India-US celebrate nuclear deal;China, Pakistan ask questions

October 3, 2008

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice  will be in New Delhi this weekend to celebrate a hard-fought nuclear deal that to its critics strikes at the heart of the global non-proliferation regime by allowing India access to nuclear technology despite its refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT)  and give up a weapons programme.

China and Pakistan are not amused although both stepped aside as they watched an unstoppable Bush administration push the deal through the International Atomic Energy Agency and then the Nuclear Suppliers Group in one of its few foreign policy successes.


A commentary in the state-controlled Beijing Review says Pakistan has reason to worry about the deal and recalls a statement put out by the Pakistan Army last month that warned of negative implications for strategic stability in South Asia. It would have been better if the United States had considered a package approach for both India and Pakistan, which conducted its first nuclear weapon tests two weeks after India, the magazine said, quoting the Pakistan Army statement.

China’s own stand, it said, was that all countries are entitled to make peaceful use of nuclear energy and that bodies like the NSG must address the aspirations of all parties. But it described the India-U.S. deal as a turning point which in the long run would have have a profound impact on international non-proliferation efforts. 

“Countries on the nuclear threshold might be tempted by the potential rewards of the Indian approach and pursue their nuclear weapon programs with renewed vigor,” it said. “This new perspective might also affect negotiations over the North Korean and Iranian nuclear issues. ”

Within hours of the U.S. Congress clearing the deal by an overwhelming vote, Pakistan’s prime minister was demanding a similar agreement for his country

“Pakistan will also now make efforts for a civil nuclear (deal) and they will have to accommodate us,” Yousaf Raza Gilani said.

Anti-nuclear arms protest in Mumbaii

And I could’t help thinking about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s oft-repeated  remark way back in the 1960s that Pakistan would eat grass  if it had to in order to fund its own nuclear weapons should India go nuclear. 

And that’s the way it turned out eventually with the foes developing nuclear weapons programmes that ended in the tests of 1998 that shook the world. 

So is Pakistan in a position to embark on a similar project to develop its nuclear capabilities now that it sees its core national interests are again at threat from a nuclear India, backed ironically by its ally the United States?

Pakistan, says former foreign secretary Tanvir Ahmed Khan, needs a coherent strategy and maintaining a credible nuclear deterrent will clearly be a part of it especially if New Delhi now proceeds to build an oversized nuclear arsenal.

And is America’s new nuclear partnership with India going to add another complication to an already difficult engagement with Pakistan? Or will Pakistan, given the multiple pressures it faces, have to live this time with an India that has just won a seat on the nuclear high table ? 


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What the heck ?? with what face can China and pakistan question the Indo-US nuke deal ?? Even if Iran and North Korea has a nuclear bomb made with secret smugling of Nuke bomb tech from pakistan’s A.Q khan, why is freakin china supplying missile technology capable of carrying nuke warheads to these countries ?? How can a irresponsible status less culprit countries like china and Pakistan question anybody ??

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India is a vibrant democracy with a record of self restraint in transfer of Nuclear and other technology. India too has never invaded its neighbors. We vote and vote out parties. That is not the case with neighbors to the north west or the north easy.Military dictatorship and hard line communist leadership is the norm. India is surrounded by a fire ring of adversarial countries.
India has the nuclear weapon capability. It needs civial niclear technology. I cannot see an issue if India had a few more nuclear heads than the current estimated 150.
Pakistan is a ship without a rudder or a captain and a mutinous crew. they should worry about their severe challenges at hand. They are being Talibanized and a terrorized Pakistan is not good for the neighborhood, especially India and the world.

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China and Pakistan questioning this deal is like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson questioning someone else’s parenting abilities.

If there is a list of nuclear rogues, Pakistan and China would be numbers 1 and 2.

They can lump it.

Posted by Darshan | Report as abusive

I agree hole heartily will all the comments so far. You guys hit the head on the nail!

Posted by James IV | Report as abusive

I afraid that the door opening to nuclear proliferation is wider now, and dealings with North Korea and Iran on nuclear issues would be more difficult. A set back to world nuclear non-proliferation.

Posted by Nina S | Report as abusive

Most Indians don’t care about Pakistan, except to the extent the Islamic nation encourages terrorism within our democracy. China is wary, and rightly so, because any authoritarian, communist gerontocracy that pays lip service to basic freedoms and human rights will be concerned by two powerful, responsible, and vibrant democracies aligning themselves together. India must recognize who its friends are, and must pledge closer ties with the US, UK, France/Germany and other members of the EU, Russia (our long standing reliable ally of 50 years), and of course Israel. While we must be pragmatic and recognize the economic and business realities behind the India-US Nuclear Agreement, India and Indians must also remember we are surrounded by hostile and/or undemocratic and unpredictable nations such as Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Burma, and now Moaist Nepal. We need the US as our ally, both economic and military.

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All the comments so far have come from mindless morons. This US-India deal is another irresponsible act by the US.

Providing India, a country which refuses to sign the NPT and which threatens its neighbours with Nuclear war, with access to Nuclear technology is bang out of order. It is hard evidence that the International Atomic Agency is an organisation that exists solely to advance the interests of the US. This while Bush rants on about North Korea and Iran.

