Will Pakistan become a quagmire for the United States?

September 11, 2008

File photo of Pakistani soldiers at a post overlooking Wana in South WaziristanFollowing up on yesterday’s post about U.S. military action in Pakistan, I see the New York Times is reporting that President George W. Bush secretly approved orders in July allowing American Special Operations forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without the prior approval of the Pakistani government.

The new orders, it says, relax firm restrictions on conducting raids on the soil of an important ally without permission.

The paper also quotes two American officials as saying that last week’s raid by U.S. troops involved more than two dozen members of the Navy Seals who spent several hours on the ground and killed about two dozen suspected al Qaeda fighters. “Supported by an AC-130 gunship, the Special Operations forces were whisked away by helicopters after completing the mission.”

This is big stuff, with enormous potential for escalation, should the raids continue. What happens if a ground assault goes wrong and some U.S. troops are kidnapped and handed over to al Qaeda? An enormous publicity coup for al Qaeda, which would no doubt provoke more raids, in turn requiring air support to cover the U.S. troops on the ground.

According to a comment posted earlier on this blog by Pakistan military expert Brian Cloughley: “If they (U.S. troops) tried to walk in from Afghanistan it would be the duty of the Frontier Corps or the Pakistan Army to repel them. And U.S. ground forces, these days, are incapable of fighting without massive air support. So if they called in airstrikes within Pakistan the PAF would have no alternative but to support their own kin, and use their American-supplied F-16s to counter violations of Pakistan’s airspace by US aircraft.”

File photo of tribesmen in Pakistan’s border areasSo is the United States walking into a quagmire in Pakistan’s border areas? Or will a series of “surgical” raids be enough to destroy the leadership of al Qaeda and the Taliban and turn the war in Afghanistan back in Washington’s favour?

Much will depend on how Pakistan itself — both the new civilian government and the Pakistan Army —  respond to the American actions. The Pakistan Army is already carrying out its own military offensive in the border areas. But Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Kayani has warned the United States to keep out, promising that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country will be defended at all cost.”

And here’s a scary thought. Will the consequences of the U.S. operations in Pakistan depend on one of the more common variables in war, especially in rough hostile terrain: luck?



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The moment has finally come, the US has shifted gears. Pakistan need not to panic. All Pakistan Army needs to do is to supply the insurgents ANZA MK1 and MK2 stinger type SAMs(Surface to Air Missiles). The US needs to be deprived of air superiority. The same tactics should be employed like the 80s against Soviets. I am sure ISI has termendous capabilities and experience in this area. Let this become a regional war, let the Pushtuns on both sides of the border unite, let guirella warfare start and gain momentum. YES, surely Pakistan will be a quagmire worst than Iraq. Let this 165 million strong nation meet the challnege. The Soviet Union collapsed, lets see how far America can withstand. By this time US should have been planing an exit strategy, but i guess the are keen for a fight. Pakistan should immediately conduct a nuclear explosion to show its strenght, followed by a series of missile tests and complete mobilization of Army and Air Force. This will relieve the pressure on the Pakistan Armed Forces for short term. Thereafter, just wait for next US cross-border raid and retaliate heavily shooting down every single US chopper intruding Pakistan’s air space.
From the Corps Commanders meeting today, there is a sense Pakistan military is keen to put up a challenge to the US.

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Pakistan has been quagmire since its creation. I am glad somebody it trying to figure it out now?.

Posted by Vijender Arora | Report as abusive

A United States attack inside Pakistani territory is an open declaration of war by the United States on Pakistan.

Pakistan has the right to defend itself, There can be no violation of Pakistani sovereignty, If the USA does not have Pakistan on its side in Afghanistan, The USA will collapse like the Soviet war machine before them in the Afghan plains.

As a Pakistani urge the Pakistani government to inflict a severe and harsh punishment on invading American forces.

Long Live Pakistan!

Posted by Dr Idris Shah Ebrahimi | Report as abusive

I don’t see the point in being anonymous in blogs — unless, of course, one is in danger from one’s own government or some other inimical agency. Why not tell the world who you are, if you have views to set forth?

Anyway . . .

The idiocy and viciousness of the American Administration in ordering an illegal attack within the sovereign territory of Pakistan is astonishing — and ironic to the point of being bizarre.

