Would peace between India and Pakistan help stabilise Afghanistan?

August 4, 2008

File photo of Indian soldiers behind pictures of victims of Kabul embassy bombingAs far as a strategy for Afghanistan is concerned, it’s a long shot. Bring peace to India and Pakistan and not only will that stabilise Pakistan but it will also ease tensions in Afghanistan. Indeed it’s such a long shot that it has not been considered as a serious policy option. That was until last month’s bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul. 

A spate of allegations that Pakistan’s powerful spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI),  was involved in the bombing has forced India-Pakistan rivalry back onto centre-stage. This is not just about India and Pakistan, or so the argument goes. Their rivalry is undermining U.S. efforts to defeat al Qaeda and the Taliban since the ISI is maintaining links with Islamist militants to counter Indian influence in the region. And Pakistan’s denial of involvement in the embassy attack has done little to quell the speculation.

File photo of Wagah border crossing between India and PakistanIn The Atlantic.com, Robert Kaplan argues that the war in Afghanistan is part of Pakistan’s larger struggle with India. “Afghanistan has been a prize that Pakistan and India have fought over directly and indirectly for decades,” he writes. “To Pakistan, Afghanistan represents a strategic rear base that would (along with the Islamic nations of ex-Soviet Central Asia) offer a united front against Hindu-dominated India and block its rival’s access to energy-rich regions. Conversely, for India, a friendly Afghanistan would pressure Pakistan on its western border-just as India itself pressures Pakistan on its eastern border-thus dealing Pakistan a strategic defeat.”

His argument is that the ISI will never rest easy as long as it fears that Pakistan is threatened by a hostile Afghanistan on one side and a hostile India on the other.  “Unless we address what’s angering the ISI, we won’t be able to stabilize Afghanistan or capture al-Qaeda leaders inside its borders,” he says.

File photo of U.S. solider on patrol in AfghanistanIn the Globe and Mail Saeed Shah writes that the ISI was supposed to have severed ties with Islamist militants and the Taliban after 9/11. “Only it didn’t. The links were loosened, but they remain, for the simple reason these militants are viewed as vital pawns in a bigger game: Keeping Afghanistan unsettled to limit the United States’s – and by extension arch-rival India’s -influence in the region,” he writes. “This is a military doctrine about national survival, not an ideology of religious fanaticism. Civilians are not welcome to meddle with it,” he says.

To understand where these writers are coming from, it’s important to remember that the Pakistan Army — and by extension the ISI — sees itself as the ultimate guarantor of Pakistani survival. And although it has stepped into the background from time to time to allow civilian governments into power, it will never allow Pakistan to become as vulnerable again as it was in 1971 when what were then West and East Pakistan were torn apart with the creation of Bangladesh.

“ISI’s primary duty is defending Pakistan,” writes Eric Margolis in another article which tries to explain the behaviour of the ISI.

The arguments are contentious, not least because Pakistan has repeatedly denied using militant groups as pawns against its much bigger neighbour.  India too is extremely touchy about the subject of Afghanistan, arguing that as a regional power it has a legitimate role there that does not deserve to be dragged down to the level of India-Pakistan rivalry. It has also spent years accusing the ISI of fomenting violence, from the Punjab insurgency in the 1980s to the Kashmir revolt in the 1990s, to Afghanistan in the 21st century — charges rebuffed by Pakistan — until the issue has become both impossibly murky and highly emotive.

But just suppose for a moment the arguments were correct.  Then would renewed efforts towards peace between India and Pakistan help stabilise Afghanistan? And conversely, what would be the price of their fragile peace process disintegrating?



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Why is it that journalists such as yourself always try to report things in a manner as to bring a moral equivalence between any two sides you report about.

I request your indulgence with the following.

Suppose I were to report:

Isaac and Pete are neighbors. After several years of struggle, Isaac educated himself and now has a steady job and a fairly decent reputation in the neighborhood. Pete, however, always believes Isaac is out to get him. Therefore Pete breeds venomous cobras and occasionally sends them to attack Isaac’s kids.

Therefore Isaac has to assuage Pete so that Pete doesn’t feel compelled to breed cobras.

Yes, Pakistan has a right to expect all neighbors to be respectful of its interests. But when Pakistan’s response to anything that doesn’t got its way is to send truck bombers and obscurantist militants, can there ever be a moral equivalence?

BTW, if you truly believe that “until the issue has become both impossibly murky and highly emotive” then you are either blind or less than honest. For any journalist that has reported on South Asia to claim that there isn’t evidence of a massive state funded jihadist campaign by Pakistan in Kashmir is simply ridiculous.

Just because there are two sides to any story, it doesn’t mean that both sides are equally credible.

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

Definitely correct – There must be a peace between India and Pakistan (and settlement of the Kashmir dispute) for the war on terrorists in Afghanistan & Pakistan to be prosecuted successfully.