Both India and the US should be disarmed as they are clearly aggressive and oppressive states that stand in the way of world peace and security. Each with long records of Civil and Human rights violations.

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Why don’t you people stop being so short sighted and playing the ‘better dead than red’ card (so cold war) and think a little deeper into the situation.

The concern is of the fallout (no pun intended) from the US-India deal and the impact it will have on all the other nations around the world seeking or extending their nuclear energy or weapons.

The internationally agreed nuclear rules are there for a purpose and if they are going to be ignored for purely political and economic reasons than it opens the floodgates for any other nation to pursue their own agenda. If it’s OK for the US and India to ignore or manipulate the accepted agreed rules than why shouldn’t any other country also ignore or manipulate those rules, now that a precedent has been set.

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The NPT itself is a bigoted treaty which the nuclear haves bullied the have-nots into accepting. India earlier had the principle of getting global disarmament, but since we all know how that worked out, it had to get into the nuclear high-table. Any self respecting country must do the same.
NPT should be disbanded and a global consensus must be developed where all countries are the same and no one has a veto or any other special rights.
It is easy for “left leaning nuclear ayatollahs” sitting in the developed world talking about new members of the nuclear club where at the same time being completely impotent to effect any change in their own countries.

Congratulations to India and US for at least getting the 2 democracies together.

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In spite of all of Pakistan’s major problems and India’s well-known skepticism of Pakistanis’ competence, it has been demonstrated time and again that Pakistan will do whatever it has to do to maintain a semblance of basic defensive parity with India. By all accounts, Indians were surprised by Pakistan’s tit-for-tat nuclear tests within weeks after India did so in 1998. Again, on the delivery front, Pakistan surprised India a and the world by having not one but two missile programs and followed that up with demonstration of cruise missile capability and deployment. So, once again, it would be a folly if India and the world underestimate Pakistan’s resolve.

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Mind your language here. And whatever you have said was highly inaccurate. India has fought 4 wars with Pakistan; in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Apart from the 1971 war, all of these wars was triggered by Pakistan. And India started the 1971 war because of the humanitarian crisis in erstwhile East Pakistan. If India was really an aggressor and an expansionist state, it would not have signed the Tashkent Declaration in 1965 even though it had an advantage over Pakistan.

And talking about the IAEA advancing US agenda, the deal was backed by many other nations too including Russia, Germany, France, UK and Australia. There was no major power which openly opposed this nuclear deal. So, you comment is a clear manipulation of facts to promote your agenda.

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First of all, the Chinese want to hyphenate India and Pakistan together. Having failed in the effort (Pakistan-Afghanista is the in thing now), they are out to bring back the hyphenation.

Giving Pakis the nuclear keys is the worst thing that can happen. Pakis and the Chinese have already proliferated nuclear technology to some of the most repressive regimes….. Need one say more?

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[…] Source: Reuters […]

Posted by India-US celebrate nuclear deal;China, Pakistan ask questions – | Report as abusive

Aaron Smith :

Humanitarian crisis?? hindus killing cristians in the east and hindus killing muslims in the west, I wonder what you would call that?

Posted by Ammar | Report as abusive

I’m surprised by the post of Ray! These non-proliferation warriors looked the other way when China gave the bomb to Pak in 1999, the AQ Khan story giving tech to Iran. They welcome N-bombs in fanatic (Pak) or totalitarian and tyrranical regime like China! These warriors are like zombies shouting obviously wrong and inaccurate slogans all the time to advance their own agenda to the detriment of all civilized nations. They NEED to do it to merely exist.

Posted by Kamal | Report as abusive

pakistan, once part of INDIA
its very sad that happned in past as well as happening now still the comman man in India try to percive the image of pak as a good neighbour, but because of these media and ploiticans had made mess out of it.

i don’t know what others opinion about this…?

Just pointing to others will not solve the individual problem, still what pak is doing is wrong and thats because of china!,,(where did this came from?) we should never trust china they have already stabbed with a knife when we offered friendship with them..

they are claiming the INDIAN PART (Sikkim) as their country what the hell is this…In ancient epics sikkim has been mentioned as Indrakil (Indrakil pravat) as described in Mahabharath shame on them…

And pak claiming kashmir belonged to them…
and i want to share..
An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly that made the world community smile.

A representative from India began: ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Rishi Kashyap of Kashmir, after whom Kashmir is named.

When he struck a rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath.’

He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water.

When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Pakistani had stolen them.’

The Pakistani representative jumped up furiously and shouted, ‘What are you talking about? The Pakistanis weren’t there then.’

The Indian representative smiled and said, ‘And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.’

And they say Kashmir belongs to them……………………………… ………..

and also there is one fact:
Kashmir is an Indian name. Its name is derived from the Nilata Purana (An ancient Indian text) which describes the valley’s origin which describes the Kashmir’s valley’s origin as a land that was obtained from water. ‘Ka’ literally means water and ‘shimir’ is translated as ‘desiccated water’. Therefore Kashmir literally means ‘a land that has been desiccated by water’.

