Does the salvation of Pakistan’s economy lie in India?

October 8, 2008

President Asif Ali ZardariPakistan’s economy has survived three wars with India and a long history of tension with its much bigger neighbour. But this time its own domestic economic and political problems, combined with tension on the border with Afghanistan, are running smack into a global financial crisis that will make it harder for its traditional allies to bail it out.

So is it time to break the taboos and ask: Does Pakistan’s best hope of economic recovery lie in making peace with India?

President Asif Ali Zardari certainly seemed to think so when he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview last weekend that India was no threat to Pakistan and said that “there is no other economic survival for nations like us. We have to trade with our neighbours first.”

India’s Business Standard says in an editorial that Zardari is right to say India is no threat and that Pakistan needs to focus on reviving its economy. “The question, though, is not what President Zardari thinks about these issues, but whether the larger Pakistani establishment (including, most importantly, the army) shares his perspectives. At the moment, Mr Zardari seems to be running ahead of the pack,” it says.

India too is beginning to worry about the impact on its own economy of the global financial crisis, as these articles in the Hindustan Times and the Economic Times suggest. So it might also welcome the advantages of higher regional trade.

A chance for peace?


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Certainly, Mr. Zardari is running ahead of the pack, but the fact is that the foundation stone of Pakistan is laid on just one thing “its rabid hate for India” and if the foudation is challenged, anything is possible.

Posted by Manu | Report as abusive

The question is not whether India is a threat to Pakistan but whether India will stop viewing Pakistan as a threat. The Indian leadership also needs to come a long way to stop destabilizing Pakistan and to engage in with Pakistan as an economic partner.

Posted by Zahid Khan | Report as abusive

Zardari is digging his own grave.
everything he is saying and doing 95% of the Pakistani population is against.
it is only a matter of time before he gets lynched by the public and army.

people call him Gardari meaning traitor, instead of Zardari. Gardari being far far more fitting

Posted by Rabbani | Report as abusive

Pakistani economy is in great danger due to the lack of Foreign Direct Investment, lack of economic activities, lack of exports, rise in oil bills(import), lack of trust from aiding agencies, lack of political will & capabilities and the terrorism.
Zardari is Pro Indian, he doesn’t know what struggle is made in Acheieving Pakistan, rather than his family member (Z.A. Bhutto) seperated the East Province(Bangladesh).

State Bank is planing to take hard steps in couple of weeks to crumb this internal economic crises.

Posted by Talha | Report as abusive

Pakistan is a rabid threat to India. Always has been. Repeated initiation of wars against India by pakistanis testifies to that. The Indian republic has no need for Pakistan’s current “tactical” survival moves (it has survived only by such tactical behavior). Pakistanis first need to learn what constitutes a functioning State – rule of law, institutions that are independent of personalities, development of stable means of conflict resolution, equality of citizens, and so on. Absent such basic foundations, pakistani elite who wish to wiggle out of their current prediciment brought about by long standing delusions of entitlement to regal living are best left to fend for themselves & get some necessary reality checks about their own condition. India should leave them to their own devises. Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Zardari.

Posted by Bakshi | Report as abusive

I think Zardari is pragmatic and reasonable. On the other hand it is sad to see so many of my fellow Pakistanis consumed by anger, hatred, and frustration. With every passing day, Pakistan looks a little bit more like Somalia–wracked by violence and spreading mischief in nearby countries.

Posted by Sad-Pakistani | Report as abusive

Huh…one more comment from a person who is a president of a failed state.
I’d like to give u a suggestion that plz..plz …plz stop comparing pakistan with india,we are way ahead of pakistan and it’s in pakistan’s favour if you have good business ties with us.India is quite a capable country to survive any kind of recession.And one more thing we r not destabilizing your state,it’s not our trait.It is pakistan which is always indulged in such activities,and now it is known to world as well.It’s better to look at your shortcomings b4 put your finger towards us Zahind and rabbani.

Posted by manish sharma | Report as abusive

It takes a man of courage to admit the collective mistakes Pakistan has made.Culturally, India and Pakistan have much more in common than not. We were woven out of the same Yarn. Kudos to Mr.Zardari to admit to the ground realities.Leading a country with so many embedded cross currents, and not try to find a solution out of the crisis is stupid.It is a sound economic policy that will trickle down to the poorest of the poor. Mr. Zardari may have a past, but let the citizens of both countries give the man a chance. He is inheriting a miserable situation and he is perhaps the one man at this time who is looking at posterity and not necessarily his pocket book. Pakistanis cannot continue living on handouts from the USA.

Posted by Nirmal | Report as abusive

Zardari has the final term luckily.95% people are really against him now and rest of 5% are sindhi (uneducated /sick peole who gave him votes) he is the father of the currupt in
the world.He is here and pakistani bank are becoming 0.we knew that. He is the business man not politician. he can sell the country as well who knews .
But thank GOD pakistan is being runned secretly by ISI.If he is been given whole poer he can do any thing.His future is in the clubs of london and dubai.he is just been hired as a managerto run a business not a country just like shoukat aziz(Rank 2 in Curreption) now he in dubai for forever)
But this time people choosed him.MAinly balochis and sindhis (uneducated peole)they will have to pay as rooti price will be double trouble for them.
About power : Pakistan is still a huge power in the world some puts it in 7th worlds best power and some 8th in defence so we dont fear from anybody even america(from afghnaistan) on that case ,definitly they would have limited edge to they are getting 80 percent stuff from and via pakistan to operate in afghnistan.
so we have a strong strong edge in the world .
so be happy.Because we are a nuclear power afterall.
who can dare to attach main pakistan:

Posted by Paki Boys | Report as abusive

Much as it pains me to say this, I have to agree 85% with this article on the economic ties with India issue. We need their business to sustain the domestic economy. So far, the billions from the Bush administration that partially prop up our economy (whose effects were best seen 5 years ago under Musharraf) are dwindling away. What then? We cannot entirely capitulate by throwing in the towel and giving them Kashmir as well but have overall peace to establish significant trade.

The Indian leaders, their intelligence service and army, and overall people need to stop viewing Pak as a threat too and future attempts to destabilize the country should be scrapped – some people think the Islamabad Marriott bombings were really India using a Islamic group subterfuge.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

As for as india is concern:
we met some indians personally in london, melbourene and dubai.we cant see difference even in their languages and i know that reality is this we are from one land.From one chapter of a book.Our politicians made hurdles between us (few in pak but some in india like GUJRAT state).so thast the reason we rae separete.If leader does not incite HINDU_MUSLIM fasadaat for their politics(GUJRAT _ASSAM)plus they all time allegate ISI for everything thats not good(every society has bad elements(we dont say talibans RAW but we kill them coz they are terrorsits just kill them donot allegate each other,then we will be alright but. first we need to root out those bloody problem makers.
As a paki i like indian simple people as we eat same as why do we fight.Please indians dont vote for voilence creaters . spread brotherhood ,love and affection.we do want to meet you but this hurdle s are problems.No problem of hindu-muslim.
Coz we have everything same from dressses to food.
so lets hope to be a good friend

Posted by Paki Boys | Report as abusive

Timing cannot be better, enough is enough; people on both sides have to stop bickering and start working together which is trade and all aspect of science and technology.

Posted by Khalid Khan | Report as abusive

Indians foaming at mouth should take advise… Pak has survived worse and will survive regardless. Just worry about 100s of millions starving Indians… Indian terrorism on our western flank will eventually be defeated and we will come out winners.

Posted by Mo Akhtar | Report as abusive

I have always believed that if India and Pakistan can come to an understanding that all issues should be settled through negotiation/discussion. In the meantime, both countries ought to open their borders for travel freely between the two countries and also trade freely. This will help the people of both countries. Each country should try to ensure that nothing is said or done to hurt the feelings of other nations. Cooperation is the key word.

Posted by Shahid | Report as abusive

Any more proof needed that those comments put up by pakistanis here. This is the reality of pakistan. They are living in some sort of an utopia. I think Indian govt should go ahead as it does now, keep away from pakistan as the old saying goes “why should one keep the snake sitting in the fence in one’s underwear?.”