Washington criticised Russia’s military retaliation in South Ossetia which followed the US-trained and US-equipped Georgian army’s attack that involved massive rocketing of villages that killed hundreds of civilians. (You don’t read see or hear much about that in the mainstream media.) The sovereignty of South Ossetia may be disputed (not that that excuses the killing of civilians by Georgian troops) — but the sovereignty of Pakistan is not. The perversity of Washington’s stance, however, cannot be disputed.

The recent blatant and unlawful attack on Pakistan by American troops cannot be justified by any international statute or convention. The Charter of the United Nations specificially forbids this sort of lunatic caper. The murder of women and children is illegal. There can be no other judgement.

It was good to read that General Kayani, Pakistan’s highly competent and low-key Chief of Army Staff, said that the unlawful operation by US knuckle-draggers (i.e. ‘Special Forces’) was “Falling for short-term gains while ignoring our long-term interest [which] is not the right way forward.”

The General did not say this off his own bat, of course, because he is a firm believer in the (old) Constitution of Pakistan which places the military under civilian control. (OK; I have to declare an interest : I met with him a few times last year and was impressed by him. Clever, amusing, civilised and analytical.) And, sure enough, he was backed up immediately by the Prime Minister, an equally civilised person.

But what happens next time US troops invade Pakistan?

From personal experience and more recent analysis I would back the Pakistan army against the Americans any day.

Next time the US tries this sort of silly vicious frolic, perhaps the Pakistan army might be in position to repel the invaders. Just as Russian troops gave the Georgians a hiding, I think that Pakistan’s troops would teach a lesson or two to the swaggering and over-confident US swashbucklers.

Why does America think it is the only nation in the world that should be allowed to conduct military operations within the territory of a foreign country?

The Pakistan Army and the Frontier Corps have lost over a thousand soldiers in operations in North West Frontier Province. To hear moronic US senior officers say “The Paks aren’t doing enough” (which I did in Islamabad last year; exactly that phrase), is astonishing. To hear the sentiment reiterated by Bush is mind-boggling.

So, to end:

There should be no more ilegal raids into Pakistan by US forces. But if there are, then the Pakistan army should retaliate.

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“Better late than never”, but I think it is too late for Mr. Bush to face the truth about its “ally” Pakistan.
It is too late, because al-Qaeda is stronger than ever before in Pakistan thanks to the double standards of Paki generals and politicians.

Mr. Bush shall rest assured that “Mr. 10%” will do everything to milk the Cowboys of Uncle Sam more billion dollars, while al-Qaeda and the extremist will get even stronger.

It is about time to attack the epicenter of terrorism and religious extremism that is called Pakistan, secure the nukes and liberate Kashmir and Baluchistan.

So it is not about time that Mr. Bush orders attacks inside Pakistan, which should have been invaded instead of Afghanistan and Iraq.

You should be able to do something right Mr. Bush!

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What poster ‘Pakistani’ is saying, is that when the US gave Stinger missiles to Pakistan to arm the mujahedin against the Soviets, the Pakistanis handed some over to the Chinese for reverse-engineering. The Chinese then shared this tech back with Pakistan, which was able to produce their own version of Stinger called the Anza.

If such weapons were used against US forces, then these would automatically be traced back to the Pakistani govt, thus setting the stage for a direct cutoff of assistance to Pakistan, as well as airstrikes against the Pakistani govt by US forces.

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Bin Laden will likely hide either in Kashmir, or else in a part of NWFP that’s close to Kashmir. These are areas where the US will find it difficult to use airpower.

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Mr. Brian (Paki-apologist),

I don’t know what have the Pakistanis feeding you that you so blindly are defending the generals of Pakistan, which you claim is a “sovereign” country. Where were you when U.S. attacked Afghanistan? Was that country a “sovereign” nation too?

“The Pakistani Army” is a bunch of coward chickens that are hiding behind the Arab terrorists of Bin Lade&Co. It has never won a single war against anyone inside or outside Pakistan. It lost the war against the Pashtun tribes long time ago. But we shall see if the terrorist army of Pakistan got the guts to “retaliate” against U.S. actions inside that terror entity.

Bush said: “Pakistan has responsibilities and obligations in the war on terror”, for which it has received at least 15 billion dollars. The U.S. has all the right and support from Afghanistan and India to attack Pakistan any time it wishes to do so and eliminate al-Qaeda in the region.

