China, Pakistan and the financial crisis

October 13, 2008

File photo of rally with Pakistan national flagIf your country is desperate to stave off economic collapse, there is probably no better place to visit, and no better friend to have, than China right now. With $2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, China is sheltered from the worst of the financial storm, so much so that many are looking at it to play a part in hauling the global economy into calmer waters. 

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari begins a trip to China on Tuesday on what is being billed as his first official visit abroad — his earlier trip to the United States has been presented as one to attend the U.N. General Assembly.

Pakistan has long seen China as its most reliable friend, in contrast to the United States, whose support has waxed and waned in line with U.S. strategic interests in the region. And China in turn has long been content to provide quiet support, avoiding the brashness of the United States while building a relationship with an ally that could be used as a counterweight to India. So there is nothing unusual about a Pakistani leader making China his first choice for a bilateral trip.

At a brokerage house in Shanghai/Ali SongWhat is unusual is the context.  Because of the financial crisis, China’s economic clout has soared relative to the United States. It has recently begun to flex its economic muscles to exercise political power, as this Financial Times story about China using its forex reserves to convince Costa Rica to sever ties with Taiwan suggests.

On its part, Pakistan is keen to show its independence from the United States. With tensions running high over U.S. missile strikes and one reported ground raid by U.S. troops across the border from Afghanistan into Pakistani territory, no Pakistani leader right now can afford to be seen as too pro-American. Pakistan Army chief, General Ashfaq Kayani, has already made a trip to China to discuss defence cooperation. And though Pakistan’s economy may be teetering on the brink of collapse, Zardari has in the past ruled out seeking a bail-out from the International Monetary Fund — identified by public opinion in Pakistan as being too much of an “American” institution.

And that makes China’s role as a potential saviour all the more important. The question that needs to be asked is whether China, with its new found economic power, will extract a higher price for its support than it has done in the past, and how far Zardari will go to pay for that support.  In an interview with Xinhua, Zardari said he had a long-term economic cooperation plan, and will “bring my own concept to China”. 

File photo of an elderly Uigur leaving a mosque in Xinjiang/Nir EliasChina has its own reasons to want to ensure the stability of Pakistan, not just because of its unspoken rivalry with India, but also because it cannot afford to let Islamist militancy seep from Pakistan into neighbouring Xinjiang, the restive far-western region where in August it said it faced a “life and death struggle” against terrorism, following a series of attacks blamed on Muslim separatists.

So will Zardari’s visit to China intensify a relationship that will maintain global economic stability by helping to prevent another national economy from sliding off the edge, while bolstering the battle against Islamist militancy? Or are there hints in there of a Faustian pact? The devil, as usual, will be in the details.



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You know, I know and everybody knows Zardari is going to china just for Nuclear deal..China has nothing to worry about Islamist militancy spreadign from pakistan because it is a country where govt can kill any protestor or militancy as soon as it sparks with out making a slightest sound in media or public. No body knows what happens inside China. China wanting stability in Pak is a crap which I dont buy.. China has been supplying Pak with weapons and will continue to do so just to make it unstable with India.

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Pakistan should seek support from world in this difficult time.

Posted by TRCB | Report as abusive

Long Live Pak-China friendship!!

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Why China always gets such scary countries as friends?? China’s best friends are Pakistan, N Korea, Iran, Libya Syria, Sudan, Somalia and so on. Is there a common pattern here? Is it cuz no one else would go close to these countries and hence China can suck their natural resources cheaply? Is it cuz China can’t get good friends and it’s better to have failed, loser friends than no friends? Or is it cuz like minds seek each other? China is completely responsible for what’s happening in these countries today. It’s time that China take some responsibility, act responsibly, not kill pets, babies or jail people for googling.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

In my opinion Pakistan and Afghanistan should get together and form a joint country. Kick out American and Indian influence.
China should help Pakistan in this hour of needs.
No one can keep India in checks like Pakistan, Valuable ally for China.