Posted by Manu | Report as abusive

India’s concept of trade is for it to sell maximum goods and services to its neighbors while buying minimum, so regardless of a few gaffes by Mr Zardari, Pakistan’s economic salvation does not lie in India.

Indian’s false superiority complex is also not helpful.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Indians should keep their house in order… A nation where the govt. kills Sikhs, Muslims and Christians is in no position to talk of its neighbors… youtube is loaded with such incidents in India….

Mr. speaker keep your house in order.

enuff said.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Pakistan’s economy is gonna collapse sooner or later once Obama is in whitehouse.

Posted by Moin Ali | Report as abusive

No one is ready accept themself as human beings every one is trying to become a better and better worst animals,we are humanbeings who are too live peacefully and to kill each other.. Plz dont forget

Posted by ramesh | Report as abusive

Hey India didn’t need pakistan to survive in the past..nor will it need in future..Indian govt should definately not open gates to a traitor country like pakistan for a free trade..At the most India can help pakistans mud eating economy by joint projects like iran-pakistan-India pipe line..but allowing pakistanis goods into India is a NO-NO.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

funny thing is despite the fact INDIA IS A SUPERPOWER or has a growing economy, which only feeds the rich, KASHMIRIS AND ASSAMESE ARE STILL HOLDING UP PAKISTANI FLAG.

Let’s not forget Pakistan is not helping these “freedom fighters” unlike India, which is working in Balochistan rather firmly.



“just because you say it, doesn’t mean you are one.”

Posted by amir | Report as abusive


Do you know what happened to cng buses?
locked up.
Indian cell phones?
not allowed in the country.


Pakistani products are flooding indian markets but not vice-versa.

Posted by amir | Report as abusive

India has and will never perpetrate any kind of terrorism any where in the world. For pakistanis to say that India is destabilizing pakistan is a joke. Pakistan is destabilizing itself.
Which country has lived more under dictatorship – Pakistan.
Which country has instigated more wars – Pakistan.
Which country sold nuclear technology to others – Pakistan.
Which country’s president can put supreme court judges behind bars and play with the law – Pakistan
Which country had banned even civil liberties to media – Pakistan
The fact of the matter is Pakistan itself is divided where no one wants to follow any law and looks at his or her own gain. They do not trust their own leaders nor the system. There is corruption in India as well but it has not restricted the path of development to a certain extent. The youth in Pakistan needs to channel their energy in a better way towards development, towards education, towards businesses, towards new ideas. But the youth in the environment in Pakistan is moving more and more towards violence, hatred, politics and warfare.

Posted by keval shah | Report as abusive

Please have a look at how pakistanis are manipulating US and their own people. ne/07pakistan-t.html?ref=magazine

Posted by keval shah | Report as abusive

The first step to a solution is to first recognize the fact that there is a problem.. The day Indians will realize this basic fact there will be durable peace in the region and terrorism will cease to exist. People in India will stop hoisting Pakistani flags.. India will not have 800 million defcating out in the open nor will it have a billion poor nor it will qualify home to the biggest slums in the world.

India has its own problems that are of biblical proportion and need a miracle to fix them.. It would be advisable for India(ns) to stay in India and only think of India and forget its neighbors be it Pak, BD, SL or China.

Posted by Mo Akhtar | Report as abusive

The indians are thinking about themselves and their neighbours. It is not either or. Thinking about yourself does not mean that you cannot think about others.
We will and we are solving our problems but we can also help to solve our neighbor’s problems, if they only trust us.

Posted by keval shah | Report as abusive

Charity starts at home, Indians should start with India.

Posted by Mo Akhtar | Report as abusive

Pakistan always puts its hand out when economic crisis strike. This is a pattern since 61 years. High living, irresponsible spending, blaming India for all its problems, sponsoring terrorist activities in Kashmir and across India are all a part of a familiar pattern. Even now, it has been an unreliable ally in the war on terror. Americans are now finding out the US$10 bn was used for anything but anti-terror activities by Pakistan. It is time for Pakistan to learn to be a responsible citizen of the world and the best lesson is to let them implode financially. If they are bailed out again and again, their behavior will not change. Pakistan was and continues to be a country sponsoring terrorism across the globe, with India being a special target. It is also time for India to take a firm stand against the Pakistan sponsored infiltrators in Kashmir and hunt them down. Zardari is stating only half-truth by calling Kashmir infiltrators as terrorists. The other half is the aiding & abetting of these infiltrators by his own country. India should take this opportunity of crushing these infiltrators and send them dead or alive back to where they belong-out of Kashmir.

Posted by whocares | Report as abusive

Thanks a Lot Mr. Amir for sharing your thoughts. Let me ask you how educated you are? Or you also studied in one of the Madrassa just like millions of Pakistani.

Do you what’s difference in economies of India and Pakistan, let me tell you Pakistan is 1/9th of Indian economy. 15 year’s back you guys were 1/5th and now 1/9th wonder what happened. You know what’s your country foreign reserve is?. Let me tell you it’s 3 Billion. One Indian company will have this much money in their bank.

Give me a single company or a product or anything which is world known apart of Jehad. Tell me a single institution, any school which is well known in world. I know you guys have great Universities graduating by thousands Bachelors in Jehad, Masters in bomb making and list can go one.

Dude wake up, I am not saying India is world power or Indians are intelligent or better then of Pakistanis in any manner. But I can tell you we are lucky to have social and political structure, education etc the way we have in India. We have some of the world best known companies, best known schools. I know we have millions of poor, uneducated people but things are improving. It will take us time but we will get there.

And last please don’t think India will destroy Pakistan, because the way things are going, you guys will be finished in next 5-10 years. Either your Army/ISI will start behaving sensibly or Pakistan will be divided in to more pieces, Just listen to last US presidential debate, you will know what I am talking about.


Posted by varinder | Report as abusive

Pakistanis really seems to be blind or they do not want to see that their economy is in shambles. Its in India’s interest to have a strong and self-reliant neighbor, but somehow Pakistanis cant understand that. Time and again they have lost to India but they keep on fighting a proxy war which has drained out their currency, food and oil reserves. Its high time that you guys stop this war and start building the “SO” called country which you apparently”LOVE”.

BTW, if you haven’t realized it yet – YOU have LOST your own country trying to defeat INDIA!

Posted by Shiv Mukherjee | Report as abusive

mr mo akhtar toots an all to familiar horn, native to many Pakistanis. It is time for you to realize by acknowledging that in 61 years, Pakistan continues to deteriorate politically and economically. While recognizing Indias problems, Mr. Akhtar we in India are at least addressing them. Rome was not built in a day…Pakistan continues to pursue its own destructive path. Pakistan would be well advised to refrain from its disruptive activities in Kashmir and the bombings sponsored by your failed state. We Indians are getting fed up or this crap going on for 61 years. Remember this is not the same India. Another war provoked by Pakistan will surely be detrimental to both countries but Pakistan will come out at the losing end. So practice what you are trying to preach.. stay out of India’s affairs and fix the festering wound called Pakistan first.

Posted by whocares | Report as abusive

Does the salvation of pakistans economy lie in India ?? NOOO. Pakistan can only export terrorism to other countries, India is not a market to sell your terrorism Mr.Zardari.
its amazing how muslims look towards India when they are left with nothing but mud to eat their land again and again starting from Mohmd Gazni, who came to India several times for looting, then moguls and sufi muslims. But this time history is not going to repeat itself..India is not longer divided among small kings and rulers..nor are we sympathetic to invading muslims as our ancestors.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

lolz when will pakistan learn to stand up for itself from 1947 they have been asking for help and foreign aid common man even african nations doesnt beg as much as pakistan is doing these days

Regarding the topic pakistan should stop dreaming that india is gonna help them in there bankruptcy matter they should instead head to china or saudi perhaps they might help u guys best of luck cya

Posted by shubh | Report as abusive

These pakis are amazing, their economy is reduced to a joke, their president is going around with a begging bowl, still they are gleeful that there are many more poor people in India and that some relegious fanatic raised a paki flag in Assam, phew!!!! Talk of living in a coccoon.

