Mumbai attack and Obama’s plans for Afghanistan

November 28, 2008












As if the challenge facing President-elect Barack Obama of stabilising Afghanistan was not difficult enough, it may have just got much, much harder after the Mumbai attacks soured relations between India and Pakistan — undermining hopes of finding a regional solution to the Afghan war.

As discussed in an earlier post, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has blamed a group outside India for the attacks which killed at least 121 people. The coordinated attacks bore the hallmarks of Pakistani-based Kashmiri militant groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, which India says was set up by Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI.

Pakistan has condemned the attacks and an Indian government spokesman said the head of the ISI had agreed to visit India to share information — an extraordinary agreement given that the two countries have fought three wars and came to the brink of a fourth in 2001/2002. But it’s hard to believe that would be enough to appease India after the brazen attack on its commercial capital exposed its vulnerability.

So where does that leave Obama’s plans for Afghanistan, given that a major element of this was to persuade India and Pakistan to make peace over Kashmir?

As discussed in posts here, here and here, the argument is that the cause of instability in Afghanistan is in Pakistan, and that Pakistan in turn will never fully turn against Islamist militants as long as it believes it might need them to counter India.  Since Pakistan is nervous both about the growing power of India on its eastern border, and about rising Indian influence in Afghanistan on its western border, the best way to calm the situation down, so the argument goes, would be to persuade the two rivals to make peace.

It was always an ambitious plan — getting India and Pakistan to put behind them 60 years of bitter struggle over Kashmir as part of a regional solution to many complex problems in Afghanistan.  Have the Mumbai attacks pushed it out of reach? And if so, what is the fall-back plan?

(Reuters photo of smoke and flames billowing out of Taj Mahal hotel/Jayanta Shaw)


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The idea of negotiated peace between India and Pakistan over Kashmir may remain a dream. The basic contrast between the two nation is the religion or the ‘Unversal Church’, the West should try to understand it. While Hinduism is such a religion that it even admits the athiests into its fold, the Islam, as it is practiced today, is a religion of hatred, vendeta and cannibalism. It is perhaps the only existing reliogion that allows beheading, stoning to death, treating its womenfolk as next to animals; it is a religion that encourages killing of ‘kafirs’, raping the laters womenfolk. If Kashmir is given to them, it is obvious that the non-muslims would have to live in a muslim theocratic state leading to their mass exodus. In fact, why the West thinks of a settlement over Kashmir, is not clear to me. On the contrary, the West should try unification of India where unhindered secularism would be practiced, where people would follow an uniform civil code.

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I dont think Indian governmet going to do anything to Pakistan, because Indian politicins right now dont have guts to take steps like US after 9/11.
India Politicians will only talk that we will take steps to curb terrorism and wont tolerate these kind of act.Our neighbour should be careful and all stuff.
But i think world dont have to worry about India, as India is not going to do anything.

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The Mumbai attack highlights the failure of the Indian political class to set up a competent Central Intelligence Service. This failure reflects the fear that became ingrained during Madam Gandhi’s autocratic rule, under the so-called Emergency provisions of the Indian Constitution, that properly funded and constitutionally recognised Central Government Agencies- on the model of the F.B.I or the C.I.A- might be used for an incoming coalition in New Delhi to topple opposition administrations in the provinces- or perhaps even to decimate the ranks of the opposition from the grass-roots up on (all too well founded) criminal charges.
In Pakistan, on the other hand, where Intelligence Agencies are very strong and politicians relatively weak, the problem is that there is a big disconnect between what what the President might say on T.V and the strategies espoused by the real decision makers behind the scenes.
In both India and Pakistan, the real Darwinian struggle of Power politics has very little to do with internal security. Indeed, the political and bureaucratic instrumentalization of terrorism has been fuelled by the funds that have poured in post 9/11.
My fear is that Obama’s Presidential initiatives- which bring money and publicity with them- in this regard, are likely to pour oil, not on troubled waters, but on a flame that might otherwise die out for lack of fuel.

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I just want to say that the western media are not talking about the fact that the terrorists are actually Pakistanis and that one of the captured terrorist is from Faridkot,Pakistan.The accent in which they are talking is Punjabi and language is Urdu/Hindi, though they claim to be from Hyderabad, people from Hyderabad have totally different accent. Also, it is weird to accept what they are saying is true because they are obviously people without any moral values.

Unless this message comes clearly across to the general public in the west,the western governments, including the US, they will not take strict action against Pakistan and west will also prevent India from taking an aggressive against Pakistan.If the US has rights to go and attack Afghanistan and Iraq without credible information against them, then why is India not allowed to take action against Pakistan.

Perhaps, Pakistani officials are not aware that their govt, as they say so that Pakistan is directly involved with so much of terrorism. But then why does the name of Pakistan keep coming up all the time. Obviously Pakistan is a failed state and it has no control over the terrorist activities. The whole point of this attack is to cripple the rapidly growing Indian economy , apart from just inducing fear in the Indians and westerners.Western nations have to realize this and help India fight terror by supporting its security forces.

Moreover, the Indian central government has definitely failed in checking terror in the nation. In this year itself there have been so many terror attacks in India and the corrupt politicians only give pathetic speeches. The frequency of attacks is like every two months some where or the other in India. If Indian government does not take some strict actions like implementing POTA etc, I would not be surprised to see another even worst attack in another few months. All in all the Indian government has really failed its citizens.

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‘what is the fall-back plan?’
—Dismantle the ISI or face the wrath of India..

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For the past many weeks, the biggest story in India was involvement of Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan. Many Indian army officers were caught
and Indian Police was forced to work deeper into finding more BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists in Indian military and Intelligence setup. This story had created a serious panic in Indian military and their Fascist patrons in Hindu Zionists. Something had to be done to divert the attention of the world and Indian public from acts of terrorism by Hindu Hardliners. …..Then comes the Mumbai Massacre.

Even when the shootings were going on in hotels, Indian media and army were blaming Pakistan for the attacks. The game is clear and sinister. The Indian Intelligence have diverted the global attention towards another issue where they would blame Pakistan for this slaughter

There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen.

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I think it is time we indians hit back these bloody brutal people, our mouths have been kept shut for ages it is time
we wake up, we know who it is and it always have been them.
they are not people they are devils cratures.

for me i hate pakistan and pakistanis if they cant respect us they go to hell

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Dismantle the ISI, reform Pakistan’s Millitary, bring them under the democratically elected Government. Trace the money trail, who is funding the Madrassas and training camps in Pakistan, punish the sponsors and big donor. The funding and money trail will lead to Saudis. Warn Saudis and punish Saudis for funding Jehadis. Without Saudi oil money being poured in Pakistan Jehad is Madrassas are not possible.

