Kashmir: is this a re-run of 1989?

August 12, 2008

Protesters shout pro-freedom slogans in Srinagar/Fayaz KabliAfter months of relative peace which turned Kashmir into a near-forgotten conflict, the region has exploded  again with some of the biggest protests since a separatist revolt erupted in 1989.  What started as a dispute over land allocated to Hindu pilgrims visiting a shrine in Kashmir has snowballed into a full-scale anti-India protest, uniting Kashmiri separatists and reviving calls for independence.

The dispute has also pitted Muslims in Kashmir against Hindus in Jammu — the two regions which along with Ladakh make up the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir — in what is the biggest communal crisis faced by the central government in Delhi since it took office in 2004.

At stake is the risk of the “Balkanisation” of Jammu and Kashmir comparable to the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. In this, worst case, scenario, the state would break up into its three different regions with Jammu and Ladakh favouring India and Kashmir either battling for independence or tilting towards Pakistan.  (The state is the part of the former kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir which remained in Indian hands at partition in 1947 with the other side controlled by Pakistan.)

Little wonder then that analysts in India are describing it as a major crisis, with an editorial in the Hindustan Times calling it the greatest test for the central government since it took office.

And although some Indian analysts have accused Pakistan of stoking tensions in Kashmir, the protests look to be, at least in large measure, spontaneous.

Kashmir protesters/Fayaz KabliSo is this a re-run of 1989? At the time separatist sentiments — which had been simmering before 1947 when the kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu maharajah from Jammu — erupted into full-scale protests which were primarily Kashmiri nationalist rather than religious.  According to the Kashmiri version of history, India then tried to crush the revolt with a clumsy heavy-handedness that only inflamed Kashmiri anger further.

The revolt turned increasingly lethal and vicious — in part due to Pakistan’s involvement in supporting the separatists and to the Islamist influence of the mujahideen who had fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. After Pakistan and India tested nuclear bombs in 1998, Kashmir was dubbed the most dangerous place on earth, bringing the two countries to the brink of war in 2001/2002.

So if today’s protests turn out to be a re-run of 1989, the outlook is grim — both for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and for the peace process between India and Pakistan. Is there still time to find a solution before Kashmir spins off into another 20 years of violence? Or have the troubles already passed the point of no return?


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let the world understand our problems, we indians are peace loving people, our brothers and sisters are being tortured and misleaded by the paskistani terrorist,ISI, taliban, we love our nation and its kashmir valley, it does not matter wheather, kasmir is leaded by stupid hindus or stupid muslims.but it is of indians.never ever kashmir will be given to pakistani ISI.

Posted by vijai | Report as abusive

The people of Kashmir are fed up of Indian rule. India should vacate Kashmir, pull back its Army from there and let the people decide their own fate. Kashmir is a disputed territory by all means, a part is under Indian occupation, part is under Pakistan’s control and yet another part under Chinese control. Nothing short of freedom and autonomy will be acceptable to the people of Kashmir. Just like Kosovo, Kashmir will soon declare independence from India.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

I am loathe to point out a huge inaccuracy in Myra MacDonald’s account of how Kashmir ended up under Indian occupation.
When in 1947 peninsular India won its freedom from British Raj, it did NOT include the Vale of Kashmir. Two months later Nehru ordered massive military invasion of the Vale from the air as there were no reliable road links to India. Quite like Putin is doing in South Ossetia today. So saying this part of Kashmir ‘remained’ with India is a euphemism like Karadic is a ‘misunderstood’ Slavic hero!!!!
US and Europe supported Kosovo, and today Sarkozy speaks of asking Ossetians for their desires to be Georgian or Russian; then the same principle MUST be applied to what the Kashmiris have always wanted- to be independent and NOT be under Indian military occupation. Factoid: there is an Indian soldier for every 20-25 Kashmiri men,women and children in that imprisoned valley.

Posted by Marc | Report as abusive

India should do what the Russians did in South Ossetia…
take decisive action instead of pandering to separatists who just want to keep this problem boiling for their political benefit and try to divide Indian muslims.

The problem is that we have a weak govt at the state and center to push through the needed action.

As a proud Indian muslim, I want them to ensure law and order prevails and then make sure the electoral process is set in motion. As it is the state govt is inept and that’s why the others are stepping into their leadership.

Net net, India needs to act and not just talk.

Posted by Sohail | Report as abusive

Freedom from whom and why? India is a democratic country and Indians enjoy freedom as great as any part of the democratic free world. Kashmiris Indians have equal rights like and other Indian from other parts of India. This is not a freedom movement this is Islamic terrorism you guys are playing. You killed millions of Kashmiri Hindus – are they not Kashmiris. Not a single inck of land would be given to anyone. Stop the terrorist activities and get into mainstream India. Islamic jehad will not take you anywhere.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

We Indians will not leave an inch of our land. Kashmir is our part and we have to get from Pakistan and China the remaining portion. So don’t be in a false world and stop using false names Pakistani. Infact Indians are facing the worst form of terrorism from Pakistanis and that must stop.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Indian government is as stupid as it can get. Peace talks with Pakistan and open our land,sea and water routes to these Paki ISI men to get into India. After every peace talks such things happen as Pakis prepare for such activites when we talk peace. Stop all such peace talk with these Pakis and take some strong action.