Posted by Manu | Report as abusive

And Pakis dont buy mobile phones from poor countries like India you know, and India’s trade defecit with pakistan is greater than the US bailout of their banks!!!! what a pity!

Posted by Manu | Report as abusive

All struggle to create pakistan will be fruitless if Pakistan doesn’t survive. So please do no quote that struggle if in near future existance is at stake.

Survival of Pakistan lies in friendship with India and a pillion ride on indian economy. Barring stupid rheoteric of Pakistani vested interest (mullah and Military), Zardari as cunning businessman realizes that weak economic situation has brought pakistan to yet another collapse and without India survival is not easy.

MMS (PM of India ) is a nice gentleman who happens to born in Pakistan and is not a double speaking person. He sincerely wants to improve relationship. So Indian leadership when do not consider Pakistan as enemy why going after rumours that India is involved in western border etc.
Pakistan needs to increase trusting relationship with India and all the issues can be solved and real culprit need to be caught.

Get real and do not go after rumour. Long Live Indo pak friendship.

Mclean , VA, USA

Posted by Gus | Report as abusive

India a third world 3 rate country should look after its poor teaming millions.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Hello Everyone,
Here are few things for both India and Pak . when our people has nothing to eat,wear and to sleep then why do
india and pak are competing to spend money on killing each other like speding on army. Huge money spent on the name of national defence. It is the people needs to think what exaclty we want.i dont think the way of thinking between people will change in both countries.
perhaps it is possible when they go for the last and final war , when there is nothing left.

Posted by vishnu | Report as abusive

One simplething everyone knows that Pakistan is not only Indias problem but the whole world’s problem and India does not have to invade pakistan, it is the USA will finish our job today or tomarrow.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

Hi pakis,
One simplething everyone knows that Pakistan is not only Indias problem but the whole world’s problem and India does not have to invade pakistan, it is the USA will finish our job today or tomarrow. Either way the fate of pakistan is uncertain. If was president bush
i would have wiped out Pakistan way before .

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

Om –
Seems to me that someone is lacking in respect! Watch what you say here! When you disrespect Muslims in general you are infact disrespecting all the Muslims in India (15% of india?). So behave yourself!

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

Pakistan does not need external help in destroying itself. Internal politicians and exteremist supported by ISI have been doing an excellent job. This is what happens when religious is mixed with the business. Politicians’ job is to represent people and run the country but mixing it with a religion will destroy it completely sooner or later.

Posted by ma | Report as abusive

Pakistan can forge better relations with Gulf states, Iran and Saudi Arabia. No need to even look eastwards. Indians are a poverty striken nation. Living standrads in Pakistan are much better. Thanks I am Pakistani and not an Indian.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive


Could not stop my smile while reading your post and thinking how far is this person from reality.

Pakistan can forge better relations with Gulf states, Iran and Saudi Arabia. –do you think this has not been tried.
Indians are a poverty striken nation. –Is that true???Living standrads in Pakistan are much better. –Are they really?
Thanks I am Pakistani and not an Indian. –Yes, surely you are.

Posted by ma | Report as abusive

Umair, you hit the nail right on the head…. Thanks.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

India has this false complexity of being the worlds most biggest (and most fake) democracy.

I call it, Indian Idiocracy.

Pakistan has survived three wars against India, it has lost its east wing but the Bengalis are more closer to Pakistan than India. Indian motives have never been a secret to Pakistan. Be it calling for Israeli air power to bomb Pakistan’s Nuclear sites, or using Israeli help to fight a proxy war against Pakistan in Kashmir. We all know how peaceful India is with its constant killing of minorities day in and day out. Who can forget Gujarat? The killing of Sikhs? The Christians? Yep, that’s India.

Posted by zorkor | Report as abusive

Face facts, people.

Pakistan’s in real trouble now. It’s economy is failing, Islamic radicalization of its armed forces is going on full swing and the government does not control huge tracts of its own territory, which Taliban in Pakistan have taken control of and rule. It needs dole from western countries, middle eastern countries and China to survive and worst of all, the military and the political establishment seem to be working at odds with each other.

India, on the otherhand, has communal problems – some are fairly serious – caused by fundamentalist hindus and muslims alike (thank god the christians haven’t joined the crazy people bandwagon.) India also struggles with poverty. But conditions in India are far better. The most important thing being India’s military has always been subordinate to it’s political establishment. India is raising millions out of poverty, doesn’t depend on dole, has burgeoning manufacturing and services sectors, is making huge investments in infrastructure that put anything that Pakistan can do to shame and has stopped thinking of Pakistan as enemy #1. China occupies that pride of place now.

There are some I see that argue here that India should say good riddance to Pakistan. You people are idiots. What do you think would happen if an entire border destablises because Pakistan becomes a failed state? Understand that trouble does not recognize political borders as Pakistan is learning now with Taliban. If Pakistan destablises, so will India’s western borders.

As for the Pakistanis blaming India for everything that goes wrong in Pakistan, look inward. You’ll find the answer in the way Pakistani society is structured, ruled and preeminence given to an army that is more a policing force (and a bad one at that) than a field army.

So, grow up and start taking responsibility.

Posted by Arun | Report as abusive


so do you have a count how many hindus were killed in Pakistan after the partition?
or how many places of non-muslim worship were destroyed in Pakistan?
or count (or %age) of the non-muslim population in Pakistan?
or can you or people in your neighborhood tell if they are ok to live with other non-muslim communities?
do you know what is the population of muslims in India?
how many hindus were killed or have to run away from kashmir just because Pakistan is making conditions such a way so only muslims are living in kashmir?
can you think of any non-muslim going winning election in Pakistan? compare it with a muslim being president of India.

The problem is normal public looks at the picture which is shown to them by politicians instead of looking at the complete facts and forming own opinion. If you want to understand history the do it from both perspective.

so which country is more secular? India or Pakistan

Posted by ska | Report as abusive

zorkor a pure simpleton shows how democracy can never survive in Pakistan, mullas and madrassas will ensure that. It is not surprising Pakistanis don’t understand democracy; no democratic government has ever completed a full term. If history is our guide, present government will have the same fate. Lets talk about the killings in Pakistan’s Western provinces, the killings of Afghans, the 1 million East Pakistanis (your own citizens) killed by your troops. You really think Bangladeshis are closer to you with that history or are you on drugs? The systematic elimination of Pakistani minorities by forcible conversions, abductions, kidnappings, threats, lack of opportunity, and of course the blasphemy laws. The scum in Kashmir are your people, and India has every right and obligation to politely ask them to leave or get them out at gun point. State sponsored terrorism is a specialty Pakistan has developed over the years and guess what the roosters are coming home to roost.
There is no central power in Pakistan. It is bankrupt and has its begging bowl extended AGAIN. Its time for the world to stop bailing this failed country again knowing fully well that the same situation will occur again.

Posted by IndianNational | Report as abusive

India should exercise caution with these Punjabi Jihadi butcher before entering into any such agreements. Baloch people request India to look into the Human rights violations and oppression of Baloch people by Pakistani Jihadi army and the way our resources are been plundered and in returned gave poverty ,hunger and misery. Balkanization of Pakistan is in the intrest of all in the region eventually lead to peace and successfully nailing ISI and Jihadis in Millitry army . Baloch and Sindh will allow safe passage of Oil and Gas pipelines through our regions and use the transit fee for social and economic development rather than Jihadi projects. Pakistan as an entity should go , an articifical country created by British to serve its geopolitical intrests . Balochistan was an independent country and forcefully annexed into pakistan. Peace and prosperity comes to the region with breaking pakistan .