The world should move singlemindedly to assist these two countries to finalize a peace deal.

This is 1/2 of the Rubics Cube in solving the international community’s war on terrorism.

The other 1/2 is the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Posted by diogenes | Report as abusive

A major reason Pete has trouble keeping a job and developing his independence is because another player Paul, has always bribed and enabled his dependency on Paul with “aid” as part of Paul’s greater “strategic” interests. Getting out of the cobra breeding business is like killing the golden egg business. The US really needs to rethink the mid/long term impact of its policies.

Posted by SHarad | Report as abusive

Well I guess it had to happen one day….reuters India is turning into a tabloid with society gossip writers masquerading as journalists – what a pity!
This is the second post by myra – higlighting ignorance is so blissful or is it a personal agenda?

Evene if the whole world sees that pakistan is supporting taliban to bomb a country’s civilian embassy -it can be justified. I guess so could the bombings of US embassies in Africa by Al Qaeda.

Anything goes in Myra’s world – 3500 people deserved to die on 9/11 because some people were angry, 37000 people deserved to die in India because pakistan’s military was angry, it was A-OK to rape croatian women (by serbian soldiers) because serbia was angry and so on and so forth…

If a reuters editor is reading this – stop this before reuters loses its reputation as a serious news reporting organization similar to what is happening to businessweek

Posted by a concerned reuters reader | Report as abusive

To understand the current ‘power struggle’ lets not forget that the great game has actually been the super powers game,namely USSR and the US during the cold war.Pakistan played a pivotal role in America’s war against the Soviets.Were it not for Pakistan and its army America would still have been left to live with a powerful Russia.

Now lets talk about Afghanistan.Suppose America is sandwiched between a hostile Canada and a hostile Mexico and Mexico had a history of fighting four wars with America in which one of its states had ceded to be a new country.
Would would the CIA do in such a scenario.Sit back and relax?

For Pakistan,the ISI is its first line of defense and every Pakistani knows that and they are determined to foil every consipiracy that brings harm to its country,the army and the powerful intelligence agency.

Posted by Mus | Report as abusive

Ms. MacDonald you are right on the dot. There will be no peace between India & Pakistan until the Kashmir issue is resolved by the Kashmiri, Pakistani and Indian with the people of Kashmir deciding their faith under the UN supervision. Without any permanent soultion the Kashimar problem there will be no peace in that part of the world.

According to some news India now have their first military base out side India, and yes it is in Afghanistan.

People in both countries will benefit from a permanent peace.

Posted by Denali | Report as abusive

come on Vijay, what a great story, Isaac is educated and its neighbor is jealous now. This is just a BS. Each country has its right to defend itself, doesn’t matter big and small. What do you think people will keep on blaming that you are doing this and you are doing that and you are expecting from that guy to listen to all the BS and just keep quite. I don’t think its fair, and one more think, Indian is just taking advantage of its media and being a cry baby. Pakistan is suffering for last five years only because of this so called war in Afghanistan. Its people are being killed day and night and who mis doing that. terrorist and you are saying Pakistan’s ISI is sponsoring them, i can believe that. Its just that when fire burns your own house then you feel. Take all the Afghani refugee out of Pakistan and give them refuge in India.

Posted by Muhammad | Report as abusive

Kandahar,Kabul,Karachi and Kashmir not only share the letter K but also a historic turbulent and viloent history.From historical times, the mischevious elements in Gandharam(Kandahar) have played a pivotal role in Indian History.A conspiracy of the Prince of Gandhanram (Kandahar) resulted in the battle of Kurukshetra among brothers.

Today yet another mischevious element called ISI from the Pakistan family is sowing the seeds sitting in Kandahar and Kabul for another Kurukshetra with the Indian Brethren.

Afghanistans’ geographical location is her greatest curse.

On the cross-roads of Indo-Irnanian Civilisation in History,then the flash point of Imperialist Czar and the British Crown and finally the Cold War frontiers of the Russians and Americans.
Added to this a multi ethnic community and God forbidden terrain have made it “Wars Own Country”.

Stability in South Asia will be a distant dream sans a Stable and Peacefull Afghanistan and the frontier provinces of Pakistan.But Ironically the ISI and its mentors in the Pak Army,does not wish for either.Civilian Governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan would thrive in such a scenario and the image of the Pakistans Armed Power centres which project themselves as the “Protectors of Pakistan” would be exposed to the common man of that country. The Power Hungry Armed Forces of Pakistan which thrives on NON- ISSUE called Kashmir and WAR THREAT OF INDIA through Ceasefire Violations during Civilian Rule in that Country is the greatest threat to Peace in Pakistan,Afghanistan,India and a Greater South Asia

Posted by Sunil Nair | Report as abusive

Everything will be alright if the Pakistani military returns to the barracks and not indulge in politics. This is Musharaff’s game plan to destabilise the Civilian government of Pakistan. The reason being this analysis is that when he was in direct control, number of such incidents were substantially less.ISI’s (under Musharraf)primary role is not defending Pakistan but creating trouble for the civilian leaders who have to answer for its follies.