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[…] As if the challenge facing President-elect Barack Obama of stabilising Afghanistan was not difficult enough, it may have just got much, much harder after the Mumbai attacks soured relations between India and Pakistan — undermining hopes of finding a regional solution to the Afghan war. Indian commandos are airdropped in Nariman House, where the armed militants are believed to be holed out. […]

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I wish Pakistani military could understand that the best way to counter India’s growing power is by investing in education and health care for its people. I wish Indian authorities could understand that their treatement of their own muslims -especially Kashmiris – will in the long run only hurt India, and prevent India to grow to the power it dreams of.

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The patience of the world is running out. Pakistani leadership needs to deal with the Islamists quickly and forcefully. Pakistan IS the problem in this region of the world and for the sake of the many law abiding citizens of Pakistan their leadership needs to get its act together quickly. Time is running out.

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I am a hedge fund manager. What is Afghanistan?

Posted by John Blodbrett | Report as abusive

These attacks will undoubtedly isolate Pakistan more in the future. It will create a vise
from Afghanistan (NATO and allies) and India from the east. India will want to modernize and beef-up their security forces after their Keystone Cops performance was
broadcast around the world. Pakistan needs to do some soul searching. It has become
a country of total dysfunction. Fareed Zakaria needs to be brave and enlighten the world about his country of origin.

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The most interesting part of this is the possibility of asking any surviving attackers “what was your point?”. I’m more than certain that they couldn’t articulate an answer that would make sense to any “thinking” people anywhere. As was pointed out by Mr. Osama Bin Laden, “it will all be alright if you just convert to Islam”. I have to ask if these people are at all mentally stable? Except that I’m not interested. I am interested in hunting them all down and ending them. Our alliance (U.S.A.) with and support of Pakistan has yielded no value and no benefit. Regardless of what the Pakistanis say or do, we need to end our support of this utterly useless government. India is trying hard to feed it’s people and educate it’s society under the rule of law in a democratic tradition. They did not deserve this.

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Dear Sirs,
I believe that the American and European Governments did not act forcefully against states that tolerate terrorists on their shores. One such government is Pakistan. They tolerate Al Queida groups and the Taliban, who flee to the safety of Pakistan every time they are beaten in Afghanistan. Terrorists must be hanged, and not treated with kid gloves. The leader of the first attack on the World Trade Center is happilly sitting in a US jail today. I would have hung him and all his cohorts. Most terrorists in this World today are some faction of Muslims. The Muslim Religion needs to take responsibility to eliminate the extremists among them, or some day there will be a backlash that points at the Mullahs and Sheiks and will result in a major spilling of Muslim blood. Even today the Muslims in Irak kill each other, as they don’t seem to believe that life is not worth anything, no matter what the Muslim teachings may say. It may just be necessary to to destroy a Muslim State in order to teach Muslim terrorists how precious a life really is.

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Denial is the darkest devil that can abrogate all what civilization has achieved so far. Pakistani citizens and politicians need to stop denying the facts as much as the Indian polity. Start accepting the fact that dialogue is far better than confrontation. fact #2 accept there is a problem in pakistan where using the age old Hindu zionist theory people have been swayed just as the ISI angle is used for every political advantage on the Indian front. Fact #3 whatever the result the means of achieving it is important. Terrorism and persecution are different sides of the same coin and need to be abandoned. fact #4 mercenaries are mercenaries . terrorists are terrorists .extremists are extremists . If aided/used for one’s means they will not rest till the Talibanisation/Hindutvisation of civilisations. History is ample proof of this.

Please let sense prevail.Take decisions with a calm mind not in the heat of the situation. it is natural for humankind to ask its leaders for revenge but true leadership is about taking the right decisions however unpopular they may be.

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Just like the previous such attacks which all seem to happen at times when Indian political matters are under media scrutiny; the knee jerk reaction of blaming pakistan continue. I find it strange that there has never been an evidence made public that connects the pakistani intelligence to any of these attacks yet indian politicians start jumping for the pakistan card before even the identity of the assailants is clear.

It seems western forces in the area have also caught on and started using the pakistan card to hide their utter failures. There is only so much a nation will tolerate and soon or later the Pakistan authority will tell western forces and their media propaganda instrument to get stuffed and get the hell off our land, just as it has the west’s proxy and pet(read colony)india; who wouldn’t dare even look at Pakistan.

As for the typical American or Europen talking of attacking pakistan or entering it’s territory; rest assured Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghistan, you will be leaving with more than a bloody nose if at all. If the west stops getting support from pakistan there mission in afghanistan will be finished and we’ll see how sucessful their other so-called intelligence gathering missions will be.

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Mr. Prime Minister of India
Pakistani nationals have contrived to attack India, and kill over 200 of our civilians.
And what is your response? Empty and rhetorical comments.
Will the real PM of a sovereign country please stand up and declare a war on anyone and any nation that undermines our sovereignity.
Vande Mataram

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I am growing tired of the world and its hatred, quarrels, militants, blood baths, explosions and terror. And all the analyses. I am tired. Where is it that we are all so blindly heading at such rapid velocity? Why can’t everybody just stop? This is insane. This is psychotic. This is stupid.

And when I look at it, it is usually the men of the world, those traditionally looked to for protection who seem in a bizarre cycle of viciousness and violence. Why can’t the men of the whole world just stop? If not for yourselves, what about the women and children of the world who want to live in PEACE? Why are you destroying everything? Why? What has happened to the men of the world? I look to the four corners of the world, and I can only conclude that men have largely gone insane. Might this be a chemical problem? Is it something in the air?

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Everyone loves life it is the most precious thing, but what makes one to give up his life. When u have no margin of hope as a human n u r oppressed, ur sisters n mothers raped, brothers n sons murdered, n u feel there is n point of you living because evrything that was so dear to you has been taken away from you. This is real story of kashmiri muslims but we have always been peacefull people but we have no hope.

With all this i still feel whenever a innocent life is lost, its like losing the whole humanity thats the teaching of my beautiful religion Islam. My heart goes out to the families of the tragedy im Mumbai as well as eleswhere in the world….Chechnya, Sudan, Palestine, Somalia and my beloved Kashmir.

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[…] As if the challenge facing President-elect Barack Obama of stabilising Afghanistan was not difficult enough, it may have just got much, much harder after the Mumbai attacks soured relations between India and Pakistan — undermining hopes of finding a regional solution to the Afghan war. […]

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Whenever there is some problem we all get galvanized and land up enumerating a list of issue which have caused the problem – we land up stating facts and quoting figures and eventually, try to hurl scathing criticisms at the “system” and making big statements about international politics and relations. What’s most important is coming up with solutions to problems and not keep on prolonging the list of problems.

The first thing which could be done is sort of a survey on the Muslim section of the population on the basis of which an accurate estimation of the actual condition our muslim counterparts can be made. Each of the terrorist attacks is apparently triggered by the thought that Muslims in India are writhing in the dust. With a good survey we can actually find out whether there is any truth in such allegations and if there is we should think about solving them (reservation isn’t a solution). And if the socio-economic status of Muslims is good enough, it might give lots of “new” militants things to think about.