Kashmir is a scenic portion of the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Its natural beauty and its abundance of splendid flora and fauna make it one of the most beautiful destinations of the world.


Posted by chetan | Report as abusive

Actually India is a poor and distabalized counry.where fanatics and some hardliner hindus grow freely, to kill innocent cristian and tomulsims.No one asks them for their contribution.we have seen some documentries india is far more poor than pakistan.Poeple sleeps on the roads even on some major cities. At least this dealshuld not be given to indians because they can pose threat for innocent neighboring countries.No doubt they cant see towards china or pakistan. Beacuase they are far more advance in technology than indians.You can see pakistani weapons export to east europeans /arabians/srilankans and africans, and indians rely on russian and Israelians. which are the champion in human voilation in the world.
I have seen documentries about pakistan and india both so i think pakistan deserved the deal.beacaus ethey are advance in technology than pakistan even in kargil war they showed thir power to 4 times bigger india.
i am not supporting any country i believe literally America want to prepare poor india, for big fight with china on which india will get severe pain.
This is called international politics.what is happening now.Please i need reply from some literate not from uneducated poepl who dont know politics.

Posted by James/London | Report as abusive

I agree i visited Pakistan one, its a lovely beautiful advance country,They have good friendly people who love brits.They are very sociable and friendly.But i have seens indias always thinks they are 3rd bigger army they arepowerfull if so than why Pakistan Taught lessons to india where 4 time more causalities than Pakistan It means Pakis are better than Indis,
You are right james i have also seen on TV that world bigger human right voilation is been happening in India,innocent kilings Cristians and Muslim,Eventhough its a state where one Gujrati Teared the abdomen of a women ,took out unborn child and burnt it, (Last Gujrat Riots)What the hell is it.Plus some of my indians freinds told me that our leaders start voilence among minories for their vote-bank(Gujrat specially).I have international reports about working womens rapes,assault,torture,racism (biggest racist country, which run from their hindu religion that do not touch these people and like that)Honor killing,and every nagetive element lies in india, i believe everyone know but instead a deal means future preparation for big fight with china or pakistan (More powerful states according to inernational statics).India should think for 2010+ era politics.I believe pakistan is good and advance country where media freedom is very good.They need international cooperation for fight against Taliban an Afgani mess of the world.
India is a similar friend which one iraq(sadam was).
Which afganistan(Taliban) was.
I study Internatonal politics in Essex University and i see more wars in future.
Regarding Pakistan they are suffering from problem of corrupt Goverments in last few years. But i see people have more better future in south asia than any other after china.No doubt they are worlds 7th best combat power.i see their SatNav on roads Technology like EU,Free Media,Freedom of speech, and flexible advance people. it can be a shining state if they get rid of Alqaida
and taliban on tribal areas (Afgahni mess on earth)

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India needs to clarify and fully back it up what it really wants: Needs of nuclear energy is unchallenged but the open option of developing more nuclear arms is not. If intentions of increased energy availability is the goal, then it would make sense to sign NPT and clear the cobwebs.
Otherwise, India should not engage itself in another trust
breaking episode down the line.

Posted by kanwal chopra | Report as abusive

James IV the ‘hole hearted’
we’ve hit the ‘nail in the coffin’.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Nonproliferation zealots are misguided fools like those who appeased Hitler. They turn a blind eye to the 1945 era status quo, hypocrisy of the NPT which India rightly ignores and the brazen proliferation by the Chinese dictatorship which occupies Tibet, Turkestan, Aksai Chin and holds false claims against the territory of most of its neighbours and Taiwan.China cynically uses Pak to destabilize India. Just this week Aljazeera led with a story about Pakistan begging for Aid as it Forex reserves were running out. Whatever the faults of the USA, India’s interest lies in aligning itself with the liberal societies of the West (USA and EU) and with our Russian friends to keep in check the far worse, semi-barbarous forces surrounding us.

Posted by Sutapas Bhattacharya | Report as abusive

it is shocking to read such biased reviews, india has a worrying track record in dealing with religious minorities (muslims, christians and sikhs) and against its neighbours. As far as china is concerned, they have every reason to fear a nuclear india on their border. Considering china is bailing out the states in the financial crisis, it is high time they call the shots. Isn’t that what the west has done in the past?

Posted by s.van slobbe | Report as abusive

Christian inquistionist clandestinely working hand in gloves with the Maoist in the East & Muslim terrorists blasting bombs & murdering innocents all over India, wonder what YOU have to say about this? God sent rights?(sic)

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Indo-US nuclear deal is significant in terms of new global power alignment.Its clear shift(towards India) of US strategic policies in recent years.This pact would re-emphasize that India is a responsible Nuclear power .Its also a clear messege some countries like pakistan,china syria etc. ” Be careful when next time you smuggle nuclear weapons and technology”.
Faceless China and Doubled faced Pakistan crying hard becoz their smuggling regime is about to collapse.These guys were seriously involved in smuggling nuclear technologies throughout the globe.China is not only responsible for equipping a terrorist state(Pakistan) with nuclear arms but they have targeted dozens of other countries as client.there is no doubt if these SHAMELESS countries would try to initiate a pact like Indo-US nuclear deal.
They are real threat to the world peace and now the real challenge for world community is to UNMASK these countries.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Aaron Smith – Don’t you even dare to tell me what to say. If you can’t stand the heat and accept the facts then get out of the kitchen! Just because you have different views to mine doesn’t mean that my views are, as you put it, “highly inaccurate”. You are a fool to even think that way. The world doesn’t revolve around, nor agree to, your thoughts and opinions mate! With regards to you second comment about India – tell me Mr. Intelligent, if you have a humanitarian crises do you go and start and war? Is that the solution? Grow up! There is no excuse to start any war, ever! And the fact that you admit that India began that war only reinforces what I said earlier.

