistan. That will mean the same level of death and destruction as in Iraq. Will the US do it again here in Pakistan? You bet they will. Remember, whatever the US is doing in Iraq or in Afghanistan, is at the behest of Israel. And how much Israel will love to see Pakistan implode, through the stupidity of its Paindoo majority? All of us know how happy the Israelis are.
So paindoos: now you choices are pretty clear. A military ruler to provide you and your family the security like Gen. Musharraf provided for 9 years OR you and your children be butchered by being in the middle of the battle between Taliban and their lackeys and the US and NATO forces. When the show begins Taliban will be taking refuge in your homes, like AlQaida is doing in Iraq, so the US cluster and napalm bombs and rockets will rain on your houses like manaa from heaven.
Guess which choice the paindoos of Pakistan will make?
Very simple to know, they are paindoos after all…..
Long Live the Paindoos…. Pakistan Zindabad ! (Really?)..

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we the people are without boundries set by manipulators. we will prevail the will persish.

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With Kandahar and Peshawar under threat by the resurgent Taliban, the actions of NATO and Pakistani military appear to be too little, too late. An effective response to this seriously deteriorating situation requires a joint NATO-Pakistani strategy backed by strong coordinated action to strike a powerful blow against the Taliban on both sides of the border. This powerful action must then be followed by sustained pressure on both sides of the border to prevent Talebanization of the entire region with all its negative consequences for the people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and wider implications for the rest of the world.

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We welcome the Taliban. at least we’ll get rid of these blood sucking politicians. and most importantly everyone will live in peace and harmony under taliban rule and with no worries about the increasing crime rate in Pakistan.

Taliban Zindabad, Islamic Riyasat Zindabad.

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Wake up people when you are going to discriminate enemy from foe. Today Mehsud has theretened to attack sindh and punjab if the operation is not stopped. They are fighting for their own believes and existence and so do we. They are not our brothers forgod’s sake. They are killers who are illmannerd and ill-literate.Morons who are using religion as their tool. Who use fear like manslaughtering in front of crowed to tell locals if you go against us this will happens to you.
Those who think they are our friends wait till they have full control, when they can beat you and drag you on the streets just because you don’t have a beard. execute anyone just because they are sympethetic to such country. Remember even prophet muhammad lived with peace among jews and cristians of his time. Quran says we cannot ignore them they are ah-lulkitab.long storey short if any nation has to progress towards prosperity writ of govt is key issue to its sovernity.i was against the talk the very first place because they donot understand literate, sensible and just conversation.They only understand one language. the language of bullet. we have two choices either we go ahead with full force and wipeout these extremist morons or keep negociating with them and we will witness same situation every other year or so. first we need to block our peacefull provinces from NWFP. because when they get frustrated they will come to our cities to kill innocents and spread panic.the present govt has to finish this war once and for all. for the peace of our future generation. for the safety of this great nation. if we failed this war our grand childrens will live under the cloud of the fear.We are answerable to all of them.A place Where our daughters could not go to school because all the schools are burnt by taliban.We will be travelling on horse buggies b/c the rest of the world sanctioned us and our economy has become dirt poor. Where our future citizens live in constant fear every day every night that who get caught and hand chopped or slaughter next day.islam didnot came to bring fear. islam came to give autonomy to each one of us the message is here, now its on the citizens who follow or not. prophet didnot execute citizens of makkah who throwed stones at him just because he had a power to do return he forgive them. that is islam full of mercy even for your enemies.Do we wanted to give our future generaton a country where every one is free to make their decisions and free to get education.So that they can play their vital role in worlds history. Or do we wanted to give them a failed and rouge state full of extremist who control their wishes and thoughts. who determine if they are innocent or guilty. who determine when to breathe, what to wear, how to look. honestly my choice is option 1. but to achieve that goal we have to act promptly and swiftly.Give them no place to hide so that they can regroup.Take it back what is ours and give them nothing.

Posted by Zeeshan Sheikh | Report as abusive

Taliban and Al-Qaida is sick blood. Using Quranic versed to bring back the era of Slavery and Opression of the dark ages before Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. Whatever the Profit Mohammad claimed Islam to establish and whatever it did establish, was brought right back to where it started by the Kings and the Clergy taking advantage of the Holy Verses making it the duty of all Muslims to spread the word of Islam, Ironically not by example but by the sword. Abraham Lincoln came much later than Profit Mohammad and had a much easier task than the former to give right to the Women, Slaves and the weak. You just cannot ignore the truth that “one must not negotiate with the Terrorits) These are evil people with no respect for even the Muslims. So fight till the end who so ever it may be.