Pakistan is doomed anyways, with or without Busharafs, al-Qaeda and Taliban. It is just a matter of months Mr. Cloughley. It is a dysfunctional, colonial, corrupt and extremist entity by birth and you can’t save it. No one can and you should get used to this thinking in order to avoid heavy surprises in the near future.

Invade Pakistan now!!!

Posted by kabura | Report as abusive

The americans were always using double standards. First they used Pakistan to defeat USSR in Afghanistan. Now America is using Afghanistan and India (former ally of USSR and now their traitor) to destabilise Pakistan. They can not atttack Pakistan directly because it is a nuclear power and if becomes too desperate then it might nuke Israel, the heart of America (also, the architect of American foreign policy and the real American Masters!…yeah thats right, the majority of American Christians do not know that they are slaves of the Israeli Jews). America is killing the same militant groups that it trained and armed to defeat the Russians. Now they have propped up the rival militant groups because they want Pakistan, the only muslim nuclear state. But beware, the Pakistani people, even in the urban cities like Karachi, are armed to their teeth and can shoot bettter than American soldiers. Don’t forget the British Colonial History, they were defeated in this region and are doomed to be defeated here again and again. The hangars in American Airbases in Pakistan are full of coffins. We, the Pakistani people, are ready for the americans. America has forgotten who defeated USSR. It’s time to remind them!

Welcome home..
American boys!
Its time to fight..
its time to die!
you have taken..
many innocent lives…
you’re fighting for oil…
and you’ll die for oil !
come on home…
American boys!
now its your turn…
to pay with your lives!


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i do not understand why Pakistan does not want help from the Allied Nations/ United States trying to stop killing and terrorists from Pakistan going in to Afghanistan. Is Pakistan secretly helping the Taliban ?

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

i hope us forces will finish what they have started in pakistan .

Posted by lakshman | Report as abusive

Pakistan has been a country of terrorist and muslim extremist since its birth from india .They have been trying bloody game against india for several decades and now the entire world is under threat from this terror factory.Now its time for world to focus their attention and destroy their each and every production unit of terrorist specially Madrasas (spread throughout the country),ISI and Military bases.The country must be in control of international peacekeepers since their own government is cultivating terrorist instead of eliminating them.
US recent attack on pakistan soil is a good start ,but needed more focussed attack.Possibly India would be their next ally if war on terror turns to the real epicentre Pakistan.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Party time for US forces..with missile attacks almost everyday on pakistan terrorists, I think both pakistanis and americans will soon come to a point where they ignore missile strikes as it would be everyday routine.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

While the world looses its patience because of pakistans support to international terrorist, US has more to loose.. US is loosing war and MONEY !! coz of pakistans double game..If pakistan were to fight sincerely against terrorism it should have voluntarily made itself a quagmire to united states and NATO instead of using crap words like sovereignty and territorial integrity. If pakistan were honest to fight terror why would it not want extra military men from US and NATO to step in and finish it all off which would be the fasted way to end the war and make pakistan free to concentrate on its other problems like economy, inflation and unemployment ??

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

I hope not, I hope Pakistan will not allow itself to become a quagmire for the United States?

Posted by Lec Neli | Report as abusive

As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with posters like Om above where the pragmatic thing for Pak to do would be to suck in the humiliation of being sidelined and just allow US forces into FATA regions. But the issue is just so much more complex. One of my majors is South Asian Studies and the immense scale of webs tangled within webs is something far too complicated for the simple hard-headed solution of “you’re not doing your job so we’ll do it for you”. Pakistan’s turbulent short history since Partition, its relationship with Afghanistan and India, Kashmir, the double-edged sword of the ISI, unstable military vs civilian politics, and just the opinion of the moderate Muslim majority on what it sees as imperialistic invading on the part of the Americans.
It hurts to tell people like Cynarra it’s more complex than just opening the doors wide. If I weren’t at work right now, I’d be happy to type paragraphs of the same material I read in Foreign Affairs; the mainstream spin on events y’all see on tv like on CNN and Fox is too superficial for most Americans to understand.

These ‘accurate’ drone attacks kill too many innocent ppl – they breed the relatives/friends to sway towards the extremist cause, maybe create new terrorists. Don’t say this is war. The uneducated populace in interior Sindh does not see this War on Terror like you. It’s just an annoyance by provoking suicide bombings within Pak, killing 1000+ Pak Army soldiers (Kabura, I deplore your sophomoric choice of words in this matter), and ignoring rising inflation and other things.

