India turns up the heat on Pakistan, where will this end?

November 29, 2008

The language is deliberate, the signals unmistakable: India is turning up the heat on Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks that have  killed at least 195 people, and there is no knowing where this downward spiral in ties between the uneasy neighbours will end.

Beginning with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s warning that a cost will have to be paid by neighbouring nations that allow militants to operate,  to Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s direct call to Islamabad to “dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism”, there is a sharp, cold edge to the tone that you can’t miss even factoring in the immediate anger and sense of outrage the attacks have evoked  across India.

Then the signs: Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in India on a previously scheduled visit to review the peace process packing his bags and heading home because Indian political leaders cancelled meetings with him following the attacks.

We have been here before, for sure. A 2001 attack on the Indian parliament, for which like the Mumbai attacks, the  Lashkar-i-Taiba was blamed, triggered a set of measures by New Delhi including breaking sporting and cultural links, downgrading diplomatic relations, and the deployment of the military in full combat readiness all along the Pakistan border.

That military stand-off ended six months later after considerable diplomatic pressure from the United States, Britain and other powers worried about two nuclear-armed nations on the brink of war.

So what are the options for Delhi this time around, beyond striking a menacing posture to force Pakistan to go after elements there which it believes are responsible for violence in India?

It can’t risk another extended military deployment – you can only do that sort of “coercive diplomacy” once a while for it to be taken seriously. Limited military strikes on the militant camps that New Delhi says exist across the border?

The New York Times raised that possibility following what were arguably the most audacious attacks India has ever seen even its violent history as a free nation.  It’s hard to tell, especially now that those training camps don’t exist so openly, given the Americans’ scrutiny of Pakistan. And India has always been reluctant to cross the Line of Control dividing Kashmir, fearing this would undermine its status as a de facto border and basis for a permament settlement to the Kashmir dispute.

Ending a five-year ceasefire along the Line of Control, which has in recent months comeunder strain? Or a freezing of ties, turning back the four year-peace process which if nothing else ensured the foes kept talking?

All bets are obviously off . The Times said American military and intelligence officials believed there was mounting evidence that the Lashkar–Taiba was most likely involved in the Mumbai attack. That can only strengthen New Delhi’s case as it confronts Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence with evidence when its representative arrives in India to discuss the attacks, itself an extraordinary move.

Islamabad had earlier agreed to send the head of the ISI to India but it later lowered that to a representative.


rather then just jump to conclusions like everyone seems to be doing in this forum why dont you ask yourself what drives young men to carry out such attacks… you all seem to be blaming Pakistan but whose carrying out all the atrocities in Kashmir its the indian soldiers …there are 600.000 soldiers in kashmir they are killing civilians human rights are being abused there but the world seems to turn a blind eye to kashmiris plight .. India knows no nations wants to criticise her because of her position as an economic giant… Look at all the charches and mosques being burnt in India by hindu extremists but no nation dares to say anything to India in case they lose trade ties with her ….


10 Reasons Why We’re Not Ready to Draw Conclusions  /1130-10Reasons.html

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When the last of the ambers are extinguished and the bodies of the dead are interned, it will be time for those who matter to contemplate the causes and cures of the religious maladies that haunts both Pakistan and India. It is the religions from where these bloody actions emanate. The question is not whether Islam or Hinduism condone or condemn such activities but what prompts people to undertake such acts. Question is how long both India and Pakistan are willing to see the blood of the innocent to flow. Was the blood shed during the Partition not enough to satisfy the soil of the subcontinent? It is time to ask questions and not slogans. Nobody should be called Murdabad. Please, for heavens sake stop blocking the sun by covering the eye with a coin.

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All islamists in INDIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, SRILANKA, AFGHANISTAN should remember that they were HINDUS before they converted to ISLAM. Their forefathers were coerced and forced into ISLAM. And by the way if the indian army is in kashmir then it is not because they like it, they are there because of the terrorists that are being sent into INDIAN KASHMIR by PAKISTANIS.