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I had a dream about this once, that because George Bush got the US bogged down in Iraq the Taliban would take over Pakistan and get their hands on the nukes, then fire a few at Israel which would retaliate, some would go long and hit China or India instead, and that’s how global nuclear annihilation would start. This is what happens when the Supreme Court sticks its nose into something it needn’t and shouldn’t because there were already laws in place to deal with the electoral situation we had in 2000.

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look here and listen to what i want to say.
the pashtoons of pakistan and the pashtoons of afganistan are one and the same ppl. they have always wanted their own country. let them take peshawar and the areas arround it and make a bloody country for themselves and their backward ideas.
who should pakistanis and afgans suffer because of these maggots?
we all know we cannot fight them nobody has been able to control them.

let them get thier own country and let them rot and fight between themsleves till they are finished.
let us save our time our life and money. forget about them they are bunch of stupid losers.

they have done nothing for pakistan at all. they only shed innocent peoples blood.

aziz shamrti

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The off balance sheet cost of kashmir my friend.You thought you had a sweet deal didn’t you? USD 10mn a year and the 1/3 of Indian Army stays bogged down in kashmir.Well well well looks like you forgot to calculate what the millions of charged up madrsaa educated jehadis would do once they start thinking of the vices and corruption of the moderate muslim elite of your blighted land.

I can’t deny a certain vicarious pleasure in seeing 70% of your country effectively in flames(Balochistan/NWFP).We hindus call it bad karma i.e what goes around comes around.Suffer!
hard facts about pak:
Literacy levels:45%
Industrial growth:3.2%
Inflation:19.8%(May 2008 source:economist)

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When Musharraf took action against these militants, he was condemned for fighting “America’s war on Pakistani soil”. Now Pakistanis realize these militants are a bigger problem for Pakistan than the USA.

For Shantanu Chatterjee :

You should enjoy yourself. Also remember India remains one of the most impoverished places on this earth.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Shantanu Chatterjee
If you compare the macroeconomic indicators, India is suffering from far more poverty where ordinary Dalits that are major portion of population live below poverty line. Pakistan’s economy has still managed to overcome many crisis in last 1.5 years and has managed to register strong growth. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the current action against some groups around Frontier province is just meant to deal with criminal elements.
In Pakistan nothing is engulfed in flames, it is pretty much business as usual. The Air force has just recieved delivery of a new batch of F-16s. On the nuclear front, all weapons continue to be under the command of the Armed Forces that are vigilant and ready to retaliate If India ever tries misadventure. So, better stop day dreaming and learn to live with a nuclear Pakistan.

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Sure lets see some macro economic indicators:

GDP:$1.1 trillion growing at 9% p.a(nominal)
FX reserves:USD 345 billion
Per capita income USD 997
Literacy level:71%
Life expectancy:67 years
Poverty rate 27% (Granted a major problem but is reducing rapidly)


GDP : USD 158 Billion(growing at 5.8% p.a)
FX Reserves:USD 12.8 billion
Per capita income: USD 870
Literacy level :45%
Life expectancy:64 years
Poverty rate:44%

So I am not the one who is day dreaming.
All I am saying is given half a chance you would like to wage jehad on us.Just accept the fact that you have lost the area called the Republic of India(Including INDIAN KASHMIR) for good and trying to fund terrorism within our borders will cost you a lot lot more than us.I suggest you slash your defence spending and revive your dilapidated economy but your sort never learn.Bye!

Posted by Shantanu Chatterjee | Report as abusive

Shantanu Chatterjee
With an enemy like India just nex door, I am for a blue water Navy with aircraft carriers. An Air Force armed to the teeth and an Army to be reckoned with. All that backed up by a strong resolve on part of the whole nation. That is what Pakistan is. Sit tight, we know what we are doing and what we need to do.

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shantanu chatterjee with half your india dying of malnutrition and hiv india spends 20 billion on arms instead of feeding its frail children you can barely feed your children under the age of 5 as 40% are malnourished(source BBC, IMF and worldbank) pakistan is heaven compared to a nation with the highest rape and murder rates and the highest poverty rate in asia

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lol pakistans poverty rate is 21% source worldbank

India poverty rate 77% sources include IMF, asian development bank, world bank and several surveys also confirm 836 million indians live on less than a dollar a day thats more than the population of africa india is the next poverty superpower of earth get a grip

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

wow halucinations of grandeur again!
yeah please go ahead bankrupt yourself buy 200 F-16s,10 submarines 2 aircraft carriers,1000 tanks etc.