Kamal – please refrain from stereotyping. You don’t know anything about me so it is wrong for you to call me, or anyone else for that matter, a “non-proliferation warrior”. What agenda are you referring to? Oh really, please stop trolling and stick to the topic at hand. Who are you to call Pakistan can China fanatical states? Do you actually have anything useful comments to share or do you just love drowning in your weird imagination?

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

PAKISTAN, once part of INDIA
No Sir
get the record strait INDIA was Part of PAKISTAN for 800 hundred years

Posted by Iftikhar | Report as abusive

While I agree with all comments that see this deal as positive I am wary about the US motives for such a move; India must not become dependent or indeed subservient to the US.
India is a democracy and as such is bureaucratic and moves and reacts like a lumbering Elephant; India has been the victim of past aggressions mostly by Pak but also by China; India in the end needs this deal as it is surrounded by prowling hyenas’ desperate to scavenge it’s riches and potential.
This deal buys India time, its economy and technology base are increasing exponentially; while Pak scavenges, steals and begs for its technology while its economy fails.; lets not forget that during the Bangladesh war Pak committed genocide it was India the came to the rescue of the oppressed Bangladesh’s.
It’s time for the Elephant to become more assertive and protect Freedom and Democracy for all.

Posted by Aryan | Report as abusive

No one must doubt the will of Pakistanis to counter any Indian achievement which may endanger Pakistan’s survival, no matter what the cost may be. There is no shame in “Die Trying”. But the long sought out death of Pakistan may very well give birth to the Nuclear Power to Al-Quaeda/Taliban which could bring down a lot of Taboos to Kaboose. So lets not forget that the “Size doesnt Matter”. OK.

Posted by N. Junaid | Report as abusive

To start, I am a Pakistan-born American. Objective of US-Indian nuclear deal is to facilitate India to have nuclear power plants to meet their electricity needs for home use and economic growth. As US is so concerned about India’s future ‘economic’ growth, ignoring the basic needs of Pakistan is disturbing. Pakistan is in more dire need of electric power as they have nationwide 6-8 hours/day black-outs lacking electrical power.
Politically speaking, 9/11 caused the deaths of 3000 people, but US created ‘war-on-terror’ has had over 5000 US sons killed along with half a million sons & fathers of other nationalities who are created by the same God. We are the only nation that have used Atomic bombs to kill, and have provoked and attacked other nations in the name of democracy, because we have the military muscle to impose our will for political and economical (oil) control of the world. War’s are result of diplomatic failures. SO have we failed diplomatically to unilaterally declare 1/3rd of world as our enemy? lets not forget Al-Qaida and Taliban are 2nd generation mujaheedins who faught our war against soviets, to economically weaken them to a state that caused it’s breakup. Is the war on terror economically weakening us internally in US, that $700B looks like a band-aid. I think it is time concentrate on diplomacy and talk to people we unilaterally call enemies so they can come into main stream of politics in every country where we somehow have direct or indirect hand in the conflicts ranging from Palestine, Kashmir, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venzeula just to name a few. US moto should not be “War on terror” but “Live and let live”.

Posted by Tariq J Qureshi | Report as abusive

I agree Iftikhar . There was a “Paku” River flowing from Himalayas to the west and the civilization on its banks was called Pakis Vally Civilization. It was there for thousands of years. And after independence from Britain, a small portion of Pakistan was splitted and given to non muslims. its name is India. Thanks for the info..

Also for James/London and Tery, I beg to disagree. You may have watched some documentaries. But most of those documentaries that are coming through BBC and Discovery channel are more than 5 to 10 years old. You cant measure the developments in a nation just by watching that. It is true and shameful that some communal violence is happening in India in the Tribal district of Orissa. But that doesnt relate anywhere to development or freedom of press. If you live till 2030, you can see that India is in top 3 positions in GDP, Space technology, Military strength etc.

Posted by JK | Report as abusive

To hell with pakistan and China. Who cares with these irresponsible nuclear profileration countries. World should try taking out nuclear arsenal from Pakistan and its main supplier China as well. Idiots who argue for India style N deal for Pak lost their minds. If Pak gets the same N deal then the entire world is doomed. Pak can do anything with the rest of the world to milk money starting from releasing small N materials to Jihadis etc. as it is evident from their controlled terrorist activities – Catch and give few terrorists to US for a few hundred millions and then scare western nations by releasing more trained terrorists to the field so to further milk money from western nations. Pak and their supporters should understand that the terror menace they support for strategic and monetory reasons will completely engulf them, actually engulfing them now.