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@ chohan, what drives young men to carry out such attacks ?? Your insane mullas at mosques is what makes young men to do such dastardaly acts. If there were any mosques detroyed in india is purely because of this mulla attitude of Jihad and fidayeen preechings that they do to brain wash young men to kill others and themselves. understand ??

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God save our souls


The world is ill, please treat it, you can not eliminate the people you hate, you can educate them slowly and understand the people who beleive in heart hurts when you people spread hate for any code of life and any sect of humanity. In fact it is human nature whihc determines acts of virtue or vice, religion plays no role.all humans beings are made up of the same blood nature and instincts. so why being racist.please divide the world among the ill people and healthy minded people rather than in religions.

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Siddharthh’if these 10 men had not decided to come to Mumbai, then none of this would have happened.”you will notice that the Western world, including the Brits, are most civilized, contrary to the Pakistanis and Indians, who are barbarians in comparison………’–Your IQ sucks

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Dr. Arshad Khan’Was the blood shed during the Partition not enough to satisfy the soil of the subcontinent?”It is time to ask questions’…Yeswas it wrong to have parted with our beloved land to such ungrateful traitors by wishing that they will leave us alone & let us live in peace? Is it cowardice on our part to forgive the blood shed of partition & forgetting the deep wounds, should they be scratched hard to wake us from our slumber? is it time to say enough is enough?& many many such questions arise….

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The fact is Pakistan has only created terror since her birth.Recent attack on mumbai must not be forgotten without punishing Muslim terrorists and their caretakers.Pakistan is one of the worst virus in the human history.we need to eradicate pakistan from the planet to proteck peace loving innocent people.

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First of all, India is one big family. This is the time for all Indian citizens to show leadership and unity in the wake of Terrorism. All of India must show its courage and resilience and learn from this. India is an inclusive and secular democracy, its success and global image has become the focus of extreme jealousy for Pakistan for some time now.Given everything since partition, it is apparent that the myth called Pakistan is coming apart. The world is fed up with Pakistan as it has shown time again that not one person in that country has a moral center of responsibility for its past transgressions regarding support for terrorism against India. The Gov’t says that “Well…we don’t support them any more…”…well that is not good enough.The terrorism has been propagated by the Government and the ISI, especially the old ISI of Late, the notorious General Hamid Gul and his kind. These insidious characters and Musharaf are the creators and founding fathers of the Terrorist camps that India has been shouting and screaming about for the last 25 years, but the world would not listen, especially the U.S.Pakistan should be labelled by the U.N. as a terrorist rogue state, since it has been manufacturing terrorism for decades.Pakistans’s complicity and lack of moral responsibility for its past manufacturing of Terrorism, by its leaders, old and current, the ISI, the Military and its citizens, which have led to the rise in Terrorism, shall not go unanswered. Especially its deal-making, friendship, protection and support (moral or otherwise) of the Taliban and its leaders.Given that Pakistan has slid into a lack of a cohesive functioning government, the world and its neighbours have a moral duty to do what is necessary to ensure that the world is safe.I think we can all agree that making any deals with Pakistan is like making a deal with a CON ARTIST.The Pak governments complicity and or lack of will to deal with the Madrassas, terrorist training camps, rogue ISI shall not go unanwered.In short Pakistan requires some extremely blunt, tough and resolute diplomacy before anything other “last resorts”.The Modern World is Fed up with Pakistan…….Comply or else.