Dr.Wahid Baloch
President , Baloch Society of North America

Other Links :

Posted by Wahid Baloch | Report as abusive

You suffer from Indophobia

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Dr.Wahid Baloch
Be rest assured all Indian are committed to the Balochi cause, we owe it to ‘The Frontier Gandhi’
Balkanization of Pakistan is an inevitable reality..
e are aare they have sold Balochistan to communist china.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

i have gr8 respect for baluch people infact i have plenty of frds as well from baluchistan in various social websites very frdly people just feel sick because of the fact that there country has been merged wrongly and by force by this sick pakistani facist army

a day will soon come when the whole world will see baluchistan as a seprate nation suban allah


Posted by shubh | Report as abusive

And for all those morrons who are saying that india has a trade deficit with pakistan lolzzz

stop watching pee tv and geo tv so much losers

infact it is the other way around
Pakistan’s trade deficit with India at $894 mn- Foreign Trade

go to google and type this statement and find it from urself losers haha

next time get ur facts write and then comment

Posted by shubh | Report as abusive

Kashmir is the center of controversy…

Free this disturbed aera of indian military occupation and evrything is possible – even the reunification of the sub-continent, the end of borders & brotherhood between Pakistan and Hindustan.

Posted by himalove | Report as abusive

Dear Indian Brothers ,
Unlike Punjabis we Balochis are secular people , after partition of India, hindus were butchered in Punjab and Sindh , templese were desecrated by Jihadi mobs , women were raped . Whereas in Baluch we have protected Hindus , even today , famous Hinglaj temple still exists there which is one of the saktis . In 2005 36 hindus were killed by pakistani millitary bombing ,( ments/display/13078/index.php) which include women and children, so weired and shocking to see a meek and passive attitude of Indian government to these henious kilings , unlike pakistans proactive interference in your country for Muslim cause .



The Balochistan province has 26.6 percent literacy against the national average of 47 percent and the corresponding figures of female literacy are 15 percent and 33 percent.

Sanitation facilities

The country provides sanitation facilities to 18 percent of the population against only 7 percent in Balochistan.

Infant mortality rate

The infant mortality rate in the country is 100 (per 1,000 live births), whereas Balochistan has 108. The national mother mortality rate is 350 (per 100,000) and the province has a frighteningly high 600.


75 percent of the villages of the country are electrified but only 25 percent in Balochistan.

According to the Pakistan Integrated Household Survey 2001-02, Balochistan has the highest poor population with 48 percent and the worst in rural areas with 51 percent living below the poverty line. There are only 32 Utility Stores throughout the province whereas Islamabad alone has 34 Utility Stores.

Unemployment rate in Balochistan province is recorded around 33.4 per cent as compared to 26.8 per cent in NWFP, 19.1 per cent in Punjab and 14.4 per cent in Sindh.

Usage of Open ponds for drinking water

According to PSLM 2004-5, 52 per cent in Balochistan as compare of three per cent in Punjab, 13 in Sindh, 35 per cent in NWFP use wells and open ponds for drinking water.

Percapita GDP raise over 28 years

The Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC) recently conducted a study that exposed that during the 28 years period, Punjab’s per capita GDP showed a rise of 2.4 per cent a year, followed closely by the NWFP at 2.2 per cent. But Balochistan’s per capita recorded an insignificant growth of 0.2 per cent against Sindh’s per capita growth of 1.7 per cent. The study has found a gradual pauperisation of the two southern provinces —- Sindh and Balochistan -— and a corresponding rise in prosperity in the two northern provinces -— Punjab and the NWFP

We request your moral support to our cause an spread awarness in India and around the globe .

Dr.Wahid Baloch
Baloch Society of North America
Email :

Posted by Wahid Baloch | Report as abusive

In Pakistan each and every child is taught to hate India. Pakistan will cease to exist the day Pakistanis are taught the true history. Nuclear weapons alone can not save Pakistan. China won’t save Paksitan. Next time a war starts between India and China, it will be a nuclear war for sure. May be India will loose many of her cities, Pakistan will be totally wiped off the map of Earth. China and USA could save Pakistan in 1971. Only option for India and Pakistan is to realise the truth and live like two friendly nations next to each other. Let there be free travel and trade between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Saudi horse traders will never support Pakis except paying lip service.

Posted by Rajendra Kumar | Report as abusive

Lets cut the chase and get to the gist…

Which country in S. Asia

1) Has starvations, where 6000 children die EVERY DAY of starvation?

2) Which country in S. Asia has produced the biggest slums in the universe?

Google would be a good place to start.

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Dr. Wahid Baloch,

Lamenting to the Indians wont make things better for you. I agree there are issues that need to be resolved even though so many years have gone by. These issues would be best resolved within Pakistan.

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I have read the blogs. Please whosoever has been talking about mohammad gazni and stuff is not in current reality. Muslims in India are a part of our society and their progress is our progress and we should not in anyway demean them.

I am surprised that so many pakistanis have misconceptions about india. Yes there is poverty in India. Yes there is communal tension in India and we are trying to resolve it. I have seen with my own eyes a hindu doctor in ahmedabad going into the muslim community and helping them with medicines. I have seen a hindu hugging a muslim on Id and preparing sevai at their own place. When the media takes part in forming an opinion, it concentrates more on the negatives than the positives. We as indians have fought amongst ourselves but have compassion for each other.
I am sure that balochistan might have suffered but there is no way balochistan can help itself by asking help from India. Balochistan is a part of pakistan and whatever has happened in the past needs to be forgotten. The heads in balochistan need to work with the pakistani governent to bring forward and solve these problems. I am sure there would be compassionate pakistanis as there are compassionate indians.

Please whosoever is talking of wiping of pakistan needs to take some lessons to control his/her anger. Pakistan is our neighbor and will remain our neighbor. An unstable, illiterate pakistan or a failed democracy in pakistan is going to create problems for both pakistanis and indians.

One more thing that I want to say is that madrassa is not synonymous to places where they instigate jehad. I have seen madrassas which are nothing but schools where they teach Islam. It depends upon the teachers how they impart Islam. There are good things and bad things that can be taught. Jehad or “Holy War” might be a reality in 7th or 8th century but with the current world, it is not. Nobody gains from a war except those who sell the machines.

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keval shah,
You are trying to be nutral which is good for internal peace of country but this is exactly the same issue why we are in this Kashmir mess. If Nehru had taken the position which Patel took then we would have not been in this mess. Dr.Wahid Baloch pointed out why does govt of India plays a passive role when hindu’s are killed in Pakistan. Indian govt should take these events seriously and take up these issues to the UN. The solution to the Pakistan problem is India needs to economically progress so much that Pakistan does not dare to even give one negative comment against India, just like US and Mexico. I think Indian leadership has been working on the same solution. If look at the situation today.
1) Pakistanis want to come to India to get popular and earn bread for their family
2) Pakistan is a verge of getting bankrupt
3) India’s focus is improving economy then getting into border disputes and regional fights
4) Most of Pakistani friends I talk to are sensible non radical and recognize this fact

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Every pakis talking about This thing manytimes .

“Pakistan has survived three wars against India ” ,Come on Folks it is very funny .
Pakistan has not survived three wars against India , pakistan has lost three wars with india and we libarated Bangaldesis and even ocupied 15000 kilometers of pakis land in 2 nd war . but indira gandhi , thum logonko Bhik me dediay. Now u pakis have N weapons that means u cannot threat us, if we strike back , ur pakistan will
be wiped out in half a day. Just remember if we Hindus really hate muslims in india then cannot survive in india for one day.
Do u know how many pakis in North america says that they are from India .
90 % hindus india think that Muslims should have left india while partition .

why they did not leave india?

U guys are asking independent Kashmir yes we will give it on one conditions , all muslims should leave india after independent kashmir , it that ok.
What diffrence it made after we gave independent pakistan, you guys still hate us . Muslims india we call them GADDARS , they live india and eat inidia support pakis because u r muslims .