Its our internal matter and we dont want any one from outside telling us what to do

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

I am amazed to see the ignorance of western media and people in identifying kashmir issue as an Islamic Fundamentalism issue. You open any western site – BBC, CNN and they never portray the real driver behind the kashmir issue – Islamic Fundamentalism. It is high time that western civilisation realises this fact and joins hand with secular and democratic forces like India to fight the war against Islamic Fundamentalism. This is a menace which will eat this world if sane forces do not act now.

Posted by Akhilesh | Report as abusive

Peace to all,
Indians venerate nehru as one of their two founding fathers. They should observe his comittment over Kashmir which was plebiscite for Kashmiris. If you say you are peace and law loving nation respect the resolutions of United Nations. If you say that you are a free country let Kashmiris excercise their right of freedom promised to them by the world and by your finding father. I am extremely sorry to use a harsh word but unfortunately India’s stance over Kasmir is hypocracy not only to the Kashmiris, Pakistan and the world but also to the aatma of Nehru who gave his word that India of today cannot uphold.

Posted by Ghulam Moeen uddin | Report as abusive

The bizzare venom exhibited under nationalistic pride betrays Indian mindset in these columns and proves that a point of no return has arrived for Kashmir v India per Myra. The blatant hatred for Kashmiris who are simply asking for a right to sell their farm produce and earn livelihood in the ‘democratic’ India, and oddly against pakistanis who are not a party to this new twist, and against me for saying so affirms it. One must wonder whether some Indians are really mature enough to be welcomed into the NSG regime yet. Hmmmmmm!!!!
My name is as listed – Bud.

Posted by Marc | Report as abusive

If india calls itself a democracy (largest), let J&K have a referrendum, where all sections of society will vote either to be part of india, pakistan or an independent country. And kindly no rigging (ex. 1987-8 elections)
The proof is that there were over 200,000 people marching on the streets of kashmir shouting slogans for freedom, And I am sure if there is no army or police brutality, millions will be on the street. I kindly ask my indian brothers, where is the ISI and Pakistan involved!! Sure Pakistan has played a bad role, with bringing in the gun culture to the valley but they have done some good by helping us bring our aspirations on to the world stage. You cannot dictate, force or use oppression to control the sentiments of the Kashmiris and try to convince the world and yourselves that kashmir is an integral part of India. Its a living proof that, the so called mobile phone service…tourist and tulip gardens are just facade. Its no longer the amarnath LAND Issue…the Underlining issue is still there and it will always be there till we do not have freedom. It took over hundred years for the British to realise, i hope and pray it takes a little less for the Indian govt and army.

Posted by United Kashmir | Report as abusive

The ‘Indian’ seems to be as ignorant and recalcitrant as the indian bureaucrats who have no idea of what Kashmir is. He says millions of Kashmiri hindus have been killed. A blatant lie. The Indian authorities have put the number of Kashmiri hindus killed in the early years of freedom struggle at 209. This lie of the Indian if magnified becomes the lie of the Indian state. You should have been here and seen hundreds of thousands of people marching on streets and destroying the bunkers of Indian soldiers. But then every body has a right to fool himself. You can fool yourself by crying hoarse that Kashmir is part of India, but Kashmiris don’t give it two hoots what Indians think. They will fight the 700000 thousands troops, who, according to Indian army chief, have been deployed for the safety of Kashmiris from the threat of 800 militants!!!! How brave

Posted by hilal | Report as abusive

Marc — Check your history facts. The accession of J&K to India is legally indisputable. In 1947, Indian troops entered J&K AFTER the state signed the treaty of accession. The Maharaja was the person duly authorized to sign that treaty and he got the popular leader (Sheikh Abdullah) to endore it just for good measure. The Maharaja requested India to send urgent military assistance because his state was being ILLEGALLY attacked by Pakistan supported militia (very similar to the Taliban situation of recent years). After driving the invaders out from most of J&K, INDIA approached the United Nations for resolution to the dispute. The UN placed the blame squarely at Pakistan’s door and asked it to vacate the territory it was illegally holding and withdraw all military forces. 60+ years later, Pakistan it yet to fulfil this UN demand.

Anyhow, Indian Kashmir has been governed (albeit ineptly) by local Kashmiri’s elected in open/free multi-party elections for a majority of the time since 1947. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, on the other hand, is ruled by an appointee of the Pakistan government in Islamabad … the locals have no elections, no representation and absolutely no say in the matter.

The trouble in Kashmir is Pakistan’s mischief for the most part … conceived, trained and funded by ISI. As Indians, our dispute is not with Pakistan or ISI … they are simply doing what they think is in their best interest. We are mad at our government for not protecting the life and property of Indians … that is Job #1 for every government. We want govt of India to put an end to this nonsense by smacking Pakistan’s ears until it cries uncle.


Posted by Ravi | Report as abusive

Hello guys,

Kashmir is always the part of india and will be part of india, whatever goes on and who ever barks.
India will not share the land just on the name of religion, if pakistani or some pathless people of kashmir want the land on the name of being muslim dominated area then they should be able to take all the muslims from india and the world. And if they are only concerned about the kashmiris then what about the kashmiris pandit? are they not kashmiris?
Even though they are not going to think again then that will have to go like afganistan and pakistan by lossing all the good work in the progress of the country and do unwanted fight on the name of religion, which no one will be benifited and not even the religion , in other word it becomes negative to the religion.

