Battleground India but Delhi clueless?

November 27, 2008

An attack of the scale and sophistication unleashed on Mumbai would not be possible without months of planning, and yet it completely went below India’s intelligence radar.

Indeed, so unaware were the security agencies that even when the attacks began, the first reaction was these were probably gangland shootings that India’s financial capital is known for.   So if the agencies have been so clueless about an attack so mammoth in its sweep, the question experts are beginning to ask is how safe are India’s vital assets?

The nuclear facilities for instance ? A chilling thought but one that must be answered, says B. Raman, a former top officer at India’s Research and Analysis Wing. “I shiver and sweat at the thought of what is waiting to happen tomorrow and where. The mind boggles as one tries to think and figure out how the terrorists could have planned and carried out terrorist strikes of such magnitude, territorial spread and ferocity without our intelligence and police having been able to get scent of it,” Raman, one of India’s foremost intelligence experts, wrote. “I could not sleep the whole of last night. One question, which kept bothering me again and again was : how safe are our nuclear establishments and material?”

Of course nuclear installations are far more heavily guarded than a public place such as a hotel, hospital or a railway station and Raman probably means to rouse what he thinks is an establishment gone into deep slumber. But after the attacks on Mumbai, no longer can Indian experts be be going around saying Pakistan is unique in not having a grip on the militant threat. After repeated attacks beginning in Varanasi last year to Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi twice this year and finally Mumbai, and still no wiser as to who is behind them,  New Delhi looks as much at sea as its counterpart in Islamabad.


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It is sad that those claiming the moral high ground in today’s world, the religious leaders, propagate organizations that cultivate extremists. If religions continue to behave in an uncivilized manner, maybe the time has come for civilization to benefit itself by making faith a private matter only and no longer a global menace

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I will wait a see before I make my mind on who was responsible for these attacks. We know of two high level police official being prime target of these attack (shot dead) by terrorists. These two brave gentlemen were investing involvement of a serving Indian Army Colonel behind previous terrorist activities against Muslim minorities in India.

In those previous incidents, India was quick to point at Pakistani ISI only to acknowledge at later stage that it was not ISI but there own rogue Army officials funding, training and arming local Hindu terrorists.

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It is not about the city being resilient or bouncing back. We just can’t keep condemning these attacks.We need to really start taking tough measures.

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well it is now becoming clear that Pakistan based terrorists are behind the attack as the level of sophestication displayed by the terrorists is not possessed by any of the local islamic terrorist modules. These attackers are highly trained in special forces skills and though they claimed to be from Hyderabad, Deccan in India their punjabi accents were a give away. They did not talk about any issues which are dear to the domestic islamic terrorists, their communication with their controllers in pakistan have been intercepted by the security agencies and finally one of the attackers has been nabbed alive by the Indian commondos and he has tuned out to be from Faridkot, Pakistan. The attacker spilled the beans that the terrorists approached Mumbai from Karachi on a mother ship and then took speed boats to reach the city. The suspected mother vessel has also been intercepted on the way back, off the coast of Gujrat.

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Condolences to the citizens of Mumbai. Good that the authorities have made progress in this by catching at least one live terrorist and the mother-ship (This part is like the situation around Somalia I might add) as this should lead India to the very heart of the situation. A dead give away it’s not internal is the fact they were after us, the Brits, and Jews. What’s close and like that? It’s Pakistan a nation that receives a ton of US aid.

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Another blame game by Indians ….. they love to blame others for their sins ….. I wonder why always these militants carry cellphones/credit cards/ ID cards …ISI needs to work on this … India wake up … no one with this much planning takes wallets with them unless they want you to bleive otherwise … stupid Indians are blind with hatred for Pakistan

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Well, I just written the following in one of my blog post.

I have access to a few news channels including CNN and Fox in my hotel room here in Boston. The major stories till now have been US economic crisis, bail outs and presidential elections. I could never understand this piece of puzzle if they ever cared about what was happening in other parts of the world.

Nothing comes for free. It takes a lot to become a good news that can be sold to the viewers.

And, then Mumbai attack news came and it was the only thing being telecasted by all these channels. They have their sister channels in India. For e.g. CNN had CNN-IBN, Fox had NDTV / Star News. For an instance, it appeared to me that I was in India. I was taken by surprise by the kind of prominence and coverage it was getting here in US. We were getting live pictures of this face-off.

