Does the salvation of Pakistan’s economy lie in India?

October 8, 2008

President Asif Ali ZardariPakistan’s economy has survived three wars with India and a long history of tension with its much bigger neighbour. But this time its own domestic economic and political problems, combined with tension on the border with Afghanistan, are running smack into a global financial crisis that will make it harder for its traditional allies to bail it out.

So is it time to break the taboos and ask: Does Pakistan’s best hope of economic recovery lie in making peace with India?

President Asif Ali Zardari certainly seemed to think so when he told the Wall Street Journal in an interview last weekend that India was no threat to Pakistan and said that “there is no other economic survival for nations like us. We have to trade with our neighbours first.”

India’s Business Standard says in an editorial that Zardari is right to say India is no threat and that Pakistan needs to focus on reviving its economy. “The question, though, is not what President Zardari thinks about these issues, but whether the larger Pakistani establishment (including, most importantly, the army) shares his perspectives. At the moment, Mr Zardari seems to be running ahead of the pack,” it says.

India too is beginning to worry about the impact on its own economy of the global financial crisis, as these articles in the Hindustan Times and the Economic Times suggest. So it might also welcome the advantages of higher regional trade.

A chance for peace?


I’ll go for it, but Papistan not even for free

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Indian, stop smoking Afghan stuff, It impairs your comprehension and judgement.

Evey witness account of Sikh Genocide mE


Pakistan might break up and the new states will then come to an mutually beneficial economic and political arrangement with India. Zardari is ahead and visionary; if Pakistanis listen to him a bloody civil war can be prevented and Pakistanis can prosper through trade with India. I agree with post by paki boys we Indians and Pakistani are the same people.

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Pakistan is the begging bowl of the world. Pakis will do anything to save their ass then backstab their ‘friends’, like their daddy Chinese.

Posted by Nikhil Sharma | Report as abusive

Nikhil Sharma,
Pakistan will have to save its country from turmoil it will face in result of very low reserves so trying to get credit or aid from other countries. It is a very common practice for countries which do not have sound economy. I would not say they are going around with begging bowl. Its more deficult for them to get foreign investments because of their almost junk rating.

Zardari is not a politician so does not know how to behave or talk like one. All politicians in Pakistan know that India is not a threat and if their country has to survive then good relations with india are, kind of, required. They still keep bad mouthing about India just for their political benefits.

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Kulbir Singh Brar
You NRS (Non required Sikhs)from canada can puff your pipe dream to glory over there-
& i wish the canadian’s luck for their support to you fiends, since one fine day you terrorist guys are going to demand a ‘Khalistan’ in canada also, by blasting & terrorizing them to thy kingdom, & they shall rightly deerve it..

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Dear Indian, Canada is a democracy where disputes are resolved by ballot not bullets case in point Quebec. Westen democracies and India are two opposite ends of the spectrum… We will contionue to fight India for Sikh homeland..

Video evidence of Sikh genocide. Us&feature=related


Well, Survival of pakistan, its democracy is very vital. Its easy to fight or sit across a table to negotiations. It would be a doomsday for India, If pakistan is totally engulfed by the islamic radicalism. Our defence is prepared to fight a legal millitary on our western borders, but not mindless, jehadis.

Its high time that we be well aware of the facts, and act sensibly.

Posted by naveen | Report as abusive

Kulbir Singh Brar
As a Pakistani I support your vision. While the case of Baluchistan in Pakistan is different, where few trouble makers are taking advantage despite the fact government in Pkaistan is trying best to provide benefits to people of Baluchistan.
Indian Punjab is a totally differnet story. Many Sikh Yatris come to Pakistan every year, All Gurdwaras in Pakistan are taken very good care of and all Sikh guests enjoy very good hospitality. Given the history of Indian atrocities in Gujarat, Kashmir and Punjab, the bitter events of assault on Golden Temple, you should be rest assured of moral support of Pakistani people. The dream of Khalistan will one day come to realization, your generation has struggled, your future generation will enjoy full rights in Khalistan. The tide has already turned against India, Pakistani flag is fluttering in Assam, Kashmiris have risen up against Indian occupation, Punjab will be net to follow.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Kulbir Singh Brar

‘case in point Quebec’

—ohhhh, well they shall soon have another ‘case in point -khalistan’

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Pkaistan is trying best to provide benefits to people of Baluchistan.
— Yeah by selling them to China, some brotherly care,(sic).

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Kulbir Singh Brar -read what your pakitani friend Umair
ha to ay—lol
‘The tide has already turned against India, Pakistani flag is fluttering in Assam, Kashmiris have risen up against Indian occupation, Punjab will be net to follow.’
—Khalistan a pakistani province,,, hohohohohohoho kuldeepe tu pakistani

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Indian, You are giving bad name to Indians, you are only lowering their standards… Its advisable that you don’t blabber because your gibberish don’t make sense.

Umair, thanks.. Its a matter of time before India breaks-up again.. Its not just Sikh who want to part with India there are Kashmiris, Nagas, Bodos the whole of North East is in revolt…

Indian writter Khushwant Singh wrote an excellent book “End of India” details at following link. t-Singh/dp/0143029940

Like me he predicts the breakup of India…. NE is already running a parallel government and is as good as independent.