Bottom line: Idk whether or not Pak is in the wrong for not doing enough and being resistant to US operations within the country. America needs to get its own house in order (its economy, Iraq/Afghanistan). Right now is not the time for Pak to be a quagmire. The US has more to lose by being spread even more thin across this troubled region.

Posted by John the Paki | Report as abusive

Evil murderers must be destroyed. If Pakistan will not fight the Taliban then the world with Allied Nations and the United States surely will fight the terrorists, where ever they are found. Watch and See .
– Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

Only one industry in Pakistan is booming for decades, Terrorism.They have not only mastered themselves in this industry but they are the world’s largest supplier and exporter of terrorists.No matter where in the world terror attak is being plotted ,there would be pakistani presence with guarantee.If US coalition forces really want to unroot terrorism ,distroy Pakistan military,ISI and their countless terror camps running throught the country.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

US is only checking Pakistani armies links to Talibans. Security have services have been openly accused in 2007 of aiding extremists. Now US wants to know how much they support Taliban and Al Qaeda. Musharraf was protecting his secret service. Now, west has ally in Zardari who will let US reform Pakistan’s nukes and links to Talibans. US is not going to open a third war in Pakistan because it is losing in Iraq and Afghanistan. it would be crazy to do so.

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maybe you have not watched world affairs lately- the USA military after the Vietnam era no longer loses a war… wake up amigo.

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

The whole world is a quagmire for the United States.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

USA has been experimenting with whole world perhaps the learning curve is never going to end until it end in a world war itself. Why should be blame Bush and not all the people who elected Bush after it was proven in the first four years who was responsible for the illegal war in Iraq based on dishonest premises. Perhaps Afghanistan and Iraq is not enough for him?

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America has forgotten that Pakistan is a very old time tested ally. Pakistan has provided bases to USA and is providing logistics support, which includes the only route for their military supplies. If Pakistan wanted to stop American presense in the region, all it would have to do is close the supply line. Then USA would not be able to stay in Afghanistan. Clearly, Pakistan is doing the most in this war against terrorism. Pakistan has lost more soldiers in this war than any other nation. We have always supported USA. what really beats me is what made USA accept turncoat traitor India (former Russian Ally) as their ally. If India can be unfaithful to USSR after all it did for India, what guarantees their loyalty to USA? Do not forget the massacres by Hindu Extremists of people of other religions. They have butchered thousands of muslims and burning churches and killing christians is their favorite past time. These killings enjoy open support of their Extremist Hindu Militant politicians/political parties.

India is supplying the militants in Afghanistan to create unrest in Pakistan tribal regions. Karzai is an Indian agent, everyone knows it. May be they are still Russian allies and are punishing America like this. Helping militants by providing guns/ammo and financing to the anti American and anti Pakistan militants in the region. In this way, they will destabilise Pakistan, give a befitting defeat to the Americans to take revenge for the Russian defeat and while we are busy at it, will kill more people in Kashmir (they have already started it). Think about it. Do not blame Pakistan so easily. We have more than 100,000 (approx 20% of our army strength) fighting a full scale war in the area now. India is only trying to make Pakistan and USA start a war and ruin the war on terrorism. Is this how Mr. Bush wants to end his career? With a dismal and shameful end of the war against terrorism? After spending billions and losing so many valuable lives? What has happened to the American Intelligence Agencies?

Think again Americans, Pakistanis always loved America and love Americans. But now you are making us regret that and start hating you. Why?

Posted by Daudpota | Report as abusive

Daudpota my my you protest too loudly…
Ironically America(A) understands Pakistan(P), half of P was aiding the Taliban and BinLaden before the September 11 2001 attacks on the USA, which if you forgot was an act of war. Your nation P is responsible for those attacks in some ways if it is proven that indeed P allowed aid to BinLaden and supported the Taliban. Indeed many in A think P created the Taliban as a way to influence the region and make it Pakistani areas. So now we see that P might not aid the war on terror at all…Americans are not surprised since little was done by P all along since 911. You would do well to encourage responsible Pakistanis to end the radical Islam violence being exported from Pakistan. The time is growing short of American patience with Lies and Liars.
– Cynara