Had it been US, first thing, you don’t see this happening now and then and even when it happens government doesn’t give permissions to cover this so closely. This so called ‘story’ has everything to become a so called ‘story’. Still it is going on for last 30 hrs or so while I am writing it. And they have been telling the world how these terrorists were looking for US and Briton nationals. The targets have been those places frequented by western business man and tourists. Had I not been here, I would have never known how much these news channles and their analysts cared about this.

Earlier I cursed them for their indifference towards other major world news. But, I always unde-estimated my country India that it has got so much potential to become a major news now and then. It is giving so much business to these news channels here in their time of crisis when their country economy is at its backfoot.

This attack took away the lives of two MBA classmates of one of my very good and old friend. Then one of my another close friend lost one of his post graduate (IIT – KGP) senior. My another friend who had a train reservation at the same time got lucky when he had to cancel his reservations because of some official commitments at the last moment earlier in the day.

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i wud like to ask the pakistani who r refering we indians as stupid, why pakistan has been declared as the most dangerous nation in this world? u pakistani will never change, indians r peace lovers and we dnt want to waste our time in wars, we have to progress, so learn these lessons from we indians and i think u will now understand that who r stupids?

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It is funny to see india having relationship with pakistan and b/desh they are the 2 responsible for all the vil acts india has no option but invasion of 2 not to fear of nuclear war any how india suffers but there will be an end.

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The Indian Political system simply lacks will and determination to put up a brave fight. So called nonsense terms like muslim appeasement and pseudo secularism has costed India more than thosands of lives. When will the policy makers understand that we should have stringent doctrine like that of US ,Russia and Israel to cater to such enemies of mankind. The time has come to initiate ” hot pursuit ” against the host country .

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priyank raj shah, if India is indeed all that what you said then why does it still cling to Kashmir, which is the focal-point of the tension between India and Pakistan?

The fact is that India’s actions in Kashmir and the actions of Hindu mobs in Gujarat, among other things, encourage such terrorist activities that we saw on our television screens yesterday.

If India is, in fact, in favor of unconditional peace, it will end the illegal occupation of Kashmir and give up its aspirations to become a geo-political and military world player. The problem with those aims is that they include superiority over Pakistan in all spheres, including the military and political.

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For an interesting view of Indian terrorism from Sri Lanka (well experienced in terror) on what Indian should NOT do after these terrorist attacks: -india-reaping-a-harvest-of-hatred-sown- by-indians-we-have-seen-it-all-before-a- sri-lankan-perspective/

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Its time India had a government that has the guts to take on terrorism headon, instead of pandering to the minorities for their votes! This incident brings to the picture one attribute thats very typical of the Indian political class and the media: hypocrisy. There were hundreds of blasts by the fanatic Islamic terrorists, and the Malegoan blasts (blamed on Hindu rightwingers) was given so much of media coverage and they branded all Hindus as extremists. And this government did not thing twice before repealing the POTA law, which gave the cops more power to deal with suspected terrorists.

The political climate has to change for India to find a strong and lasting solution to this problem. Shame on the government of India.

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This is the worst ever terrorist attack on the India.
What these terrorist wants to achieve is not known this is great concern for civilization as these people are just destroying all human lives and creating havoc among people. This is again proved that these extremist are from Pakistan. Indian Government should take tough action against these extremist from Pakistan.All civilized should start combined operation against these countries with all political will.

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I found this blog as another warfield. Indians and Pakistanies blaming each other. I just want to ask one question to all of you particularly Idrees Khan who talked about Kashmir .

Hi Idrees, suppose after next 10 years , Kashmir become a part of Pakistan and not India , so your side win the final battle. Well tell me what good things you are going to do in Kashmir and its people that Indians are not doing now ?

Can you please tell me what is your exact demand at all ?

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dear idrees Khan,
indians are definitely peace loving. otherwise you would not have been wirting this blog. You mentioned two activities by Hindu, I can list 15 by Muslims. But that is not going to stop terrorism. Show patriotism. Dont know where you belong to.Please work for its growth.

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Shashwati, well said.

