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Allah Bhagwan is watching all who carry out death and destruction of the innocents Afghans, Indians and Pakistanis – all of whom come from one mother. We are all Allah’s flowers of different colors and scents who are getting butchered by the Pakistani merchants of death, but may Allah be my witness, they will one day reap what they sow, as they will be pushed into the Hellfire by Allah where they will beg all those whom they killed to please forgive and them and help them out, but to no avail.
Mir I share your disgust and pain, and hope Allah/Bhagwan gives all people in power and influence to be good and do good.
Nathuram Waghmare

By: Tameem Mon, 04 Aug 2008 07:38:11 +0000 Dear Readers,

if you go back and read the history Pakistan is a country that always palyed double standard policy toward US and Afghanistan and even International Community USA supported Afghans to fight Russians not pakistan and Afghanistan Saved Pakistan Ass from Fire of Russians during which they Fight agaist russians. USSR wanted to occopy not only Afghanistan but to reach the Warm waters which includes pakistan and thats how Afghanistan saved Pakistan. as far as pakistan’s slogans that they helped Afghani refugess …. thats totaly nonsense there will billions of Dollars raised to Pakistan during the War in Afghanistan donors such as USA Europe and Austrillia helped afghan refugeess settled in Paksitan buy paying pakistan billions of dollars not only this but Afghan refugess who were living in Europe and American helped thier relatives by sending them money monthly pakistan were reciveding more than 4 billion dollar anually only from families who helped thier relitives in Pakistan so how they claim they helped Afghan refugess ????

By: Rafi Amin Mon, 28 Jul 2008 13:34:05 +0000 Gook Luck Obama!Take troops out of Iraq send them to

By: Neal in the US Sat, 26 Jul 2008 19:42:45 +0000 Good to see these posters so I ask…

So where does all the US aid money go that is given to Pakistan? Is Bin Laden not hidding there? Will Musharaff hang onto power?

By: Aamir Ali Wed, 23 Jul 2008 13:20:17 +0000 Pakistan should have never supported the Afghan mujahideen, or hosted millions of Afghan refugees on our soil. Today we suffer from terrorists in Afghanistan, and ingrate former refugees who only brought with them ignorance, drugs, thuggishness,misogyny and then have 12 children per family.

Its also amusing to see the Indians boasting on this page. India is an under-developed, impoverished, dirty country, and in no shape to boast about anything.

By: Mir Tue, 22 Jul 2008 09:25:21 +0000 This is the only act that Pakies will not do. This would raze the entire satanic plans and programs of Angrez ka Kuta (Filtistan).I
I beg Allah To give us this chance to bring back our refugees back to home and this will give us a very upper hand.
Remember that Afghans are never ungrateful and we never forget what has happen upon us by the Punjabies.
We will get our own land back, whether now or after 100 years. This is a promise, you can ask from your father that when we promise will do that.

By: Khan,S Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:34:14 +0000 Pakistan’s problems stems from harbouring Afghan refugees who have more than over stayed their welcome. Let us send the remaining 1.3 million (ungrateful) Afghan refugees back home and most of our problems will be over.

By: Mir Mon, 21 Jul 2008 14:19:07 +0000 Pakistan and Israel created in the same year and clearly for the same purpose. One filled with Islamic fundamentalism and hate toward anyone and the other with Judaic fundamentalism full of hate helped by years of prosecution and humiliation. They both are made as cancerous glands to give pain, destruction, fear, terror and main points of the British games in two hot parts of the world.
Our writer as I have enough information about Malaysia not to forget ( Possibly the third home for Alqaed in the world is malalysia), Pakistan is helping Malaysian Military and terror networks are working together.
This is why he is badly biased toward Afghanistan.
Let me clearly tell you that Pakistan never let Afghan refugees to live in its (Illegal) terretories based on humanitarian or Islamic values or codes. It was the masters wish and Pak ( FILTY) did so. What they had in their coward minds for this action has been telling us by their actions now.
They exploited the Afghan youths and created out of them Taliban, Mujahideen, and Other terror and Dark minded cult followers.
Pakistan, let them live in its teretory for making them fight the war they never could do against Soviet Union. They made them to fight against India, They made them to fight against each other and so on.