Posted by raj | Report as abusive

Peace to all,
Nothing could have happened if India could have stood on the words of its founding father Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru.
And as far as “free and lawful India” goes what about the resolutions of UN on Kashmir when you begged for a settelement of 1948 war.

Posted by Ghulam Moeen uddin | Report as abusive

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. Both countries have fought wars with each other over Kashmir. Kashmiris on both sides of LOC want to unite. Sri Nagar is much closer to Muzzafarabad than New Delhi. Time has come for Kashmir now. Just as Kosovo has declared its independence so should Kashmir. The people of Kashmir have been granted the right of self determination to choose to go with Pakistan or India in UN security council resolutions. Kashmir is an international conflict, not an ‘internal matter’ of India. I see Pakistan should sieze the moment and declare all out support for Kashmiris at this point and win independence for them, giving them full recognition. Even if Kashmir eventually does not become part of Pakistan, it should gain independence from the rest of India.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

My dear UMPK — Think about this for one minute. The country of Pakistan was created under the same Treaty of Accession that Maharaja signed to make J&K a part of India. If you deny the legality of J&K’s accession to India, you open the door for India to deny the legitimacy of Pakistan. The idea of Akhand Bharat isn’t completely dead in India. Do you really want to go there???

So, please stop calling J&K a “disputed” territory. Those who live in glass houses … etc.


Posted by Ravi | Report as abusive

Mr Marc,

Either you dont know anything about India or you have some other reasons to turn a blind eye, may be your masters in Islamabad are paying you to post such comments. In case you are unrelated to the matter then please keep quite. So you turn to blackmailing us that if we dont do that or do this you guys will get us out of NSG. Ok then please go ahead. When faced with sanctions we have developed any technology ourselves. So you talk about food and medicine but what about those millions who had been displaced by your pakistani backed terrorist from the valley. What about those who are killed in ISI sponsored blasts daily in India. How many years did you live in India to understand it? What about blast in Kabul in Indian Ambessy. Well enough is enough and tell your real motives buddy.

UMPK: Its easy to say then to do… Please let me know when Pakistan was able to sustain for more then 2 weeks with India

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Marc, there seems to be a lot of confusion here about the western view on Kashmir. Yes, Kashmir is muslim dominated and it always has been, but that doesn’t by any means mean that it shouldn’t be a part of India!!

India is not a totally Hindu country and I am talking as an Indian not as a Hindu. India has the second largest muslim population in the world (India’s muslim population is larger than Pakistan’s). There are plenty of places in India which are muslim dominated (for example Hyderabad). Then how is Kashmir is different?
Don’t Kashmiri people have equal rights? They have more rights than Indians living in other parts. Article 370 gives them i.o.w blesses them with more than what they ask for. For eg, A Kashmiri can buy land anywhere in India, but people from other parts of India can not buy an inch of land in Kashmir. Kashmir receives more funds than any other state in India and list of benefits Kashmir gets just goes on….

I believe conducting referendum now is unfair and let me explain why – earlier Kashmir had 65% muslim population and 35% Hindu population and the opinion poll conducted then favoured be a part of India. But over the last 30 years, lakhs of Hindus have been lynched by Kashmiri militants supported heavily by Pakistan, if anyone wants to know what Pakistan has to do…you got your answer. Lakhs of other Hindus migrated away from Kashmir and now the Hindu population is reduced to mere 4% and sinking. Doesn’t that explain what has been happening? Who is changing the mindset of Kashmiri muslims? Could this have happened without external support? And how can a referendum conducted now can be called fair?

I see that other commentators got carried away with their emotion. But it is upto your judgement skills to see the facts and realize the truth.

It is unfortunate that no ruling party in India so far was strong enough to solve the Kashmir issue. Politicians (both seperatists and centralists) have used Kashmir issue to their advantage for 60 years and will continue to do so until people stop listening to them and start thinking on their own.

Posted by Kranti | Report as abusive

as a person of mixed parents whose father is pakistani and mother is indian, this is a very important issue that needs to dealt with thru strictly dipolmatic means. Pakistan nor India can be the ones who decide on this matter with out viewing the kashmiris side. why should kashmiris have to be forced to live under indians or the pakistanis? They both can’t even properly run the current state of their countries and they think they can do any better here? for years now the 2 countries have not been capable of coming to a resolution because of their own ignorances and both playing childish games of blaming each other while the kashmiris are the ones in the middle of this all getting killed.if the final result means creating a seperate state for kashmiris then so be it, because by the time this is over, the naural beauty that kashmir is known for along with the people living there will gone.

Posted by Syed | Report as abusive

Let’s see clearly what triggered the current chaos. It’s because of government of India had cowardly backtracked of giving a piece of land for Hindu pilgrim, because of violence protest of anti national element of Kashmir. This is the dumbest, weakest, or most sinister move of the central government of India for their own democatic loving Hindus. Hindus, oust the current government in the coming election. India should have strong government with Hindu mindset which include real democratic and secular principles. Putrayasa, Denpasar Bali

Posted by Putrayasa | Report as abusive

india is bluit on blood in kashmir,it will have to leave kashmir.kashmiri never consider it part of india.india is by force in kashmir.it had killed more then one hundered thosands people in kashmir to remian in kashmir.india has nearly million forces to oppress people of kashmir,we will not rest till independece of kashmir.(we all should be united and kick indian out of kashmir).