Posted by HAN | Report as abusive

Burma, another friend of China 😉 Why all these failed countries surround China. How some of these failed countries have no food or money but nukes? People in these failed countries are suffering, dying for some dubious Chinese ambition? Not fair!! Everyone, every country should live free, with dignity, with self-respect, as equals and and NOT be trapped or exploited for money.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

China has been helping Pakistan to counter India but now even China can’t go to far in helping Pakistan because they know that Pakistan is not trust worthy.

Posted by Ali Khan | Report as abusive

No friends is 1000x better than a friend like China. China is the MOST unethical, immoral country in this century. It has money and power but no morality, no self-respect. China could be a great civilized country but that’s not where they are today. China prefers dictators and hides from democracies. To get fake self-respect, China needs some slaves and is exploiting Pakistan. China likes the military in Pakistan because there is no Chinese word for democracy. Pakistan definitely has no bright future with the Chinese or Saudis. If Pakistan needs a bright tomorrow, it must stay away from China, Saudi and work hard. Pakistan has a long way to go.

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Pakistan needs 2 decide what it wants – science, industry and development or more mullahs and madrassas. Their choice and their future. China is only going exploit them more for it’s own gain and secret ambitions. Look at last 10-15 years and at China’s activity and China’s friends. Pakistan only can help itself!

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All you haters can go take a hike. It will not change the fact China is growing stronger by the day and the West is declining relatively. Nor will it change the deep friendship between these two countries. Enjoy your self-riotousness, and your pointless arguments on what countries around the world “should” and “shouldn’t” do.

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[…] China, Pakistan and the financial crisis […]

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eric says, “China is the MOST unethical, immoral country in this century. It has money and power but no morality, no self-respect.”

yeah, china’s immoral, all right… especially compared to that paragon of virtue, the US.

when’s the last time china went halfway round the world to kill a million people in a project to achieve “benevolent global hegemony”?

Posted by wadosy | Report as abusive

I don’t understand why so many people object two neighboring countries be closest allies. China has always supported the people of Pakistan, not one dictator, or party.

As a Pakistani, I can tell you guys most Pakistanis do agree that India is naturally the one country that can be Pakistan’s closest ally in these changing times. We not only share borders but cultures too. Somehow the perception is different on the other side. Probably because they don’t watch almost non-existent Lollywood.

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You know all said and done, China is a one country in the world that has grown economically…from nothing to a military and economic power.

Yes, they may hang disidents, but they hang corrupt ministers too. May be in US people responsible for economic misery should face the life jail term if not death for drowning us from the wealthist nation to a borrower nation! Some countries may hate them, but their own people don’t!

We are the leaders in technology, but our oil lobby giants and auto industry didn’t let public transportation develop as they wanted to retain their markets. Look at London, Japan, China, Singapore and other nations with public transport systems.
Look at the french who have 80% electric power from Nuclear energy, another example to follow.

Look at the healthcare system of UK, France and other European countries Vs payed health care in USA. I think it is time we have a nationalized health care system in USA, instead of yielding to AMA and Pharma companies that have created barriers of entry to hold prices up.

US is great, so lets make it greatest, by having public transportation systems, nationalized health care and decent social security system.

Posted by Tariq J Qureshi | Report as abusive

Why Curse Chian and Pakistan? It is British who must be cursed to have created Pakistan for their long term selish interests. Initially it were Brits then followed by Americans. Fundamentalism and terrorism in Pakistan is creation of USA and the West. All of them including Pakistan are paying back for theirs sins with accrued interest??
For India it simply is a matter of bad luck that the country is surrounded by every thing failed except for Bhutan which friendly to India. There are failed economies, failed political systems, failed states etc One of the major reasons is their belligerent attitudes to India. No body in the world including US and China can ever help these societies till they remain unnecessarily hostle and belligerent towards India. Everthing they have including their economies is dependent on and connected with India including that of Tibet. Unless economies of these states get closely linked with India, China or USA can not do any thing much even if trillions of dollars aid is provided to them.