Let us talk about Heroin and Gun, hahahaha
Afghans are making Pakistan a place of ensecurity by bringing Heroin and Gun culture in to Pakistan?// A man with no brain should talk like this. Guns are sold to Pakistan Government and Heroin is Trafficking by YOUR GREAT FUCH and ISI, for their covert and overt games and incomes. Heroin and other drugs are transported by Pak military openly to Karachy ports. Let me clarify to you that in the areas that Taliban are fisting and British army is in control the drug is flourishing and is the exist gate of all Opeum harvested in Afghanistan and than processed in Pakistan, The culture of Guns are well seen from Pakistani Pushtun movies and the terrible Revange system of All pakistanies.
Second we should not forget the strategic and coward plans of Pakistan based on their military mainframes. To day Pakistan is strong and very advanced in terms of Military and Technology and they at other hand misuse the weakness and shabby situation of Afghans. In fact, they afraid of a united and strong Afghanistan. Because, they do not put their trust in Allah and forward brotherhood.
They do what the British is wanting them to do.
Also, the discipline they give to Mujahideen and Taliban or refugees lived there by several madrassa and groups as to not have the love and respect for their motherland and injecting into them the Akhwanese Bull shit idea of Pan Islamism , which give no value to motherland, that in return benefited Pak-Anglo causes.
The least but not last words of mine is very shocking. Since, the government and elite 21 families governing Pakistan are Punjabies. They still have their Hindu inheritances and have the pain of several centuries of Humiliation and subjugation by the hands of Afghans. They ( Punjabi Muslims) are in fact, to not cross the politeness, are illegal sons of Afghan came out of no kind of Marriage bonds during the course of History. This has created a kind of revengeful thoughts among them and are trying to harm us as much as they can. They are so weak and with nothing to be proud of that, so they have named their weapons by our worries and Kings.

To conclude my openion here, let me tell you, that the days are not very far that we revenge our sons and send them back to their mother (India ) and give a lesson to the Pashtuns became slaves of Punjabies.
You can ride as far as you can, but the fate of banditism and terrorism is destruction finally, the one dig grave for others will fall into it one day. Allah is not blind and He is patient. Watching you, and observes that how much you can give pain and harm to someone not having power at the moment. Pakistan should know that we are like iron, has seen many downs and ups during all these centuries and will not fall easily, but you watch for your own ass, the clay idol would not withstand the rainy days. Just a push from several sides would smash you, then no one would be able to clean itself!

By: kabura Sun, 20 Jul 2008 07:58:37 +0000 Look who is talking: Ahmed “Quraishi”, who was listed, not so long ago, as one of Pakistan’s traitors on Pittafis list.

First of all Quraishi is not a Pakistani, I mean he doesn’t belong to any province of Pakistan because he is an Arab immigrant to South Asia as you can read it from his second name. For that matter, Jilani is also an Arab and Musharaf is an Indian as you can get. He could also be a Saudi Wahabi, but he writes for any regime in Pakistan.

I have a message for you Quraishi: Tell your masters in the ISI that you don’t fool around with Uncle Sam, because no body does that and everybody understands the consequences. You are putting the Uncle in a very sensitive situation which is your fault.

As fas as Najib is concerned: You (ISI) killed him. Even if I never was a supporter of Najib, he was completely right about your military and ISI that you are nothing but a bunch of terrorists. Your way of killing him was very disgusting and the entire world is witness to it.

When it comes to Karazi: We shall see if it’s your General Musharaf or Karzai that is going to be hanged first. Like Najib.

By: Ahmed Quraishi Sat, 19 Jul 2008 23:28:38 +0000 Karzai should worry about meeting the same fate as Najibullah, who spent his time in power plotting bomb attacks and sending terrorists to Pakistan, with help from the Soviets and the Indians. Karzai lived for a decade on a monthly stipend provided to him by the ISI. Today he’s sending terrorists to Pakistan. Nejibullah was hung in Kabul by the real Afghanis who love their country. As for Pakistani government, get a heart. Tell Washington to solve their Afghan problem on their own.