Posted by Dr.T.R.Lakshminarayanan | Report as abusive

Dear Readers,

if you go back and read the history Pakistan is a country that always palyed double standard policy toward US and Afghanistan and even International Community USA supported Afghans to fight Russians not pakistan and Afghanistan Saved Pakistan Ass from Fire of Russians during which they Fight agaist russians. USSR wanted to occopy not only Afghanistan but to reach the Warm waters which includes pakistan and thats how Afghanistan saved Pakistan. as far as pakistan’s slogans that they helped Afghani refugess …. thats totaly nonsense there will billions of Dollars raised to Pakistan during the War in Afghanistan donors such as USA Europe and Austrillia helped afghan refugeess settled in Paksitan buy paying pakistan billions of dollars not only this but Afghan refugess who were living in Europe and American helped thier relatives by sending them money monthly pakistan were reciveding more than 4 billion dollar anually only from families who helped thier relitives in Pakistan so how they claim they helped Afghan refugess ????

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

Pakistan is developed becuase of Afghanistan first they recieved billions of billions of dollars in AiD second Afghans defended Pakistan from Russian’s duirng which pakistan didnt have any nu-clear … Afghanistan has more than 5000 Years history everybody is well aware that they defened alof of accopiers … and what Pakistan only 60 years ???? claming refugee’s helpp is totaly nonsene as i mentioned earlier …. if you read news more than 95 percent of terrisots are Pakistanis and partly Arabas .. suicide attackers … its totaly a rubbish country … and should be wipied off from the World Map.

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

All these Afghans are absolutely ungratful, today if they are still alive and surviving that is because of Pakistan and by Grace of God, otherwise they would have been wiped out from the face of earth. Mr. Tameem is talking about the history. In my opinion he don’t the history, they were the people who always supported the invaders to pass from Afghanistan to plunder India, and giving refuge to the deserters of great armies like of Alexander, Mughals captured Kabul for a very long time, Mughal emperor Babar tomb is still in Kabul.
If you compare Afghanistan and Pakistan before Russian war, Pakistan was much more developed than Afghanistan. Afghans were selling opium before and still selling now.
Refugees are still in pakistan, why they are not going back to their dear mother land, they dont want go back irrespective of the governament in power, it does not matter northern alliance in Kabul or Taliban in Kabul. These ungratful termites are eating Pakistan because of western powers otherwise Pakistan would have long time thrown them back to their stone age life style.
It is a common ” One can not buy Afghan loyalty, their loyalty is on sale all the time” Earlier Russian’s were paying for their loyalty, today America and India is paying them for their loyalty.
Pakistani’s were never terrist, they became terrists for fighting your war and your freedom by the blessing of America and Western powers.
Mr. Tameem is talking about the money that they are sending to their family and Pakistan is enjoying what about the ill effects you Afghans bringing to the Pakistan, why don’t you mention that also, so please get out of Pakistan and develop your Afghanistan from that money, and stop that opium trade.
Afghanistan was only in Kabul and its outskirt, rest all was run by some barbarian warlords and still it is same, now you have so called Governament which is again only in Kabul rest of the Afghanistan in control by drug lords.
If you go back and read the history of Afghanistan, you never had a stable governament and please do not hope for one now.

Posted by ALI SHAH | Report as abusive

Afghanistan is a like a cancer for south asia first it sends in thousands of refugees into pakistan and most of them are terrorists in disguise pakistan must deport all afghans and fence the border whether the puppet afghans like it or not and secondly india needs to stop sending in rebels into balouchistan and then peace can prevail unless india and afghanistans obsession with pakistan ends there will be no peace.

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

tameem pakistans history is 9000 years old ever heard of indus valley civilisation? probably not as you get your education by osama bins subjects pakistan should deport all afghans to india or back to afghanistan and then pakistan can try to clear the mess the afghans create no more drugs from addicted afghans who pollute the world with heroine take your filth back home

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

lol rubbish country your the drug dealer of earth who gives kids opium all over pakistan should nuke the country with the most killers and drug dealers Afghanistan must be nuked by Pakistan to save kids and the earth from terrorism and drugs like heroine shame on you afghan opium dealers the world bombs you for a reason you deserve it.

