Facing up to “the war in Pakistan”

September 14, 2008

Masked pro-Taliban Pakistani militantsThere has been much hesitation in the world’s media about how to label U.S. military action inside Pakistan’s borders, including a reported ground raid and a series of missile strikes. Do you call it an “invasion”? Or use the more innocuous-sounding “intervention”? In an editorial, the Washington Post gives it a name which is rather striking in its directness. It calls it quite simply, The War in Pakistan.

President George W. Bush’s reported decision in July to step up attacks by U.S. forces in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the newspaper says, was both necessary and long overdue. It acknowledges there is a risk the strikes might prompt a breach between the U.S. and Pakistani armies, or destabilize the new civilian government in Pakistan. But, it says, ”no risk to Pakistan’s political system or its U.S. relations is greater than that of a second 9/11 staged from the tribal territories. U.S. missile and commando attacks must be backed by the best intelligence and must minimize civilian casualties. But they must continue.”

Others are lining up to condemn the new U.S. strategy in Pakistan.

Protesting against U.S. strikes“The Americans are probably right in claiming that Al-Qaeda and the Taleban have regrouped and using bases in Pakistan to launch cross-border raids into Afghanistan,” says Saudi-based Arab News. “They are certainly right in thinking that there will be no peace in Afghanistan while that remains the case. But they have to let the Pakistanis deal with this. If they continue the raids, they risk not merely losing what dwindling support they have in Pakistan but, far worse, alienating the country so thoroughly than no government even vaguely sympathetic to the US and the West can survive there.”

Pakistan’s Daily Times takes this argument further by suggesting that if public opinion turns even more against the United States, “the country will become more vulnerable to Al Qaeda and we will face unpredictable odds. According to nuclear theory, Pakistan is a nuclear power and cannot be attacked. If the US attacks Pakistani territory, battles with the Pakistan army, stops military assistance to Pakistan, and thus ends up making Al Qaeda supreme in Pakistan, the nuclear theory might then apply to Al Qaeda.”

In the Huffington Post, Shuja Nawaz writes that “the next time the US physically invades Pakistani territory to take out suspected militants, it may meet the Pakistan army head on. Or it may face a complete cut-off of war supplies and fuel in Afghanistan via Pakistan. With only two weeks supply of fuel available to its forces inside Afghanistan and no alternative route currently available, the war in Afghanistan may come to a screeching halt.”

Nawaz adds that both Pakistan and the United States need to rethink their actions. ”Otherwise, the US will not only lose an ally in Pakistan but ignite a conflagration inside that huge and nuclear-armed country that will make the war in Afghanistan seem like a Sunday hike in the Hindu Kush.”

Scary stuff then, with lots of massive risks being talked about on both sides of the argument, from another 9/11 to al Qaeda taking charge of Pakistan.

So here is a completely different view from Juan Cole in Informed Comment. “The original al Qaeda is defeated,” he says.  Do read his post before leaping to judgment on this assertion, as he makes some interesting points, including arguing that the Taliban are driven more by Pashtun nationalism than by a desire to spread terrorism around the world.

“Although the US is worried about the Arab volunteers who take refuge among the resurgent Taliban, they are a tiny element and cannot easily launch international terrorist operations from FATA (Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas),” he writes. Based on an analysis of al Qaeda’s capabilities around the world, including in Iraq, he concludes; “For now, our war is over. Time to come home, and train and fund locals to do the clean-up work.”

Just suppose for a minute that his argument were to turn out to be correct. Then is the United States opening up a third front after Iraq and Afghanistan, but this time on the territory of a nuclear-armed country, for the wrong reasons?