Pakistani economy is unnecessarily suffering because it is not linked to Indian economy. Same is the case with Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar.

Integrate this mammoth and this would be the largest stbalisation factor in the region. It may save millions of tax payers money to the US and western societies.

That is the only solution.

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Why is Pakistan after China??

the solution to their woes lies in Delhi. Zardary should try to connect the economy with Inda and Pakistan will be out of mess…

Even US knows it but No one is interested in real stability in the region. It appers they want Pakistanies to keep playing “Bombers”.. That is also in the intrests of China ..

So my dear Bangladeshi and Pakistani friends .. keeps eating greenbacks and keep making bombs… instead of making factories..

It is a deliberate choices of your 9th century mindset. Only you can help yourselves not China. china is helping Counties in this region to counterbalance and reduce their defence spending.. That is all.

Posted by MacMillan | Report as abusive

Nobody can defame China without evidences!

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

What would be the cost of maintaining 20 Divisions in Tibet??

Give some bombs to Pakistan and some AK-56 to the terrorists. Then there is no need to keep more than one divison in Lhasa to beat up the Lamas.

That is China Pakistan deep rooted and historical friendship!!. What a Joke??

Posted by MacAurther | Report as abusive

The only common interest between Pakistan and China – is India ! Both Pakistan & China want to contain India and see an opportunity to use each other’s strengths to do that. Between them (Pak and China) there is no love gained or lost for any other reason…

Pakistan’s primary pre-occupation is contaning/ destroying India rather than work for the welfare of its people. It is a failed State – which is destined to disintegrate – leading to four parts getting merged with India, China, Afganistan and Iran. That is the final solution for this wretched country !

Posted by Ats | Report as abusive

Pakistani Punjabis are selling baluchistan resources to greedy insatiable chinese in return baluchis are offered begging bowls. We baluchis will liberate from the clutches of punjabi-chinese vultures .


Posted by Sameera Baluch | Report as abusive


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ALL MUST READ THIS display/15695/index.php

Posted by Sameera Bluch | Report as abusive

The next centers of power would be China, Russia and Canada as we see the decline of the “American Empire” has already begun. The recent economic meltdown will probably bring this giant to its knees. US debt will go up into trillions of dollars while China already has 2 trillion dollars as Foreign Exhchange Reserves. After some time, it would just not be possible for US to further finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and it will have to pull out. US will end up in bankruptcy and probably disintegrate into smaller countries just like the Sovet Union did at one time. Pakistan and China have always been great friends and they will get more close to counter US-India-Israel “axis of evil”. Probably Russia will also join hands with China, Venezuella, Pakistan etc. US is already losing clout in Central Asia and Middle East and those regions are getting closer to the Asian Block. Eventually World Bank and IMF will collapse too bringing an end to the US world order. Israel which in the first place was an impractical country to be made in the center of Middle East will not be able to sustain itself.I hope there is no bloodshed though. Taiwan will merge with China and probably Kashmeer will break away from India. United States itself is responsible for the mess it has gotten into. It never showed respect for human life and dignity and probably this is the reason for the humiliation it is facing right now.

Posted by zeeshan | Report as abusive

Excuse me Eric, Dan, etc. The problem is that China knows every up has a down and for every down there is an up. It knows the value of helping countries in crisis, so when it is helping Pakistan, it is helping itself to make its own future secure. Nature has given everything a balance. Its us humans who have always tried to destroy it. For the point about which Dan had written “Not fair!! Everyone, every country should live free, with dignity, with self-respect, as equals and and NOT be trapped or exploited for money.” I would just ask how much help had Americans given to any country without their interests?????? Its America that is using most of the countries as puppets, not China. Its America which has waged nearly all the wars that exitst today either directly or indirectly. China is the most responsible country of all. We havent ever heard in the past 20-30 years that China is in any kind of war. This country has the most respectable foreign plicy of their own and not dictated by Americans.