Here is a good article detailing my views: cal-leadership-to-blame-wall-street-jour nal/79270-2.html

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Other countries hardly open to the world on the matters sensitive to them and to the world. Whereas in India media make public in such way where they have been hungry for these kind of news for a very long time. Don’t they have some kind of self imposed or legal restrictions on what and how this kind of sensitive news to be aired?
Media please stop immediately and focus on other things and let the military do their work. If you are so keen on this kind of news , please do some intelligence work and contribute to well being of the common people.

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The whole idea behind this massacre is to bring instability in the region and sorry to say we both (pakistani and indians ) are promoting it. Just read the comments above from both the countrymen and u will realize how successful the terrorists have been. We are a nation neither we want to kill indians and nor do indians want to kill us. There is a planned group of people targeting us for our strategic geographical location. It is not the time to blame each other but to support each other to end this cruel move of ruining our homelands. May be a Pakistani was involved in this attack but it does not mean that Pakistanies want this. Believe me i did not meet even one Pakistani who did not appose this cruel act. i believe the indians felt sorry as well when our Marriot Hotel was destroyed. Lets get above this level of blaming each other and rise to the level where we combine to support each other. Pakistan loves u people . . .

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Isnt is true that Indian investigating agencies were patting their back to treat a case on normal allergy in ICU when a cancer patient at its last stage is waiting in OPD for his turn

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First things first, condolences to the people of Mumbai. I wouldn’t repeat the “cliched” reference to the spirit of Mumbai but yes definitely we as Indians do have the potential of coming out of this mess, albeit not unscathed.
It is not a question of pandering to the minorities. This certainly is not the time for political speeches and cashing on the tragedy just because an election is around the corner. Do we really think that government’s attitude towards this would change with a change at the helm? If we had Godhra in a BJP run government, we have a Mumbai attack under the congress. What they all lack is the political will to combat terrorism and the life of the common man. What difference does it make to their Z security and their dozenful bodyguards? Absolutely none.
We need a uniform and unanimous policy, cutting across party lines to combat this genocide we are letting happen every day.
Terrorism of all colors(green/saffron) needs to be condemned.
I fail to understand how such a “huge” operation could be carried out with our intelligence and police all supposedly in tow?
I am hoping that the issue doesnt get shelved after rescue operations are over. We need to evaluate the safety measures for ordinary unguarded civilians like us. I would like an enquiry to be set up and religiously done to know just how a crisis so grave develops in a country with one of the biggest armies and intelligence groups in this subcontinent.

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I request all the people here on this blog and media..not to blame any religion or nation for this terrible attack.
Terrorists have no religion.Their means are so wrong that no religion allows that.
If they have muslim names or they say they are fighting for Islam or for that matter any issue, we shouldnot start blaming muslims all over the world for that.If other religions blame Muslims and start fighting with them..they make muslims feel that actually these terrorists were fighting for their cause, which is completely untrue.
I think all muslims from all over the world should condemn these terrorists strongly and openly.Its time all muslims should stand with other religions and tell the terrorists that this fight is not for Islam. Islam doesnot preach this so they donot want anyone in the world to fight for any rights by killing innocent people.
It is the time that whole world stands against terrorism.
If we have any communal riots after this, these terrorists will get successful in their motives. We all have to think beyond the boundries of religion and nations and work for world peace.

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Omar Arshad
‘We are a nation neither we want to kill indians and nor do indians want to kill us.’
‘Believe me i did not meet even one Pakistani who did not appose this cruel act. i believe the indians felt sorry as well when our Marriot Hotel was destroyed.’
‘Pakistan loves u people . . .’
— Reciprocrated
‘There is a planned group of people targeting us for our strategic geographical location. It is not the time to blame each other but to support each other to end this cruel move of ruining our homelands.’

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I would like to express my condolence to the families who have lost their loved ones.

I would like to say that hate philosophy propagated by any one will eventually drown the ship of humanity.

Unconditional love and kindness is the only solution for the pain that the humanity is going through. We must attack the root cause of the abhorrence that is ignorance of understanding that we are connected;
Lack of knowledge of one that is omnipresent.

Those who are fighting for God do not know him and do not understand it. They think God is a part of their egos.

I read some one said Kashmir and Gujrat is the is cause of the problem but I ask them can creating a problem has ever resolved a problem.

Kashmir and along with anything has a solution and the solution can be reached if we put love and kindness as the procedure and aim at ruling the hearts before the lands.