I am tired of being forced as an American to let others wag their fingers at my nation and call me a “terrorist for oil”. I am tired of the world trying to judge the USA while the Muslims in many parts of the world were filmed dancing in the streets when Sept 11 2001 occurred in the USA and tall buildings with innocent people in them were destroyed…We in the USA and Europe are tired of the hypocrisy in the world of hating the USA and some nations of the world supporting Liars, Murderers and Thieves who attack Americans and Europeans. Let the wars begin. Let us get it over with. – - Cynara

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The problem with Pakistan is , not only is it a nuclear-armed country, it is also a terrorist – armed country… terrorism is outlawed…terrorists do not wear uniforms in wartime, terrorists use human shields and have their support camp bases near or in villages of innocent people or their own families and/or supporters…terrorists make themselves responsible for innocent civilians hurt or killed when the USA attacks their camps… it will do no good to judge America as attacking civilians while the same critics of America ignore the crimes and violations of conduct in war, a method of conduct that reveals how the terrorists conduct themselves, abuse civilians and violate International Law.

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well if u are tired u shud sleep instead of targetting innocents for the crimes they never commited. try understanding the dynamics of the world before 9/11 what america was doing in the muslim states that triggered 9/11 although i am quite sure that it was all planned just to use the reason to bomb the world , well the ‘islamic world’ for the oil .. what other good reason. hatred for america didnt start after 9/11 it was there long before that if you are not willing to accept that and continue to kill then go for it, wars fought in a state of rampage are never won… america is the biggest terrorist country in the world right now.

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My dear Cynara,
i will advice you to read some non-western news papers….to get a better picture of the outside world. and what they think about america.

Posted by a non-muslim indian | Report as abusive

It is simply U.S strategy to get hold the possession of Baluchistan & Pakhtoon area in order to isolate China from hot waters.

Posted by shahamat | Report as abusive

In addition to above, U.S expansion strategy for possession of natural resources of Baluchistan.

Posted by shahamat | Report as abusive

Interesting coments…but we must realise that as long as the type of indian mentality u see in above commenst remain…we will unfortunately see pak military and secret services trying to counter indian moves to gain influence in afghanistan and later use it against pakistan to bully her…..Its not jsut what Pakistan needs to do more..its also others…and trust me noone wants to see another iraq…thousands of american soldiers….and hundreds of thousands or maybe more, iraqi muslims have died….for what??? for nothing but to seve few hawkish minds around the world…by iraq war, the only thing that comes to mind is losing o saddam and his birgade, death of zarqawi….and whatelse it has changed….nothing….saddam etc could ve been mudered by target killings…why wage a war and kill so many….iraq a worst than it was before…before only few tousands suffered at the hands of saddam….now millions suffer and will suffer for decades….sad…its alll sad..

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Pakistan seems to be faced with ‘to be or not to be’ like dilemma. There is no doubt whatsoever that as far as the people are concerned they feel Pakistan has gone out of its way to side with America in this war on terror. If America is still not satisfied with Pakistan’s performance in this regard and would like to confront Pakistan then so be it. Pakistan should not take any more crap from America. Pakistan Army, after having done so much, also seems to be of same view. Pakistan government, however , seems to be double minded on this issue. It feels diplomacy may still be an option.
Considering the Pakistan government is still a weak government and Pakistan Army and public sentiments quite strong a compromise course of action will have to be adopted. The obvious compromise course of action is that Pakistan government must continue with its diplomatic effort to resolve this issue with America while in the mean time Pakistan Army must resist America’s incursions in Pakistan territory, with full force, to the best of its ability and capability.

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Foreign troops on homeland soil using civilians for target practise is WRONG, period.

It doesn’t matter which banners/slogans (‘the war on terror’ ‘jihad’) are being exploited to justify such actions,it’s WRONG TO MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE.

And it’s downright STUPID, UNGRATEFUL and ARROGANT to do both of the above to a country that is an ALLY and has lost more soldiers’ lives than any of the other players in the ‘war on terror.’

The Pakistan Army has been embroiled in intense and bitter fighting with militants under daunting conditions for the past several years without any of the hoohah and fanfare that has accompanied the US or UK’s armies’ deployments – or their losses.

What is required: more real support and cooperation from Pakistan’s so-called allies, and no more clumsy cowboy moves that will only make the Pakistan Army’s job harder and fan anti-American sentiment as well.