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If Indian cannot even protect its own citizens, it has no business wanting to be a player in the international stage. Just be happy being a regional player in South or South East Asia. Forget about that security council seat. If you keep waiting on US and other western powers to resolve your problems and force Pakistan to shed its proxy-terrorist ways, India will find itself facing more such attacks in the future. And with increasing frequency since the terrorists have now seen how inept the Indian intelligence and security operations really are. Pacifist nations only invite others to attack as proven by India’s own history.Or, India can for once act decisively. Stop the turn-the-other-cheek pacifism when it comes to dealing with Pakistan and terrorism. Enough with the no-first use policy on nukes. No serious nation will constrain itself on how it responds to provocation. Put the nukes back on the table. Second, modernize your troops, security and police forces. Strengthen your borders, coast guard, city patrols, citizen vigilance. This will require a long commitment in terms of time and money — perhaps even a decade or two. You cannot find terrorism using a 19th century police force and a 20th century security operation. Civilian and media attitude toward vigilance needs a drastic change. Everyone should be vigilant.Show the terrorists that you mean business by crushing them — even if it means an extended all-out war. Peace is granted only to powerful nations. It is up to India’s citizens to demand better from their government.

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chapter 9:5fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, seize them, and take them captive and lie in wait for them in every strategem of war(another versus that the meaning had been misused ) (Osama bin laden hadmisused this versus himself)It is justified in Quran to kill all Kafirs. So what is the problem of this world.

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Fact is Pakistan has only created terror since her birth.Recent attack on mumbai must not be forgotten without punishing Muslim terrorists and their caretakers.Pakistan is one of the worst virus in the human history.we need to eradicate pakistan from the planet to proteck peace loving innocent people.

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Dr I Noor,One of the thing which i noticed about people following islam is they really have no ethics, honesty in anything they talk or speak.Even if they are the most educated they do not have shame in lying & preaching falsehood. If i had been a civilized & well read person atleast i will not tell lies.Though i do not know if i am lucky or unlucky being born to a brahmin family, one thing certainly i do know is hindus are generally very peace loving people. This is a shame what has happened in bombay.When somebody says these terrorist are examples of courage,fearlessness & able to make supreme sacrifice, can i ask these people the men who work & build Atom bombs & biological npalm bombs are they patriotic or they are curse to humanity.Let these maulvis not assume that illiterate people can win any war,or think they will spread their religion with these stupid actions. I know terrorist will do many things & destroy this world from water, air, land. It is matter of time you will master more ingenious way to kill people.I just fear south asia,middle east will one day become a burial ground that is for sure.I am sure every one who prays allah will be happy that day.

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I agree with Vijay. With the advent of the internet, everybody on the earth, now has the ability to become better versed on the Quaran and are openly questioning many thing in it. It appears that some muslims when asked tough questions about the quaran or hadith, when cornered, become angry, when they cannot defend their book and it is exposed that they have knowingly been taught a false doctrine.It is so embarassing to them, that in fact they can become deeply angered, when reason and logic questions the many embarassing contradictions of their faith and the prophet.Are you so terrified of being questioned that it will lead to your embarrasment to admit the dubious and questionable nature of your faith?You are much too easily insulted, a testament to the shaky and embarassing ground which you know you stand on.Every faith should be able to be put on itself trial and explain itself, when questioned.

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Rick- you are right.Pakistan must be declared a rouge state .Their game of deflecting blame onto terrorists while aiding and abetting them is a little too old to play now. LeT was created by ISI for exactly this reason and they are still doing it.If Pakistan cannot weed out its terrorists , then its upto india and all other affected countries willing to join to weed it out from pakistan.Pakistan is the breeding ground — happy hunting ground for terrorsists and as long as they are harboured there, the world cannot be a safe place.

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Let’s not create unnecessary confusion. Let not the smoke cloud our view. This is a terrorist attack. you won’t get much to like by disturbing history. If at all you are interested it can wait as dead facts don’t change. It has come out and as much admitted by this time that “non-state operators” has made it from the soil of Pakistan. The Govt. of Pakistan should follow up and bring the perpetrators to book to respect its international obligation as an independent civilized nation state. I think the pakistani-opinion, indian-opinion and world opinion has accepted as much. Truth must Prevail and Guilty must be punished. These are human values. Let’s respect it for we can not belong to any country if we are not human first.