Posted by Talha | Report as abusive

[…] Pakistan and the financial crisis China, Pakistan and the financial crisis October 13th, 2008 If your country is desperate to stave off economic collapse, there is probably […]

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zeeshan, dream on my boy dream on…..

Posted by naveen | Report as abusive

Zeeshan, you dream needs one correction !

The next centres of power would be China, Russia and Pakistan (not Canada)… Rest fits in well this Pakistani Dream

Posted by Ats | Report as abusive

Well it has always been like this that when ever Pakistan is in danger it looks towards its friends for help and no doubt pak china friendship has always been a great one and InshALLAH in the future as well we would be fighting our common enemoes together… as Holy Prophet said .. seek knowledge even if u have to go to china…. and knowledge is the biggest power now a days…. so we r seeking power by going to china.. hope u people understand

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Yes, we can safely say that in such times… china is the most favourable country now for investing into! I suggest those with lots of cash now to invest in China currency… although it has appreciated between 10 – 20% against alot of countries(including Australia, Europe and Britain) over the last one month, it still has at least room for upward movement of 10- 20% before the end of this year!

Good Luck!

Posted by Michael Low | Report as abusive

Long Live PAK-China Friendship. Nucluear deal should be done years ago but i think this is the right time.

Posted by Waqar | Report as abusive

Nothing wrong in Pakistan and China friendship. Every country has the right to choose her friends. Unless a nation helps herself, no one is going to come to her rescue. Its just an illusion that China or USA or anyone will help any nation. Why should China give $$s to Pakistan when there are millions of poor Chinese wanting the same $$s. Problem of Pakistan is the very ideology on which she was created. Unless Pakistanis come out of that mindset, there is no salvation. Pakistanis have to learn how to look at world through the non-Islamic eyes. I fail to understand why Muslims want to live only in Islamic Republics and not with non-Islamic people? India has no problem with Pakistan other than this two nation theory on which Pakistan was created. If one follows this ideology, every country where Muslims live, has to be divided to make place for Muslims. No country on Earth will accept this in modern times.

Posted by Rajendra Kumar | Report as abusive


Nice discussion going on!!

As Indians, it is of prime importance for us that Pakistan prospers…for many reasons. The exploiters of Pakistan both US earlier and in future China would leave Pakistan the moment their interests cease to exist.

However, I feel it is important to align itself with China right now than considering the “too-good-to-be-true” solution of merging economic and other interests with India. This is because Pakistan is on the brink of war from all corners. That is, a civil war has already begun within due to the financial and economic crisis. Militancy is not helping it much. India also shares the militancy problem, however, in Pakistan it has become a commonplace phenomenon. Added to this is the tense condition prevailing on the Afghan-pak border between Pak and NATo forces regarding the FATA terrain.

As opportunistic the US is, it would not hesitate to attack Pakistan in search of AlQaeda even without an evidence that they actually are hiding there. I mean thats wat they did in Iraq. Now if Pak seeks help from India, although India would be eager to help, it would be a strategic error in the wake of war with US. India would not support war due to its non-aligned policy and more so if it is with the US in today’s scenario.

Hence, strategically, it makes sense for Pakistan to seek support from China. This is only as far as the external war and the economic crisis is concerned. But the internal law and order problem in Pakistan has to be addressed first by pakistan and by Pakistan themselves as that is causing more damage than anything else. If a man’s life is safe then will he think of a job and a luxurious life.

As far as exploitation is concerned, whoever has power will continue to exploit the powerless. Earlier it was British, then it was USSR and USA, then it was only USA and now it will be China and later it might be China and Russia again. That’s the way it goes may be.

Sorry if I hurt anyone.