I want to say we should not be complexly myopic that we miss on the long-term goal.

Love even the terrorist as they are result of our own collective reactive-momentum.

We are fast speeding to catastrophe if we do not take these wake-up calls seriously.

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Even though governments may not have been involved in the planning of this outrage, it is obvious that the terror organizations could never have survived without massive injections of cash donations and monetary assistance. Cut off the sources of funding and the terrorists will die off by themselves. The oil-rich Arab states have a big moral responsibility to make a start.

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One of major cause of terror disasters is due to the silence of Muslim world against perversion of Jihad terrorism. Funds provided by Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates shows the hypocrisy of their praxis, “That your left hand ignore what your right hand does”.

The silence of the Islamic world is the proof that they say one thing but cherish another. They accomplice the terror their brothers causes. They will never betray them telling whom they are and where to find them.

Muslims always attack, killing civilians, and non Muslims always dye. And in case of retaliation, world wide television and press will show how rude are the attacks to poor women and children, forgetting that precisely those women, and, in time, those children will carry an attack to western civilization.

Crude oil funds can buy many wills, and we are always eager for easy money, Arabs are not foolish, they know that, and I am absolutely sure that more than one newsman and news agencies are involved in corrupted information release.

When one third of global population seek the Universal Emirate as their form and way of life, imposing it by terror, just as Mohammed did on his way back to Mecca.

In that crossroad, there are few options, rather you join them or you just beat them all out, including women and children. Rain brings mud.

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I am also fo healing by love and compassion
But Amnesty can be only for those terrorists who are being trained and brainwashed but NOT at all for those who have committed or are party to crimes already committed
Education and Economic freedom for all youth is the only answer to this problem worldwide

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Salutations to the greats who lost their lives fighting with the terrorists, We are proud of your achievements!!! I can still say that i feel secured because of you guys. Kudos to you all and i hope we as a country unite and stand against any atrocities that we counter. This is a wake up call, we have to take stern steps to get out of this.

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In the end, it is the extremely poorly paid policemen and army/navy men who came to the rescue!! These are the same men who were being grudged a few rupees in their pay and allowances by the babus and the politicians just a few weeks back. In fact, when they asked for more, the babus and the politicians said that it was a mutiny!! Treated them like bhikharis!! Even now, no one is talking about their pay. Salutes and calling them brave-hearts does not recompense these men! Pay them!! Don’t grudge them their due! Not one of those who saved the Taj could have afforded to have a meal there, forget about staying in a suite there! The babu & the politician will not listen unless enough people talk about this cause.

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According to the BBC, 2 of the killers checked into the Taj Hotel days before they linked up with the rest of the gang who arrived by boat. Another of the killers found employment as a chef in the hotel months ago. This shows that they were familiar with the detailed lay-out of the area to be attacked. God have mercy on India the next time these psychos decide to strike with weapons of mass destruction such as A-bombs.

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Indian Govt is working overtime to be called secular & always denies the threat posed by Islamic terrorism. If a muslim terrorist is arrested, scores of vote greedy politicians start visting homes of those arrested. The bogey of human rights, minority rights purposefully cripples all investigations. No less than the Primeminister instructs security agencies not to act tough. Intelligence agencies are mainly used for spying on rivals. No matter how criminal is the carelessness by the intelligence agencies,no one will ever be held accountable.There is competition of incompetence on here.
The current central govt is not only weak but in fact it is criminal. Inaction is word that governs India these days.

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Its sad to know that in this hour of need and reflection we are again playing the blame game.we are all indians,we need to think,plan and devise strategies to keep these cowardly acts at bay and atleast keep peace amongst ourselves.the government has slowly but surely reacted to the current situation but lets not make matters much more worse by fighting and blaming each other.we are indians and there was NO INDIAN terrorist.we need to wait and watch and support the government by keeping calm

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As a Christian, I have taken notes on angry Hindu religious people. They are this way as if to spite M. Gahndi who taught the opposite. This is a pivot moment for Hindus. Will you fall for the temptation to be angry? Will you seek revenge? Or will you treat the Muslim community as you treat us Christians?