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God bless all those innocent people affected by this terrible tragedy, but as the saying goes “you reap what you sow” and the Hindu majority’s treatment of India’s minorities, whether Sikh, Muslim or of any other faith or creed leave it wide open to these attacks.India can bomb Pakistan (as some wish) but will this leave it more secure or will it make India more vulnerable. India’s so-called-might has been left in tatters by a small band of terrorists who could not be taken care of for sixty hours. India needs to look at itself for the cause of this incident, not to its’ neighbour (as usual) even though Pakistani military and intelligence services cannot be removed from the equation. Are Indian politicians and government agencies operating with 100% clean hands, I very much doubt it.Terrorists have no religion, they attach themselves to one and exploit it.Once again, God bless all the innocents suffering in all global conflicts regardless of their faith.SinghisKing

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Propz to Brian Coughley and Charles Thomas for adding more to the forum than the ignorant finger-pointing these Pakistani and Indians are doing against one another. I just want to give a swift kick to the rear of every person who generalizes by simply saying “Indians hate Muslims/ Indians wishes to destabilize and destroy Pakistan” as well as “all Muslims are terrorists/Islam is evil”. Most of you people have families. Your ignorance seeps into other people and spreads like cancer and makes my day less bright because I understand that your stupidity leads to more people dying needlessly, like possibly putting India into war with Pakistan.Take a world religions course so (Indians) realize Islam is not about blowing yourself up. Every brainwashed instruction extremists are taught is BS. Don’t give me that “oh but it says in the Koran..” ; no it doesn’t! All of that stuff is made up by schools of extreme preachers who have their own twisted agenda. Islam says there is only you and God, no middlemen. As an agnostic, I learned a lot by taking a simple class, I see so much wrong blame on each other b.c “of their religion” but all of that is a lie.

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Lots of poverty => poor people become desperate, turn to extreme religion=> fundamentalistLots of poor, uneducated people=> turn to clerics who seem smarter than they, get fed/cltohed/place to sleep at madressah=> brainwashed with something evil that is NOT Islam => FundamentalistIndia wants to eliminate terrorism in Pakistan=> India trades with Pak, helps build very strong economy=> Madressahs gone, secular public education dominant=> richer and educated people=> no more terrorism :)

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What every body seem to miss is the fact that Iranian regime is the sole beneficiary of religious mayhem and terrorist attacks in South E. Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Iran became the “God Father” of terrorism when Khomeini re-dressed the beast of fundamentalism under the name of Islamic Jihad (not the terrorist group with the same name), against West. His monster of Islamic militancy was born in the 80s when he claimed to free Palestine by reaching Jerusalem through Baghdad (his exact words). He slaughtered 120 thousand Iranians who opposed his Islamic rule, established Hezbollah, funded Hamas, armed Islamic Jihad, and ordered suicide bombers to show the “Wrath of Islam” (his exact words). He was the one who paved the road to Islamic militancy and justified every killing of non-conforming Muslims and even non-Muslims as the sword of Islam bringing back the glory of the earlier years. So my friends, although on the surface it seems the recent events in Mumbai is the act of L-e-T from Pakistan, but underneath, it’s the ideology of fascism and barbarism that Pakistanis have to defeat. They must defeat, from within, the fanaticism and intolerance that Bin Laden’s kind of Islam preaches. A cultural and political change in Pakistan’s landscape is needed before it is fatally infested by militant Muslims pouring out from Madrasas.

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Comment for Indian:Have you at all understood what I have written?Don’t just say something without substantiating your point of view. Now, that’s what I mean by ‘un-civilized’ and ‘barbaric’ — precisely the point i was making !!

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Siddharthh—How do you ‘understand’Ignorance?

