Comments on: Pakistan’s Zardari: a little bit Pakistani and a little bit Indian Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: Tejaswy Sun, 30 Nov 2008 19:27:09 +0000 I think that i have heard enough of what Islam means …what it is supposed to do and what not…..

I want to ask only a few simple plain questions …
why is it that there is a wide scope of misinterpretation of quaran ?
Why only quran,…..why not the bible or gita or guru granth sahib or any other religious book infact..

Why do all the religious militants have to be Muslims ?

They have troubles with Christians , Hindus , Jews , animals ,cd players , Dvd’s , statues , history and what not.

By: arut Sat, 29 Nov 2008 20:04:34 +0000 If Asif Ali Zardari is a man of his words, its indeed commendable. He is probably the first PAK president to speak so boldly about Indo-Pak issues. I hope he follows it up with some positive action for his own nation’s good.

Pakistan is a sinking ship! When compared to India its far behind and needs a lot of catching up to do. Its leadership must realize that a proxy-war will only alienate it further from the international community.After 9/11 the world has changed and Pakistan is under the radar screen of many nations who are not comfortable in dealing with a country that exports TERROR!! I wonder why they don’t focus on providing a better life to their own citizens rather than wasting
resources on spreading hatred and terror ??

By: Peace Pact Fri, 28 Nov 2008 23:19:48 +0000 To be a Muslim, one is required to strictly and literally follow Koran and Hadith. Hadith gives an example of strategy used against a powerful enemy.

Once, during the early days of propagation of Islam via it’s sword, the followers of Muhammad near Mecca, came to him complaining that one of their strong opponent, a leader of a big tribe, is refusing to bow down to Islam and convert to Islam and that he has so far defeated their attacking army many times. And that they thus were helpless.

Mohammad ordered them: Make a peace pact with the leader of the tribe. Then when it is night, and they are sleeping, go and slaughter the whole family, including women, children and elderly. That will establish a horror in the minds of the rest of the tribe. Once the minds are occupied with total fear and utter horror, I will own their minds and the battle will be already won.

His followers did just what was ordered. First they bribed a couple of influential people from the tribe, who then proclaimed that Mohammad’s follwers were marginalized and are among the poorest of all. And the tribe needs to make a peace pact with Mohammad, other wise they will get angry and there will be bloodshed. We don’t want to make the Muslims angry. We should do what they so justifiably ask. The tribe leader was thus coerced by these agents to make a peace treaty with Mohamad.

As the following night came, the Muhammad’s followers went quietly without making any sound, and massacred the whole of the leader’s family (who slept with a sense of peace & safety) as ordered.

Within days, the whole tribe was converted to Islam. The two appeasers, traitors to the dead tribe leader were beheaded on Mohammad’s orders. Mohammad later explained to his bewildered followers that the agents had served their purpose, he did not need them any more and he did not want such sub-human people in his flock.

In the current situation all around the globe, do you see many parallels? Do you remember the digging of secret tunnels and subsequent attack on Kargil, all the while as Musharraf was making a big show of the recent PEACE PACT with the slow minded PM, Mr. Vajpayee as he was participating in all those ongoing peace pact celebrations in Pakistan? That is just one example among thousands the world over. They spread throughout the whole history of the Muslim conquest which aims at the whole world as they plunder, loot, massacre and convert from of one infidel area to the next adjoining infidel area, mostly in sequence, sometimes in parallel at multiple fronts. The strategies as prescribed in Koran and Hadith are repeated over and over again, only the weapons change with time. This has been very successful since 1400 years till now.

Do you notice those people who are following in the exact same tradition of the two appeasing agents beheaded 1400 years ago and who essentially make the same appeasing arguments?

One of the tricks the appeasers and the paid agents have: Not all Muslims are bad. There are a few, minority people who are hijacking Islam and creating a false version of Islam. This is complete hogwash. There is only one Islam. To be a muslim one has to follow the Koran and the Hadith to the letter. There are no versions. It must be followed as it was written 1400 years ago. Now the situation can be explained by giving an exmple of New York Gambino family. Not all family men are gunmen. Only some are capable of killing people, while others do the loansharking, some own the gambling dens some infiltrate the police, some arrange the logistics of supply and safe houses. But one thing is common, they are all trusted family members. Same is tru with the Muslim brotherhood. Everyone helps according to their aptitude, capacity, mindset and situation in life. But they all bow down to Muhamadd and every word in Koran and Hadith. If not, they are simply not Muslim, clear and simple.