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

you pakistanis better review the histroy again …. indus civilation wat ever its still comes names INDO means India not pakistani lolz 😀 anyways World knows better where are the hideout of the terrorism and who is the sponser of the Terrorism in the World … you Pakistanis should go and ask fathers what is thier 4th 5th 6th and 7th fathers he may name is … John … Mark … etc … anyways .. you guy should better and better review the Hisotry … who is the Heroes 😉

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

Before invation of Russians when our president wanted to declare war agaisnt Pakistan … your whole country was affraid and shockeed … that pathans are coming ….. now please dont post your funny comments here… People will laugh on you DAL-Khors

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

Bilal and Ali Shah,

What a crap! Pakistan does not have a history of more than 60 years. Our territories (NWFP, Baluchistan) are still occupied by you guys! Have you forgotten the Durand Agreement? Probably asking your grandpa’s might help!

Pakistan never existed! Pakistan came into being exactly the way Israel came into being! Right now, Pakistan is a nest for terrorists! Where is Osama! Where is Mola Momar! Where is Abdullah Masood! All enjoying in pakistan as a courtesy of ISI and Pakistan government! The double standard players! Get a life!

If we need to clean the roots of terrorism, then Pakistan need to be attacked! THe US has to fight terrorist in Pakistan’s soil as Pakistan is the mother of terrorism.

In principle, Pakistan being an Islamic Country (I doubt their faith though! at least the ones on the government) is supposed to help its brother Afghanistan but isntead of doing that, they are breeding terrorists and sending it to Afghanistan and India!

We are much better off with the Indians! Although they are Hindus, yet they have more sense of humanity than our Muslim pakistani brothers!

What a shame!!!

Posted by ahmad | Report as abusive

Mr Ali Shah,

you should and go and read Alexander’s history how Afghans defeated them

By 330 BC Alexander had the world’s richest crown with riches and wealth of Persian Empire, which would fuel his invasion of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan he faced his fiercest battles and grave loss to his army physically, mentally and financially.

and same the Other Empires … Afghans are the Heroes …

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

go and read Ghaznawi Empire of 1030 there was no Islamabad … no Lahore noo New delhi … no Peshawar … and this is an example of Afghan Empire .. and Afghan History …

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

History of afghanistan shows that the nation will be eternally at war with other civilized lands look at afghan kings who did nothing but invade and loot the subcontinent pakistans 9000 year old history is fat greater than the war ravaged history of Afghanistan mohenjo daro harappa and mehgrah citys of pakistan were the worlds first afghanistan is the cancer of south asia drugs opium terrorism taliban Russia should of ripped ure country aprt when they had the chance silly pakistan helped the dogs of afghanistan now america has a chance please kill of this cancer

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

Tameem a usuall illiterate opium smoking afghan indus valley is the civilization based along the Indus River not INDO you fool go read a unbiased textbook unlike the ones written by osama bin laden pakistan is home to dentistry chemistry and afghans are home to brutal killers and empires of blood afghanistan has not changed the past 5000 years its still a primitive war obsessed society which is slowly infesting its neighbours in pakistan and iran without pakistan and iran accepting your dirt (refugees) afghanistan would become a massive concentration camp i only hope one day the west sees sense and launches nukes on the drug terror nation Afghanistan

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

Mr. Mus you are man!

and for Mr. Tameem,

Afghans are the Heroes…. drug dealer Heroes of the world. I’m fully agree with your comments, throughout the Afghan history (Alexander or whatever) you knows only how to kill & how to fight… and now drugs too.

Posted by Amir | Report as abusive

The answer to this question is more complicated than you think. First of all the two are not related. The conflict with India is based on envy. On one side there is India, a vibrant democracy and on the other side is the extremist and military influenced “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan. So, the economic, social and cultural development of India tries to defy everything that the military and the religious fanatics in Pakistan preach against. So, if it’s not Kashmir, it will be something else, but this constant antagonism with India propelled by the Pakistani military and the extremist right keeps them in business and justifies the high military expenditures of a state, which leaves on foreign borrowings and spend very little for the welfare of its citizens.
The conflict with Afghanistan is quite the other thing. This is also orchestrated by the military and the extremists, however, unlike the India war, they don’t have a valid reason to create trouble in Afghanistan, but never the less the Pakistanis have land grab intentions and want to treat Afghanistan like their own back yard, just like they would want to treat Kashmir and just as china would like to have Tibet. The only problem is that Pakistan does not have even a remotely legitimate claim to this region and hence they use their trained military terrorist wing (the ISI) and their terrorist outfits: Taliban, LeT etc to create trouble in Afghanistan.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

To Mr. Tameem and Mr. Ali Shah:
Sorry but you are both incorrect-Alexander defeated the armies in both present-day Afghanistan and present-day Pakistan. But history tells us that the toughest people which he encountered and the ones who put-up the fiercest resistance to his onslaught were the people of the city of Multan – in present-day Pakistan.

Aleaxander married Rukhsana, whose beauty is legendary, and who was from Bactria (greater Afghanistan) and he encouraged his troups to marry local women of the then Persian Empire and the Indian Ghandaran Empire.
That is why you see some Greek (Unani) features among people in Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan to this day.