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Who benefits???Pakistan??? India??Iran???Give me a break!!The the money masters of course…And if you think states and corporate interest won’t kill a few of their own to forward an agenda, then you haven’t studied history…Gulf of Tonkin… stagedPearl Harbour…. Allowed to happen911….. well ask physics professor Steven Jones what his chemical analysis of the buildings reveals…. or scholars for truth… or now lawyers for truth….Operation Gladio in EuropeOperation AjaxWho benefits from Hindu / Muslim strife?Who benefits from the 911 style redaction of Indian rights ??Who is INTIMATELY involved with the grey zone in Pakistan historically?? (CIA/BRITISH INTELLIGENCE/MOSSAD)Who is never even mentioned as a suspect despite a now de classified history of false flag terror??Why the hell would radical islamists kill mostly locals???

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Why are we all argueing about this issue based on ONE Captive Terrorist`s REPORTED words? He may say many things to hide his identity. Have we got proof that he is MUSLIM or that he is from Pakisthan? 2.The arguement of Burials of others, who are they? how can you get rid of the evidence without theire TRUE identity. Dont the police want to preserve the bodies until case is finished. What sort of Forensic investigation it is going to be? How many of them are Locals. 3.About the Boat – They may have travelled from Gujarat Coast.We Know ower Polititiens are Dumb, but the Media is supposed to stand for the People and ask these Questions.IT is time Indian media does its Job as in other Countries, rather than dancing to the tune of Polititians.


Christian,Narrated Abu Hurairah: A man from among the people came to Allah’s Messenger . . . and addressed him, saying . . . ‘I have committed illegal sexual intercourse.’ The Prophet turned his face away from him. [This continues until the following:] [A]nd when he confessed his sin four times, the Prophet called him and said, ‘Are you mad?’ [Punishment is not inflicted on the insane]. He said, ‘No, O Allah’s Messenger!’ The Prophet asked, ‘Are you married? He said, ‘Yes, O Allah’s Messenger.’ The Prophet said (to the people), ‘Take him away and stone him to death.’ (Bukhari 8:6825; cf. 8:6815)Just giving an illustration about how some practices justifies killing.There are many practices which mullah & islam teaches to kill kafirs. They are promised heaven with 72 virgins for these lovely deeds.How can you stop terrorism when there is no reform process initiated in pakistan.Only kamal ata turk was the real mussalman,that is why turkey is a country of progress & wisdon not south asia which is full of crappy mullahs preaching these things. There is a demand in europe that countries there have to adopt these practices. Who knows tommorow there may be a terrorist hostage crisis saying if you don’t do this we will kill 5000 people ( human life is worthless anyway in south asia because of islam).

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The 21st person on the list, which india is asking of Pakistan should be the Top Terrorist in Pakistan, the notorious and insidious General Hamid Gul. He is responsible for the death of almost a million Afghanistanis and thousands of Indians. He is the mastermind architect and facilitator who has been fueling the Terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan. He should be arrested and given to the Indian Govt and put on Trial for War Crimes.

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Indian,Don’t try to be so smart; I have in all humility asked you a question. So don;t give smart answers.Please respect the forum, even if you can’t respect your fellow human beings.Now, this is what I have called ‘uncivilized’, ‘barbaric’ and the proof is here for all to see.

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Hey kumar don’t be afraid to admit that the broken English that you’ve learned over the phone lines when I pay for my t.v bills represents your ignorant, thoughtless, and self contradicting views. It’s ok i guess the crackheads need a chance to express themselves too no go back to your serene beliefs that the Indian government is without any domestic problems and any threat to the glory of the subcontinent can be blamed on foreign countries.

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‘I have in all humility asked you a question. So don;t give smart answers.’– You should be thanking me for giving smart answers to your idiotic questions..

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Being a true paki, i accept the truth that ,India is the father of pakistan .we cannot deny it.And we must respect the dignity and generosity of india.I do beleive india ia a great country .Everywhere the reason of breaching peace is our muslim community .Quran never said kill people in the name of Allah ..its just insane beleif ,which is responsible for all the masacres .Muslims are just destroying the name of their community and Allah as well.No other community respect this religion ,i feel ashamed to say when someone asks “from which country i belong” .and i will accept, our community has turned this whole world as a hell ..the root cause of the terrorist activities is insane religious beleif.this definately needs an end .whoever will do this ,will surely get heaven and will be the deaest of Allah too.