Pakistan has all the right ingredents to implode in the near future.From all angles it is a basket case.Its foreign policy is as per their lenders sayso.It has made a virtue out of its habit of begging from its Islamic doners,& still regards itself as a frontline state against terrorism which was nurtured by it.It is reaping what it sowed.Its concept of strategic depth in Afganistan lies in total tatters,where the Indians now are perched.

Posted by Vijay Dixit | Report as abusive

Kulbir Singh Brar .
who is this guy, from india or pak . or does not have a nationality . Can u ask pakist to give kahlistan from their part of pak. do u know how many sikhs they have killed after partition. how many sikhs exist in pakistan . can u even talk about it in Pakistan. If u really dont fee india tare ur passport or i will send an email to embassy of india to detain u

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

Whoa Kulbir Singh Brar – u seem to have a brilliant idea!

So to differentiate between India and khalistan,
1. khalistan will have a Sikh as head of state… oh! but wait a minute – India also has a Sikh as Prime Minister (Dr. Manmohan Singh)!

…well never mind, let try something else

2. khalistan army will also have a Sikh as its chief…oh darn it! The chief of Indian Army Gen Joginder Jaswant Singh just retired in 2007!

Damn! It seems India already has what khalistan will have and more – except You!

Back to the drawing board for you Kulbir Singh Brar to redefine khalistan….

Posted by reality check | Report as abusive

Dear Indian haters,
Just want to clarify some of your doubts
1. India is the 5the economic superpower in the world
India’s total economy is $1600 Billion
2. Pakistan $ 250 Billion
$1 Billion = Rs.4500/cr
1 INR = 1.70 Pakistani Rupee

3. There are more than 3-4 Indian names listed in world’s top 10 richest people.
4. For few weeks Mr.Mukesh Ambani (2007) became the richest man in the world (when Stock Exchange-Index touched 22000 mark.)
5. The most richest family in the world is from India
(Ambani brothers) their combine assets are approximately $90 Billion, compare this with your Nations economy.

6. The company like TATAs hire total 3,50,000 employees worldwide (I did not include Jaguar and Corus-UK employees) which is equal to Americas’ City group total man power
7. India exports 30-40% of global software needs. (No.1 in the world)
Software professionals in India are paid better than one in the US (in some case, and for all Project managers) and or equal to US standards.
8. Graduates from IITs and IIMs are directly placed in the UK and in the US with the salary packages like 1cr per annum and in some case even more (not an average salary)
9.20% of the Indian population are Muslims (total population of Muslims are more than 30 cr.)
Total population of Pakistan is 17cr.
10. Indian Air Force is proved superior to the US Air Force; recently it bagged a No.1 position in the joint exercise conducted by the US Air Force. Many Nations participated in the competitions.

Yet India is not out of the woods yet, there are problems like poverty, (so called largest slums) unemployment, corruption etc… But if any of you come and visit these so called largest slums in the world, you will be shocked to see each of the slum roof holds a TV antenna (most of them have TVs)
Somebody said India is a 3 rate country. If it was so why you Pakis in Australia bear Indian name boards to your restaurants? This just because if you write Pak-Hotel, no one will enter your hotels out in Australia


Posted by NA | Report as abusive

I beg your pardon, Indian Air Force Pilots were considered better than the US Air Force. I dint mean the Air Force

Posted by NA | Report as abusive

Patriotism of Pakistanis could be tested any where in the world by asking them to help their country in rainy days but what about super class of people (richest fuedals, industrialists, drug lords and above all the politicians who successfully run the highly profitable business of politics in the Pakistan. An estimated rate of profit in Pakistani politics is 1000 to million per cent, details can be calculated by politicians increasing wealth. Majority of Pakistanis living abroad are labor class and highly skilled professional. No body give them money for nothing. They have to work hard for it. Some of them are businessmen who also work very hard to earn their fortune. There is no favor or nepotism in open markets of the world. After all these hard work they should give money to the country because few people of super class have taken country wealth abroad. I have lived and worked in Middle East and visited Europe and now living in USA for last 10 years, I found average Pakistan more patriotic that upper class of the country. We are ready to come forward again and will help/ invest in the country but this upper class should be stopped to taking national wealth abroad and participate accordingly in saving and investing in the country. At present two richest group of politician in power, they should provide the biggest share instead of going for begging to the rich nations. The richest nations are not rich by begging but by hard work. The upper class should go and observe how hard Chinese are working, come to USA and observe how people work and live here.The government of Pakistan should imediatly issue foreign currency investment bond offering good rate of return still better than IMF and world Bank, We Pakistanis abroad will buy with our savings and is a great help. The bonds should be gaureneted by international authorities The editor of Pakistan Times is a talented lady who invite us to write these comments. Her services are highly appreciated by Pakistanis living abroad. Pray for the country where majority population is helpless in front of few exploiters of supper class of rich politicians and defense forces have no choice but to defend them in the system. All the best. KHWAJA AFTAB ALI, Advocate & I.P. Attorney, presently residing in Florida, USA.