Posted by diogenes | Report as abusive

To Mr. Tameem: In the year 1030, there certainly was a Lahore, a Peshawar and a Delhi.

Posted by diogenes | Report as abusive

I is my great wish that India, Pakistan and Afghanistan should become loving brothers and sisters and tackle the problems of the 21st Century together…

Posted by diogenes | Report as abusive

this tameem has got all of history wrong the city of lahore goes back many years a city which afghans tried to snatch but the might punjabis broke your back Gujjars rule!!!!

Posted by Bilal | Report as abusive

The question under discussion is : Will the peace between India and Pakistan help stablize Afghanistan?
The answer to this question is clearly in negative because Indo Pak rivalary is not the cause of Afghanistan’s destablized state. The cause of Afghanistan’s destabalized state is obviously American occupation of that country for whatever reason. Once Americans leave Afghanistan will be stabalized Indo Pak rivalary notwithstanding. It is as simple as that !!

Posted by Kabir Das | Report as abusive

No, I think Indo-Pak fist-fights are just an addition to the basic problem in Afghanistan: that the Afghans don’t know how to live with each other and are always fighting. Foreigners then take advantage of it.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Okay, so let’s say that more problems are created because the Indians are in Afghanistan. Well then, what happened before 9/11? What happened before the Indians had an active presence in Afghanistan? If one cares to remember, Afghanistan was a radical, Islamic state that served as a safe haven for the terrorists who attacked America on 9/11. And guess what? The ISI was both complicit and active in the Talibanization of Afghanistan (whatever their strategic reasons were). Prior to the Indians, you had an active Islamic state that served as a safe haven for terrorists that attacked America on 9/11. Now, you have America, NATO countries, (to a lesser extent) India and other DEMOCRATIC countries in the region lending helping hands to stabilize a new DEMOCRACY. Whatever these democratic countries strategic reasons are, you could very also consider the possibility that this might be a war for DEMOCRACY (of which India is but a small part). Perhaps the esteemed writers of Reuters and other great news organizations would do a better job if they considered, in the future, that DEMOCRACY (and the related concept of FREEDOM) itself was as stake — not just the India-Pakistan rivalry, U.S.-Iran rivalry or the like.

Posted by AnonymousForFreedom | Report as abusive

Pakistan is Home of Terrorism … US Drones hitting their tarjets is a great Job ….

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

Pakistan and its terriost is trying to make bad name of Islam by sending thier terrorist to Afghanistan and India to do suicide attacks Islam is religion of Peace … and Pakistan is Munafiq Country

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

While someone or some group are making loads of money in selling the arsenary to every side, they too will take any step to ensure that conflict continues – otherwise they would be out of business. If none of these countries had any weapons, except for their bare hands, to continue the conflict, it would involve a lot more physical endurance from everyone involved. Such endurance most mentally stable/ not drug induced/ not fundamentalist induced persons don’t have. While there are people in any country who like to fight and kill this will continue. Perhaps these countries just have a few more of these types of people, than most countries – perhaps that is why most countries aren’t at war continuously with each other. Or maybe these countries just realise how wasteful, irrational and destructive war really is to any society. When will people wake up and realise that religion has nothing to do with war, there is nothing ‘holy’ about war, and people who choose to hide behind any religion as an excuse to murder are the unholiest of all.

Posted by Conscientious Observer | Report as abusive

This is a commercial neighborhood used by the Pharma industry for centuries. Isaac thinks that he is superior and knows it all and tries to portray half-truths to all.

Isaac comes from a snake charmer’s family and s a bug bully. He has been divorced twice. Actually he just has a diploma from one of the local community collages and harps on his “credentials” all the time. His first wife was sleeping with Paul and he tried to sleep with Pauls, wife. He uses his credentials and some good porn Bolly4wood business to stake a claim on all the neigbors homes. He is known for child abuse and wife beating and has been linked to incest with his daughter. His wife and kids have mnay times taken refuge with the neighbors who are sick and tired of this big bully.

Actually the Cobra business is a highly sophisticated lab and venom extraction business linked to the best Pharma companies in the world with branches all over the planet.

Isaac blames one neighbor for the Cobra business”, one neigbor for the “Viper business” one neighbor for the Pitbull dog business. Issac is known by the local police for his tactics to take over the neigbors enterprises and has already done it six times before.

Posted by Moin Ansari | Report as abusive

well said Moin, I agree. The Isaac & Paul story by Vijay is laughable and complete nonsense.

“After several years of struggle, Isaac educated himself and now has a steady job and a fairly decent reputation in the neighborhood.”

hahaha what a joke, Isaac’s reputation in the neighbourhood? hmmm. Pakistan, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh, Nepal etc. Take any of these countries and India’s reputation is at rock bottom.
And what steady job? abject poverty and oppression of dalit hindus at the hands of high caste ones. High inflation, HIV AIDS, rampant corruption. A dozen of insurgencies and seperatist movements.
The world knows the true face of India, it will be exposed further.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

First and foremost Indians, Afghans, Bengalis, and the world at large must reconcile themselves to the existence, independence and territorial integrity and unity of Pakistan.