Posted by talat mir | Report as abusive

I don’t think Kashmir is an Indian internal matter. Its a matter of world now. As far as I know India was devided along communal lines into Islamic Republic of Pakistan (created for muslims) and Republic of India (for the rest of non muslims). Percentage of non muslims was around 12% in Pakistan and in India muslims were 5% of the total population. Let’s see whats the current percentage – India 15 to 20 % muslims and Pakistan has less then 2% of hindus. Now you being sane minded would like to know how come hindus shrinked in Pakistan. Well you can guess. Pakistan has been for long wanting to destabalize India and Kashmir was used as a stage for the proxy war started by Zia Ul Haque and ISI funded men and machine in India. Millions of Kashmiri Hindus were either killed or driven away from Kashmir by the pakistani funded terrorists. At every opportunity Pakistans wants to fund terrorism. It is the same islamic terrorism that the west is fighting.

India is a peaceful society and they are the victims here. Everyone has equal rights everyone votes. If some people want to break our land how can we let that happen. Millions of innocent lives are getting lost in India due to terrorist activities funded by Pakistan.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

what i want to say is not taking sides is the only way to solve the kashmir issue, india can say kasmir is there’s and pakistan can say kashmir is there’s. the solution to this on going dispute is simple look listen and learn cause i can tell u this much if u sit 5 year olds around the table i bet they can sort the kashmir issue out. look at india and pakistan you have troops sitting on the borders facing each other wrong. 3 ways to sort this dispute either let the kashmiri people decide their fate of which country they wana be with or let the u.n peace keeeps in and monitor the situation now india doesnt want none of these then i would like to ask the indians how can you resolve kashmir what are u afraid of u very well know this that either kashmer will become apart of pakistan or it will become independent so i feel if kashmir became independent nor india or pakistan should have any say whtsoever send your troops back and spend your money on the poor who need it most and get rid of poverty in your countries all this arguing over a peice of land is like 2 children fighting over toy shame on both countries this not a big issue but the likes of pakistan and india have made it a big issue dirty politics and playing dirty games with each over the loss of innocent lives who cares india pakistan i dont think so its a game for both countries know one gives a monkey’s so all of you grow up and act your age

Posted by butt | Report as abusive

forgot to mention why is Kashmir a world problem. Its due to islamic terrorism it is a world problem. the same islamic terrorism that created 9/11, the same that did london bombings and the same that kills millions in India every year. World cant take any more terrorism.

Please learn it India is a peaceful nation and is a nation of all and a secular peaceful democratic nation.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

To all those pakis calling for right of self determination in Indian kashmir,will you give the same right to balochistanis or pashtoons in NWFP.No?Why not?
I suggest you concentrate on your own problem specially the long neglected economy 25% inflation+<5% growth rate.
You are free to continue to bang your head against the wall as you have been doing for 60+ years.You always have(1971 etc) and always will continue to loose much more in any conflict with India.You have shown remarkable stupidity in funding terrorism in kashmir the same terrorists are now haunting you in your own country.Please wake up and behave intelligently for a change.

Posted by Shantanu Chatterjee | Report as abusive

Alas Human nature uncontrolled could lead to Disaster.I have great regard for Kashmiris.They are important part of great indian civilization.

What Jammuites today were Kashmiris yesturday.Many Kashmiri HIndus when attacked in their own land by their own ethnic people took shelter in Jammu.Imagine a ethnic group with civilizations for thousands of years are kicked out from their own homeland,by their own ethnic people,just because they are not muslims?Kashmiri HIndu has more reason to be angry because he is orphan in his own land,for being proud brearer of Kashmiri civilization.

How could kashmiris do this?Are they not proud of their own HIstory and culture.If Every Kashmiri muslim were to go back few generations back,their grand father would be visiting same Lord Shiva temple.Their own grandmother would do puja in the name of Shiva.How can they look down upon their own civilization?How can far place like Arabia and Arab culture is more dearer than their own civilizational GOD?Their own people different?

So when temperory land was to be allocated to shrine which functions just two month sin year,that too fabricated shelters,Kashmiris objected.I am sure this is against tradition of Sufi Kashmiris.How can they be mean,narrow minded and short sighted.I am convinced it was not ordinary Kashmiris,but PDP and separatist playes game with Kashmiri emotions.Can any sane person explain how much demography will altered if for two months some stupid HIndu visit cave in 100 acre land?Hardly few thousand temparary visitors.

What is happening now on ground is reactions and more reactions.Bad blood.No god will be pleased by either of them.

I reserve my utmost contempt of current Central govt.They are spineless,corrupt,stupid,short sighted,Pseudo Secular,unprincipled and CHaracterless.It is shame when Both in Kashmir and Jammu blood is split,Delhi only show impassiveness.Home Minister is classic example of “Incompetance”.

Stop this Bloodshed.I pray “Sab ko sanmati de bhagvan”

Posted by shiva | Report as abusive

My advice is.