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Ooh! lots of discussion.
One thing is remaining. We Muslims of Pakistan Love every Muslim living in India and it is not because of money or economy we damn care about eating or luxury. It is a true fact that the past leaders of Pakistan was someway responsible for the current position of pakistan but still if we have to give our lives to support the Muslims of the world I think nobody will hesitate and is the sole reason why the rest of the world is scared of Muslims.
Last but not the least in the past every time we offered to make you friend but Indians ever compared us with money and power.
We do not believe on Man’s Power we believe on Allah Power. And sooner or later you will understand this fact.

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I see some paki sympathetic statements from Indians on this forum , probably they seem to be cousines of punjabis . You indians have to deal with Punjabis with or without balkanisation . One thing Indians should keep in mind is that all energy pipelines should pass through Balochistan , whether they are from central asia or Iran , and they will be allowed ONLY at the good will of baluch people . Therefore try to build good will with baluch rather being sympathetic to punjabi cousines.

Sameera Baluch

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what a sad, pathetic, angry bunch of people. there is no class in the things said here by either ‘side’. is there a point to an education or to exposure, if all you can do is fling some pretty rotten insults? YUK.

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Mr Ray… sorry to tell you..muslims never had any respect for me to strip them of respect..

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These hindus must realize that restricting their media in not convering gujarat massacre, christian massacre in ossam, and muslim massacre i kashmir is not DEMOCRATIC.
Indian wealthy members are right now living in luxurious flats, while more than 75 PERCENT of its people is living in poverty.
india hosts some of the biggest slums.
they know the way india is going, india will be in poverty for so long.

PAKISTAN, despite its wars, is still alive.

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Muhammad Suhaib Qaiser:
Reality check 1. The only reason Pakistan shows allegiance to Indian Muslims is for the disruption in India. Otherwise Indian Muslims are considered Mojahirs are they not? So much for laying down your lives and other rhetoric crap in your post.
Reality Check 2: Pakistan’s continued sponsoring terrorist activities in India using Indian Muslims is having the exact opposite effect. Every bombing, every subversive activity conducted within India by the failed state of Pakistan further isolates the minority Muslims. Even moderate Indians are reconsidering their views. What is happening in fact is Hindu Fundamentalism is rising every day and this shift can only make Muslims in India more vulnerable than they already are. Still think Indians are “scared” of Muslims? Or is it the other way around?
Your comments clearly show what in essence has become a trademark of Pakistan: Raising Madarassa educated simpletons who are not in touch with the real world. To paraphrase your own words: “And sooner or later YOU will understand this fact”.

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also, to these hindu extremists, who call muslims alienated parts of india, DONT THINK THAT DOING SO WILL MAKE YOU ACCEPTED IN THE “WHITE SUPREMACY” GROUP. after every attack is mainly indians who are targeted in the west racially for their looks.


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India the new darling of America is nothing more then a forward base of US to contain China. That being said a lot about India is not reported in the westen media for obvious reasons… But a quick search on Human Rights Web site will reveal volumes on the subject. Like HRW there are many other orgs that can fill a library.

India by no stretch of imagination is in a position to point fingers at its neighbbors be it terrorism or home grown violence, e.g. killings of Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, the subhuamn treatment of low caste dalits, etc…. Look what Indian terrorism has done to Sri Lanka and now its fingerprints are seen in western Pakistan.

It would be advisabe that Indians worry about India where millions starve each day and let its neighbors mind their own business.

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Amir, India is trying to be accepted in white supremacy is infact pakistan..pakistan is killing muslims in tribal area to please the white supremacy group. You cannot deny pakistan is killing more muslims than India or any other country as a fact.why ?? beacuse they are terrorists, anti social groups. India is doing the same in Gujurat and orissa.. Only difference is Pakistan has cover to kill muslims because they are labelled as terrorists by white supremacy group.India is also doing the same with out that label..because the Indian cause is to make India free from terrorists and do not long for cover..but pakistan wants it to please whites and suck out more $$$$..understand ???

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Dr.Wahid Baloch,

Thank you for the awareness..I suggest you personally visit Indian embassy in US and ask for help..when India can help Afganistan and sure Baluchistan will be viewed in the same lines to extend an helping hand to liberate Baluchistan from pakistan.

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amir , here is one thing muslims in india living way better life than they get in pakistan. Yes there are bigger slums but these slums they have a job to work and they feed thems selvs . but in your pakistan case, you are begging money , you have been depending on USA ‘s
money and by bluffing them that you are using this money to fight againest terrorism . but you are using this money to buy new aircarfts , when your people of hungry why do u need weapons , can you eat nuclear weapon or aircraft. Pakistan is going for bankrupt or
it is going ahead to slefdistruction . pakis used terrorists to destabilize india but these terrorist are destabilizing your own country .

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indian raw afghanistan and israel mosaid is helping out baluch people in there freedom strugle against the facist pokistani army a day will come when my baluch frds will gain independence that day is not far away guys there are predicitions that india and pokistan will fight a war in few years to come if a war does happen then this time i am sure one of the main points in the indian agenda will be to free baluchistan from pokistan and along with bla and bra indian forces will kick punjabis back side

baluchistan for freedom
suban allah ameen

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himalove, what benefit is it for India to even consider a reunification of the sub-continent? Reunification only benefits Pakistan; moreover it was Muslims who wanted a separate nation if memory serves me correctly. You got a nation, now try to manage it at least.

Kashmir is the center of controversy and you think cowing down to Pakistan’s pressure tactics, subversive activities is beneficial to India? Dream on!

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Why not man, I dont know a lot about Balouchistan.
It is better to getout og pakistan. for your futur. because pak does not have futur .

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Collapse of Pakistan is inevitable and an independent Balochistan flush with resources and becomming energy hub of South Asia is a reality. Therefore people in punjab must think twice , for now baloch are surviving , they have to think about their future after collapse . I doubt India will accept jihan brainwashed Punjabis for a generation .

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Its a miracle India has survived that long.. a/terroristoutfits/index.html

That reminds me of..

“India” is as much a country as the Equator: Sir Winston Churchill

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Mr/Ms K
Please read future of Pakistan 6/1833899

“What Afghanistan would lose to Persia in the west, it would gain in the east, as Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier tribes would be reunited with their Afghan brethren (the point of this exercise is not to draw maps as we would like them but as local populations would prefer them). Pakistan, another unnatural state, would also lose its Baluch territory to Free Baluchistan.”

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By Wajid Shamsul Hasan
London: As Pakistan’s High Commissioner in a country where—if not majority—substantively large number of Pakistani origin Diaspora—nearly a million strong—hail from Azad Kashmir—I can understand their concerns and over blown reactions on any misconstrued utterance received by them through foreign media regarding the core issue that has bedevilled peace and co-operation between India and Pakistan.

While not undermining their capacity to over react what pains me as a Pakistani who has remained a devout champion of the right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people in a journalistic career spread over a period of 45 years to see caution and wisdom being thrown to winds just for the asking. What grieves me more is the knee-jerk reaction of some of the senior Kashmiri leaders who jump to their guns without even trying to ascertain the veracity of an alleged and attributed utterance.

I can write volumes on PPP, its past, present government and leadership’s commitment to the Kashmiri cause. I still remember the briefing that I had received from the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto (Shaheed) when she sent me to represent Pakistan at the Court of St James. On top of her agenda assigned to me was to mobilise support for the Kashmiri struggle for freedom from foreign yoke. I followed her advise to the best of my ability with religious devotion and set myself on the task of achieving what my friend George Galloway—a leading Labourite than—had described as “snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat”.

Pakistan High Commission as never before conducted such a hectic lobbying in 1994-96 with the unstinted support of the Kashmiri/Pakistani community and Labour members of Parliament– under the direct instructions from Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who was herself hourly monitoring the activities on phone at the Camp office set up in Brighton. That enormous amount of lobbying culminated in what is known as 1995 Brighton Resolution adopted by the Labour Party annual Conference, moved by Shadow Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and drafted by Sir Gerald Kaufman—upholding categorically the UN sanctioned right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir. The Labour Party had also acknowledged unequivocally that the solution of the Kashmir problem was its moral obligation since it was the legacy of the partition of the Indian sub-continent in 1947 under a Labour government. This landmark development—first ever since the UN passed the plebiscite resolution—was bannered as “Pakistan’s diplomatic victory” by even the India media.