After all, when the actions of terrorists and the self-proclaimed leaders of the free world become indistinguishable from each other, there will be no reason to side with the Americans.

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Terrorism will not come to an end by selectively attacking terrorist pockets. Public opinion has a great deal to do with terrorism, because just like the supply lines of an army or just like the Robin Hood model, terrorism is supported mainly by the people of the land. In this, manouvering public opinion becomes key and that is where America is making the mistake. At the same time, cleaning up isolated pockets will not help. It is like partially treating a cancer. It will grow again unless the whole place is cleaned up of terrorism. So, America is not only directing public opinion against itself in Pakistan, but also leaving behind the cancer by operating only on the Western Front of Pakistan and ignoring the northern and eastern areas.

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America has shown its folly once more, just as it did when it attacked Iraq. Pakistan has been a tremendous ally, especially in the era of Musharraf — perhaps no other country would be convexed to USA’s wishes as much as he did.

Yet attacking Pakistan thus will only fuel the fire of terrorism, engender further the stern hatred in the hearts of Pakistanis and muslims.

Dont forget, Pakistan has a very strong military, including nukes, in addition to having loyal allies such as China and some arabian countries.

Attack Pakistan officially and the World War 3 will for sure commence!

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As a proud American citizen the earlier posts infuriate me. 9-11 didn’t come out of the blue, our country has consistently ignored middle eastern grievances, blindly supported Israel (and facilitated the ghettoization of the Palestinians), propped up dictators, and called any attempt to challenge out hegemony over the region terrorism. Our current administration (and both campaigns preying for the job next year) don’t seem to understand that America cannot afford to police the world, and we are better off working with people, not invading them. Pakistan has been a vital ally in our war in Afghanistan, but running operations and killing civilians in a nuclear country, where we aren’t seen very favorably only serves to jeopardize that alliance. The Terrorists don’t follow the rules of war, and this should give us Carte Blanche to kill civilians and invade innocent countries? I would remind Cynara Derr that the American revolutionaries were considered terrorists, that they disregarded European rules of war, but were seen by many Americans as being completely justified. Wouldn’t a better solution to civilian deaths be to stop bombing people, and address the ISSUES that cause terrorism. I would also remind Cynara that Iran (the neo-cons new favorite target) was openly mourning with us on Sept. 11, as were many other middle eastern peoples; terrorism isn’t mainstream for most middle easterners until a foreigner invades their country.

What would hicks in Alabama do if Mexico invaded, probably the same thing we saw in Iraq right, and the same thing we will expect in Pakistan? does our moral crusade against “terra” excuse unilateral actions that can only piss off one of our only democratic allies in a strategic region? If our war on Terror is right an moral, why aren’t other countries helping us in a meaningful way? why do liberals and conservatives in this country agree on an expansionist, militaristic foreign policy, while most Americans just want the perpetual wars to end?

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Pakistan army pledges to ‘protect territorial integrity’ from U.S. incursions”–somehow, though, their committment to protect Pakistan’s ‘territorial integrity’ from incursions by the Taliban seem rather less committed.

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you nizami expect the Americans to sit back and do nothing while bandits and terrorist roam across Pakistan into Afghanistan ? The attempts by some Pakistanis to show a willingness to attack the USA/NATO soldiers who attack terrorists makes the situation very clear…if any one shoots at USA/NATO soldiers attacking known terrorist camps they will be killed. Any one attacking USA/NATO soldiers, who are removing terrorists from the uncontrolled national borders of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, will be killed…Any one attacking and shooting at USA/NATO soldiers will be killed…you have a clear picture now ?
– - Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

you will notice I never insult Pakistan or Pakistanis in my messages…the situation can be made orderly if Reason prevails and the Pakistanis see the USA / NATO as aiding the Pakistan to end the banditry lawlessness in your frontier areas near Afghanistan.