You are right we are a dirt poor country there is actually a grand conspiracy to portray us in a good light in the media.

And you are a fabulously rich country just fabrications those honour killings,pashtunistan insurgency,balochistan independence movement,civil strife etc.

I am sure you know what you are doing inflation:19.8% industrial growth:3.2%.Please continue doing it.

Please enough said,I know you like to think of yourself as atleast our equal so well goodnight and sweet dreams

Posted by Shantanu Chatterjee | Report as abusive

Shantanu Chatterjee
I did not write who is inferior or superior, your last comment regarding equality shows of the inferiority complex that India suffers. I know Pakistan bein a smaller country is strong enough and look face to face in your eyes. You cannot take this. Live with it, Pakistan is stable and strong. Insurgency is a very extreme word, we may have internal problems, but try to misbehave with Pakistan and see how this 163 million Muslim nuclear power unites and retaliate against India.

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MY GOD, what a bunch of IDIOTS.
Haven’t u guys got anything better to do than compare two nations, both of which are frankly a mess when it comes to social development and infrastructure. Look around the world and u will find tens of countries that can be used as an genuine examples if u r so intent on comparing yourself with others.
And to Mr. UMPK, we all know very well that Pakistan has nuclear weapons (credits to your disgraced Dr. AQ Khan for that). But threatening nuclear attack in every single post of yours leads me to believe that you are either insane or you cannot comprehend the extent of damage nuclear weapons can do. For your sake I hope its the latter, in which case I would suggest you Google in Hiroshima or Nagasaki or even Chernobyl and read what comes up. Hope it has some effect on you and I get to read a more mature reply.
Happy reading.

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being a pashtoon b rought up in peshawar and london, i can see only one solution. there are around 60 million pashtoons in pakistan and afghanistan area. therefore, it is necessary for us to have a united front. i dont mean to say that pakistan should go to hell. no! i would rather have a unified pashtoons on both sides and have education based on pashto, culture of pashtoons should be preserved and take away the border between afghanistan and pakistan. it is a good idea to admit the differences between punjabi and pashtoon. but once differeces are accepted, we move on to mutual action, economy and b ilateral cooperation on every single front. no visas, full access to all the population of afghanistan and pakistan in both countries. there will be prosperity and difference cultures will fluorish. kind regards, shinvari.

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India has the highest rate of illiteracy in asia with 300 million people being unable to read or write how can the indians teach south asia peace its better of if pakistan teaches us

Posted by HANUMAN | Report as abusive

Being a pashtoon, i would say only one thing that let pakhtoons to stood up ontheir feet,don,t try to betray or fool them b/c they simple but not foolish people.

Posted by khan | Report as abusive

Dear Mwaqar: You are completely right brother. Your post makes me hopeful for a better tomorrow for the the proud and innocent Pashtuns on both sides of the imposed and shameful Durand Line, which all Pashtuns must join hands, unite and eliminate it once and for all. Pashtuns are scapegoated in the “war on terror”, which is the work of Panjabi Mafia and ISI.

Pashtuns belong to their motherland Afghanistan, which is the proud history of their ancestors and all Pashtuns and Afghans. Ali Jinah can never be the father of Pashtuns.

Thank you for a very informative post. I want to thank NVD and Khan as well.

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Pakistani Pashtuns are loyal to their country, and wish the Afghans to go back to afghanistan and ditch their “Loy Afghanistan” ideas.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Children of Adam! Lo do not let Satan tempt you into trouble as he expelled your parents from the Garden, stripping them of their covering and disclosing their private parts. He and his tribe see you from where you do not see them. We have made the Satans friends of those who have no faith. (7:27)

Mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you mught come to know each other. The noblest among you in Allah’s sight is the one of you who best performs his duty. Allah is All-knowing, All-Aware. (Qur’an 36:60-61)

Allah will judge between you on the Day of Rising regarding everything about which you differed (Qur’an 22:69)

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Future will never forgive ARYONE , GEO ,other irresponsible media , Atzaz Hassan and Sharif Brothers

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Very Nice Article!

True Pakistani

Posted by True Pakistani | Report as abusive