* Let all protest from all ilks stop immidiately as timout.
* Let Jammutite keep peace.Kashmiris calm down.
* Land transfer revocation should stay,so land belong to Kashmiri state.
* Let Kashmiri Pundit Deligation visit Elected representative of the state,and request Govt to help improve Amranath Yatra facilities.
* Let J&K assembly(IN winter capitol Jammu) decide land size,facility and Board.
* Once approved in Elected Assembly,let Amarnath board become effective.
* Construct peace monument with all the people died in this episode inside assembly chair of all MLA’s as reminder.
* Importantly thank Pakistanis for minding their own bloody business than poking nose in every conflict around the world,by sending Peace and Love letters.

Posted by shiva | Report as abusive

Kashmir is an integral part of India. By having army in Kashmir, India is helping the West and the rest of the world from the islamic fanatism.
If Kashmir is independent, it will become a hot breed for islamic militants whose prime target is west. The voilence you are reading in newspapers and watching in TV will be a reality in your backyard. The west should support India by all means to keep Kashmir from getting independence or succession to Pakistan. All those dying in Kashmir are islamic brain washed hooligans.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

Dear All.
I am an Indian first of all. Then a muslim. I love India. Many people have been killed in this so called ‘Kashmir Jehad’. many people have been driven away from the vale by the Jehadis. Pakistan have been raging proxy war against India through Kashmiris.
These jehadis would do better if they understand that Muslims enjoy better freedom and comfort than most of the muslim nations including Pakistan. Can you imagine a Hindu dominated country funding Muslim pilgrims for hajj? Can you imagine a muslim country doing the same thing for other religions.
This entire flareup is caused by politicians from Hurriyat, PDP and NC and the Pakistani ISI and army. These are greedy ‘ibliz’ bent to wreck harmony among human bretren.
It is high time that the people from Pakistan and vale understand the folly of these ‘Shaitan’ and step away from this so called ‘jehadi’ forces.

Posted by Seethi | Report as abusive

India is a hindu fundamentalist state. We dalits are oppressed by the elite hindus in India, our lives are miserable. An uprising in Kashmir is understandable. I support the independence of Kashmir from India. Atleast once they are free from Indian rule, Kashmiris will have dignity and decent living conditions to create more opportunities for themselves.

Posted by Dalit | Report as abusive

kashmiris problem in not about islamic fundamentalism but is about nationalim.The people of kashmir are nationalists.kashmiri never wanted to be part of india but by force it is keeping kashmiri under its control.it should be eye opener to all people of world when agitation were going on in jammu region(attacking kashmiri there) indian govt. did`t use force but when when in kashmir people peacefull were agitation in kashmir againt economic blockade.indian forces and police used force and fired at people resulting in dead of more then 25 people and injured hundereds of people. some people cant digest realities in kashmir who are advocate of miss leading people and propagating their lies about kashmir and its people.indian army in kashmir is to oppress its people and to kill innocents arm less civilians.

Posted by masroor | Report as abusive

masrror what about kashmiris hindus. were they not kasmiris and you guys killed them and drove them away from kashmir. then how do you think we can assume that this is not fundamentalism. it is terrorism. it is ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the world knows about this meance.

stop all this and learn to live in peace.

Posted by Desi | Report as abusive

Firstly,Indian Govt. should stop peace talks with Pakistan.
Secondly,Indian Govt. Should Kick out those Khasmiris who are anti Indians out of India’s teritory.
THIRDLY Indian Govt. Should Crucify All the so called Anti Indian Islamic Jehadis from other parts of India’s teritory.

Posted by raj | Report as abusive

kashmir never was and never will be part of india.as myra has pointed out in the above post that kashmir was a seperate kingdom till 1947 and it was india who invaded the kashmir territory and is since the holding on it.the latest uprising in kashmir is bound to happen,and will happen till there is some solution to kashmir.and the only possible solution is independent state of kashmir.And to the people who talk of democracy let me ask one question:what kind of democracy is this where you stop all the supplies to some place and when people protest peacefully you fire bullets killing hundreds and injuring thousands?this is the time for india and its people to understand that they have to leave kashmir either now or after some days but you have to leave.the earlier india accepts it the better it is for india.

Posted by sparda | Report as abusive

Kashmir or muslims of Kashmir never want to live in peace as dictated by their masters across the border. As you guys killed non muslims in Kashmir and drove the rest out of Kashmir due to terrorist activities. Raping non muslims, killing them and abducting them. So i get your point that a particular sect doesn’t want peace or there is a particular country that promotes unrest in India and other parts. The same it did with indian embessy in Kabul. So as per you killing of innocent kashmiri non muslims is not a crime and these non muslim kashmiris are still living in refugee camps in other parts of India. This is TERRORISM at its best.

Posted by Desi | Report as abusive

so sprada get your basics right. Freedom can only be obtained if you are imprisoned. How can you be imprisoned in a free democratic peace loving nation. Nation that is making progress, nation that is symbol of love and peace in a dangerous neighbourhood. Nation that has people of all religions. Though this is a hindu majority country the president was a muslim and the prime minisiter was a Sikh. Can anyone with sane mid accept that people of other religions are not treated equally in India.

Well good I cant and so cant anyone with small bit of sense. Yes you can also get into main stream by stopping the senseless violence and killing innocent people

Posted by Desi | Report as abusive

NEW DELHI: As the agitation in the Kashmir valley against a “non-existent” economic blockade continues, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI, may be hoping to get through what it has failed to achieve all these years — project its loyalists in the Hurriyat Conference as the real representatives of the popular sentiments in the Valley.