Posted by AK | Report as abusive

US-Indian nuclear deal as said earlier is to create electricity producing resource for growth of Indian economy. Electric energy is basic input for any product or service. It is in the interest and safe guard of US that other countries should also become economically independent for this basic resource so that bilateral trade of goods that they need and we here in US need can happan. So, US can create a new market for US nuclear plants by signing agreements with other nations before France does using US-Indian deal as the base model to further their trade.
Intrestingly, we have imposed more embargo’s on other nations only to hurt our business interests, as others fill the void and develop the markets. Just look at telecom alone, auto, aircraft and medical fields!
US politically blocked the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline deal through this nuclear deal. We have economically hurt not just Iran, but Pakistan and India who we call friends selectively! The pipeline was to be the conduit to transport gas resource from Iran to China, and was to interconnect central asian states oil and gas pipelines from central asia to warm water Indian ocean port of Gawadar (Pakistan)for delivery to the rest of the world. So we really have blocked economic growth of 8-10 nations.
It is time we revise our political and economic strategy?

Posted by Tariq J Qureshi | Report as abusive

Not only did India liberate the Bangladeshi Muslims from the genocidal, mass gang-raping state terrorism of the Punjabi Muslim dominated West pakistan, the Mohammedans overlook the cynicism of their Chinese backers who tested all their N-bombs far from Han areas in the occupied Muslim Uighur territories. Radiation-induced birth defects amongst the Muslims in these Chinese-occupied regions are rife but, as with most of the truth in China, hushed up and protestors brutally repressed. So much for Mohammedan unity and solidarity. Look also at sectarianism tearing apart Pakistan!

Posted by Sutapas Bhattacharya | Report as abusive

Pakistan is a notorious Muslim terrorists state,failed to control all of its trained coward terrorists and terror factories(Madrasas and mosques).As it is proved that this terrorists country has aquired nuclear weapons by Chineese proliferation Treaty(CPT).World is under threat from this muslim terrorists country.It is evident that ISI is helping Taliban by all means to organise terror plots, like bombings on Indian embassy in kabul.
World should act as soon as possible to take control of pakistan .This muslim terrorists ruled country need international presence to eliminate terror factories(Mosques & Madrasas) and organisations(ISI,Army).
One should not forget that Chineese are working hard for CPT with Pak or pak like terror countries.

“War on terror” must replaced as” War on Pakistan” in order to bring ultimate peace and stability in the world.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive


Right, so India started one war and Pakistan three. So, do the math. Fact remains, that India didn’t start the 1971 war with an expansionist mindset. Had India actually occupied East Pakistan you could have rightly called it an expansionist state. Another point, during the 1971 war, it was Pakistan which triggered war on the western front (Battle of Longewala) but as soon as East Pakistan was liberated, India ended combat operations even though they could have easily carried on with the war on the Western front. And though you keep pointing at 1971 war, tell me about 1965 war (Operation Gibralter) and 1999 war (Kargil infiltration). Those wars were started by Pakistan with an intention to occupy land and India started the 1971 war with an intention to end one of the worst genocide in the history of South Asia.

And those who talk about Hindu-Christian clashes in India, let me put forward some statistics:

* About 50 Christians were killed in these clashes. If some say this is an underestimate, let us assume that 100 Christians were killed and about 10,000 more were affected. That is still less than .00004% of Christians in India.

* Let us assume that about 1,000 Hindus were involved in these attacks. And there are more than 840,000,000 Hindus in India. So.. those who are bashing Hinduism, do the math.

To end, a few bad fish make the whole pond dirty. But making general remarks on the whole of India because of these isolated clashes beats common-sense and only serves anti-India propaganda.

Posted by Aaron Smith | Report as abusive

Just as a counter argument to China’s nuclear tests, where did democratic France & UK with their super high ideals conduct their nuclear tests?

No one is saying China is perfect or right, but let’s balance the argument out as France & the UK conducterd their tests on colonised lands, in Australia for example in the UK’s instance.

There was fallout from the French and UK tests too and many secrets are kept in the name of national security about those tests too.

On another note Pakistan is also an ally of the US (for now). The US said so itself, so there’s no disputing that.

There are many attacks on China, probably justified in some instances, but it always amazes me how some people are so narrow minded and only selectively remember or point out China demonizing facts. Western nations are guilty of so many atrocities and acts of double standards and acts of self interest around the planet in the past, present and most likely future, African slavery being a prime example.

Chins isn’t perfect but neither is the West or its allies, far from it!

Posted by Voodo | Report as abusive

US-India nuke deal is the worst thing happened lately that’s next to 5 bombings in one city. You Indians should know that US is just using you to counter China NOT that they are giving you a favor and also to give business to US companies that build nuke plant. That’s $27 billion, right?
Note that US is very far from India , China and Pakistan so one day with US feeding and brainwashing the minds of Indians they don’t care if one day the 3 countries shoot each other with nuclear head missiles. It’s supposed to be that Ind,Chi and Pak must cooperate and respect each other.Did you ever hear that from US that we should cooperate and refrain from starting war? NO. Why would they care, they are far and because of selfishness.. We are supposed to be cooperating AGAINST U.S interference in the region not that one country is kissing U.S ass and at the same time fighting with its neighbor. History tells that USA DOES NOT conduct any business that does not benefit them only, first and foremost.When they do business there’s always string attach not today maybe tomorrow that you can’t refuse. Mark my word.
What’s happening is U.S is so scared and felt threatened by China’s rise and the idea that China might take their place the the richest country which is just not acceptable to US because of pride.