Posted by Gautam | Report as abusive

If Pakistan prefers to be someone’s slave, nobody can stop them. They preferred to be US slave for 30 years and now US is paying back. They will be China’s slave and China will flood Pakistan with cheap poisonous crap, kill local industry, flood cheap Chinese labor and will suck all Pakistan’s natural resources in return. Pakistanis will be begging Chinese for jobs. This is happening right now in Africa (source: BBC) and will happen in Pakistan if very soon. Pakistan’s resources are for Pakistanis, NOT Chinese!!!

Posted by Edmond | Report as abusive

If Pakistan wants an international nuclear deal, it must come clean on it’s past, own up mistakes and responsibility, make A Q Khan available for IAEA questioning and wait for 5-6 years before Khan episode fades away. IAEA is the only authority who approves such deals. Making any shady secretive bilateral deal with China will put more questions and will not be internationally acceptable. It will easily kill the prospects of any respectable international deal. China itself buys nuke fuel and can’t divert. China doesn’t have latest nuke power technology or safety measures. Pakistan will be hostage to Chinese deal and slavery forever. Look what’s happening to N Korea and Iran!!!

Posted by Watson | Report as abusive

China has the body of an elephant and brain of a rat.
1. One Chinese president offered 1 million Chinese women as debt payment to a foreign country. (Source: BBC)
2. During Beijing Olymics,
(a) Chinese Govt kicked out Chinese citizens from Beijing so that foreigners don’t see dirty Chinese faces.
(b) Faked the voice and face of 8 year old girls to hide someone they consider ugly and fooled the world.
(c) Faked the fireworks to fool the world.
3. Looting natural resources, minerals from Africa, Burma and selling arms in return to immoral dictators. Cheap and toxic Chinese goods killed the local industry in Africa. Now Africans can’t compete with Chinese in Africa and are either getting killed or emigrating to Europe.
4. Everything in China is fake or cover up or toxic: bird flu, baby food, pet food, earthquake area school construction, toxic disposals to rivers, toxic plastic ingredients and so on.
5. China has the biggest army but it is scared of the peaceful Tibetan monks.

Need I say more?? ..:))

Posted by Adam | Report as abusive

Can Pakistan ever stand up on it’s leg or it will keep running from one master to another master? It will only get used up and discarded by all. All countries look for their own interest and use other countries to further their own ambitions.
Problem with China is it can’t stand alone and say anything moral. It always prefers to shout and shoot behind other’s shoulders. China needs someone else do the cheerleadig for it. So it befriends some desperate lonely countries, sells arms/craps to them, traps them in a debt cycle and then uses them every possible way. These countries end up as failed states and survive on donations and food stamps. Look at N Korea, Sudan, Burma.
Is Pakistan going to fall in this trap???
Wake up Pakistan .. stand up!!

Posted by A friend of Pak | Report as abusive

What happens to Pakis if China does same thing as USA after 20 years. Do they Jihad againest Chinees . China provocing or using Pakis to destabilize india . but they
dont know that pakis cannot mess with India any more .

Posted by cj | Report as abusive

Michael Low .
Investing china for what . The money does not reach them . china is going to collaps like russia. one day if all chinese think they dont want this stupid chinees communist . then that would be chinas end. U cannot put pressure and hold. u have realease . we all hope one day
chinese people will be free to talk and do what they want .

Posted by cj | Report as abusive

Why you cnn will punish the comments that is offensive to you evil west slavers? why you cnn dont punish the comments that is offensive to China and Pakistan? Your house rulers prove there is no speech freedom in west.Do not try to fool the whole world. You west is the root destroying this earth!

Posted by anti-usa | Report as abusive

those people cursing China should really come to China to see, to feel. i am pround to be a Chinese.

Posted by maomao | Report as abusive

‘Pak chin Dosti’ as they say in Pakistan, has defintaley taken a blow since the early 90s. There have been many important steps taken including defence and economic co-operation, but this is nothing unique to Pakistan. China relation with many african and south east asian countries is much deeper and more significant than that of Pakistan. Brothers they arnt. China spent $13 billion cleaning up a lake, $40 billion was spent on the little on chongqing and they scrapped tens of billions of dollars worth of loans of african countries, and pakistan is facing difficulty getting 2 billion

Posted by umair usman | Report as abusive

As it has always been the case this recent visit to the brotherly country china will also not go in vain……China and Pakistan friendship has withered every storm and I hope with every passing storm this friendship will become even more stronger…..