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where is this so-called quagmire ? i also do not see how exploding a bomb or many bombs on a mountain full of killers who refuse to fight a war in uniform , and who also keep their families and others near their military camps as human shields ,i fail to see how removing these peope from existence is a “quagmire” for the Americans … the idea of why the USA is in these areas is because nations like Pakistan refused to control their own people…it was not long ago some Mosque i think is called the Red Mosque was attacked by the Pakistan police and military because the so-called religious leaders of that islamic mosque were a threat to Pakistan and its People. Do not wag a finger at the USA and cry shame when the truth is in your own lives and in your mirrors…get the people in your nation of Pakistan under control or remove the Pakistan flag from the towns controlled by killers and Taliban…stop Lying to us(Deceiving us)…we are not fools…911 will be avenged for an eternity…those of you who do not see this do not correctly understand the power and will of the Americans to avenge the deaths of innocent victims of 911 killed by Islamic terrorists.
– Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

Pakistani terrorist(including military and ISI) must understand that their celebration time is over.Its time for you to go to hell and leave the world in peace.World wouldn’t listen to terrorist anymore.We understad this terrorist country has acquired nuke technology by cheating and tried to arm other muslim extremist countries with the same technology(Everyone is aware of the Khan network and smuggling tactics).Now since this country is ultimately turned up as muslim terrorist state ,rest of the world is at high risk .There is no doubt abt these muslim terrorist that they are behind every unrest in the world from Kasmir to russian chechens and Now in china.
Since the start of the war against terror ,Pakistan has been a heaven for all terrorists inc. Al queda n taliban becoz Pakistani masked terrorists(ISI and miliatary) were in full support to reorganise and strenthen them agaist USA.they have been cheating USA in order to get billion dollar funds ( they all used to fund terrorist ).
If we stll listening to there brutal terrorist ,we are wasting out time and giving them time to reorganise.Now its time to invade Pakistan and distroy them.If we need use nuclear Bombs in order to keep the world peace,there won’t be any better place than pakistan for a Nuclear strike.Becoz If we will dealy they will use against us.


Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Mr Koomar, i agree that usa should deal harshly with pakistan but am astonished the hatred you hindus have towards all mankind, it’s not just us that you hate, you guys hate everyone…no wonder the fanatic hindus are burning churches in India. These extremist hindus should be also bombed together with Al qaeda terrorists.

Posted by deal2rule | Report as abusive

If quagmire means where you throw your excess and unwanted keft overs. if quagmire means a place where you test your fighting skills with living waste bodies and place to test your any new diplomacy tactics, then yes pakistan is the new quagmire to united states.
Hey Americans if you possess any new kinda bomb..lahore/islamabad is your new hiroshima/nagasaki.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Mr Deal,
Hindus are known for their great peaceful attitudes and tolerence .Thats why India has more muslims than pakistan and equivalent to half of the UK population is Christian.without our such a great tolerence it was impossible for anyone to make such a massive religeous conversions as Muslim and British invaders did in past. Nowhere in the world you can emagine this.But now things have gone overhead and situations untolerable.Atleast these Antihindus need a little flash in thier eyes to make them aware of enough is enough.
However above mentioned is a completely different situation than the muslim terrorism. we have seen enough of these Muslim cowardice.Explode the bomb and hide in the hole.Now its time to burn all these holes and keep the world safe from these muslim terrorism.Bombing Pakistan to stone age would be the only lesson which can bring peace in the world and prevent any country of being pakistan(ie Syria ,Iran etc).

Bomb Pakistan to Stone Age.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Any bastard Indian dare to bomb Pakistan? Listen up bitches, this is a brave nation of 165 million Muslims armed with Nuclear weapons. We do not want to fight unneccesary, but if war is thrust upon Pakistan, we will conduct an offensive defense and completely destroy India.

Posted by UMPK | Report as abusive

umpk get the terrorists out of your nation or face certain destruction

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

It’s been fun reading all these comments and see them escalate into indo-Pak war. Well as all know No war can bring peace. If Pak is bombed out it will kill 165million for a thousand few terrorists. Now, US coming into Pak to kill alQaeda is no excuse. As has been pointed out they kill more innocent people than the terrorist. Somebody said that Pak supported Taliban in Afghanistan before 9/11 but they forget that it was with US money and their support. The main problem in south of Afghanistan and the tribal belt in Pakistan is that of education and financial instability. This makes it a fertile ground for the uneducated to be herded against moderate ideas. The US idea of ROZ’s was good but not implemented. I hope there is some positive talk on this forum. thanks

Posted by Wasi | Report as abusive

umpk distruction of Pak is on the way.bombings innnocent people in delhi and other indian cities would not prevent terrorist country from being eliminated.don’t even think to destroy india ur smuggled nuke bombs wouldn’t make any difference to world’s determination.Entire pak would be sunk into arabian sean before even you dare to do so.from then there won’t be existance of any muslim terrorist country in the world but arabian sea.