I know that a survey in itself sounds to cheesy. Also I accept that surveys are like bikinis – what they reveal are important, but what they don’t might be even more important. But this is probably just my “little” brain trying to think about things that can be done right away to address the situation at hand. Enough of understanding and explanation of problems, enough of blaming each other, enough of proposing theories and enough of baseless scrutiny – now is the time for solution. We have to come up with solutions – applicable, viable solutions. And it’s high time we start thinking about solutions.

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The only way to fight terror is terrorizing the terrorists.

If an insane head would plan a combined attack to a hundred and so, one for every person who died in their attack, Mosque on Friday prayer hours, problem would be solved. The price they would have to pay is hundreds to one.

But…. As they know they are the only insane, and are absolutely sure that we never dare to do so, they are free to do what ever they want.

They are braves ready to dye; we…. cowards, who hide the head as ostrich do.

Posted by Ma Moxi | Report as abusive

Everyone loves life it is the most precious thing, but what makes one to give up his life. When u have no margin of hope as a human n u r oppressed, ur sisters n mothers raped, brothers n sons murdered, n u feel there is n point of you living because evrything that was so dear to you has been taken away from you. This is real story of kashmiri Hindus but we have always been peacefull people but we have no hope.

With all this i still feel whenever a innocent life is lost, its like losing the whole humanity thats the teaching of my beautiful religion Hindu. My heart goes out to the families of the tragedy im Mumbai as well as eleswhere in the world….9/11, Darfur, Israel, and my beloved Hindu Kashmir.

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It is high time that love & compassion with which Indians have dealt with terror activities all these years, should move at least our UPA & Congress rather ALL politicians to act upon some mechanism. Except PM, CM, & home ministers; all others should have same security available to common citizens. We must wake up from colonial past.STATE must Remove the acronym VIP . All citizens are VIP. Only then situation will be paid attention to by Rulers. We should have State of ART conference bldg. at all airports. These VIPs should not travel in the City with police lining up on streets or watching over them. Stop preferential treatment to any so called VIPs businessmen from all walks are also no exception. The pep talk days are over. Please Wake Up.The terrorism has travelled from Kashmir, Punjab, Assam, North East States, TN now the Focus is on URBAN Terrorism in India by Jehadis.

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In all likelihood, this week’s atrocity in Mumbai will only reinforce negative stereotypes of Islam, contribute to the impression of Pakistan as a failed state, and lead to more violence against Muslims around the world. Muslims who want the world to understand Islam as a religion of peace are losing to those Muslims who repeatedly show the world that their religion is one of brutality, madness, murder and mayhem. When will the world’s Islamic community take decisive, sustained action to put an end to such groups and those who support them?

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The terrorists does not have a relegion and no relegion teach for terrorism.Every such event happening in this world has a political motive.Here if you see the political trend in in India for example if you take Gujrat election how the current ruling party came into power. Always an event is created by the politicians, no matter how cruel it is! The interesting thing is- the authority to do real investigation is always taking biased steps and destroying all the proofs and truths.If anybody in the investigation team is trying to do his job perfect he will be devastated from the soil by any means.This is what happened in Bombay terrorist attack also.
Here we need a brave and true instigation to this happening instead of blaming innocent people and allowing to repeat such events to killing the innocent lives.

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I don’t think Pakistan has anything to do with the attacks in the face of already troubled environment contained within its borders. It would be instead an obvious mistake to do it especially at a time once its running after getting financial aid from international orgs. What seems obvious is that western powers have much more interests vested in this whole scenario (cause if a war breaks out between the two countries would boost the arms sales).. Its virtually pointless to prematurely target pakistan because it has become a fashion that wherever the evil al qaida / terror strikes people rather than professionally investigating the matter down to the core, try to save face by hiding behind such arguments such as it must have been done under the supervision of Pakistan.. come on now guys!! grow up..

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Americans should read the novel, “The Teeth of the Tiger”, by Tom Clancy. In this fictional account, Clancy prophetically predicts an attack on the USA that is eerily similar to the Mumbai attack. It should cause Americans to take a hard look at our insecure borders. An unholy alliance between a drug cartel and an Islamic extremist cell could result in a Mumbai-like tragedy.

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Anywhere Muslims are above 51% of opulace they want war. Stop this nonsence of saying islam is a peaceful religion. You are there to kill all non beleivers. You are blood thirsty monsters. How can u kill women , childrens in 100s by bullets, is this how any security force behaved against you.

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US President Elect Barack Obama by all means may have great plans for Afghanistan etc. However it would be more fruitfull for US policy makers to observe the reactions of Taliban which has summarily dismissed all of Karzai’s assurances and overtures. They simply do not seem to want anything less that control and Domination of Afghanistan as they had earlier. They have already declared the US & UK as their enemy and have already threatened terror attacks on them and their interests.
In the Mumbai attacks the terrorists were specifically Vocal about these two nationalities. The type of operation that Mumbai witnessed could hardly have been done without the LET, Al-Qaida & Talibaan whoose modus and training as well as equipment and food resources of dry fruits etc. clearly iddentify these organisations.
The India’s contribution to US thru skilled manpower etc. and the compatibility and comitment to democracy virtually satisfy a made-for-each-other relationship possibility and in no way conflict each others interests.
To disregard a friend for a veritable enemy would surely be a sad policy.
And if the US does not stand today solidly besides its friend and prove to be a friend in need is a friend in deed then what credibility would remain for Friendship and Values of the US.
And such a move could also be perceived as a buckling and softening in face of threat.

Posted by Prem | Report as abusive

I agree with the blog that said, it could be of western interest.
I feel even if it is of western interest, let us do it by uprooting the terrorist groups even if they are in the neighbouring countries and not disturbing the relationship, now is the time.

Posted by venkat | Report as abusive

The State of Pakistan has as much to do with the Mumbai attacks as India did with the Islamabad Marriott bombing.

This time and this tragedy calls for increased collaboration between the two countries to fight terrorism in all its shapes and forms. Playing the accusations and threats game and stirring up anti-Pakistan hysteria that some Indian leaders and sections of media are encouraging will only play into the hands of the perpetrators.