Posted by KS | Report as abusive

Irrespective of the fact that China has 2 trillion $ in forex reserves, is the fsatest growing economy in the world, has the 2nd largets army in the world, at the end of the day China is still a closed society. A society where the government dominates and regulates everything. Just look at the baby food crisis. 56000 chinese babies suffering and the government discouraging parents and lawyers from filing suits against the company.

In china nobody (citizen or outsider) has the correct picture of the things that are going on in China. Even the fact that their fx reserves are 2 trillion or not is something nobody can claim with any certainity.

If somebody wishes to find a friend in such a country then BEST OF LUCK.

The only thing that can be said for certain about China is that it plans to make Asia and Africa its playground. Form here it would then take on the might of Europe and America. And since Europe and USA has already stuck their foot in their arse and shot themselves in the head – Economic meltdown, the chinese have been saved even this trouble.

When the dust of the current crisis settles down not even china would be secure. The chinese economy is export driven and FII financed. With a global slowdown these two activities are bound to be adversely affected leaving china with a red nose. Still china is far more secure that others.

Posted by hrothgar | Report as abusive

If pakistan wishes to tie its future to china so be it. but unless this beautiful country learns to stand on its own two feet it cannot hope to prosper. A crutch is still a crutch be it be of gold.

This country has since its creation has outscored over india on all development parameters till 1980’s but after that it has slowly spiralled down to the state it is in now.

Pakistan has been let down by its leaders – military, political and religious. The brave people of pakistan are making a valiant effort to come out of this mess. They have chosen a democratic government, have raised voice against terrorism and are being vocal about what is wrong and how it can be corrected.

I just hope that the citizens realize that they cannot go around looking for dole outs. Nobody want to be friends with a weaker or poorer nation and if they profess to be friends – be sure to read the fine print. a friendship between a strong and weak nation is flawed in its very concept. The stronger nation would always extract a price for its help. Look what America has done to pakistan. Just a few years back America was the bestest friend of pakistan. after using pakistan against russia, they abandoned it. then came back after a few years with threat to blow the country to stone age. is this how true friends act.

But this is what you get whenever there is a partnership of unequals. The stronger always knows that it can arm twist the weaker nation. This jubilation about chinese friendship is all good but pakistan should realize that this is again a partnership between unequals. There is nothing to stop china from extracting its pound of flesh when the time comes.

Pakistan stand on your feet and take charge of your own destiny. You are too good and too proud a people to go around with a begging bowl in hand.


Posted by hrothgar | Report as abusive

Speaking of bilateral relationship, Pak and China is founding an exreme good example in Asia and in the globe. If we look at Europe and North America, it’s so strage to find that Asia countries are against each other. It’s the legacy from British evade. Asian countries’s reunion under China’s power will bring peace and properous to peoples there.

Posted by hemo | Report as abusive

Not only Pakistan, countries do not require any help from any third country but can achieve their goals, if it stop supporting of any hat or extreme activities, it does not mean or refer any kind of state sponsored activities, but elimination should be from all sections of the society, starting from individual, group, orgazinations, departments etc. Govt’s should know that, if they encouraging any individual or Group for any extreme action against any third party may stand one day as third party. Encouraging extremism costing Life, Property, Economy etc…

Posted by A M R | Report as abusive

The evil british and usa slaved african and robbed chinese wealth for centuries and now brutally killing civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan,Iran to plunder oil and us army are raping south korean and japanese women. do you so called civilized west show any mercy to thses people? you shameless west are much more brutal than nazi!

Posted by anti-usa | Report as abusive asia/19zardari.html?ref=asia

No bailout by china. Now what you say about your friend?