Hide urself in the holes bloody terorists or be ready to submersed in arabean sea.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Pakistan has always been a quagmire for the whole world. Its only now that the US has realized this.

Mr. Deal,
Its ironic that you are calling Hindus as haters of mankind. Its only in Hinduism and Sikhism that you will find that the sages say there is only one truth but paths are different. All others say there is only one path whether it be Jesus or Allah. As for burning of churches, I agree its shameful but its only a handful of extremists who are doing it. I would say there should be strict implementation of laws not only to apprehend killers but also to apprehend those who proselytize by doling out money in the name of Jesus.
Also, if you haven’t observed then Indians are the ones who have had to endure the worst of Islamic terrorism for the last 3 decades. Not because it is intolerant but because others want to take advantage of our tolerance.
India is democratic even more than US.

Now back to topic..
Now war can bring peace (sm1 has already said this and I agree). Its time for US and Pak military to go in for joint operations. Also US should take Pakistanis to task for sponsoring terrorist outfits operating outside Pak and the military aids should be linked to results generated.
Of course India should keep out of this. As it is we have suffered enough and it us who will have to live with Pak as an annoying neighbor.

Posted by Aman | Report as abusive

Wow wow, What an imagination :) Do you think Govt of Pakistan has made countless medium and long range missiles and nukes just for decoration?? They will be used when the time will come. We are Muslims and we do not care whether we live or not but we do not let our enemy live. So beware and don’t enlist yourself in our enemies list. Terrorist means some one who invades any one without reason, which is U.S. They have played a stage drama by killing their own 3000 people and destroying their own buildings and then now killed a way more than 3000 people themselves and affection millions of Muslims making them homeless and for what?? Oil!!!. Do you think you will getaway with that? Simply No..!
Even in our country Pakistan, A plane cannot leave the route defined by airport for a single minute and American planes left their route for so much time and strike the buildings and they never new???? That was a stage drama and nothing else. Whatever it was, They have imposed war on Iraq and Afghanistan. But now lets see if they broke a war with us, Pakistanis. We are long awaiting for this moment. I am sure Russia and China will also like to take part. That will be an awesome war and will result in dissolution of U.S just like Pakistan did to USSR in Past I am sure Russia will support Pakistan against U.S to reverse the story. Go read some history and beware. If this war broke, You will see it live; not on your T.V sets as you have seen that of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Posted by Waseem | Report as abusive

You All notice the Pakistanis writers here never once say they are not aiding the Taliban. They admit it, aiding the terrorists by the very act of not protesting the accusations accusations against Pakistan.
I am tired of being forced as an American to let others wag their fingers at my nation and call me a “terrorist for oil”. I am tired of the world trying to judge the USA while the Muslims in many parts of the world were filmed dancing in the streets when Sept 11 2001 occurred in the USA and tall buildings with innocent people in them were destroyed…We in the USA and Europe are tired of the hypocrisy in the world of hating the USA and some nations of the world supporting Liars, Murderers and Thieves who attack Americans and Europeans. Let the wars begin. Let us get it over with.
– – Cynara

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hi, this is a orthodox muslim pakistani.am yea am orthodox but i don’t belive even pakistan or india or china or anybody in this world can stop us in wat they want to do. you see wars are won not by words …these require heavy artillry an best mechines an practises..which the us got best in the world. so how the problem be solved..we can’t stop us in straight war . why we should solve it as we tring to solve it in kashmir…jus sip in more millitants in us. is this the solution?..no…this could not be?…jus wake up my nation …we lost a mighty freind an brother==india, we lost my countries who can withstand in this time of crises for us ….an now we making an enemy.. the gaint of this world the undefeated …united states?…how can we even think of achieving it …they will jus distroy us an we wont be able to jus see wat an when an from where they do there actions?….come on man they got they brutllest powers in this world an they whole world know it ?….they even can’t be defeated if whole of the world come as one against there might?…you seen in time of iraq when france, china, russia, stood against an even threat for veto to?…wat is the result the whole world know…..so jus think if these super power combined can’t stop this monster how can a poor nation like us can?…jus don’t be fool be smart humens….be ally of states an jus distroy the terrist who even killing our people too …..jus for tactics count the number of people killed in our holy land by terrist acts an compare them with us raids?…open up your eyes ….we are getting alone an one thing for shure nor china nor any arab ally will come when us strikes with his might…..open eyes dont be the ones who wil always be named as those who make this holly land a dead man’s land?….i plead to each an every one of my fellow country men…jus think from mind?