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I think this is not the time to blame Pakistan as this could result in tension between India and Pakistan. I am think that the Indian government and media needs to act little more maturely and responsibly. We have seen on several occasions in past when India has blamed Pakistan and Pakistan’s intelligence service but on all those occasions it turned out that the Indian army, police or some security or intelligence agency was responsible for attacks in their own country. These revelations came out of Indian government’s own investigative reports. These are facts which can be checked and not just made up stories as Indian government and press seem to be familiar with! We all want peace, harmony and prosperity. If a neighbouring country is instable, it can cause instability in the whole region. Therefore, both Pakistan and India need to work together to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

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In every terrorist attack its the attacker who gets the first chance to strike. The attack on mumbai was a remarkable achievement for terrorists success on destroying indian economy, causing maximum destruction by killing people,security forces and delivering their message to the world. Its now our time how we retaliate to them. What I feel would be, since we have support from all the countries, its high time we launch an air strike to all terrorist camps we have information. We first ask the responsible govt to destroy the camps in a timed deadline if not done the indian govt will do using their security forces. Even after we find culprits behind the attack and sentence them as we did earlier, it would still not ensure that the next attack will not happen again. The only option is to counter attack where the roots of terrorism are. Its bit hard action to take which I’m pretty sure the indian govt is incapable of having such stand.We have lost the war. So sit back, relax, watch movie,chill out and mantain calm ,peace and solidarity.

Posted by Nilesh Kumar | Report as abusive

As long as criminals run the political system,the majority refuse to change its ways of treating the minorities who are systematically pushed down the progress ladder,and as long as the murderers of ayodhya movement & gujarat carnage move around freely without any remorse and capturing the seats of power by manipulating the sentimental fools of this country things will remain the same.
Hinduism is a divided house since centuries.It will remain so for many more centuries.Justice has fled the country.Goondas are setting the agendas.They just can’t speak a few good words and how can you expect good deeds from them.
The nation is doomed to death till the terrorists in the garb politicians like Advanis ,Modis, etc work extra-constitutionally.
Religion divides.Language divides.What is there to unite?
Only peaceful coexistence.As equals ;as human beings.If that is not going to happen then i am afraid many more 27/11 s would be happenning in this land of injustice.

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Oh dear God. I wish Hillary Clinton had been elected. Obama has no clue what to do. His statement about the horror in India sounded just like Bush.

Posted by Strawberry | Report as abusive

Somewhere in the world, someone is planning the next attack.

This person is commonly called a “terrorist”.

I do not understand terrorists at all.

I have no empathy with them.

I have no sympathy for them.

To me, terrorists are a sickness that has infected the world. I don’t care what they use for “justification” of their actions. The killing of innocent people has no justification.

We (all of us) live in an imperfect world. Thankfully, most of us do not attempt to deal with the imperfection by killing people.

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How can people be so blind as to straight away attack the country of origin of wich the Mumbai bombers came from. Pakistan doesnt want anything to do with any of this other than find a way to stop it why does it have to strain to big powers to the brink of a war?
Surly if India had any sense they would simply try to find a sollution for the terror attack. And do somthing about there own countries problems ie all the camps in the Indian Jungeles that train terroist groups

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All those who think India is some sort of a superpower are fools. Look how Indian police and their so called elite force NSG handled things out there. Not a single hostage was saved, hundreds died including some top most anti terror cops, police jeeps got hijacked. It looked that its Somalia not India. And when the terrorists exhausted their ammunation and their stamina, they got killed. And Indian media started celebrating and captions on TV like India Wins, India Strikes back etc. have added insult to the injury. Indian intelligence gathering mechanism is non existant. One top cop claims their are 6 terros inside, another claims only 1, some even claimed 17. This is India. And they say they are going to do hot pursuits, hit back at pak bla bla bla. All crap. They are a defeated lot who can only complain, deceive and hoodwink.
While I am writing this, outside on the streets of Srinagar, we are having a strict curfew, reason: We are having an election day. Great Indian Democracy is holding an election here under curfew. And turnout % age in these elections has been written one month back in news bulleitns of Indian media.
Guess what that % age is. Ofcourse more than 65 %. Thats what suits them. These defeated people.

Posted by True Kashmiri | Report as abusive

Pakistan has been sympathetic towards Dawood Ibrahim for a long time and he has carried out these attacks.. whoever says that Pakistan is not responsible for this probably has no common sense..

@Ali – what makes you think that India carried out a terrorist attack in Pakistan.. that country is full of terrorists anyway which the pakistani govt is supporting.. get your facts correct, your country is the root cause of evil.. the terrorists in Pakistan are losing their power as the corrupt govt is being forced to weed them out.. India is not responsible for the mess your country is in..

Posted by nitya | Report as abusive

This attack must be an eye opener for all of us Indians and seems to be a pilot scale operation fully encouraged by our hostile neighbours to check out our reactions.

If this is not contained now, what prevents our enemies and terrorists to carry out similar attacks on a mass scale, with hundreds of them at the same time, in multiple cities within India, and that too having a vast number of their symnpathisers in our midst to support them. Just the thought of it is mind boggling.

I hope the right signals are conveyed to these attackers in order to prevent a complete breakdown of our beloved country.

Posted by Sooraj | Report as abusive

india attack pakistan, not going to happen, why?american and CHINA wont let india to do so, why? they want pakistan to harrass india, to stop indian from getting any stronger AND america needs a base in asia, only one country, and its sort of close to every american rival name it! china will need pakistan if china were to ever declare war on india, very slim chances though.
i agree this is wrong, but any nation receiving such treatment, should build there own “covert organisation” and treat the ‘giver’ with the exact same treatment, no act of war, maybe terrorism. but not go there and die but come back alive, i know this is wrong. but its teaching a lesson(maybe revenge), call it what you want

Posted by A J Lamba | Report as abusive

@True Kashmiri: Dude..nobody calls India a superpower.We’re called an emerging superpower. Firstly how bout calling yourself a True Indian? Actually your opinions in your post wouldn’t validate
I doubt any country has a perfect intelligence system. Get your facts right, its the politicians who failed to act on fairly specific intelligence reports.
When the terrorists were blasting away grenades and firing rounds on their ak’s its actually hard to stand up to take a count! The accurate figure comes after a while, which did happen.
Your comments about doing a hot pursuit and blaming pak seem like your fingers were suffering involuntary spasms and hence… Manmohan Singh clarified that the finger points to “elements in pakistan” and NOT pakistan, clearly not blaming pak. At the same time he does not give pak a clean chit.
I doubt you’re sitting in the streets of Srinagar. Seems more like the streets of Karachi where people like you who think anti-India, and can’t appreciate anything belong.
And..maybe you should consider yourself lucky to still be alive there in kashmir( not fried by the terrorists yet) and India unlucky to have an ungrateful citizen for you.

Posted by Akshay Myer | Report as abusive

Attack India is by Rss and Indian Army.

The attack in the indian financial capital has may be carried out by Terrorist from Pakistan. But But there are lots of things to be verified
The ATS cheif killed with in 10 minutes of the attack,
The Army get in to play
The boys might have been hired by indian army and RSS from pakistan which is ready to so any thing for money.
Indian navay not aware of itruders
tata group which is always away from saffron politics is a target
Its clearly RSS and indian army’s joint action to save both rss BJP and army who has been accused of the terrorism

Don blame pakistan investigate using an international agency and know the real truth of saffron politics and real face of army even congress in maharashtra has an hand in it.