The observation was made by senior intelligence officers during high-level meetings on Tuesday-Wednesday amid mounting evidence that Hurriyat was using the contrived complaint of ‘economic blockade’ to nudge the people to look towards Pakistan-controlled Muzaffarabad.

The home ministry on Wednesday released figures countering the claim of agitationists in the Valley about the economic blockade and arguing that truckers and unions of fruit growers openly aligned with Hurriyat were also engaged in myth-making about the blockade.

Claiming that there is no blockade at all along the Srinagar-Jammu highway, the ministry said as many as 236 trucks and tankers carrying oil, gas, sheep, medicines and poultry products crossed the Jawahar Tunnel from the Jammu side early on Wednesday morning. Of these, 82 trucks and tankers had reached Srinagar by afternoon, it said.

Referring to the stranded trucks in the Valley, an official said a fleet of them actually belonged to one individual known for his close affiliation with Hurriyat. The transporter refused to move his vehicles towards Jammu despite the promise of full security cover along the route.

Home ministry officials said that the decision of some of the fruit growers and truckers had more do with secessionist politics than any genuine security concern.

On Wednesday, home minister Shivraj Patil also told Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that there was no blockade on the Jammu-Srinagar highway and adequate security personnel were deployed for uninterrupted movement of vehicles.

The figures only confirm the suspicion that the blockade had been staged as part of ISI’s design to help Hurriyat occupy the space which had till now been occupied by political parties.

“It has long been one of the objectives of the ISI to project the Hurriyat as the true representative of the Kashmiris. Though it failed in the past, it now appears to have gained some ground towards it this time particularly when even the mainstream political party PDP became part of the design by joining Hurriyat’s ‘march to Muzaffarabad’ call,” said a senior home ministry official.

The official also pointed out how this episode has even brought two sections of the Hurriyat — the group of Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and the rebel faction led by Syed Ali Shah Geelani — together.

“The solution to the Amarnath land row may be arrived at sooner than later, but the matter which brought the Kashmiris on roads has relegated the efforts for normalcy in J&K to the background,” said the official, referring this to be the biggest worry of security and intelligence agencies.

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kashmiris should arm themselves to fight as india does not understan language of peace.india is on genocide in kashmir.it is hell bent to kill its people and opress them by use of force.it shows real face of so called indian domocracy.if indian called itself a democracy it should respect wishes of kashmiri people and let them deside thier future.it is not only matter of amarnath or economic blockade it is matter of sentiment of freedom.

Posted by freedom fighter | Report as abusive

If the forest land was to change demography in muslim majority region was the actual reason kudos to Indian law makers, that is the best way to end violence in Kashmir.
Looking at the fact that Muslims started rioting first.. if they were not the majority they wouldn’t have dared to get on streets with anti Indian slogans.
Indian govt and army should take steps to any anti national interests, apprarently they will make a big stride if they start curtailing anti national muslims starting from the North.
These protesting muslims have no sentiments, all they know is “pakad re kaat re “, its obvious they are voicing again for freedom because someone from accross the border is showing a piece of mutton to these dogs to bark.

Posted by Destructive mind | Report as abusive

First the land dispute, then economic blockade, then protest over deaths and now protest for freedom..
Guys these people just want to keep protesting, Indian govt should just ignore these endless chain of protests and concentrate on other chores for development of country.. Our law makers have much better work to do rather than reacting to these endless protests and exchange of statements with pakistan.
These people never have or will never attempt to find to do something usefull.

Posted by Destructive mind | Report as abusive

Hello Freedom fighter,

Arm yourself ?? Joke Huh ??
What do you think you people are asking for by rioting at this point in time ? Freedom ?? You make be laugh !!
We are close to elections and you think you will get freed from Indian govt by throwing stones and shouting anit indian slogans. No political party would allow for kashmir to break out at any time then forget getting your so called freedom when we are so close to elections..not only to congress but to any party which will face elections in immediate future the best bet now would be to eliminate anti national protests first by politics if that doesn’t work..you know..
If you think Congress govt is sabotagind Islam interests then wait till BJP comes in after this elections..
I hope atleast now you bring back your brains which are grazing grass in kashmir back in to your heads.
At this point in time you are indirectly asking for death with the face of freedom.
Anyways if Survival of the fittest theory is correct.. dumb people like you deserve death.
Let your wish come true, let all anti indian muslims die..
Mera Hindustan mahan

Posted by Destructive mind | Report as abusive

I just want India to remain As ONE country Only And for this wat ever is needed the Govt of india shd do it…. do not think of wat world will say n wat human right people say ..FIRST SAVE OUR COUNTRY then think of anything else… jai hind

Posted by True Hindustani | Report as abusive

Now things are becoming clear. as per reports in Indian Media ISI is responsible for economic blockade of Kashmir. It seems ISI have hired Sangharsh Samiti of Jammu to block highway.This adds one more ISI managed problem of Nuclear India. To quote some others and remind readers. 1. Gujrat earthquack was managed by ISI possibly by pushing tactonic plates under earth. 2. Plague outbreak in Gujrat was planned by ISI possibly by sending rats through tunnels from Islamabad to gujrat. 3. sunami destruction in east coast of India was due ISI plan possibly ISI was pushing water waves across bay of Bengal. 4. some high court in India had given decision against an abortion in bombay but that lady had miscarriage which is definitly due to ISI involvement but I don’t know how it was done. Any ways ISI is there to solve all mysteries of INDIA Bravo!.