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To all bloggers here.It is apparent now that the Democratic Pakistani Govt had no involvement with the Mumbai Terror attack.BUT it is quite apparent that with the level of sophistication of the attack that the rogue elements of the Pak Army and ISI are behind this act. The army and ISI for decades has been operating as its own Rogue Country within Pakistan and working against the common good of the country. The creator the Terrorism is the Pak Military and the ISI, which consider themselves independent of the Democratic country and don’t care about the democracy.The ISI and Pak Military should be labelled as a Rogue Terrorist Organization, independent of Pakistan.It is clearly apparent that Pakistan has been operating as an overthrown state, given the Army and ISI’s manufacturing of Terrorism.It is therefore truly necessary and morally required that an Extremely Massive Multinational Force(5 million plus troops), including the U.S., India, U.K., U.N., NATO and other European countries disarm the PAK Army and ISI of the nuclear warheads.This is absolutely necessary for the security of the world, given that the Democratic Government is not control of its country, that a Rogue military power with its own political agenda is in control.The World is failing to realize that a small military political minority in Pakistan, namely the ISI and the ARMY is two faced, lies to its own people and is covertly training terrorists.The ARMY needs to be “removed” the ISI “dismantled” and the military “disarmed of its nuclear weapons” by the Multinational force. At the same time, all the Madrassas need to be torn down. Once the force leaves, there shall be no more ISI, only a small democratic army for the country and no more madrassas or any of the evil hate preaching, IMAMS.Each and every person of any authority of the ISI and Pak military should be rounded up, so that they cannot hurt Pakistan and more and cannot creat anymore terrorists.The Pak Military and ISI have been economically bleeding the country dry with no money left for the people.All of Pakistan can truly join the rest of the world in prosperity and peace and trade.

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If Zardari or the Pak Military lacks the political will or general willingness to destroy the Madrassas and terrorist training camps.India should surgically strike those terrorist centres on behalf of Pakistan, the same way the U.S. is sending drones into Pakistan.Pakistan in its complicity, is not willing to co-operate in a FULLY WHOLE-HEARTED and SINCERE MANNER to shutting down the Islamic Terror Network.Somebody has to do something.

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mr indian says, “Somebody has to do something.”somebody is doing something… they’re dismantling pakistan… and once they’re finished dismantling pakistan, israel and india will no longer be threatened by pakistani nukes, the israelis, israeli americans and indians will have solidified their control of chinese access to persian gulf/central asian energy, muslims will have taken another one in the shorts, and everything will be hunky-dory….except for one big thing: the people who dreamed this scheme up have such a lousy record of achieving their goals, and sooner or later you have to start wondering if maybe they have no real goal other than wrecking countries and looting them.this is their last chance, whatever their goals… this is their last chance at global hegemony before the oil runs out, if by chance that’s their goal —the stated goal of the PNAC people.this is their last chance to secure israel before the oil runs out, if that happens to be their goal —which is certainly the supposed goal of the likud party of israel, with whom the israeli americans and their oily exxon fellow travelers are allied.this is their last chance to make the biggest killing of all time, as the oil runs out —supposing all they want is enough loot to hide out until the dust settles, post oil.and that’s just how it is…….but it’s nice to see india coming so far out of the closet.

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Indian,You are an a**hole, through and through.Now, do you ‘understand’ what I mean by that??Or should I send you to Kindergarten once again???

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IT IS OFFICIAL…GENERAL HAMEED GUL A TERRORIST! Nov 3, 2008The U.S. has asked the U.N. to have the Notorious Terrorism Ring Leader Pakistani General Hameed Gul to be labelled as one of the most wanted Terrorists.Bravo! good move.Now its time for Zardari to apprehend Gul and the 10 or so former ISI and new ISI officials and send them to the U.S. for capital punishment.If Pakistan turns over Gul, this would bring prosperity, secularism and stability to Pakistan and India relations.