Dont put your blame on the neighbours check the inside people.

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All the comments against Pakistan seems to me the outcome of the indian media propaganda campaign. They are just blaming pakistan and no one else. Though they know that india is full of seperatist movements of all sorts. There are many of them that are capable of carrying out a similar act. India should first probe what could be something from within rather then playing a blame game.
Secondly most of the terrorist attacks in recent history of India have been fron hindu terrorist organisations. Their manner of carrying out the attack may not be similar but hindu organisations have been involved activly in such activities. Recent story unfolded was of the SAMJHOTA EXPRESS in which a serving colonel of indian army plotted and carried out the terroist attack to burn 65 pakistanis. This shows that not pakistani government is weak in controlling extremists but its INDIAN government who dont have control over their own army. Even the RDX material used in burning the train was from the military depot. If such rouge elements lie within India, specially ARMY who should india blame first even without investigation? PAKISTAN or Al-Qaeda or ……..

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TO: True Kashmir: “Not a single hostage was saved, hundreds died including some top most anti terror cops, police jeeps got hijacked. It looked that its Somalia not India. And when the terrorists exhausted their ammunition and their stamina, they got killed.” THAZ WAT YOU SAID…YOUR 100% wrong…India may not be a superpower yet, but its smart at wat it does, when situation comes. 80-85% of the hostages were SAVED for your INFO, what news were u watching that told u everyone died…It was NGS and ARMY plan to talk to these terrorist to get as many people out as safe as possible and WAIT IT OUT for the TERRORIST TO GET TIRED AND loose their Ammunition…if you Think the NSG and POLICE WENT IN 15 mins after it started,..i would bet you that every hostages would be DEAD ya DEAD it wont be 200people dead it would have been 2000…you need to Join the armed forces to learn how to deal with terror, its not 1, 2, 3 Game over…it can take hours, days, and it is one of toughest JOBS to a CHIEF of ARMED FORCE…YES people Died, ofcorse the terrorist came their to kill so they will kill no matter where in the world it is…even if it is the safest place in the world..

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once again RIP to all of the Mumbai Terror victims, and the NSG and officers of that died in the line of DUTY..In a war India has a greater advantage over Pakistan now because of the countries internal problems, but as an Indian myself Going to WAR with PAKISTAN ISnt goin to Solve anything…they need to join forces to Kill all Islamic “terrorist” groups in Pakistan and Kashmir and other groups that are within India, not Muslims, but the terrorist who uses the name of ISLAM to kill people, i am not Muslim but i can understand…

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I am very surprised by the amount of coverage this particular incident is getting from the media. Pakistan has sponsored terrorists who have attacked innocent civilians in India for many years and just in 2007 alone, pakistani terrorists have killed over 2000 indians including muslims living in India. I am glad that the media has finally given this situation their attention. Indians are facing a similar situation that the Israelis have been facing from Palestinian terrorists and as a US Citizen who voted for Mr. Obama, I am paying very close attention to how President elect Obama handles this situation to hold Pakistani government accountable for their actions not only in funding terrorists to harm India but also US soldiers in Afghanistan.

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Enough is enough. This is utmost height of test for indians. We are strong and resilient but this is crossing heights of it.

It is completely clear that Pakistan is doing all this. See the evidence came out after this brutal and henious act at any of indian newspapers e.g. Pakistan is having two face. One they are trying to show to world that they are fighting against terrorism and another is reflected in what happened in Mumbai.

One side they are pretending to help USA against terrorism and at the same time they are supproting them internally. They are not right party to trust in.

They are doing all this on the name of Islam but they do not know that half of the people they killed belong to community following Islam. India is the only country where this community is having rights that they even do not have in Pakistan. Some examples of this are:

1) In india they are getting subsidy for Huj. No other 48 muslim contry provides it.
2) India is the only country where people belonging to this community became as President, Indian Cricket Team Captain, Head of Indian Research Org, Army and many more. Where as in Paksitan they killed Hindus or aksed them to get converted forcibly.
3) In india they are having special status of minority and separate law for them. Tell me any muslim country where they have separate law for minorities.

I can right 100 more facts that reflects indians willingness to bring them in national stream and work as united force and help in development of their own country. But some how fundamentals mentioned in their religion is brainwashing this people and forcing them to go against humanity.

It’s utmost respoect with people sitting on top of this community to come forward and appose this henious act, do something in the community itself to boycott such people and support govt so that country can keep on moving on the path of development.

Jai Hind.

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Hey buddies,
Ofcourse,there are many lapses in our system which cause mayhem like this.
And the most bizarre and shameful is the unpractical political agenda to try to cool n’ fool every groups of Indian, hence the India in totality. Beware of this politics!
But why are the terrorists treated like some VVIPs.We talk of them like a religious leader or guru or flagbearer!
May anyone answer my one simple question- have you ever wanted to know the religion of the thife who broke into neighbourhood house? Does it matter?

Why do we know the religion of a terrorist? A terrorist is a terrorist is a damn terrorist is a bloody terrorist. And we should see that he gets the most strict punishment. And they should be wiped out.
And True Kashmiri, excuse me if I be rude but Pakistan is the most dangerous neighbour any country ever has! And be calm! India belongs to the Indians. This must be taught to everybody. If I were the PM, I do punish the residents of India who cheers to Pak Cricket team because it is Pak’s team, who has a Pak flag on the top of his house…
I am a Hindu and my best buddy is a muslim… Nobody should change his religion by external pressure, but Nationality is not a matter of choice, man.
Hindustan me rahte ho to Hindustani bano,
Pakistan me rahte ho to Pakistani bano!

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It’s not too late – we[Indians] should learn from this and should prove to the world that we live and die for our country. It’s time to take some hard decissions. Lets send a memo to our government
” Strike back. Strike back so hard, next time even a local terrorist should think twice before attacking india”

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Please, everyone please understand one thing….American people really have no say so what ever in what our government does anymore. Ever since President Bush and the 911 incident, the government has totally taken over. We “regular” people have no say in what they are using our money for. This whole agenda, with Islam/Muslim is a set up all the way around. As far as hoping for something from Obama….well, we cannot even get him to answer whether or not he is even elegible to be President, and the media just ignores the fact that he was not born in the US, nor is he a citizen, therefore, ineligible to be president. All of the governments are all in line with their elite agenda….which is to rule the world, under their demonic rule. We all need to be praying for our whole world, and the future of the planet. This ethnic cleansing will be taking place, and probably is taking place in places we know nothing about. May God Bless us all, and keep us strong in prayer for the days to come. He is the ONLY one that can save us now.