Posted by Joney | Report as abusive

While I was going through few of the comments posted here,a lot of confusion exists in the indian community who have a mere obscessioon with Kashmir. Kashmir is accepted internationally as a disputed territory which is illegaly ocuupied by the indian opressive forces who have done genocide on this land of peace.The migration of the Kashmiri pandits was an indian Policy promulgated by Jagmohan so that he could supress the freedom movement by killing thousands of Muslims without causing any demage to the pandits. Millions of muslims of Kashmir have been killed not Pandits whoes numeber is mere 100-200.Come to the Kashmir and see how the indian troops are killig the kashmiris even today while the same use water canons to disperse the mobs in jammu with the excuse that they are carrying national flag in there hands and thus giving them licence to kill muslims.Kashmiris have a right to self determination and we will get it Insha Allah.

Posted by kashmiri | Report as abusive

All people here are talking about freedom from India. Let us assume same will be given what kind of freedom they want: Like the Afghanistan under Taliban? Please note that terrorists cannot run governments.

Also is a Secular J&K is required or an Islamic State?

Also what are the plans for People other than Muslims because the freedom fighters here are more Muslim Mujahidins then freedom fighters?

If the people or leaders in Kashmir want freedom they need to start exercising whatever they have now.
In India States have freedom to the minimum extent of 30 to 40% as except defense and few other activities rest is managed by State itself. The separatist leaders and other outfits are continuously avoiding elections.

All have to take care that running a government is very very different from running a separate outfits (So called freedom fighters). One has to follow certain rules whereas these freedom fighters look only for themseft.

Here I want to give message to the whole Islamic world. All should agree that lot of atrocities have been done to Muslims at various places of the world but violence is not the solution. Now a days states (like US, UK even India) are very powerful than ever in past and no one can get liberation from violence.

Try non violence and you will get everything which is due to you legitimately. But for that you need to learn to respect rights of others also, which I am sorry to say has not been done in Islamic world since the beginning. They never consider pain and problems of Non Muslims.

The same is true for J&K also.

May the god give peace and end all Violence!

Posted by raj | Report as abusive

Dear Sirs,

Posted by Tapali mazhar | Report as abusive

mr self destruction,the day is not far when u indians will be badly humiliated and defeated in kashmir.save ur skin early or it will be just humilation for hindu fundamentalist state(india).stop dreaming of election no one is going to vote in fake election.This time you will
not succeed in ur evil plan.we will crush indian force and kick dirty indian out of kashmir.The hooligan LIKE u SHOULD BE killed like mad dogs.

Posted by freedom fighter | Report as abusive

The problems in Kashmir would disappear if Muslims finally join the modern world and realize that they are not in any way superior to Hindus. Hindus do not deserve to die in a land which is their own and in which they have faced centuries of genocide under Muslim rule. Muslims must reject violence and discard the bigotry promoted by the fundamentalist clerics and the government of Pakistan.

Posted by barry kumar | Report as abusive

Our Dear India has the most incompetent and unwilling of all leadership as far as getting into a collective resolution is concerned.

How best can you describe this uncanny willingness to let the country reel under chaos for days , months and years that have passed by .

Is there anything else that the leadership needs apart from mandate , power , policy , authority , law and the so called Intellectual Thinktank to bring order to this growing Anarchy …Be It Kashmir ( very much part of India ) or the whole of Nation…

Its about time we took more proactive steps to become a stable nation and stop passing the buck and instead do the correct thing even if it is not politically correct.

Posted by sajjad | Report as abusive

Hi Indian brethern, I am a Kashmiri and carry the same emotions as every kashmiri does. When I was in my teens.I too this feeling that Hurriyat and Pak is playing with the lives of Kashmir because i saw every good thing coming from India- ration,packages and the other economy. And before that age when i was just a kid in early 90s, there were the Freedom slogans, Hum kya chahte Azadi! We as the children or the ignorant folks without knowing the cause shouting the same and followed blindly.Now I am a grown up and began to understand why there is a dearth need of freedom. Coz all those things which we kept in our subconciousness began to foreplay. In the last few years which we saw as peace was returning, kashmir was regaining the paradise,actually was a day dreaming for the kashmir,we wanted to escape from the harsh realites which Indo-Pak marked on our minds and hearts. Now the recent episodes lead the Valleyians to recaptulate all those things which he faced since 1947.It includes the pak raids,the brutality of Maharaja towards Muslims,Scrutiny of Indian forces- there were masscre,rapes,killings,disappearences,ni ght tortures,crackdowns and the worst human rights voilations in early 90s,where were these Indian agencies at that time? Or when the kashmiries were attacked outside the state and they were even abducted. Ask any outside kashmiri,they feel alienated in so called their own motherland. They are considered outsiders there,so from where can this feeling come that they are Indians. Today when we commentators comments against Kashmir or Kashmiryat,it pours the salt on the wounds of Kashmir.So we have to know Kashmir history first inorder to understand these critical situations prevailing in Kashmir.Kashmir was a princely state and it was the kashmiri who cud have decided their choice at that time but dirty politics of Indo Pak didnt let us to do so,instead they divided us.Where were the India at that when Kashmir was sold by the Britishers and Maharaja ruled the reign of terror… Now those who post comments today are unaware of ground reality,green flags or going to Muzafarabad doesnt mean Pakistan,it simply means to have the Independence or atleast to reunite with them POK.So dear friends and humane brothers i suggest to go thru the history first…