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I do not know what is fed to all these indians, because they all are saying things for which their exist no evidence only media news which we see on TV and press is again repeated here. What makes them think Pakistan is involve in terror attacks in India. One question that I am asking all indians that ok if you say it is Pakistan tell us one thing was their navy sleeping when ten people were crossing border, hijacking boat and killing their people. Further, everybody watched the CCTV video of police being hidden behind some pillar, I agreed police doesn’t have weapons to fight, but they could have call with any phone, why didn’t they do that. Please stop raising finger on Pakistan, and start revamping yourself and think out of box – Peace is the only solution.The comments by Pakistani is the true picture what indians are doing – Lying, and defaming Pakistan. You_____ stop doing this. We all Pakistani are proud of our country, Islam is the pure religion and the only true religion on earth. Non-muslims are trying to destroy Islam because they are well aware that thier religion is based on false thoughts. whoever he/she is you should be ashamed of yourself.One more thing don’t even think of harming prosperity of Pakistan – the country of great nation – because this will never happen. india had tried it earlier through element of RAW in Karachi, now this false propaganda on media, this dream of your will never come true.

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Kumar, stop insulting religions, especially once 95% of the text comprising your post isn’t even real words. Stop embarrassing yourself as an illiterate untouchable and acknowledge the fact that Islam, just like Hinduism and Sikhism, has molded a great deal of India’s modern day culture.

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Indian can you please give me some proof of the nationality, intentions, and affiliations of these terrorists? No, I don’t mean India’s conclusions because they’re obviously biased what kind of insane leader would admit to the fact that they have radicalized elements within their own borders instead of claiming that the cause of the problems is another country. If you haven’t noticed all that we have to go on is India’s word and their honesty seems to be in question.

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The problem Pakistan is facing today, is becuase of their own actions. Their Govt. feels pride in saying that we have closed some 7 camps on POK, but doesn’t comment that why they were open at the first place. The problem with Pakistan is, that they are still roaming to find a direction for them. The seeds sown by Gen. Zia-ul-Haq and irrigated by US President Ronal Regan, are now full fledged trees, ready to engulf their own country. Today, Pakistan has become a synoym of Terror & militancy. Their economy is crippling, and will cripple more. This is a very good example to all those, who want to see the result of fundamentalism. Their foundation is based on hatred & war, so its difficult to think of their prosperity. Pakistan’s media, elites & intellectuals have also contributed in spreading hatred against India. The word Hindu is something, which every Pakistani kid is told to kill and hate right from their early childhood. Their education system, social setup & upbringing, all is based on dangerous policies. Today, they hate India for their growth, the progress, the moderate mindset & positive impressions they create. It is high time to: First of all, accept & acknowledge that what happened on terrorist front was bad & has real active connections with Pakistan, Secondly, we should stop talking war as it will kill our innocent public on both sides and the rogue elements will again the best thing to dismantle the demon of Terrorism jointly and last thing is, start making joint bilateral forums for speedy economic cooperation & employment generation programmes on both sides of the border.

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Can we please just skip the nonsense and get to the mushroom clouds. I mean it seems these two nations can’t wait to bomb each other back to the stone age, not a long trip for most of the populations.It’s funny I hear talk about Islam being about peace and yet who are the fanatics beheading people, bombing mosques, etc. I used to think it was just fringe elements, but the more it happens the more I wonder. Of course you notice where all these billions of mohammadists come from and you see it’s the armpits and nether reaches of the world.

Posted by steve rogers | Report as abusive

Lang Ping said yesterday: “I feel very proud, and have the determination and confidence to do)Shenyang Zhongze football team set sail marshal Li Jinyu as coach the reporter learned yesterday, Liaoning Zhongze group recently completed the acquisition of Shenyang Shenbei Football Club 100% equity


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