Posted by abdul rahmaan | Report as abusive

Why don’t you realise,your terror-terror game has been unmasked and world is no more interested in listening from you.And why u wasting ur time by lecturing us about muslims.we know about muslims,they are the most evil n cruel community on the earth.their main business is terrorism and drugs smuggling and they have produced the most terrosist ever in the world.you practice violence and terrorism.this is bit about muslims everyone is aware of.So be cool we know abt u.
If u knew that US is fighting a fake war against terror.what the hell u people were doing with US since 9/11.Fact is u people were playing double game,cheating the US and getting billions of dollers and using that fund to support Al queda ,taliban and export militants in India to bomb innocent people.Pak was a terrorist country during war against russia.Remember u survived any how after russia left afagan but terror remained ur main business till date.Your Madrasas and Mosques remained primary terror camps.
Your smuggled nukes from china not gonna save terrorists.We gonna bomb pakistan to stone age.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Kumar: “All Muslims” are not terrorists. The first terrorists on earth weren’t Muslims, but Japanese and Zionists Jews. Your generalization is an act of crime and condemn it. Not even “all” Pakistanis are terrorists, but their Army and intelligence agencies are supporting terrorism in the region. We must equally condemn all kinds of religious extremism being Muslim, Jews, Christians and for that matter Hindus, who are also known for extremism.

Waseem: Pakistan did not defeat the Soviets, but the Afghans did by losing more than 2 million people, 5 million refugees (the biggest in the world) and more than 10 million mines are planted all over Afghanistan.
So stay out of stealing an honor which is not yours. Nowadays I believe that one of the most important reasons behind Soviet’s invasion of Afghanistan was in fact the terror threat from Pakistan, which was threatening Afghanistan and Central Asia. But Americans are not Russian. America will bring the war inside your own homes and make you eat those terrorists that you are supporting. And don’t be so confident about using your nukes, which I believe you will, but someone would make sure that they explode inside Pakistan, which is nothing for U.S. and her allies in Afghanistan, India and elsewhere in the world.
Americans are not alone when they come and seek you! I’m behind America, so do millions of people around the world.

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Pakistan is a big disgrace in South asia. Make then eat their own nuke bombs..they are all terrorists.

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The rhetoric in these messages from some of the Pakistanis is childish. But the issue at hand is that Pakistan liked the American money, liked American war planes, liked American military hardware but they are now not willing to let America clean up the mess that Pakistan itself has created. I mean this also a help of sorts. Where was your so called “self-esteem”, “national pride” when you were begging for all of the above. If anything, Pakistan should welcome US troops and bomb terrorists into oblivion. Then it should ensure peace with its neighbors, grow economically and make the whole region a better place to live. What has Pakistan contributed to the world at large after its naissance? Military dictators, terrorism, wars, you name it, and in fact there are no other Islamic nations in this world without a worse track record. I think this is Pakistan’s final wake up call.

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You are right, all muslims are not terrorists.But Most important fact no one would deny is “ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS”.
Pakistan has been developing infrastructure to cultivate Muslim terrorists.Their Mosques and Madrasas are primary terror camps for terrorists and jihadis.Their Army and ISI has been recognised as Terrorists group in the form of govt. institutions.They are not only producing coward terrorists but exporting all over the world to kill innocent people.India has been the victim of their brutal terror export.thousands hindus has been killed and tortured in kashmir ,hundreds of thousands kashmiri hindus left kashmir becoz of Muslim terrorists.
They are still bombings innocent hindus across india from temple to hospital.does anyone think these animals deserve mercy…..no …never.They would be bombed to stone age with thir terror factories and exporters.

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Kumar and Lekarshi:

I agree with both of you when it comes to the incubator of international terrorism which is called Pakistan.