Neither India is a SUPERPOWER nor PAKISTAN. everyone here knows then why we both fight. Neither PAKISTANIS are always right nor INDIANS. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Lets not fight with each other.These Politicians and Developed countries have an old policy of “DIVIDE AND RULE”. This is what OBAMA is also looking at.Use Pakistan against his friend Afghanistan and use India against its brother PAKISTAN and destroy them all. Lets support each other at bad times and live together as nobody is going to last for long. Everybody has limited life, the same life a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christan has….

Posted by neutral | Report as abusive

so in my opinion INDIA should support PAKISTAN as PAKISTAN is INDIA’s BROTHER, nobody can deny this fact. It should prevent OBAMA and other aliens to make any move in PAKISTAN.And in turn PAKISTAN should try everything to make peace in INDIA. This is the only way both countries can progress.Otherwise Aliens will come and destroy both of them as they have always done in the past….


Posted by neutral | Report as abusive

Dear Pkaistanis,
I read some of the posted comments on this page and i beelive some of you still beleive that you are very good because you have nuclear power. Just one question, do you guys actually have access to your nuclear facility because after what happened with your nuclear leakage i am sure you have no access to your facility. How ever, we as Indians have all to loose and nothing to gain in the event of a big war, i mean we cannot destroy Pakistan any further can we? Think about how we can help each other to improve our economy and make sure we are able to feed all the hungry first.India is sitting on reserves that are far beyond your imagination.The amount of foreign reserves your country has,is generated by just 20 buildings in a place called Mind space in mumbai lets not even talk about the whole of Mumbai or even India, thats anually of course.This is testing time for you and i beleive its better to bend to survive.Co-exisatnace is the mantra for our good and for yours as well.


Actually Pakis r unable to understand India’s role in world peace in the world because of their ignorance.India is not competiting with u people, pakis.Give Thanks to GOD,Pak survived having been declared as a terror state.BAL BAL BACH GAYE.We won’t be losing anything not keeping relation with u.It’s better for u to keep frienship with us.India is heading to be a SUPERPOWER.Don’t be so envious that it could halt your own progress.We need peace,not a war at any cost.

Posted by Mahaprasad | Report as abusive

Actually ,Pakis r envious to our glory.

Posted by Mahaprasad | Report as abusive

u always try to hurt india,i want to say to all those pakistani first save your own country then think about others(which is going to break anyway).Due to your policies(like supporting taliban and jihad in kashmir)
You are at this point where u r just sitting and can’t do much.

Posted by replytopakis | Report as abusive

Pakistans salvation does rely on India, it has to accept that fact and get over its insecurities. I don’t even understand why us Americans supports the terrorist state of Pakistan when it still clearly engages in embassy bombings. If Pakistan refuses to change then there is no place for it in the modern world…

Posted by Dev | Report as abusive

Dear Mahaprasad,
WE are sooooooooo NOT jealous of you guys, get this straight into your minds. We are neighbours and therefore should try to repect eachotherz feelings. V respect you guyz hence want same respect in return. So think before you write in the future. cuz if i start saying sumthing , there will be no stopping. Thnakyou

Posted by Pakistani girl | Report as abusive

Pakistan is in state of denial.They are in state of denial for years.It time to mend there ways and concentrate which fetch them jobs and inprove there economy.

Views of zardari is correct but does army has simillar option?

One joke abt pakistan.
all countries has army but in pakistan army has country.

Posted by Mahidhar | Report as abusive

I am very sad reading india and pakistan guys exchanging words here.

to me India is not issue to Pakistan.
Pakistan is victim of past mistake commited by its army and ISI.They never allow democracy mature in Pakistan.
Still they hold key for any gov to survive.
they are last one to have diplomatic relation with Taliban. They informed bin laden abt US attact on him in 1999 when US taped satilite calls.

pak Army is one who distorted Pakistan internally.

Posted by Mahidhar | Report as abusive

its now a perfect time for pakistani’s civil government to take help from india or china whoever it trust to fight it deadly in built terrorist so that the whole sub continent sleeps in peace . pakistani guys and girls you don’t have to fear india because we never attack any nation but we try everthing in our country to become self sufficient in every area of life hope you people want the same free democrate air so fight for your democrate free life from your home grown terrorist

Posted by anup | Report as abusive

Pakistan can promote small scale industries of making bombs, grenades, rifles, etc. Thus Pakistan can earn good money by exporting to other terrorist countries and can earn good money.

Posted by Prasad | Report as abusive

Since the shadow of war is clearing it is great respite to India, not because we are scared of the war but because the damage would be more on us as we have a great future unlike Pakistan who is busy moving around begging money for basic survival. Just one question to any Pakistani… Do you know who actually is controlling the country is it Zardari or the Military or the ISI. I know that the preseident reigns but does not rule so can actually enlighten me with this answer. How will you’ll survive when the Taliban issue is resolved or diluted how will you survive because it is quite unlikely that you will get any money from the USA then.

Posted by Tejas Desai | Report as abusive

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