How can Pakistan be forged to make peace with Indians and Afghans when Indians and Afghans believe that Pakistan should not exist!?

Pakistan as an independent nation state has an unalienable right to defend itself from foreign agression, No violation of Pakiistani sovereignty will be tolerated.

In just 60 years the Pakistani people have built a country which Indians and Afghans with thousands of years of “History” are behind, Economically, Politically, Morally, Socially and Militarily Pakistan outshines all the nations of south Asia.

Best Regards

Posted by Dr Idris Shah Ebrahimi | Report as abusive

Mr.Idris Shah,

i think you got crazy please look at Indian Economy and look at your country’s financial situation is damn dont go far just week ago your prime ministry were begging US to provide fianancial support for your Economic problems … INDIA: is the 3RD LARGEST ECONOMY IN ASIA your pakistanis have nothing to do just blaming and shit Long Life to Afghan and India Friendship …

Posted by Tameem | Report as abusive

[…] Would peace between India and Pakistan help stabilise Afghanistan?  by: Myra MacDonald […]

Posted by ISI vital for a sovereign Pakistan and to keep RAW in check « Rupee News: Recording History, Narrating Archives, Strategic Vision, Profound Analysis, Unique ideas | Report as abusive


India still gets aid from the US and world bank, and India remains an impoverished, rickety country. Please dont get carried away with a few years of economic growth.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Peace with Pakistan is certainly possible and is something people of both countries likely want (as normal Indians and Pakistanis may tell you), but elements such as the ISI make things more difficult. Here’s a tiny sample of what more independent sources may say:

* “Critics of the ISI say that it has become a state within a state, answerable neither to the leadership of the army, nor to the President or the Prime Minister.”

* The “Federation of American Scientists reports that the Inter-Service Intelligence, is the main supplier of funds and arms to the militant groups. The British Government had stated there is a ‘clear link’ between Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence and three major militant outfits The Guardian newspaper had uncovered evidence that Pakistani militants were openly raising funds and training new recruits and that the ISI’s Kashmir cell was instrumental in funding and controlling these outfits. India also accused ISI of masterminding the 1993 Mumbai bombings, with backing from Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company. Aside from Kashmir, India accuses the ISI of running training camps near the border of Bangladesh in late 1990s where India claims the ISI trains members of various separatist groups from the northeastern Indian states. The ISI has denied these accusations, although without being able to clear its involvement from them.”

* “The ISI is also suspected to have been involved with the hijackers of the September 11, 2001 attacks, having paid the ringleader Mohamed Atta. After 9/11, ISI was supposedly purged of members who did not support President Pervez Musharraf’s stance towards the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Newsreports in July 2008, however indicate that ISI may instead have chosen to merely suppress the activities of these individuals rather than remove them from office.”

* “In the BBC Newsnight Programme on 27 September 2006, a research paper prepared for the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom), was quoted linking the ISI with support for the Taliban and other terrorist acts in the west.”

* “After the Sept. 11th attacks, American and Pakistani officials acknowledged that the ISI had developed ties to al Qaeda. Whether the agency has truly cut those links and how forcefully it has joined the fight against Islamic extremism — and whether it will seek to block the rise to power of any opposition parties — remains a matter of hot debate in Pakistan, where many blamed it for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.” (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference  /timestopics/organizations/i/interservi ces_intelligence/index.html)

* “American intelligence agencies have concluded that members of Pakistan’s powerful spy service helped plan the deadly July 7 bombing of India’s embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, according to United States government officials.” (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/01/world  /asia/01pstan.html?_r=1&oref=slogin)

* “The intelligence service of Pakistan, a crucial American ally in the war on terrorism, has had an indirect but longstanding relationship with Al Qaeda, turning a blind eye for years to the growing ties between Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, according to American officials.” (http://www.nytimes.com/2001/10/29/inter national/asia/29PROB.html?ex=1218168000& en=5ce8d006c46f1857&ei=5070)

* “Britain’s Defence Ministry released an incendiary report saying that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency ‘has been supporting terrorism and extremism, whether in London … or in Afghanistan or Iraq.\'” (http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/1002/p01s 04-wosc.html)

Posted by _hmm_ | Report as abusive

Shut the F*** up, the whole world knows that what a shithole India is: abject poverty, rampant corruption, uneducated masses, HIV AIDS, a caste systems wherby Dalit(low caste Hindus) are oppressed. India will be exposed further, the world must know the real face of India.
Afghan India friendship will soon be ended, your honeymoon will soon be over.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