The only way to get rid of terrorism in the world is to COMPLETELY destroy the ISI and Paki-terror army from the roots. Fortunately we are not very far from this happening.

ISI is al-Qaida, period!

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America deserves its new ally, India. More churches have been damaged/burned, many killed and thousands displaced by Hindu Terrorists in the Orissa State. Hell, There are more Hindu Terrorists in India than the rest of the world combined. Every year they kill thousands of Muslims and Christians and people of other religions. They have killed hundreds of thousands of Kashmir Muslims and is on a killing spree once again.

Pakistan always supported America, even against Muslims; but look what we get in return. Indian sponsored terrorists are creating trouble from Afghanistan side of the Pakistan Border and America is blaming Pakistan. Pakistani tribals, the ones which helped America defeat Russia, are fighting those indian terrorists. They are not attacking americans. That is being done by Indian sponsored Alqaida/Taliban. America should realise its mistake and make amends and distance itself from Nuke Crazy Indians. See how happy they are at the thought of Nuking the whole world.

As far as Hiroshima and Nagasaki is concerned, USA did it at the height of helplessness due to the Japanese onslaught on the Pearl Harbour. They had not other option. Do not get us into a similar position. We are against terrorism and have done more than anyone else and have suffered more troops losses. We are also giving supplies to the US/Nato forces in Afghanistan. Without our sincere help, American troops will be left helpless without supplies and will be easily defeated. That is precisely what India and Russia have planned for USA. America is making a big blunder by getting into the Indian/Russian trap.

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Indians are not sending Hindu terrorists to Pakistan right?. Point me to a link where Hindu terrorists planted bombs and killed scores of people. Tell me about Hindu sucide bombers(except Srilankan LTTE in early 90’s). Educate me about Hindu’s beheading Kaffirs. If you want links, info, videos of Pakistanis doing the same i can give you hundreds of links. I condemn the attacks against Christians in India, but not many christians are killed as you imagine.

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Daudpota..Your comments are definately laughable..
No fu**in pakistanis are not helping any american or anybodys cause with out charging $$$. Your president and army general are begging scoundrals, who are stabbing the americans from behind. Learn the main reason your widower president keeps his mouth shut even when US attacks in pakistan. After all if pakistanis did a good job to fight terrorists how can US drones find terror camps that pakistani army cannot with F-16’s and presence of 1000s of ground troops there ??

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Sudhir and OM
both of you are hindu fundamentalists and fanatics from those who are killing christians in Orrisa,India.

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Sir Daudpota
I salute you.
Yes, surely your comments are very in-depth and analysis of the situation is spot on. Please keep on commenting on the blog, we all need your feedback.

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You can call me a Hindu fundamentalist for all you muslim terrorist..I take it with pride.thank you.

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Thank you for accepting it, the world already knows hindu fundamentalists are terrorising the christains in India.

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Hindu fundamentalists may be causing trouble in India. India is not sending Hindu terrorists to Pakistan like Pak is sending terrorists to India, in the name of freedom fighting. Why are you worrying about something happening in India?. It doesn’t affect you in anyway?. Stop cribbing about India and cleanup the mess in your own country. Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand are afraid to come to Pakistan to play cricket but they can come to India why?. Just go and ask the terrorists in your country. They may have an answer.

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Regarding the attack in Pakistan, and the 60 plus people murdered … perhaps Obama could sit down and have a cup of coffee, and a photo op with the perpetrators and make everything ok, and we could all live happily ever after. Once again, it’s truly unfortunate that there are a bunch of power hungry murderers in the world who want to kill everyone who does not embrace their radical agendas, but the naive idea that they will be cooperative, if Obama just gets a chance to chat with them, is dangerous and irresponsible. As bad as things are, they could get much, much worse. If nukes get into the hands of terrorists, you can watch complete American cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles disappear, along with everyone in them. The ONLY thing these thugs and criminals understand and respect is strength. Keep American strong, elect McCain/Palin in November.

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if america invades Pakistan then it will be a great blow to not only american forces entering in pakistan but to america itself due to following reasons.
China would keep on supplying anything at the hour of need including military equipment .warplanes etc.
Saudia arabia would cut down its oil supply to international market as it did before when pakistan was attacked by india.
At worse conditions well pakistan has got nukes ..israel and india both would be in trouble.

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