I regret to say that those who make most of an out of context quote are sections of the western media and of course few of those pen pushers who dance on the tunes played by invisible hands. And the propaganda is so well-orchestrated that innocent Kashmiris fall for it although for a short while only. Surrendering to misperceptions– even though for a little while— amounts to colossal disservice to the unimpeachable commitment of PPP, Bhuttos and now President Asif Ali Zardari to the Kashmiri cause.

It is high time that the Kashmiris at large do not lend their ears to defeatist elements and puppets on the chains of their enemies who style themselves as their leaders. Such elements are past masters at biting the hands that had been feeding them for a long time. They must also remember that in this age of electronic media explosion with competition having become cut-throat—any bad or distorted news is good news—especially when its victim is Asif Ali Zardari. Any quote that can be twisted and turned to their own story requirement is a great ball game for them.

While denying firmly the remarks misquoted in an interview of President Zardari in the WSJ I can say on authority that Pakistan has not deviated from its traditional stand of unqualified support to the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir struggling for the right of self-determination sanctioned to them by the United Nations. It extends moral and political support to their just struggle and acknowledges in grief tremendous sacrifices by them to the extent that over the years over 100,000 people have lost their lives as proved by frequent discovery of mass graves.

I reiterate in further clarifying a report in a section of the media attributed to Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari that the President at no point in his interview undermined the indigenous struggle by the Kashmiri people for the right of self-determination. He had reasserted that Pakistan has and will continue to support wholeheartedly Kashmiri struggle for the solution of the dispute according to UN resolution. He, however, repeated that as in the past Pakistan is opposed to external militants indulging in cross-border terrorism and subverting a genuine and glorious indigenous freedom movement nurtured with the innocent blood of Kashmiri people who have been sacrificing generation after generation so that their children could breathe in free air in future.

I would like to mention here that though prior to 9/11 the then President General Pervez Musharraf did describe such assortment of foreign elements—veterans of Afghan Jihad– as “freedom fighters” but soon after he imposed a ban on their organisations, nipped their nefarious activities, tried to squeeze their funding sources and assured the international community that Pakistan would not be allowed by him, as a base to be used by such foreign elements for cross-border terrorism into India. I would like to add further that such foreign militants as a matter of fact have damaged the Kashmiri cause more rather than helping their just struggle for freedom.

Mr Zardari’s remarks regarding India too have been misinterpreted. Mr Zardari–without any prejudice to the UN resolutions on Kashmir–believes that the process of normalisation between India and Pakistan need to be continued and composite dialogue with India has to be sustained. As regards India’s nuclear deal with US is concerned he did say Pakistan had no objection to it as long as Pakistan was treated at par. He further added that Pakistan is not scared of India’s economic growth in any way and can stand up to it.

Notwithstanding the strategic national interests of Pakistan-what is good for its survival and honourable existence–from its inception PPP has sustained all through history a Kashmir policy that seeks the solution to the core issue on the basis of right of self-determination. Without prejudice to the UN resolutions for plebiscite the PPP has sought to settle the dispute through bilateral negotiations. And at no stage-while discussing various options- it indulged in about turns on the matter as a tactical methodology adopted by many rulers in the past including General (Retired) Musharraf.

Last but not the least—shocking indeed was a discussion on a newly mushroomed private TV channel (allegedly associated with the Kashmiris) in which Mr Zardari’s speech at the UN and his mention of Kashmir as a core issue was target of ill-founded ridicule. The two musketeers in the box were rightly responded by a caller who asked as to what else did they want Mr Zardari to say in support of Kashmir issue if not call it a core issue—did they want him to declare war on India from the UN platform? And then caller’s conclusion was more pertinent and his wise advice for the clown-turned-TV commentators was also appropriate. He observed that President Zardari was caught in a very difficult situation—running what now is described—as the most dangerous place in the world, the caller was absolutely right in putting it across—that first and foremost responsibility of Mr Zardari is to save Pakistan from sinking in an economic swamp compounded by Pakistan’s war on terror and to protect the country from being conquered by foreign terrorists and their indigenous supporters.

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A little effort by China or Pak and India will repeat 1947.. al0107.pdf

On August 15, 2006 addressing the nation Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh unequivocally said that the Naxalism is the single biggest internal security threat ever faced by India.

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Mo, Islam forbids alcohol and you should refrain from any indulgence in the spirits. Might be a good idea for Pakistan to focus on keeping its Western territories intact!

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Ajay, I will pass your message to Manmohan

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Baloch leader Seeks Support in USA : SAAG 9/paper2820.html

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Suicide bomb attacks have spiked in Pakistan, from two in 2002 to a record 56 in 2007, according to the Institute for Conflict Management, based in New Delhi. As of August of this year, the country had seen 25 suicide-bomb attacks, ICM reports.

In a grim indicator of the rise in attacks, according to Pakistan’s intelligence agency, this year Pakistan has overtaken Iraq in suicide-bomb deaths.

It counted 28 suicide bombings in Pakistan that killed more than 471 people in the first eight months of this year. By comparison Iraq saw 42 such attacks and 463 deaths; Afghanistan, 36 incidents and 436 casualties.

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Indian state sponsored terrorism testimony to US Congress hU

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Dear Mo Akthar ,
These testimonies,speeches , statements of congressmen , and HR reports doesn’t deny naked day to day reality of Pakistan facing. The man who gave you a nation was humilated by killing his won great grand son , his family is living dirt poor. You people are NOT IN A POSITION TO TALK TO A INDIAN after 60 years of independence , take a hard look at facts without stooping to rhetoric . Problems are part and parcel of any nation, neverthles it’s the pathetic to see a nation whihc is founded on Islam is at the beck and call of outsiders.

THANK GOD FOUNDING FATHERS OF INDIA DID’NT DECLARED INDIA AS HINDU NATON . Even so called “rabid hindutva” leaders say “India was born Secular adn will be secular”.

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Dr. Wahid Baluch and Sameera
Baluchistan is a province of Pakistan and belongs to Pakistanis. Anyone calling himself a Baluchi or Sindhi or Punjabi or Pathan or Kashmiri have no claim over any territory. The cake is big enough for all of us to have it. Yes Baluchis have natural resources, but the human capital and skills exist more abundantly in maybe Punjab or elsewhere in Pakistan. Baluchistan is a part and parcel of Pakistan. I personally think any group demanding independence from Pakistan must first be negotiated with, if the greviences are settled by Government well and good. Otherwise Pakistan armed forces must fight tooth and nail for every single inch of Baluchistan and any millitant attempt to sever Baluchistan must be met with extreme force and crushed by pakistan government. Both of you either be Pakistanis and work for your rights or remeber Pakistanis will never tolerate trouble in our Baluchistan prrovince. If you like India, get the F*uck out of Pakistan and apply for Indian citizenship.

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Pakistan is a islamo facist state with the punjabi sunnis the dominant race,the balochis,pashtuns,mohajirs,shias all feel this way.WE have restrained ourselves cause we don’t want a basket case on our border but sorry u have crossed the line so you will get your kashmir on 80% OF your reap what you sow!oh and you evonomy 26% INFLATIOn and rising,4% GROWTH FORECASt and fx reserves that will last only 20 days.good god keep it up.

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Dr. Wahid Baluch and Sameera shall live to see their beloved Balochistan a free Nation & the Balochi’s as a free society, No power on earth can stop this from happening,

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Indian, I have a brooklyn Bridge for sale.. LMAO….

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i think both nations should now see the hidden policy of western countries ( UK , china , US ) . first UK has done it to cripple both countries in 1947 by partition . then US has done same & now china . will people of these 2 countries will only fighting & fullfiling motives of these countries .

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India in the past has shown the will to create democracy by liberating bangladesh from pakistani dictators..its time for pakistanis to realise its not baluchs who have to get out of baluchistan..but pakistanis to get out of baluchistan..pakistanis would never dare to frisk with India again..they still remember 1971 and kargil the most they will convert all pakistani army in to terrorists.