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It should be understood that the militants, about ten of them only, wanted maximum time to showcase their cause which lasted about three days which I believe is about what they wanted & given, other wise there would have been much more havoc. It should be analyzsd as to who has gained the maximum out of all this.
Surprisingly(or not)as far as India is concerned, it is the Hindu nationalist party & their allies ( all having fascists agendas) as now they use the word “Terror” as their election card & all the more, the very terror cases against some of them have been sidelined with the killing , actually assasination of that upright investigating officer.
With hawks( on both sides)itching for war, will only
drastically complicate the fight against these forces. Such are the types who do not value lives ,other than to get their Fundamentalist & Fascists ideas moving.
What they fail & will not try to understand,is that the The GOD is watching all this . If these forces can be cunning & ruthless they will find HIM to be even more, for their hearts will HE harden more & eventually they will find themselves “Destroyed”
Nobody knows the actual truth behind all of this, so the best the ordinary man can do, is to forgive & forget (with Time- The best healer) & move forward such that, Generations which are to come, Bless & not Curse you.

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I and every true Indian strongly condemn this acts of regular attacks from PAKISTAN TRAINED TERRORIST. All this are coward people attacking innocent lives.

We should do 2 things immediately,

1) Stop all dialogues, trains, ships, planes, trading, etc with pakistan, until they hand over Dawood. They should stop all terror camps and let India or neutral party and not US( as I dont believe in US) should see that there are no terror camps in Pakistan.

2) On home front: All our ruling ministers Should resign and never even think of becoming Indias leaders.India needs dynamic leader or right now is India needs “HITLER”. Who should make us feel that safety of common people is of prime importance than safety of his own self.

If both the things are not done now we and our next generations would be facing severe problems in years to come ahead. We need to sacrifice today for safety of our next generations or all this things will continue. Now is the time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We will not keep quiet by any pressure and we will go to any limits to keep our people safe and fearless.

If none of this things happens then what I strongly feel is stop giving votes, stop paying taxes, we have the power and it is time we should use it now.

I feel very sad, angry and helpless that we are unable to do anything.

True Indian,


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where was Raj Thackeray and his “brave” sena??… tell him that 400 NSG commandos are from delhi (no marathi manoos, all south and north indian) have been sent to mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully tonight at shivaji park.

WE ALL ARE INDIAN i request politicians Please donot diffrentiate us.


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attentions are being shifted to politicians resignations.
now it seems like mubai attack will be forgotten …which must not be happened.
…..root of the cause is our political system….which must be reformed.
…..they are inapt …we need skillful person life company’s CEO who can handle the country in a manner that is required.

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Well Bhartiya, as you mentioned so many privilliges granted to the Indian Muslims, thanks for all these. but you forgot some very very important feasts given to these unfortunate pplz by the majority population of your great country. I, therefore, try to mention some of these highly needed to substantiate your socalled democratic rhetoric.
– Where were you when your hindu fanatics stormed to destroy the Babri Mosque?
– What did you feel when the innocent childs and women of Gujraat were burnt alive?
– Where your soul goes when you come to know the ever-increasing the death toll of the beautiful pplz of Kashmir.
– Don’t you feel pitty for knowing that your barbaric soldiers have turned the the peace of Paradise into hell like place.
Enouhg or need I say more?

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-what of Kashmiri hindus?

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Before pointing fingers to pakistan let us introspect ourself and find all indians / particularly politicans / who support some form of terrorism / separatist movements within India and put them in jail forever. Raj thackery (Maharashtra), (Telengana Separatist leaders) now of late some Tamil leaders voicing for a separate Pure Tamil state out of Tamilnadu. Once the local support and corruption is completely withdrawn no terrorist can enter our country.

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see this and answer these questions and stop blaming to PAKISTAN.
Blam us with facts…At last it will going to prove that this has been done by u people by urself as u accpeted for Samjhota train case,in gujrat u hindus have killed around 2500 innocent child and womens and u arrested ur army men for this case…….please find ur enemy within you and not blame us…..
we have enough power to fight with u if u r willing then come…..

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Jingoism is not the answer to a terror strike. That will only cost more lives and not solve the problem. There is a elected govt. in Pakistan and democracy there should have everyones backing. There are elements in Pakistan who do not want peace and friendship between india and Pakistan. India should show the world satelite photos of terror camps in Pakistan and insist the Pakistan army destroy these camps. ISI is only a wing of the Pakistan armed forces and should fall in line. Majority of the pak populace want peace and carry on with their daily lives. Their army is being paid by the people and should fall in line with popular will.This is where US influence should come into play. The armed forces are almost fully dependent on american hardware.
This time there is overwhelming evidence pointing to the involvement of the LeT in the Mumbai carnage.Pakistan should not go into denial mode and take out the terrorists camps before something drastic happens.
No one can control these rogue elements. Pakistani citizens should take the threat issued by the Taliban commander seriously.

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Bofore blaming pakistan, I think the Indian Army deserved what the terrorist has done to mumbai, dont forget what the Indian Army has done to Gujrat, but I am sure these are gujrati people who themself want to destroy indian army.
India has a plan to finish Pakistani because there a Muslim Nuclear power,if not than why Indian Government is helping Balochistan, india is supporting Balochistan giving them weapon to fight with Pakistan Army.

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What I dont trully understand is who the hell could these terrorists escape the so called intellegence and navy and get into bombay.My second question india also claimed that the terrorists were on suicide mission so please explain who would be so stupid to carry the ID to be identified. people of india this is an inside JOB just like 9-11

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US, China and Gulf Countries – Please stop funding Pakistan who is sending terrorists to India to kill innocent people and children, Dont get your hands stained with blood of peace loving Indians, lest curses of dead people and their kins befall on you and even in hell there wont be a place for you. Your bad deeds shall soon reflect on your countries. China you will be shaken to death this winter by eart quake, Gulf countries will be stormed by katrina loke wind storm and strange disease will start killing them, US is already shaking with economy down slide.
And finally Pakistan, My dear Pakistanis, Allah will will only take care of you people now. You have to reply to Allah during Qayamat. You have been sent on this eatrh by Allah to spread Peace, Harmony and Love. And today you have become devils forgetting your origin. Pakistan means Land of Purity. You are born out of purity, love and peace of Allah Himself. Even Allah has tears of bllod in his eyes after looking to what you have done to Indians. I am only remaining witness and hung my head infront of Allah in shame what my breathern are upto and what is waiting for them during Qayamat!!!

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The kind of military training the terrorists were having is not possible to get in India. Moreover how could they get those modern weapons to launch the attacks. It was definitely provided by a foreign country none other than Pakistan.