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They insult Allah. They think he is so small and needs the help of loosers

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

If you want to go that way then INDIANS were involved in BENEZIRs killing we should ask RAW about it. WE HAVE PROOFS as in india and pakistan everything can be made (fake).
If we have proofs then we are justified to attack on india and this can be a nuclear war.AS a Pakistani nation who taught india lesson in 1965/1999/Kargil we have capability to teach you the real lesson .we dont wana listen ur fake argumentation of our involvement.U planned it to destabalize us now will willwipe u out.

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This is in response to the guy from pakistan.First thing,Pakistan was defeated every time it attacked India, It is not known to him, I’m surprised.
Pakistan is not only involved in this Mumbai attack but every attack by islamic radicals anywhere in the world. Sooner or later USA will take care of it. The real problem is the radical pakistani army which has illegaly ruled it for the larger part. The ISI creates satans like Lashke-e-Toiba chief Hafiz Md Saeed & Jaish-e-Md chief Masood Azhar who in turn mislead young people to act & die like insane dogs.
How can pakistan deny the existence of every terrorlord be it Bin Laden or Sayed Salahuddin on its soil? Everyone knows this, you too deep in your heart Samir.
Indian leaders of the preindependance time should never have buckled to the Pakistan demand pressure. Now, that carcinogenic mistake is full grown malignant cancer affecting not only the mothernation India but the entire humanity.

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Agree with every word Mr. Marut has said. Especially the last para. Never understood why we are two separate countries anyway – we fell prey to the British trap (divide and rule) and are still falling prey to it!
Mr. Samir Pakistan – you need to grow up. Its because of immature people like you that the world is going to the dogs… a little reading and travelling would help as a starting point. and then hanging out with a different friend circle maybe. And if I am not worng, your comments are probably embarrassing most of your other countrymen.
In any case the terrorism problem has nothing to do with religion or nationality, as such. Its a disease that has struck humanity in general and needs to be cured at any cost.

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To all the Indians..We need a govt, not like the one that we had of Indira G, where we went inside Pak till Lahore and had to come back under her stupid Leadership..What we need is a leadership in which we combated paki’s in kargil and then captured till the point our jawans laid their lives..Bcz, THEY ARE OUR SOLDIERS AND WE RESPECT EVRY BLOOD THAT THEY SHED FOR INDIA..Vande Mataram

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The hatred between Indians and pakistanis is fuelled by power hungry leaders. People love each other. I have good memories of living together with muslim families.

The terrrorists who attacked mumbai are innocents whose body and mind were trained by perverted fundamentalists to commit such inhumane acts. They lost their lives and killed so many. The people who derived sadist happiness by sending these scapegoats are still at large in pakistan

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As a proud Indian Muslim who is deeply shattered by these recent spate of attacks on our motherland…

Initially I was skeptical about it but now its imminent that our neighbour & its so called jihadis dont understand a word about Koran – e – pak, Islam or Jihad…

Koran -e- pak is the ultimate guide for one to attain the highest level of thinking & a noble life, it doesnt sanction hatred, killing of innocent & total disrespect for lives of children, females & elderly…

This headless killings, witnessed over last 10 years in various parts of my motherland, has affirmed my beliefs…

I truly thank pak parvardegar that I am not born in that insane country which formed on the basis of hatred & mutual distrust…that nation is a failed state & its successive governments, in order to shield their failures resorted to Anti – India gimmicks…Be it Zia – ul – Haque, Musharraf or any other leader…

I am blessed to have received a kind of education in my motherland which gives me a standing of honor in this world, as even Hajarat Saheb has said that Taleem is most precious…I feel extensive reforms are required in our neighbouring country to help their younger generation who are misguided in so called Madarsas (we too are a Namaji but my father never permitted to go to these orthodox institutions)…

I urge all the ppl of that country, please open your eyes & see the light of the day, this hatred has doomed you & your future generations…

May you ppl get some sense…

May Allah show them righteous path…


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It’s sad to see Pakistanis and Indians arguing and blaming each other for everything bad that’s happened. When will people realize that we are all one? Our institutions have failed us and this is what really needs to be questioned. This is a world built on fear. Love is the key to building a better world but this will only come once we put aside our selfish egos.
These horrific events are a sign that our world has gone to hell. My solution is simple. Don’t spread more hate by arguing amongst yourselves. Its fruitless. Instead call into question your institutions such as irrelevant religions , lying governments, unfair monetary systems and economies built on consumerism. These are the root causes of all our discontents. Just think about it.