[…] Reuters asks: “Would Peace between India and Pakistan Help Stabilise Afghanistan?” […]

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Please dont play hanky panky its not something that you guys have it your hand … as i mention earlier india is 3rd Largest Economy in Aisa … and this is Known … as you always make un truthful comments this is not a basically engaged with your comments its a Record that World is aware of it … 😉

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As peoples, several people of Indian and Pakistani origins get along quite well. Despite its flaws, Pakistan is a strong, independent country and all countries in the region accept this fact (barring a few disillusioned individuals); India (despite its flaws) is also a vibrant, strongly democratic country that has the potential to contribute significantly to a better South Asia. Many are the ties that bind, despite strong rivalries. There are many reasons (economic, political, cultural and historical) for India and Pakistan to be friends. The peoples of India and Pakistan must not let a few noticeable, rotten eggs get in the way of true friendship! Carpe diem, my friends! Carpe diem!!!

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Peace is the only way forward. Anyone who supports war, please stick a bomb up where the sun doesn’t shine and leave the rest of us peaceful people alone. I’m sick of this shit.

I don’t give a shit if your Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Athiest. If you can’t live in peace, PISS OFF.

I was born in Pakistan. But I do not have blind faith in anything and I do not have blind patriotism for anything. The only religion/country/culture I believe in is humanitarian. If you can’t be a good human, you can’t be anything.

Now to your question, The whole region is fu***ed up. How can there be peace in one country when it’s neighbour is in turmoil. See these rich countries, US, UK, France, they never fight with their neighbours. Sure there are fueds, but they never go to all out wars. They want to keep the peace in their neighbourhood.

Similarly, if South Asia can not be peaceful, no individual country will be able to flourish to its full capacity.


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Miss Sania,

i totally agree with you there will be no peace without being united with each-other but what my concern is that Pakistan always interefered in Afghanistan affairs since 1974 till now they supported Talibans they support 7 group of terrirost that destroyed Afghanistan for the last 30 years now its pakistan turn to face such a challanges which himself supported and invented and even now Afghanistan and Afghan people want peace but still pakistan ISI is interfering you may heard in the new that even International Community came to know this just recently we proved that it was Pakistan’s Intelligence agency behind the Indian embassy attack thats one of the signs that finally interntioanl communnity confirmed thing that Afghan people were yelling for decades.

we still want peace with Pakistan and we are brothers with Pakistani people but we still hate pakistani politicians till they become good people.

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Mr Bilal, I am really glad that you Pakistanis still remember that our civilization is thousands of years old and Indus Valley civilization was one of the most advanced culturally and economically in the world. I thought you people were almost convinced that you are descendants of the Arabs and that you should carry forward their tradition of intolerence.

There was a time not long ago when Pakistan was considered as a model Islamic state throughout the world even though it was sponsoring terrorism against India and having many years of military rule at home. Now, after 9/11 the mask is removed and the truth exposed.

We believe there are still liberal minded people in the cities. But liberal or not liberal, most of them seem to have the same view that India is a rival if not an enemy. Considering Pakistan’s birth this is not unnatural. Pakistan was born as a result of Jinnah’s suspicions towards Nehru and his fuelling of Muslims’ suspicions towards Hindus. If its birth was that case, its existence is based on its suspicion towards India.

THE IDEA OF PAKISTAN AS A DISTINCT NATION IS BASED ON ITS SUSPICION/ANIMOSITY TOWARDS INDIA. If this suspicion is removed Pakistan will cease to exist. So the great thinkers of Pakistan, the upholders of your sometimes democratic sometimes dictatorship nation, will never allow the people of Pakistan to settle their disputes with India and lead a peaceful life. If someone thinks there can be peace between India and Pakistan even when both the countries are still divided, he lives in an Utopian world. My message to Barak Obama is – “Don’t waste your energy on this”.

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People who are sincerely for Indian, Pakistani and Afghan friendship must speak up. It is natural for other, cynical voices to be suspicious (and maybe they are justified in feeling so) ; still, if you want a better, more peaceful South Asia, speak up: make your voice heard. Sure, it’s not going to be easy; but if you’re going to fight for something, wouldn’t you say that this is a worthy cause too? (By an interesting coincidence, the “anti-spam” word I have to enter before submitting this post is an appropriate one, I think: the word is…’love’.)

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I am sandeep from India.
As an Indian we support the concerns of innocent afghanis who are more concerned about pakistan’s double standard games against India and Afghanistan.
It is Pkistan s polisy specifically its ISI and army who always been responsible for destroying afghanistan.
On the name of islam ,pakistani eshtablish ments have played a danger game by creating taliban so that they can be totally controled and regulated by pakistan.
It is the foregn policy of Pakistan to any how we have to defeat India in any way.So Afghanistan puts sterength to its policy.
From the beginning
afghans are being fooled by these pakistanis those always try to play with the sentiments and their faith.