India, don’t ever think US,EU or Russia like you.They are in fact so critical of your democracy which they call foolish.But it’s all about diplomacy.

The West even think that India is so envious and threatened by China’s rise as well that will explain why India developed close relationship with U.S that didn’t happen before as you are closer to Russia. For its part, US is taking advantage but honestly China I bet is laughing. Psychological war they would say is effective as it strain the countries of its money.

So, with this nuke deal with India, I think US should play fair by giving the same deal with Pak. Pak gave US favor by opening it’s military base for US airstrike of Afghan.
I would agree then that since US brokered India nuke program, everybody has the right to nuke program including Iran and North Korea.It’s only with US that the two are hostile otherwise they are friendly with the rest. Venezuela with Russia’s help will build nuke facility.There are several nuke facility in US.
If only USA give peace a chance…..
Good luck all

Posted by wwowee | Report as abusive

Pakistan all along with China’s help wanted and still wants(even though in death bed) to destabilize India by developing clandestine nuclear capability aided and abbetted by China. It opened hatred breeding Madrasas and gave a free reign to ISI and Al Qaida. Now look what it is going through. It has lost it’s sovereignty to its erstwhile ally U.S which is now giving scant regard to Pak as a nation and is launching attacks on militants from its own soil and Pak can just watch. What a failed state!
To even think of it being equated to India for Nuclear power is nonsense.
Pakistan Reared a snake(Al Qaida,ISI,etc) in the hope of destabilsing India. Looks like the snake is going to destablize itself instead.

Posted by Iqbal Mir | Report as abusive

Many of u are right while saying its the balancing act by US to counter China. But so what. Why not take advantage from it? If US wants to control China by promoting its interests with India and India also getting benefitted then WHY NOT.

Posted by RK | Report as abusive

Indo-US nuclear deal has greatly increased Pakistan’s geo-strategic importance. Pakistan is now in a better position to demand a similar nuclear deal from the US. Yet Pakistan can sought the civilian nuclear deal with China. China is Pakistan’s time-tested and very strong ally, China will be tempted to strengthen Pakistan’s nuclear capability to help Pakistan stand upto India. Just same like US is supporting India to stand up against China. Pakistan is a strong and united country, Indo-US nuclear deal is not a matter of concern to Pakistan.

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I agree Umair that China MAY come in picture helping Pak for Nuclear deal .But I have serious doubts on that…About Pak being strong and united country….its all a false self consoltaion.Actually its becoming a failed state or already a failed state where no one wants to invest or see any oppurtunity for growth. Govt. do have any control over military and various regions of the country.Its really a scary picture.All is a result of narrow India bashing and US thought foreign policy. Sad .

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This world needs peace! Why are there so many weapon and technology transfer right before the election? Bush and his party fears of losing the election? Oh, no! If Bush is brave and really that righteous, he should wait and let the next US president to decide. Why so hurry? I think many people can observe the fact that the US likes to use one country or one organization to act against another one and take advantages from these dirty tricks! e.g. sell Taiwan and Japan weapons to act against China. e.g. give India nuclear technology and let it act against Pakistan. However, those countries will have a clear mind one day! They will discover that they are tricked into wars and hatred and serious losses. They will join together one day to come to USA for compensation! USA will go bankrupt immediately at that time! If there is not enough money, being nuked can be a result! Horrible! USA is doing horrible things! It is like 9-11! So called terrorists come to ask USA for compensation! Horrible!

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Pakistan is a failed and terrorist state.Their government doesn’t have any control to the terrorists.Some porion ruling by terrorists.So it is dangerousto give any technology to Pakistan

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I agree that US is trying to promote war. After all, they need to find some place to sell the weapons they have developed. Today i read a news about US selling $6.5Bn worth military equipments to Taiwan. They don’t even care about what the sh*t happens in Asia. All they want to do is to sell their arms to a country.

If Pakistan wants to be a power in the region, it should act like one. It should implement a democracy first, should be able to control all its military and secret service divisions, should be able to properly control and govern the north western tribal regions and should stop making issues in Kashmir just to cover up their internal issues. You don’t have to worry about how India is caring about its citizens. India is a democracy (unlike its neighbors), and knows very well to take care of its citizens.

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Civil nuclear program is a safe and its a useful resources for india and it should be given to All countries and should be monitored by UN .