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Indian govt must be held accountable for this mayhem. Being tolerant towards the worst kind of terrorism is the most henious crime it has commited among others.It removed the anti terror law required as per the guideline of UN.This time too, its not telling the truth about the actual no of casualities. It is also not sure about the no of terrorists who may still be present in Mumbai.Its extremely dangerous approach. Foreigners must not visit Mumbai.

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Reading these comments, it is very clear there is sheer ignorance on both sides. I wonder whether these readers are immigrants in countries like the UK or the US where their ignorance metastasizes in the above societies and breeds further miscommunication. I was stationed in both Pakistan and India for about 15 years and traveled them extensively so I feel I should put in my 2 cents.

Ma Moxti, your comments against moderate Muslims conniving with fundamentalists is plain naive. What do you expect the taxi driver in NYC or the janitor in Peshawar to do? Take a day off and go live on the BBC or CNN and rail against extremism? These people are dirt poor, they are more concerned about feeding themselves and their families rather than uselessly declare something everyone already knows. Informants? Someone has been watching too many cop shows… And your insinuations of killing Muslim women and children are very, very dangerous. Your language echoes the likes of Hitler and Stalin. I hope something psychological or physical (like a slap to the head) changes your evil view. By threatening Muslims with persecution, you only push them to side with the extremists who fight for no cause but their own.

This attack only hurts Pakistan, who needs good relations with India. Always ask “who benefits?” before immaturely blaming people that look and talk exactly like you (sorry but all you ‘desis’ are the same people). I’ve seen firsthand accounts of the horrible atrocities the Gujarat mobs did to the Muslims as well as the Christians further east; I’ve also seen the aftermaths of the 1993 attacks. This problem is way too complex to be decided by biased ignorant populations that know little if anything other than what their propaganda news channels provide them with. If only you South Asians visited and interacted with each other more would you understand the sheer stupidity of all these vitriolic remarks.

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John W
‘Always ask “who benefits?” before immaturely blaming people’

–Maybe malicious liars & self-syled ‘holier than Thou’ moral brigadiers like you…

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I am sorry to say that most of this INFORMED debate is also unfortunately limited to criticizing the government. Not a single post has managed to suggest a strategy for countering the terror threat. My attempt is so suggest such a strategy.

To fight terror – three possible strategies come to mind. The first is use of total military campaign the like of which was tried in Algeria by France and by Russia in Chechanya. This leads to a military victory byt a political defeat. The second strategy is to denationalize security and allow the possible victims to arrange for their own security. The kind that was tried in Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and some other African and South American states. This leads to a proliferation of weapons and the power that is linked to the barrel of the gun. Invariably it leads to creation of warlords and civil war. The third option is to target the space and support for indoctrination, training and activity. In this the supporters of the terrorists have to be targeted at par with the terrorists. The kind that was tried in Malaya against Communist rebels and Punjab. I would suggest that India takes a conscience decision to adopt the third.

Implementing it on ground would involve the following steps.

One, pass a legislation under which the nation reserves the right to declare another nation as a supporter of terrorism. If any nation is so designated India reserve the right to impose economic sanction against it. The said sanctions should not only bar any national trade with the said state but also bar any companies which are trading with the said nation to trade with India or Indian companies. The aim being to impose an economic threat based on the size of the national market, to virtually strangulate the opponents economy. It is presumed that with our size companies would have to chose India no matter in which industry they operate. This would crush the opponents domestic economy and generate internal pressure against supporting terrorism.

Two, join all international forums which support blocking funds to such organizations. A number of such organizations have been created post 9/11 but sadly India has chosen to remain away from them. Simultaneously tighten domestic laws to not allow unknown money to enter the country. Instruments like PN notes etc would then be history. Know your customer schemes would have to be diligently enforced and then accountability of the branch assistants increased.

Three, an instrument to target the active supporters of terrorism under what ever name – POTA, TADA, MOCOCA, etc – has to be implemented throughout the country.

Four, speedy and time bound justice in terror cases by daily sittings of the courts would add effective teeth to the laws.

If implemented, these would constitute adequate deterrence against terrorism. The other suggestions like strengthening the security forces etc would have to be implemented concurrently to enable response to any such act.

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