Posted by Carlos | Report as abusive

Indeed Pakistan is in deep trouble let see what can he do to revive form this situation.

In my opinion Pakistan still have some chance if he take some loan form IMF but this is matter for shame for any country to take loan for this purpose but i think this is no time for Pakistan to see about self-esteem. This time Pakistan need to maintain its stability just like India did in 1991.

But the main question will arise after that
what Pakistan government want?
What he dream for the people for his country? are they still try to feeding militant in Line of control to again start disturbance in India or rather than take systemic steps for his development and improve his economy?

I think this time Pakistan really need food rather than weapon and Kashmir .

If he improve his economy and make healthy relation with India then Kashmir issue will become matter of cooperation not controversy

This is my opinion Any comments ?

Posted by Anurag | Report as abusive


Posted by Anurag | Report as abusive

Thw world needs to keep the hands clean of Pakistan. Every loan for one pretext or another is plundered and poor people of Pakistan are left paying the interest for the rest of heir lifes. Right now the hue and cry is regarding the ‘interest payments’ due on loans of last 20 years.
Strangely enough Pakistan politians have more properties out of Pakistan then in Pakistan. Mr. Zardari and his late wife (BB) own over $10B worth of property just in Dubai alone, including the 10 acre estate on the beach from where she left to return to Pakistan. There are 10 highrise buildings in Dubai which include the hotel where Zardari had meeings with Nawaz Sharif…. Similar properties are spread in London, France and USA. Same is the case for Mr. Sharif and all members of his family who owns properties in London and Dubai. Just image between these top wig parties every time they are out of power, they take off to their safe havens created out of these plundering.

One solution is left. Let investors come and build the dams and wind farms to deliver electric for dead industry of Pakistan under 20 years BOT. Look at what investors did for telecom sector.

Next loan donor’s like any investment company can run public infrastructure projects themselves to protect their investment. There are all laws on paper in Pakistan, but the ‘yes-man’ establishment infrastructure is willing to go into shady deals with anyone offering them a cut by-passing every law in the book.

The nation and youth in Pakistan (65% population) is helpless, but still have the street power to break the chains imposed by politicians. Would you beleive the despair in heart of every Pakistani when a political system was high-jacked to elect Zardari. Shame is on PPP jaila’s who talk of democracy, but did not have the courage to stand up seeing a wrong happan right in front of their eyes. It is their own fault and they deserve to be ruled by a 19 year prince Bilawal. You really are still slaves! No guts to say anything when you see a wrong happan…

No, the nation of Pakistan is not ordained to be slaves of the polictical masters. It’s time they hit he rock bottom as a failed state to rise out of the ashes!
Good luck..

Posted by Tariq J Qureshi | Report as abusive

pakistan should invest heavily in I.T sector and take advantage of its young population in education ,training etc …. we should stop relying on foreign loans we should have better ties with Iran and middle east rather then depend on usa which is only using pakistan for its dirty laundry. its time for us to have better ties with Russia too because usa backed policies are failing in pakistan.

Posted by khaliq chohan | Report as abusive

they should have spend more money on its economy than on supporting terrorism. pak politicians stole money and plundered the economy. spreading red herrings.

sadly what i see is that their currency & market will nose dive.. making the situation worse. the taliban people will rise more. this will adversely affect neighbouring India and China (xin juang province).

Posted by Shin’i Kira | Report as abusive

[…] $16 billion in deals in India. But for all its reputation as an all-weather friend, China refused to bail out the Pakistani economy in 2008, forcing it to turn instead to the International Monetary Fund. That decision, amongst […]

Posted by China’s South Asia tour: win-win meets zero sum | Read NEWS | Report as abusive

[…] does not know this already. If it had any doubts it would have cleared these up when the government first sought Chinese financial help in 2008 only to be rebuffed and sent packing to the IMF  – a decision which left Pakistan more […]

Posted by Pakistan’s China Syndrome « khanmd | Report as abusive