Posted by Farukh Lone | Report as abusive

Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiri people, let them decide what they want. Indian should go home to India. Pakistan must set an example by cleaning their own house of extremist, so that kashmiri people may one day want to have a union with them. India is trying very hard to tell the world that Tibet belongs to Tibetan people and China should respect their rights, but with same breath it denies the very same rights to people of Kashmir and Negaland.

Posted by Denali | Report as abusive

What US and allied forces are doing in Afganistan,India alone is doing,FIGHTING TERRORISTS in Kashmir.The only thing i feel sorry about is that India is not fighting the evil from the root.Kashmir is India and if Pakistan does not understand it,India should once for all go across the LOC and teach the bastards a lesson which they will remember for the rest of their life.
Mr.Bush thought of Musharaf as an ally in the fight against terrorism but all the billions pumped into Pakistan has only shown the muslim brotherhood will not let a muslim brother down.

Posted by prabhakur | Report as abusive

I totally agree with you sohail.India is not taking the right decision.With these bastards the terrorists ,firepower is the ONLY language they understand.India has enough to erdicate them

wake up India.

Posted by prabhakur | Report as abusive

UMPK & other’s like you in this chain,

i reckon you are far from reality, when you say India should vacate Kashmir, I just wanna laugh on you :-) !! You are telling us whose kashmir is integral part and we have not invaded this part of land or any other land and WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE or ANYONE TO ENTER THIS LAND.

I think next months will be decisive for India as they have to show courage and crush these foreign forces out of Kashmir. All those separatists are free to go to Pakistan and they should have gone decades ago so Kashmir would be safe heaven now as it used to be.

No matter what comes up this time, India is not going to be quite and see these dramas as they fold. Every inch would in integral to India.

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

Sorry Sohail, forgot to thank you for your remarks but Prabhakur remembered it :-).

Nice one folks, we need to be more active and assertive, need to crush these foreign elements in blog world now..

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

its simple:
1) kashmir is an integral part of India
2) everyone who doesn’t want to live in the nation can get out!

today its the kashmiris, tomorrow it will be the nagas and assamese, then the punjabis, then the mizos, what the heck!?!? what concept is this of a nationhood!?

my motherland can’t be divided over a bunch of immature fighting children..period!

Posted by Girish | Report as abusive


Kashmir will never become independent. Also Pak or India will never give up a piece of land with them. The only practical solution available is to accept LoC as international border. Kashmir should retain its special status even after this.

Posted by NoName | Report as abusive

dear all,

kashmiris are behaving like spoilt children, only protesting and crying when they have the most freedom in india. enough of crying of kashmiris. kashmiris should decide, whether article 370 goes away and full integration with india or death. unless govt. of india comes to this conclusion, these ungrateful kashmiris, whose source of food and freedom is indian people and indian constitution, will go on protesting and crying. spank the kashmiris soon.

Posted by subhash | Report as abusive

There can be no justice until the 400,000 Pandits are able to regain their lands! Muslims you do not like India– move to your failed state Pakistan. Only ungrates live off Indian dole and complain. Even as far back as the 80’s a promient journalist said that were was systematic discrimination of the Hindus by the Muslims. M 1500 Hindu and Buddhist temples destroyed in Kashmir! Perhaps Hindus should start repaying with violence because some people do not understand….you do not like it in India, leave! The great civilization you create in Pakistan is evident in Azad Kashmir and how developed it is as compared to the side fed by Indian money.

Posted by Kali | Report as abusive

No justice blah blah blah. See if we care. Kashmir is now Muslim territory and will remain Muslim territory, hence why Kashmir WILL become apart of Pakistan, and it won’t stop there.

The prime reason for the creation of Pakistan was not only for a homeland for the Muslims, but to reclaim the subcontinent once again under a United Islamic India.

Kashmir is only the first step.

Posted by Ilyas Abbasi | Report as abusive

There are so many suggestions and comments going on about kashmir,Some of the comments about hindus being killed in Kashmir is totally baseless.Indians should appreciate the fact that despite the terror,arson,killing of Kashmiri Muslims by VHP,BJP and SHIV SENA Terrorists,none of the Yatris was touched or harmed,The Yatris were rather fed by Kashmiri Locals who in every sense are peacefull.
India would be better if accept the right of self determination as soon as possible.
India has been completely rejected by People of kashmir,If any body has a slight doubt then Please look at the mass demonstrations(all kashmiris in unison and have only one slogan (WE WANT FREEDOM)

Posted by Javid | Report as abusive

india has cosidered the kashmir as a prestige point thats root of the problem,,i think india should leave the kashmir,,they are just consuming our valuble money.they will not be able to stand on their own,,,,let all such elements go..we are just wasting the future of our own children with this kashmir in our hands.to much money ,,to much army and most importantly our concentration…

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