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Pakistan a country of dreams.
The dreams that canot be fulfilled by its millitary rulers.
The trurh is Bangladesh.
The truth is Balochistan.
The truth isNWFP.
The truth is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
Every where these people get upset with the policy and soon be……

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There no qustion of religion on state policy
cant unite their country on the name of islam.if the story then why Bangladesh.

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You should hvae the better policy on your economical growth not on islam.
I think apart from Americans large number muslims in the world are suffered due to their own governments policy.
Before BAngladesh the pakistani army had killed over 30 lakhs bangali muslims in 1970 this is large……………………..

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Pkistan is a country whose history is just 61 years ancient.
Indias history is 9000 years old.
In southasia before islam it was hinduism and budhism that was existed and the the harappa and mohenjodaro culture and indus cuvilisation is nothing but the hindu civilization.In our Mahabharata all ancient epire has been described that belong to afghanistan and pakistan.
Thats why we are crrying the 9000 years of trdition an civilization. Pakistanis have already lost their culture by adopting arabic culture (the land of islam)

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Actually it is the Pakistani eshtblishment which creates false histroies far away from yhe truth.
Thats why most of the pakistanis cannot link themselves with Indians.
They simly know we Are muslims and they are hindus
They dont know original facts .They know only islam.
and noyhing else.
Is pakistan a arabic copuntry no!
Is pakistan a central asia country obhiously no.
then which civilisation it belongs to.
Of courese not Chinese.
YES It is Sindhu civilisation which often called it by arabians by hindu civilisation.
Because their pronounciation of s sounds like h.

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All the muslims in Pakistan , BAngaldesh And India were converted from hinduism and budhism.Our religion may be different bur culture and civilisation should be same.
But pakistanis cant distinguish between what is culture,what is civilisation and what is religion.
Thats why they have alredy finished their trditional or classical dancess ,they are also not hesitating to destroy their own histrorical hindu and budhist monuments also.They not in state that they are the part of this civilisation
Even pakistani intelectuals also dont agree with this facts

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A punjabi cant be a sindhi.A sindhi cant be a pashtun.A pasthun cant be a kashmiri.A kashmiri cant be a bengali.
This is culture.This is Civilization.
These are only apart of civilization.
Like wise In India there are gujuratis,bengalis,punjabis,jaths,gujjar s,oriyas,asammese,tamils,kannads,malays, telugus,kashmiris,marwaris,marathis etc.Like pakistan is a multi lingual and multi cultural country ,India use to be.Then where is place of religion.If apunjabi sikh cant live with a punjabi muslim on the name of islam then how a punjabi muslim will live with a baloch muslim whose culture and thinkig is different.

No No we can live together on the name of islam.
So why bengalis hesitated to live with west pakistanis????????
BECAUSE it was the strong east pakistan s monopoly to do whatever they want to destroy bengali culture and language not accepting their popular leaderas their prime minister.
What a bengali PrimeMinister will rule punjabis,sindhis.
NO way.
Supress them with iron hands kil them bloody bengalis.
This is the mentality of pakistan army what I mentioned.
Like wise the balochs are also being killed every day by these pakistani army(very cruel who killed almost 30 lakhs bengali muslims within one year)

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I urge as an Indian to Balochs, Afghans,Kashmiris and pashtuns not to be fooled by these pakistanis whose only instrument is islam, that is being continuously used to exploit your beliefs ,sentiments against India always.

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Although this blog has become over-run by Revanchist Indians and Irredentist Afghans: The message from the 170 million Pakistanis and the Pakistani state as one solid edifice have spoken: “Pakistan first and last, Always.”

We will continue our wars of survival against both east (India) and west (Afghanistan). We can not and we most certainly shall not let a couple of historical has-been nations like Afghanistan and India to challenge in any way whatsoever the Pakistani state.

If the neighbours of Pakistan came to accept the reality of the Pakistani nation, The problems of South Asia would be solved overnight.

Long Live Pakistan!

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Now that World came to know that Pakistan is the hideouts for the Terrorists which destalize not only Afghanistan but all the World and we fully support the US interfrence and bombing inside Pakistan lets see Free-terrorists World one day.

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Look at all of you;

continue to stand divided?

You contnue to be conquered by a global economy that wishes you to be “divided”.

Pakistanis and Indians, one culture, one language, one history which to an extent is shared with Afghanistan.

1991 – US went to war with Iraq to re”order” the oil resource.
2000 – US went to war in the face of an emerging EU, India, China and Russia to safeguard it’s strategic economic interests.

While you guys continue to squabble and fight – your resources a source of economic superioirty will be sold off in peanuts to the other hemisphere.

Guys grow up!! see politics for what it really is.
The media diverts you form the real struggle nations are facing a struggle for the energy resource.

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