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

Pakistan is a country that has always been living on aid money provided by various governments to take care of the stretegic calculations. This country has no means to stand up on its own and survive. If US stops giving any aid then within a couple of years Pakistan will be in total peril and disintegrate into several small countries. The possibilities for this to happen is very high. If Pakistan wants to live and improve their standing in the world then they should leave the low-life activities like using terrorism to gain strategic depth on neibouring countries like India and Afganistan. The low-life politicians, ISI and military should be put into correctional course then there is a chance for this country to survive. The only way to achieve is to deprive Pakistan from any and all aid money then they will start thinking about the seriousness on weeding out terrorism. It is totally lauaghable to see the Pakistan economy is aid based. If no western aid then no economy…

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America is the biggest terrorist in the world.
To the Americans ehere harking on about 9-11. Please shut up already. The good guys have killed over 1.5 million past 8 odd years the “terrorist” have killed 8000 odd.
USA is the bad guy here, Pakistan is a fool and should stop all co-operation.
Better to be poor and have your pride than to be having what we have today.
US would dare not confront pakistan if Pakistan said “bring it on” enough is enough , shove your money were the sun never shines

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The pakistanis created the taliban. They watched taliban massacre thousand of rivals in afghanistan.Allowed madrasas to feed and teach thier horrible ideology.For what has happend in afghanistan since the creation of taliban, I can say let the pakistanis enjoy the spread of what they created in thier own country and deal with it. It is justified to kill terrorists any where in the world….

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When any outsider attacks this sacred country of ours, we fight and defend it with our toil, sweat and blood.we do it everytime, we did it before, we are doing it now, we will do it always. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN!!!

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Cant blame american soldiers for attacking on pakistani soil, i believe that was neecessary to show pakistani govt that US do not believe in pakistans double game..Cant you people think a simple thing ?? How can US intelligence spot a terrorist camp to the accuracy of building they live in pakistan,with out haviing walked a single step in to pakistan ?? what are pakistan security forces and army doing ? cant they track the movement of such large terrorist group practicing shooting in their country ??.
For god sake pakistani govt and army very well know where the terrorist training camps are..and they also know women and children are being used..
Nobody can absolutely blame US when they say Pakistan is not doing enough to fight terrorism, but undertand there is no other dipomatic way to tell pakistan that US do not belive in pakistans crap tales.
US is day after day proving by firing missiles on terror camps and showing pakistanis that they failed to find them..and US found them with out even stepping in to pakistan..

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cynarra, ask yourself one question: why did those people dance on the streets? Why do some people hate USA so much? Try to see things from a different perspective and you’ll see that it’s easy to see us as an aggressor and occupation force, which is not welcome. The only difference between those terrorists and USA is the location, where the event is taking place.

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Civilian casualties ?? somebody please tell me how will one distinguis between and terrorist and a civilian in a shit hole like pakistan ?? everybody has a long nasty beard, everybody wear a same cap same dress!!
I guess on can distinguish between army and other people in there coz of their uniforms.
Just thinking how bigger and mamoth task is this for US to do alone !! even if you consider 10% of pakistani people are terrorists..US have to find and execute 18.5million people among them..Now if here and there if you find a few civilians dying..Not a big deal..

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Civilian casualties ?? somebody please tell me how will one distinguis between and terrorist and a civilian in a shit hole like pakistan ?? everybody has a long nasty beard, everybody wear a same cap same dress!!
They all look like terrorists.
I guess on can distinguish between army and other people in there coz of their uniforms.
Just thinking how bigger and mamoth task is this for US to do alone !! even if you consider 10% of pakistani people are terrorists..US have to find and execute 18.5million people among them..Now if here and there if you find a few civilians dying..Not a big deal..

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

if people cross a national border and attack people in the other nation–that is if pakistan attacks afghanistan it looks like you are saying — those of you angry at the USA and who are Pakistani, it looks like you are saying its ok if killers and bandits attack people in Afghanistan and then cross over to camps in Pakistan ? Is that what you are saying Pakistanis ? – - Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

umair states he will aid the terrorists with all the blood of Pakistan…will Pakistanis allow themselves to be used by the Arab visitors in their nation ? haha this is very funny, the USA isnt trying to offend Pakistan but as you can see readers — the terrorists want to see Pakistan and USA fight. There is no problem of the USA with Pakistan . Arrest those people in Pakistan who try to start war with the USA .- Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

Its another MAD Bush policy to cover up their acts.
If taliban or al qaeda come from Pakistan kill US army and then go back, why American and NATO soldier are watching this movie as they do so.