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh just got a weapon “A CAMOUFLAGE NUCLEAR DEAL” to distract the public from the fallout of his Government. Some Congressmen bluffs India Remain poorest country since independence because we didn’t have this nuclear deal!!! and it will solve the entire problem we are facing!!!! While some other Madam loyalists bluffs “NUCLEAR DEAL will bring down INFLATION!!!!” What an economics!! Surely that finding should be awarded at the earliest atleast in the coming parliament election. It is 60 years since independence, certain political parties in India still believe as long as India remains illiterate they can SOW and HARVEST. In the coming election the SEED IS THIS MIX OF CAMOUFLAGE NUCLEAR DEAL AND THE LIFE LINE MANTRA -MINORITY APPEASEMENT POLITICS!!!

In the midst of all these drama innocent lives are being lost everyday in intermittent bomb blasts across the country. Terrorists are striking at their own convenience. Terrorists are on the streets waging a war against common men. But the Pseudo secularists, newly discovered double speaking intellectuals, lunatic politicians and politically biased Indian media always come to the conclusion that they are not terrorists but they are forced to do this because of the minority oppression by the so called “Majority Hindus”.

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Ray is a bong commie, no prize for guessing…

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The Ino-US nuclear deal is a “Civil Nuclear Programme”, which shall ‘mainly’ be catered by France’s “Light water Nuclear Technology” for the purpose of decreasing green house gas emmisions & generating electricity only & not some ‘Heavy Bomb Tech” , kindly get your facts right!

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Indo-Us nuclear deal is a civilian deal. India has sufficient bombs to to destroy world (if attacked). How many more bombs we need? None.

This deal has more political impact than business or military. India is not run by one person or a party. Therefore to dictate or use it as proxy is almost impossible. Indians still have to work hard to be at par with other mainstream countries. We should ignore comments from pakistan or china and continue our progressive march. They will listen to India soon.

Anybody who helps India to become stronger is our friend. Be is US or China.

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To those who think India has a worrisome track record on human rights.
Yes India has been hit by riots, but tell me which country doesn’t face hate crime?

Yes its a shame it has happened, but in a country of more than 1 billion even if .001% people engage in hate crimes it comes to more than 10 thousand people. And the number of people engaged in such activities are extremely low. So the percentage will be even lesser.

And the riots are condemned not only in the world press, it has absolutely no support in India either. Also, please don’t turn a blind eye to the proselytizing activities of the Christian missionaries and some of the violent activities of Muslims. If these activities stop then Indians have been the most peaceful of all communities. And to put the record straight, India never had communal violence before the advent of Islam and Christianity. The Jews came to India in 500 BC and have never been persecuted, no other country can claim that. The same holds true for Zoroastrians (Parsis) also. Apart from that Buddhism and Jainism have existed peacefully with Hinduism in India. We have never had violent wars or crusades.

And to open your eyes further, the riots in Gujarat were triggered when a train ferrying Hindus from the holy city of Ayodhya was set ablaze by Muslims (This has been proven by an inquiry report). And the riots on Christians happened after one christian priest published inflammatory books on Hindu gods calling them gods of darkness. (This was accepted by Archbishop of India in an interview on CNN-IBN)
Can anyone justify that? And of course when riots happen a larger portion of minorities will suffer due to sheer larger presence of the majority.

If people respect each other and each others customs then these riots will not happen.

India has the second largest Muslim population in the world and a decent number of Christians too, which other country can claim to have that? And except for stray incidents they have had a pretty good life so far. Which other country pays for its minority citizens to go and visit their holy sites abroad? And to think of it the majority don’t get government help to visit their holy sites.

If anyone disputes the facts, then please do a search. Wikipedia will be a nice place to start with.

Now more importantly..
Which country can claim to have had a President or Prime Minister being from a minority?
We have a Sikh Prime Minister. We have had a Muslim President. And We have a woman heading one of the largest political parties in the country and incidently, she happens to be a Christian.
Now my dear world readers, this is called Secularism in the truest sense.

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“Anybody who helps India to become stronger is our friend. Be is US or China.”
Manjeet, I agree with you sir. Well said it.

I want to add one more point. The life of a Christian or Muslim in India is far better than the life of a Hindu in Pakistan. ( Dont know they exist now. There were Hindus in Pakistan at the time of partition.)

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Religions are threat of Humanity.Religion pollute human mind.Just imagine a person as a suicide bomb kill innocent people around and himself.
Terrorism kills many people around the world.Unfortunately most of the terrorists are muslims.See what happening in Pakistan they aided terrorists.Now terrorists burning their capital.It is double edged sword.Mr.Zardari realized the truth.In interview with WSJ he calls Kshmir militans “terrorists”.While Mushraff called them Freedom Fighters.May be Zardari can eliminate muslim terrorists from his country?

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“The life of a Christian or Muslim in India is far better than the life of a Hindu in Pakistan”
You are not supposed to say this without any proof, have u seen some hindu being raped, or burned on media? (like some minor in India, and I have seen it)
Grow up! saying things like that just because u don’t like Pakistan doesn’t make any sense.

As far as Nuke deal is concerned, Such deals between India and countries like US, Russia or Israel haven’t been any problem for Pakistan, Pakistan can get the balancing package from China anytime, and its been proved several times.