Pakistan is a failed nation ( kistan.html ) and India has got all rights to protect its soverignity by launching a counter attack on Pakistan. It is very clear from Zardari´s statement that Pakistan is not going to take any actions on the home grown terrorists. All my sympathies for Zardari and the civilian governement in Pakistan. I understand the whip is not in their hands. Its the military of Pakistan which determines the policies and so it leaves India with no choice but to launch a counter attack and clear the Pakistani soil with anti-India activities.
Its time to act. India needs to attack Pakistan.

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War is not the solution my Pakistanis and Indian brothers. These terrorists just want to have bad relations between India and Pakistan. This is the time to use our brain except using emotions.

After War everything will be worst more than present situation and we will loose our brave people.
So please don’t create a bad mentality for each other. In India we have more Muslims than Pakistan and they are also angry and sad because of this attack on Mumbai were killed in this Mumbai attack. They all are standing together with Hindus for fighting against terrorism. Firstly we are humans rather than Hindu and Muslims. So Think wisely.

Jai Hind

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before acting against terrorism please solve interior political there any need for separate states? why r the politicians creating such unnecessary plans of separate states? its purely for their advantage…. wake up politicians in India stop interior political riots and start fight terrorism which is a global issue. time to attack Pakistan.

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I want my words to reach 3 organizations.

1) Media:-
a) Stop calling these attackers “Jihadis” You are falicitating them by calling them Jihadis. Call them “Terrorists” Jehad Means “Struggle” and by no means they are struggling. I can say i am on Jihad to save my country from these cowards who take human shields.

b) Secondly i would like to request the media to keep this campaign on until we get the culprits punished. No matter how long it takes. On every news paper and every news channel there should be small space dedicated that conveys to the government that we have still remember. For instance when IPL is about to start after 1 month the channels start reverse countings. Similarly on newspaper there should be small space dedicated.

2) Government:
Its time for action and no words with “Na-Pakistan”
40% of my tax goes towards defence and securities to corrupt netas like you. Why not once and for all attack these Na-pakis and show them India is no peace of cake.
Instead of playing politics try to solve injustice spread in the society so that the terrorist schools dont get any topic to induce the new recruits.

3) Na-Pakistan:-

Look at your pockets, there is harly anything left in there. The foreign deficit is taking a big dip. There is no security in your state itself. Instead of spending your bacha kucha paisa on terrorist activities, better spend on welfare of your people. We have more Muslims in India than in Your Na-Pakistan.

Finally few words to my fellow dying Indians.
Dont let our job or occupation take over us in forgetting this horrifying episode. Lets keep the candle of condolence buring unless the culprits are brought to book. Lets not just see what they want us to see.

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For those who are asking Indian gov. to attack Pakistan…Remember, US has always wanted to attack either Syria or Pakistan after invading Iraq. For all we know, in few years we will find out that this too was a set up to give India a reason to attack Pakistan FOR America…because American economy is too weak to wage another war on terrorism itself.
Don’t fight America’s war. Stand united against American Neo-Imperialism.

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Firstly my condolences with all the families and the martyr who has lost their life in this horrifying attack.
These attacks are now becoming part of our daily life. After the attacks, we protest on the street (Playing our favourite game “BLAME GAME”) We blame the government, they blame neighbouring country, this is what we are being doing from past 20 years. Don’t you feel we need a change. Here I don’t mean change of our leaders, but a little change in ourselves.
My second question comes for our Media, I thank them to give us the update about the happening, but at the same time, why don’t they follow any issue till the end? e.g Our leaders taking bribes in the parliament house. What has happened to these leaders, where are they? what is the elected comission doing? how far has the investigation has reached?
As a common man’s perspective, I understand that we have our responsibilities towards our loved ones, but at the same time why do we keep forgetting the responsibility towards our nation.
Instead of blaming the system, think that we all the part of this system. Before playing that GAME, research yourself and ask or promise yourself that I’ll not promote bribe, I’ll help the helpless.
Here I would like to draw your attention towards the most common thing we face in our day to day life. Imagine yourself into a situation where you are driving for your office and you forget to carry your wallet and a traffic policeman catches you and ask you for licence. What do you do? We all know what do we do in this situation. We bargain with the policeman over the fine money. Instead of following up the rules, we try to escape them. We don’t have right to blame the police person, cuz its completely our fault, or mistake. I can keep on writing on such situations but the point I want to make here is Lets clean the house. Lets be responsible, rather being irrational.
I am writing this because I am playing my part, and request you to play yours. Let make our nation a better place to live, breathe.
I love my INDIA. And ll my Fellows.
Please open your eyes and ears of your soul.
Yes. The answer lies within US.


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The problem with us Indians is – we think more from our heart than brain. We are an emotional lot. The way we talk is the same as ostrich hiding its head in sand when there is a sandstorm. All the solutions we talk and discuss about are just like pruning the branches of this monster man-eating tree. We should understand and look for the roots of this disease called – ‘Terrorism’ like doctors do to treat cancer. Waging war against any group or country is not a solution. If it was a solution there should have not been any terrorism after America’s attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a parallel futile war against terrorism ever since its birth. It is in fact only growing in reach and magnitude.

So, what is the root cause? It’s all about money honey! There is a huge arms and ammunition business associated with this monster, as well as other side businesses like drugs trafficking. As we know that to run the cycle of any business the consumption of associated product is a must, so it is with this business as well. To run the arms and ammunition business(not to mention that most of this business is in hands of billionaires from USA and China) consumption of these arms and ammunition is a must. Now, where can these products be consumed?

The possible consumption areas are – war between countries which has huge consumption capacity and the control of other internal crimes. War between countries is not something easy to trigger due to various international pressures and the consumption for control of internal crimes is extremely low.

But this business needs something which has a good consumption capacity and is continuous in nature – and this is where this monster called terrorism comes in the picture.

So if we want a permanent cure for this disease should we not pressurise our government to take steps by which this business can be killed instead of pressurising the government for an attack on a group or country and killing thousands of lives and giving some more bloody money to the cycle of this monsterous business. Think!!!

PS: By the way where are the missing terrorists? As 40 were repoted at the time of Mumbai attack and of which 9 killed and one arrested. One ATS personnale Mr. Sajan Kapoor who was a captive of the terrorists in hotel Taj mentioned in an interview with the news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ that he counted 17 terrorists in Taj alone. Kuchh to hai jiski pardadari hai…

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Lets see what the attackers wanted:
1.Indian disorder and chaos:
REsult:failure.Indians are united like never before Raj Thackrey and gang are nowhere to be seen,I was surprised to see sooo many muslims chant’Pakistan murdabad’ i.e they do not identify with FAILED PUNJABISTAN!

2.Economic problems:
REsult:failure.NOT ONE company has said it won’t continue to invest in India.Economic growth 7%+ this year inflation rapidly coming under control.

3.Communal backlash:
Result:failure.Not one riot(and I pray to god it stays that way!),no communal killing/roughing up of even one muslim.This has further emboldened a large section of muslims to come out and hit out at Pakistan.That’s the spirit guys!