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India once crossed the international border at Lahore for a tea party at Gymkhana and we all know what happened… India ever make that mistake again and it will be converted into a huge lake all the way from Banglore to the Chinese border that will glow GREEN in the dark…

Paki nukes have successfully destroyed Indian terrorism at its eastern border just like China successfully destroyed Indian terrorism at its southern border…

Time for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to join the party. Bangladesh spanked Indian terrorist in 2001 that was enough to cut indian terrorism at their borders but more needs to be done.

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I am a Sikh living in Vancover BC, Our struggle is to liberate Indian Punjab from the tyrany of Brahmins who are responsible for the 1984 genocide of Sikh nation and rape of our women.

I apeal to Pakistanis to help us with our freedom struggle. Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is our hero and we will pervail eventually. Jarnail_Singh_Bhindranwale

IOK is almost as good as gone with half of the state with Pakistan called Azad Kashmir, A huge chunk as big as Switzerland is with China and the rest is in a freedom struggle. The libration of Indian Punjab is not far off.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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I couldn’t help adding my two bit after reading about what amir from pakistan had to something about Pakistani products ‘ flooding’ the indian markets. OUCH!!!! That hurts…

Amir, you know why Pakistan is in all sorts of trouble today. Because the vast majority of Pakistanis live in a state of self delusion and jingosim is your middle name. You guys have absolutely no idea of what reality checks are and just becuase you have nuclear weapons you think you are invincible. knock this off your head. there are other ways to get stronger.

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Living with pakistan is like reluctantly carrying a label — JIHADI citizens , that Baluchis do not want . Our people are living in dirt poor on resource rich land, outsiders are exploiting in front of our eyes , after all we are also humans . Gas pipelines go all the way to kashmir , but people in balochistan use firewood to cook food. Our people are been kidnapped, tourchered , killed when they ask for their rights and controle over resources .


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What is the solution for Muslim problem in india.
we should thought way before 1947 after partition.who let all muslims to stay in India after partition. why they did not leave india . if they would have left india we should not having this problem anymore . they will be living peacefuly and we as well.

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‘i think both nations ‘ – Indian who?

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Kulbir Singh Brar
Sade Guruana da naom badam na kar, Mussalmaan banja aur jaake Pakistani Punjab wicho aapna Khali-stan da hissa lele- Gaddar

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

I’ll go for it, but Papistan not even for free

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Indian, stop smoking Afghan stuff, It impairs your comprehension and judgement.

Evey witness account of Sikh Genocide mE

Posted by Kulbir Singh Brar | Report as abusive

Pakistan might break up and the new states will then come to an mutually beneficial economic and political arrangement with India. Zardari is ahead and visionary; if Pakistanis listen to him a bloody civil war can be prevented and Pakistanis can prosper through trade with India. I agree with post by paki boys we Indians and Pakistani are the same people.

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Pakistan is the begging bowl of the world. Pakis will do anything to save their ass then backstab their ‘friends’, like their daddy Chinese.

Posted by Nikhil Sharma | Report as abusive

Nikhil Sharma,
Pakistan will have to save its country from turmoil it will face in result of very low reserves so trying to get credit or aid from other countries. It is a very common practice for countries which do not have sound economy. I would not say they are going around with begging bowl. Its more deficult for them to get foreign investments because of their almost junk rating.

Zardari is not a politician so does not know how to behave or talk like one. All politicians in Pakistan know that India is not a threat and if their country has to survive then good relations with india are, kind of, required. They still keep bad mouthing about India just for their political benefits.

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Kulbir Singh Brar
You NRS (Non required Sikhs)from canada can puff your pipe dream to glory over there-
& i wish the canadian’s luck for their support to you fiends, since one fine day you terrorist guys are going to demand a ‘Khalistan’ in canada also, by blasting & terrorizing them to thy kingdom, & they shall rightly deerve it..

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Dear Indian, Canada is a democracy where disputes are resolved by ballot not bullets case in point Quebec. Westen democracies and India are two opposite ends of the spectrum… We will contionue to fight India for Sikh homeland..

Video evidence of Sikh genocide. Us&feature=related

Posted by Kulbir Singh Brar | Report as abusive

Well, Survival of pakistan, its democracy is very vital. Its easy to fight or sit across a table to negotiations. It would be a doomsday for India, If pakistan is totally engulfed by the islamic radicalism. Our defence is prepared to fight a legal millitary on our western borders, but not mindless, jehadis.

Its high time that we be well aware of the facts, and act sensibly.

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Kulbir Singh Brar
As a Pakistani I support your vision. While the case of Baluchistan in Pakistan is different, where few trouble makers are taking advantage despite the fact government in Pkaistan is trying best to provide benefits to people of Baluchistan.
Indian Punjab is a totally differnet story. Many Sikh Yatris come to Pakistan every year, All Gurdwaras in Pakistan are taken very good care of and all Sikh guests enjoy very good hospitality. Given the history of Indian atrocities in Gujarat, Kashmir and Punjab, the bitter events of assault on Golden Temple, you should be rest assured of moral support of Pakistani people. The dream of Khalistan will one day come to realization, your generation has struggled, your future generation will enjoy full rights in Khalistan. The tide has already turned against India, Pakistani flag is fluttering in Assam, Kashmiris have risen up against Indian occupation, Punjab will be net to follow.

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Kulbir Singh Brar

‘case in point Quebec’

—ohhhh, well they shall soon have another ‘case in point -khalistan’

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Pkaistan is trying best to provide benefits to people of Baluchistan.
— Yeah by selling them to China, some brotherly care,(sic).

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Kulbir Singh Brar -read what your pakitani friend Umair
ha to ay—lol
‘The tide has already turned against India, Pakistani flag is fluttering in Assam, Kashmiris have risen up against Indian occupation, Punjab will be net to follow.’
—Khalistan a pakistani province,,, hohohohohohoho kuldeepe tu pakistani

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Indian, You are giving bad name to Indians, you are only lowering their standards… Its advisable that you don’t blabber because your gibberish don’t make sense.

Umair, thanks.. Its a matter of time before India breaks-up again.. Its not just Sikh who want to part with India there are Kashmiris, Nagas, Bodos the whole of North East is in revolt…

Indian writter Khushwant Singh wrote an excellent book “End of India” details at following link. t-Singh/dp/0143029940

Like me he predicts the breakup of India…. NE is already running a parallel government and is as good as independent.

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Pakistan has all the right ingredents to implode in the near future.From all angles it is a basket case.Its foreign policy is as per their lenders sayso.It has made a virtue out of its habit of begging from its Islamic doners,& still regards itself as a frontline state against terrorism which was nurtured by it.It is reaping what it sowed.Its concept of strategic depth in Afganistan lies in total tatters,where the Indians now are perched.

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Kulbir Singh Brar .
who is this guy, from india or pak . or does not have a nationality . Can u ask pakist to give kahlistan from their part of pak. do u know how many sikhs they have killed after partition. how many sikhs exist in pakistan . can u even talk about it in Pakistan. If u really dont fee india tare ur passport or i will send an email to embassy of india to detain u

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Whoa Kulbir Singh Brar – u seem to have a brilliant idea!

So to differentiate between India and khalistan,
1. khalistan will have a Sikh as head of state… oh! but wait a minute – India also has a Sikh as Prime Minister (Dr. Manmohan Singh)!

…well never mind, let try something else

2. khalistan army will also have a Sikh as its chief…oh darn it! The chief of Indian Army Gen Joginder Jaswant Singh just retired in 2007!

Damn! It seems India already has what khalistan will have and more – except You!

Back to the drawing board for you Kulbir Singh Brar to redefine khalistan….