Things are simple if they are coming from Pakistan side then at Afghan border should be properly protected inside Aghanistan to stop this.

Its just dirty Politics!!

Posted by Ahsan | Report as abusive

There are couple of factors peole need to realize. Muslims are taking care of the finatics in their socitey however if Muslims are pressed to “do more” it will only strengthen the extremists in Muslim countries”. If hard liners take over in Muslim countries the most affected will be the moderate Muslims. It must be relaliezed that world’s at least one third population is Muslim, and I would argue that they are even more than 50%. There are 60 Muslim countries where over 90% population is Muslim. Besides there are numerous Muslims in other countries which even are most of the time not taken into consideration e.g. india has over 150 million Muslims, China has several provinces whith dominant Muslim population besides Hui chinies which are also Muslim though they look Chinies esitimates of Muslims in China are somewhere between 100 million to 200 millions. There is a large Muslim presence in European and North America. There are some estimates that Muslims will constitute 40% of Russian Army within 20 years. Getting into head on collusion with such a big number of people on global basis is not a wise thing. Majority of Muslims just want to live peacefully.

The point I am trying to make is that there are simply too many Muslims in the world. My estimate is that currently Muslims constitute over 50% of the world population. The best policy for West will be to learn to start respecting Muslims which they have problem to do. Muslims are too numerous to be eliminated and there is no point in reviving the Crusades. It is very easy to start that supid cycle of centureis of crusade wars which are burried in history.

If PK will be attacked then it will be extemely dangerous situation. Hardliners in Muslim countries will be able to say that “look Pakistan served the Western interst for so long, so faithfully and what happend to them?”. Besides does anybody know that PK has unspecified number of Nuclear weapons? If PK block the only spply route of Nato to Afghanistan then it will be very difficult to contine the war in Afghanistan.

Posted by sherdil | Report as abusive

This is not a war on terror, it’s a war which is making new terrorist. Cynara you are talking abt 9/11 and those 3000 ppl. Well america has killed 300000 ppl in Iraq in Afghanistan, Pakistan etc etc and guess wat they were not terrorist but innocent ppl just like those 3000 in those twin towers. Go read some news which doesnt originates from USA. You will see alot of suffering caused by superior Americans to inferior muslims. I think you find American blood more expensive then a muslim one. You and your mentality, ppl like you who are making terrorists by encouraging these worthless wars.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

btw!! i forgot to mention that ppl killed by Usa in these wars is far more then 300000. So lets say give or take few more “0″.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

if any one is to be blamed for 9/11 event and that has to be USA, usa government has killed 2900 people in their own country to blame muslims its crystal clear if they dont admit today they will in 20 or 30 years time all those who say bad things about pakistan are enemies of pakistan enemy will always point finger at pakistan this is a fact

Posted by khan | Report as abusive

I guess you are sick, are u suffering from hysteria? Go catch some sleep and log out.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

pakistan… as you sow, as you reap.

Posted by tom alter | Report as abusive

i am very impressed with Ali. He somehow knows how many people are killed in wars…how does Ali do this ? With a crystal ball ? Ali give me a future winning lottery ticket number, I want to be rich ! – Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

I wish to thank so many for being polite to me in this chat area…i appreciate that.
Now if you are men of quality you will not allow any more war. Please stop the violence inside Pakistan. Please stop these Muslim fanatics. Numbers of nation who are muslim or people who are Muslim means little if some nations will imprison or kill people who wish to no longer be Muslim…smiles… some of you write well but you think you can sell me the rear end of the Horse/Donkey while your friends walk off with the front part of the animal…It is very amusing to see how you decide that sept 11 2001 is not an act of war… it is very clever for you to tell the Americans to stop the war to kill the planners of 911…it is very funny that you think we in the USA will ever stop being on the doorstep of any nation that aids terrorists who try to hurt or kill Americans, British or Europeans innocent people, I am not tired… but thank you.
I am glad to tell you the American views.