All this confusion is created and propagated by Muslim strategists, and their agents, their advance guards who are already in place in the next infidel area in line to be conquered. In this, they are very careful, forceful and consistent. It has worked for 1400 years till now and will continue to work in future.

By: sheryar Fri, 28 Nov 2008 18:31:40 +0000 I am greatly shocked by the anti-Islam responses that some of the people, Vijay in particular, have written. Do they think that all of the people following Islam, India’s 180 million population, Pakistanis and millions around the world do not keep any pact? Does he think that Hindu’s or Sikh’s or people of any other religion around the world are not doing corruption of any sort? I believe that this sort of misleading opinion might make this sick crises even sicker. Pakistan is determined and is looking forward in seeking peace with India. Pakistan is making this move only to establish security and tranquility of the region and is encouraging India to do the same. Pakistan itself is under great crises and the blame that Pakistan is trying to destabilize India is totally out of question.

By: vijay Fri, 28 Nov 2008 13:04:28 +0000 Kam,

Keep dreaming you will get a response for this. AT a plce of our choosing, in a way we want. One has to be a fool to think of following a pact with pakis. The only way this will get settled is you live or we live. It is proved now we can’t live.

By: kam Thu, 27 Nov 2008 20:12:45 +0000 This statement clearly shows pakistanis intent for friendly relations but if India thinks that this offer will be forever is a mistake …. India should blame themselves first before blaming pakistan and muslims for all its problems …. infact it was them that occupied kashmir illegally and still occupy it without the wishes of kashmirs and defy the UN resolutions. If India wants to improve its releations with pakistan they should do following things:
1- Stop state terrosim in Indian occupied Kashmir and accept the verdict of people
2- Stop destabilising Tribal areas of Pakistan with their RAW agents & hindu zeolists and stop killing Pakistinis.
3- we accept Afghanistan as a free state and we cannot progress without them….but its interesting to note how much india is interested in afghanistan. India should first solve its dispute with its neighbours Pakistan, China, China, Nepal & bhutan then think about interfering in other counties. It is evident that they have some other motives there so it should stop it first. Just giving money to afghanistan cannot turn them against Pakistan ….they are smartter than this
4- India should dismantle all its military complex amd forces, 100,000 is enough to fight indian terrorist in their country and make the world safe.
5- Open all Indian terrorist camps to pakistani inspection. You are not that peace loving after all, you are the only county with war with all its neibours.
6- Accept the reality that Kashmirs are fighting for their rights and are not agents
7- release all innocent pakistanis in Indian jails and treat them according to any humans norms like pakistan does to all Indians even RAW agents.

Until this happens pakistan cannot gaurentee anything to India….. stop bulling otherwise china will kick your ass … my advise to Hindu Indians …. Stop living in pre-1947 era ..its 2008 idiots ….
After 20 years that India accepts the above 7 points will we consider anything from you …. otherwise burn in hell as you have sofar. In Pakistan People determine its future not like the Indian RAW which controls Indians minds. After all a promise from Hindu to non-Hindu is as good as a toilet paper as well.
God bless the peace living people in India & pakistan.

By: vijay Thu, 27 Nov 2008 18:03:03 +0000 Having a pact with some one who follows islam is worse than eating human fracas. I think they are determined to annihilate everyone who does not beleive in islam this is the begining of a holy war ???.

There is no proof of allah ever existing,but seems to be after some people ? really feel what these blood thirsty people want to prove ?

By: Salman Thu, 27 Nov 2008 06:21:15 +0000 @ ‘roy’

Oh. and i’m sure with so much slums flourishing, everything must appear as toilet paper to you.


By: Salman Thu, 27 Nov 2008 06:19:14 +0000 @ “roy”

your obtuse analysis is not impressive, furthermore, it fails completely to shed any light on what clearly isin’t a BRIGHT idea.

You can apply your genius perhaps more effectively at trying to figure out where to put your hundreds of millions of slum folk, or rather, what to do about the smell of fecal matter evidently present on your streets.

Good Luck I say.

By: SK Thu, 27 Nov 2008 00:34:28 +0000 So now this is the new game pakistan wants to play, flexible visa? why- to allow more anti-india activity in India? No way let them look towards arab their ancestors came from there. Leave India alone, We indians (H/M/S/C) are happy in our country. I feel sorry for foolish indians who still think pakistani’s can be friends, they cannot be, period.