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Aatif, Look at these proofs..
“In August 1947, at the end of British Raj, the population percentage of Hindus in what is today in Pakistan was perhaps as high as 15-20%, but would drop to its current total of less than 2% in the years since independence. According to the 1998 Pakistan Census, caste Hindus constitute about 1.6 percent of the total population of Pakistan and about 6.6% in province of Sindh. The Pakistan Census separates Schedule Castes from the main body of Hindus who make up a further 0.25% of national population”.
Also, read this
“The increasing Islamisation of Pakistan and antagonism against a majority Hindu India has forced many Hindus to leave Hinduism and convert to other faiths such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam[citation needed]. Such Islamisation include the blasphemy laws, which make it dangerous for religious minorities to express themselves freely and engage freely in religious and cultural activities. The promulgation of Sharia, Quranic law has also increased the marginalization of Hindus and other minorities. Following the destruction in 1992 of the Babri Mosque in India, riots and persecution of Hindus in retaliation has only increased; Hindus in Pakistan are routinely affected by communal incidents in India and violent developments on the Kashmir conflict between the two nations. It remains the hope of many that a permanent peace between the two nations will go a long way in making life better for the roughly 3 million Hindus living in Pakistan. The 1998 census recorded 2,443,614 Hindus in Pakistan.”

This is from wikipedia. _Pakistan

And regarding india, when we got independence in 1947, Muslims were 5% of the total population and according to the 2001 census, they are more than 25%.

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The point that should Pakistan get the same deal as India got? Well, there’s a democratic government installed now. It has to prove itself that all terrorists are driven out and it’s economy and relations with it’s neighbors are all on the smooth run. It’s already a nuclear country so instead of getting the nuclear deal from the backdoor let it have the same but when things improve. How about setting a time frame for this to happen? A decade.

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[…] India-US celebrate nuclear deal;China, Pakistan ask questions Posted by: Sanjeev Miglani […]

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This article is for those who complain/critisize India for human rights violations against minority.

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To all the readers here. This blog is a Pakistan centric blog. There is another blog which is India centric. Just go there and you will see the difference. While in here, whatever happens in Pakistan, India is dragged along. India has a nuclear deal Pakistan also wants one and so on. In the India centric blog… well rarely is Pakistan mentioned. We are not worried about what Pakistan has. For so long Pakistan has been getting F-16s from US.
Those who think India is poor and unstable. Yes India has a large population which lives in Poverty but it has been coming down over the years. And my dear fellows, you will read about BRIC countries. The upcoming major economies, have you heard Pakistan amongst them?
India has a very stable economy and even in these hard times, the economy has been doing reasonably well. As for government, anyone heard of a dictator from India. And what the crap about Paku river.. its hilarious.. whoever imagined that. Check it out my dear the river was called Sindhu in Sanskrit. Since the Persians didn’t have a cognate word, so for them it became Hindu and when Greeks came via Persia, they called it Indus the river which gives India its name. Indus flows largely in Pakistan so Pakistan was once a part of India. Why am I even explaining this?
Anyways, i just want to say that having a different view point is perfectly fine. But please base your views on known facts and please check the facts before showing the world your ignorance.
Its alright if u feel India-US nuclear deal is a blow non-proliferation groups. It may be some people’s views.
I might beg to differ. I would say, why should a few countries be allowed to have nuclear weapons while others are not allowed to?

Why should even US have a nuclear weapon? Destroy them all. And if some countries can have it so can each and every other country. Yes, including Iran. Just like you and I have a different point of view. Similarly Iran may have a different point of view. That doesn’t mean they will start bombing Israel or US. They can’t because they know what will follow such an act will be devastating for them. Democracy calls for rights for everyone. In US most states allow people to own guns. Do the laws there say that a person of such and such view only will be allowed have a more powerful gun? So on a larger scale everyone has a right to have a nuclear weapon. Moreover, nuclear weapons only act as deterrents.

Also, India already has a nuclear weapon, like it or not. Now its is only looking for nuclear power plants and fuel for the same. Anything being supplied to India will be under IAEA supervision. So whats the big deal? India will not be using the imported fuel to build bombs. As a growing economy it needs energy. Why can’t people digest that?

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Say what you want…..Pakistan has always risen to the occassion and kicked the crap out of India 3/4………..both countries teach different histories but reality is………if India is soo powerful then why is Pakistan still on the world map………..and you all are witnessing the biggest cold war in history that is going to develop into World War3…….the worst ever…..there is no denying this reality
the war will involve America,EU,Britain,India
China,Russia and Pakistan
the life loss would be immense more than the two previous world war put toghether

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Everyone knows that India has always acted responsibly towards nuclear non-proliferation and development of nuclear weapons and India deserves to have nuclear energy looking at the booming economy that we have………As for Pakistan they have and will always be in this mad race to compete with India’s growing nuclear capability……….they need to first rid themeselves of supporting terrorism and attain a stable
democratic governance before thinking about such a deal.

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hey every 1 out there pakis n indis.For moments keep nuclear deal aside. Just review the comment list again and avery one will find out that nuclear deal has created an environment of different minds between people of pakistan and india. let me remember u tht this is only the starting of deal. Further wht cud happen no one knows so stop passing comments.Live ur own lives in a prosper way COMMON EVERYBODY PLZ STOP FIGHTING!!!!

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