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

get your house in order Pakistan and the USA can go Home…

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

Pakistan is a terrorist state period. Why do we forget terror attacks on Indian embassy in Kabul? Complicity of pakistan army (even its chief Kayani) has been proved beyond doubt. Pakistan govt. and army have been using terrorism to settle political issues with its neighbours like Afghanistan and India. The only solution to this problem is to divide pakistan into four countries (Punjab, Sindh, Baloochistan and NWFP).

Posted by SS | Report as abusive

There is a truth that “we haven’t been facing up to” – the fact that Pakistani Intelligence works with and is allied with the Taleban and Al-Qaeda. That’s why Pakistan has been sheltering them since 9/11.

I’m afraid Pakistan was never really our partner in the war on terror, they were simply using the premise to shake money out of the West.

Posted by Face It | Report as abusive

Cynara I have pity on you. Arent you ashame? i mean your comments are completely sick. You really need to log off and go to sleep. Why do you care about Pakistan so much. You have nothing to do with Pakistan. Are you a Pakistani? certainly NO. Who the F*** are you a B*stard? I guess so.
OK better do a favour. Sorry for my choice of words. Can you please not post on this blog anymore? thanks

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Cynara, you fuckin pretend to be an American, i bet your’e an Indian idiot posting out of a gutter in India(the shithole of the world).

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

You are all kind to me, as kind as you can be at these nasty times… I am grateful.
I will not bother you any more. – Cynara

Posted by Cynara Derr | Report as abusive

If USA Behave like a friend we welcome,if it behave like a enemy we welcome him as enemy.We welcome if USA attack on Pakistan.I hope CIA dont forget to put a report to its president that Pakistan is a Nuke state.Tigers waiting in mountains for enemies.Review your polices Mr.Prisdent.Reality is that USA defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan.I hope who compare iraq and Afghnistan with Pakistan ,need to update their knowledge.Pakistan will be happy if USA bring isreal and india with them as well.NATO are more intelligent that USA.why they are not attacking just think?Nukes waiting for you go head.

Posted by malik | Report as abusive

All’s fair in love and war.


Cynara my friend how do i know the numbers. Well i have sources of news and information other then American media. I suggest u go on some fact finding mission. End of the day root of all problem is USA’s idiotic policies and hawkish minds, the mentality to control everything. Stop being gunslinging cowboys and shoot your way out of every single problem. America created these terrorists, used them abused them and then discarded them. Stop!! these wars, we ppl have no idea what those innocent ppl are goig through. We can make tall claims and try to be well hard behind our computers but we dont know the ground realities. Human life is to precious to be wasted.
P.S do look up on numbers of ppl killed. May be i am wrong i think wrote too few.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

I find it amusing that Pakistan’s intellignce agencies are being ‘credited’ with so many problems, including working ‘against US interests.’

This is funny because:

1. It’s not their job to look out for US interests. It’s their job to serve Pakistan’s national interest. Does the world community denounce the CIA for working against, say, China’s interests?

2. Why make the ISI the bogeyman? The combined forces of NATO have been unable to prevail in Afghanistan (not to mention the mess in Iraq.) Does this mean that NATO forces or CIA or whoever is supporting AL Qaeda or the Taleban? Of course not. This is a difficult, messy war.

In the same way the Pakistan Army has engaged in battle with the militants at great cost to life. It will take more time and a whole lot more support and cooperation from it’s so-called allies before the tide is comclusively turned.

3. If any intelligence agency deserves to be sripped of its power it’s the CIA – they have a rich, long, dishonourable tradition of killing people all over the globe, not to mention torture and ‘rendition,’ all while the land of the brave and free claims the moral high ground in the war on terror. The right to freedom, liberty etc is only inalienable if you’re NOT a Muslim is the obvious conclusion.