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Dear Indian haters,
Just want to clarify some of your doubts
1. India is the 5the economic superpower in the world
India’s total economy is $1600 Billion
2. Pakistan $ 250 Billion
$1 Billion = Rs.4500/cr
1 INR = 1.70 Pakistani Rupee

3. There are more than 3-4 Indian names listed in world’s top 10 richest people.
4. For few weeks Mr.Mukesh Ambani (2007) became the richest man in the world (when Stock Exchange-Index touched 22000 mark.)
5. The most richest family in the world is from India
(Ambani brothers) their combine assets are approximately $90 Billion, compare this with your Nations economy.

6. The company like TATAs hire total 3,50,000 employees worldwide (I did not include Jaguar and Corus-UK employees) which is equal to Americas’ City group total man power
7. India exports 30-40% of global software needs. (No.1 in the world)
Software professionals in India are paid better than one in the US (in some case, and for all Project managers) and or equal to US standards.
8. Graduates from IITs and IIMs are directly placed in the UK and in the US with the salary packages like 1cr per annum and in some case even more (not an average salary)
9.20% of the Indian population are Muslims (total population of Muslims are more than 30 cr.)
Total population of Pakistan is 17cr.
10. Indian Air Force is proved superior to the US Air Force; recently it bagged a No.1 position in the joint exercise conducted by the US Air Force. Many Nations participated in the competitions.

Yet India is not out of the woods yet, there are problems like poverty, (so called largest slums) unemployment, corruption etc… But if any of you come and visit these so called largest slums in the world, you will be shocked to see each of the slum roof holds a TV antenna (most of them have TVs)
Somebody said India is a 3 rate country. If it was so why you Pakis in Australia bear Indian name boards to your restaurants? This just because if you write Pak-Hotel, no one will enter your hotels out in Australia


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I beg your pardon, Indian Air Force Pilots were considered better than the US Air Force. I dint mean the Air Force

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Patriotism of Pakistanis could be tested any where in the world by asking them to help their country in rainy days but what about super class of people (richest fuedals, industrialists, drug lords and above all the politicians who successfully run the highly profitable business of politics in the Pakistan. An estimated rate of profit in Pakistani politics is 1000 to million per cent, details can be calculated by politicians increasing wealth. Majority of Pakistanis living abroad are labor class and highly skilled professional. No body give them money for nothing. They have to work hard for it. Some of them are businessmen who also work very hard to earn their fortune. There is no favor or nepotism in open markets of the world. After all these hard work they should give money to the country because few people of super class have taken country wealth abroad. I have lived and worked in Middle East and visited Europe and now living in USA for last 10 years, I found average Pakistan more patriotic that upper class of the country. We are ready to come forward again and will help/ invest in the country but this upper class should be stopped to taking national wealth abroad and participate accordingly in saving and investing in the country. At present two richest group of politician in power, they should provide the biggest share instead of going for begging to the rich nations. The richest nations are not rich by begging but by hard work. The upper class should go and observe how hard Chinese are working, come to USA and observe how people work and live here.The government of Pakistan should imediatly issue foreign currency investment bond offering good rate of return still better than IMF and world Bank, We Pakistanis abroad will buy with our savings and is a great help. The bonds should be gaureneted by international authorities The editor of Pakistan Times is a talented lady who invite us to write these comments. Her services are highly appreciated by Pakistanis living abroad. Pray for the country where majority population is helpless in front of few exploiters of supper class of rich politicians and defense forces have no choice but to defend them in the system. All the best. KHWAJA AFTAB ALI, Advocate & I.P. Attorney, presently residing in Florida, USA.

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Neither India is a SUPERPOWER nor PAKISTAN. everyone here knows then why we both fight. Neither PAKISTANIS are always right nor INDIANS. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Lets not fight with each other.These Politicians and Developed countries have an old policy of “DIVIDE AND RULE”. This is what OBAMA is also looking at.Use Pakistan against his friend Afghanistan and use India against its brother PAKISTAN and destroy them all. Lets support each other at bad times and live together as nobody is going to last for long. Everybody has limited life, the same life a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christan has….

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so in my opinion INDIA should support PAKISTAN as PAKISTAN is INDIA’s BROTHER, nobody can deny this fact. It should prevent OBAMA and other aliens to make any move in PAKISTAN.And in turn PAKISTAN should try everything to make peace in INDIA. This is the only way both countries can progress.Otherwise Aliens will come and destroy both of them as they have always done in the past….


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Dear Pkaistanis,
I read some of the posted comments on this page and i beelive some of you still beleive that you are very good because you have nuclear power. Just one question, do you guys actually have access to your nuclear facility because after what happened with your nuclear leakage i am sure you have no access to your facility. How ever, we as Indians have all to loose and nothing to gain in the event of a big war, i mean we cannot destroy Pakistan any further can we? Think about how we can help each other to improve our economy and make sure we are able to feed all the hungry first.India is sitting on reserves that are far beyond your imagination.The amount of foreign reserves your country has,is generated by just 20 buildings in a place called Mind space in mumbai lets not even talk about the whole of Mumbai or even India, thats anually of course.This is testing time for you and i beleive its better to bend to survive.Co-exisatnace is the mantra for our good and for yours as well.

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Actually Pakis r unable to understand India’s role in world peace in the world because of their ignorance.India is not competiting with u people, pakis.Give Thanks to GOD,Pak survived having been declared as a terror state.BAL BAL BACH GAYE.We won’t be losing anything not keeping relation with u.It’s better for u to keep frienship with us.India is heading to be a SUPERPOWER.Don’t be so envious that it could halt your own progress.We need peace,not a war at any cost.

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Actually ,Pakis r envious to our glory.

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[…] month ago, I asked in this blog whether the salvation of Pakistan’s economy lay in making peace with India. At the time, it seemed as though regional trade might provide the cushion to see both countries […]

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u always try to hurt india,i want to say to all those pakistani first save your own country then think about others(which is going to break anyway).Due to your policies(like supporting taliban and jihad in kashmir)
You are at this point where u r just sitting and can’t do much.

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Pakistans salvation does rely on India, it has to accept that fact and get over its insecurities. I don’t even understand why us Americans supports the terrorist state of Pakistan when it still clearly engages in embassy bombings. If Pakistan refuses to change then there is no place for it in the modern world…

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Dear Mahaprasad,
WE are sooooooooo NOT jealous of you guys, get this straight into your minds. We are neighbours and therefore should try to repect eachotherz feelings. V respect you guyz hence want same respect in return. So think before you write in the future. cuz if i start saying sumthing , there will be no stopping. Thnakyou

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Pakistan is in state of denial.They are in state of denial for years.It time to mend there ways and concentrate which fetch them jobs and inprove there economy.

Views of zardari is correct but does army has simillar option?

One joke abt pakistan.
all countries has army but in pakistan army has country.

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I am very sad reading india and pakistan guys exchanging words here.

to me India is not issue to Pakistan.
Pakistan is victim of past mistake commited by its army and ISI.They never allow democracy mature in Pakistan.
Still they hold key for any gov to survive.
they are last one to have diplomatic relation with Taliban. They informed bin laden abt US attact on him in 1999 when US taped satilite calls.

pak Army is one who distorted Pakistan internally.

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its now a perfect time for pakistani’s civil government to take help from india or china whoever it trust to fight it deadly in built terrorist so that the whole sub continent sleeps in peace . pakistani guys and girls you don’t have to fear india because we never attack any nation but we try everthing in our country to become self sufficient in every area of life hope you people want the same free democrate air so fight for your democrate free life from your home grown terrorist

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Pakistan can promote small scale industries of making bombs, grenades, rifles, etc. Thus Pakistan can earn good money by exporting to other terrorist countries and can earn good money.

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Since the shadow of war is clearing it is great respite to India, not because we are scared of the war but because the damage would be more on us as we have a great future unlike Pakistan who is busy moving around begging money for basic survival. Just one question to any Pakistani… Do you know who actually is controlling the country is it Zardari or the Military or the ISI. I know that the preseident reigns but does not rule so can actually enlighten me with this answer. How will you’ll survive when the Taliban issue is resolved or diluted how will you survive because it is quite unlikely that you will get any money from the USA then.

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