What should we do:

1.Balochi+Pashtoon+economic war don’t do a grand sort of thing that unites the nation finish them slowly and patiently from within.Jai Hind!

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First of all, a day after a day of terror you have a wedding going on???? wots up with you indians??? Your fellow country people have ust been killed and you want to continue the net day by celebrating, you guys are worse than the USA. Also I do not agree with the mumbai attacks, but when you got indian security forces killing innocent kasmiris everyday & raping their women then i think india should get everything they deserve.


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These are sad days. War between nations are not uncommon. But whats unknown is how guerilla warfare targets unarmed innocent civilians. But are to remain as sitting ducks to these animals?
India is militarily strong enough to defend itself. The need of the hour is offensive defense. Pakistan wants to inflict regular wounds on India so that we bleed to death. Why are we giving them the courage to do so? ONE attack on US and afghanistan and Iraq have been raised to the ground. What offensive defence are we demonstrating? What response is India going to show to the world now? Can we afford to remain silent? Enough of Gandhigiri. US have killed scores of terrorists across the pakistan border and we havent bombed a single training camp in POK? WHY? WHo will answer my questions? WHo will answer India’s questions?

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I am a Muslim but love my motherland India more than anything else. I squarely blame Pakistan for the terror unleashed in Mumbai. Well, Pakis are jealous about progress, India has made in every sphere. Look at Pakistan…at any time you will see their leaders with begging bowl in front of U.S., World bank, IMF etc., whereas India has progressed on its own and is referred as developed nation.

Look at the acquisitions made overseas by Indian companies……these bloody Pakis would never be able to match our prowess. We, Indian Muslims in India are much happier than even Muslims in Saudi. At least we can get to cast our votes. Check with any resident in Pak Occupies Kashmir, they will vouch that they want to be governed by India than bloody Pakis. I have experienced this when I visited Pak in 2004.

Pakistan has become too trivial state for India now, as India is ready to dictate to other bigger countries.

Lastly, long live India, my dear motherland.

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The mumbai attack was the henious crime aganist humanity as well as indain democracy.The very objective behind it is to destabilize indias development strategy.
And the mastermind plus enforcement is it is now clear from evidence that pakistanis.May be the pakistan goverment is or not aware of this plot.But the plot originated from pakistan.And there is only one remedy and only solution to this cime is retalliation .
bring our army ,navy and airforce int attack…
once our general was just 16 km from one of major pakisatni city way back in 1970s.And again we have intervend to cut that country into piece.Still that country want to play with us.
only remedy is to conquer pakistan .And of course indian muslims are behind india .they also choose first time to attack the country.only frustruation is y the delay

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People wake up, haven’t u wondered why never do the terrorist attack the politicians houses, or big business men who have earned money by wrong ways. There was the parliament attack on Dec 13,2001 and notice that no politician was killed, instead six defense personnel including a gardener were killed. Why does this happen why is it that no matter what happens and where the attack takes place no terrorist attack on the politicians? If all the terrorist need is attention towards their motive of handing over Kashmir to Pakistan, wouldn’t it be easier if they caught hold of any politician and kill them and send their message. But no this is not what happens it is always common people dying. Does not this make you think there is always hands of the insiders and only blaming Pakistan for whatever happened in Mumbai is wrong.
So people wake up, it is time to find out the real cause and people behind it. It is not the time to play BLAME GAME but instead it is the time to figure out what all can we do from our end to stop this in the first place.
Try stopping bribe to get your work done which would at least stop the black money going into the politician’s pockets and they will have to work to get their salaries and then will know how people live their lives only with salaries and no extra money coming in from any where and then they would realize how hard common man works to earn it.
Another thing we can do is don’t vote at all, and encourage anyone and everyone around you to do it because it is one of the power we have and that is how we will be able to make a difference.
we do not have responsibilities only towards our closed ones but have a major role to play as Indians because that is what we are first and the rest follows.
Do not forget about people who have died in the attacks and always remind the government in some way or the other about it and force them to punish the culprits, find out the root cause and force behind it.

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In the modern world no body will win the war. Unvaluable life and porperty damages occur. During Sadam era 95% people live was safe During ban on his country after kwait invation. He never beg any food and medicine from other countries. After US take over there is no safe guard against citizen of Iraq & US citizens everyday people killed in landmine & women,girls raped. Most of the women refugees become prostitutes. Im not support the culprit Sadam. Now the Mumbai attack is aim on India’s econmic attack because India is booming now. If they create war between India & Pakistan the country’s economy will down when the coutries spend on the war. O people of the world please think and analyse the truth. You can find the answer who is the Culprit?

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Pakistan has a very little time to act. Now.
Its now or never .
Let’s hope we learn from Mumbai experience. Even ordinary Pakistanis would have felt sad on Mumbai terror attacks

please visit

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Omar Mir, sorry to read your crap. You may be an Indian muslim but the kind of those who regard no reluctance and shame in giving their sisters and daughters in nikah to hindus. The way you have painted a rosy picture of your country and the so-called status of muslims in India, leave the readers in no doubt as to the hight of the degree of soul searching you need to be a called a true muslim and a true human being as well.What would you say abt the miseries of thousands innocent Kashmiris whose blood is on the bloodiest indian troops. where your conscience goes when you hear thounsand of our kashmiri sisters and mothers whose honour and izzat became a victim to the beghairat sina of your socalled secular country. How the hell you could compare yourself with honoured saudis when you are not allowed by hindu fanatics to follow SUNNAE IBRAHIMI. you are considered as a second class citizen and still you are dancing to the indian tunes is in vain. the history shows that hindus tradittionally are not trustworthy. they have been and will continue to be betraying you and yuor religion compelled by their particualt nature.Gujraat maasacre isn’t a forgotten story. By the way you indians claim of being an emerging power. The world is well informed and feel reluctant to subscribe to your selfprocalimation especially when the number of childs in your contries are dying of hunger and this death toll for your info is many times greater than those of any poverty striken african nations. plz get to senses and dont get out of propprtions. live and let others with peace. your inclination to follow the footsteps of your lords in the west will lead you to nowhere but to further destruction and desparation that is very dangerous to not only this region but to the whole world.

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America take aggresive not a defensive steps or not to give any further comment only see what India do.

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Mumbai attack was a sad incident as we all know and if i talk about the president Barack Obama then he is a genius person so his plan about terrorism will effective, we hope he will take care of all these matters.

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I think we people only blaiming each other.The recent terror attack a very sad and shock incident. we need to do something collaborately for resist the any future was said that behind the attack there was the hand of Lashker-e-taiba which was set up by spy agency or ISI. Let’s something learn from the terror experience.

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Start analysing the root cause. The issue is Kashmir. All the terrorism that happens in India starts from there. So our poiticians should think about how to solve that issue peacefully.

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