Posted by A R Nizami | Report as abusive

Any effort to save Pakistan from destruction would simply protecting Muslim terrorists and their hide ground(Pak).Nothing will work against Muslim Terrorists unless we completely destroy their all production units spread across Pakistan In the form of Mosques and Madrasas.I might have little doubt about how much US and WEST have suffered from Pakistan Terror industry but I’m sure India has suffered the most from Pakistani Muslim Terrorists.
The coward Muslim terristd from Pakistan have killed tens of thousands of innocent Kasmiri hindus and as a result of their terror hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri hindus have left the vally.Now these muslim terrorists have converted kashmir into a Muslim majority vally and talibanisation is on full swing.Now most of the muslim population in kashmir is on the verge to become full fledge terrorist,they are shouting slogans of indipendence from india and Pak jindabad(Live long).This is the real face of
muslim terrorists.
Pakistan has only booming industry Terrorism and only one agenda kill innocent people arround the world cowadly.
World need to eleminate them from scratch.This is not possible until we destroy pakistan inc. its terror factories(Mosques,Madrasas) and teroor exporters(Pak army and ISI).

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Getting a taste of your own medicine eh!

The US had created the Taliban/Mujahideen to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

Please do not make the life of your future Govt. more miserable then what it already is. Are you listening GW.

Posted by Ian Schmidt | Report as abusive

Dear all, here no one should forget that US made these Al quaida and Taliban to beat Soviet forces, who are trying the same what US is doing now, ‘to moderate islamic extremism in afgan sponsered by Pak’. US entered to defeat communism with Islamic radicalism and once they did their job, these extremes are jobless they fought themselves and some tried same method in India and it is still continuing. US and PAK lost control of these terrorists and they are chasing US now. Pak caught between two snakes. It stuck in its own web. US should learn a lesson now, that they should stop preaching others about democracy and world order and order themselves and behave like equal citizens of the world not First among equals.

Posted by Parikshit Suri | Report as abusive











Posted by fathahul rabbani | Report as abusive

posters above reveal tribal instincts from hubristic US, zionist and hindu perspectives. All of you do not see how biased and self-destructive your opinions are in in an atomic age when there is but NO choice to seek common ground and push inter-dependance and internationalism.

What your global readership must note is neither America or the EU has grown a mature civic sense. Most western citizens are only willing to settle a personal score. Even the most well read among us cannot fathom HOW they can get along with those who may harbor the faintest dissent.

Re intervention in Pakistan. Your article fails to note the total absence of rural nation-building and development without which we here in the US cannot advance a parallel militarist posture. It seems we have failed to gain the trust of the Pak security structures by not sharing intelligence. At the highest levels we have failed to build the necessary bridges without which there can be literally no success. Without their help there will be no progress on this front

Posted by CMyers | Report as abusive

enough said one side biased towards Pakistan and Muslims. terrorist exists everywhere only when they are muslim they are shown more! Some Indian cant stay out of this topic that is Afghan Pakistan issue. Its easy to blame Pakistan border areas when non existant Afghan Army with all the help from NATO cant control area out of merely Kabul. Do the Afghan/US control is so great in western and northern broder areas? are these areas also controlled by Taliban entering from Pakistan side? have a reality check. there might be few people hiding on Paksitan border areas, what Afghanistan/US has done to prevent any incursions(if that is the only cause of mission failure)? Here I also want to point out Afghanistan and Pakistan are not same countries, one has strong army, police and establishment and compared to Afghanistan is far more developed. I get your house sorted before blaming only Pakistan. Biggest source of Taliban is Afghanistan, thats not creation of Pakistan/ISI go back a little further the “Mujahideen” created by CIA that now become two organisations 1. Al Qaeda, 2 Taliban. Cleaning this age old mess is not going to happen overnight. Instead of blaming Pakistan a well thought out plan is needed in consultation with Afghanistan and Pakistan, US cant win without that.

Posted by Shakil | Report as abusive

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