Taliban ready to defend Pakistan against India

December 2, 2008

                  By Robert Birsel and Zeeshan Haider

Pakistan’s Taliban have indignantly criticised what they said were India’s “unfounded” threats against Pakistan in the wake of  the Mumbai assault and they vowed to rally to the defence of the country in the event of an Indian attack.
“If they dared to attack Pakistan then, God willing, we will share the happiness and grief with all Pakistanis,” said Pakistani Taliban spokesman Maulvi Omar.
“We will put the animosity and fighting with the Pakistani army behind us and the Taliban will defend their frontiers, their boundaries, their country with their weapons.

“We will defend the Line of Control in the same way as we are defending the Durand Line,” he told Reuters by telephone referring to the frontier  with India in disputed Kashmir and the border with Afghanistan.
“We will show Pakistanis whether we are miscreants or defenders of the country.”

Pakistan has already said if the tension with India escalates,  it would have to move troops from its Afghan border,  where the Pakistani military is putting the Taliban and their al Qaeda allies under unprecedented pressure, to the Indian border.
The last time that happened was after the December 2001 attack on India’s parliament when the Taliban and al Qaeda  were also under tremendous pressure in the weeks after U.S.  special forces and their Afghan allies ousted the Taliban government in Kabul.
Are those behind the Mumbai carnage hoping that another face- off across Pakistan’s eastern border will again see Pakistani forces leaving the Afghan border virtually unattended?
Perhaps it’s just a coincidence the Mumbai assault came as the  militants seem to be under serious pressure on the Afghan  border.
Speaking of coincidences, some in Pakistan see the hand of  India behind the latest round of blood-letting in Karachi.
At least 40 people have been killed in Karachi since Saturday in clashes between activists from the city’s majority community of Urdu-speakers and ethnic Pashtuns from northwest Pakistan.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was on television on Tuesday saying it was strange the violence in Karachi erupted just after the Mumbai attack.
Conspiracy theorists will no doubt note that six small bombs  exploded in ethic Pashtun neighbourhoods on Karachi on July 7,  in what authorities said was a bid to stir up ethnic unrest.
The bombs went off hours after a suicide car-bomber killed 58 people in an attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul. India said  Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency was behind that attack


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“too may joor nahi, aur tatai karnay aya Lahore”

I have looked at news BBC/CNN/ALJAZEERA/ARY/GEO

Posted by KASHMIR786 | Report as abusive

Interesting..Ha ha. Taliban will defend pakistani border, how silly. lets for a second assume India is behind the karachi clashes among ethnics..then the taliban which is a group of pashtuns instead of defending pakistani people are killing karachi locals..i see a major mental problem in you while putting this article together.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Kashmir 786
The man who introduced the nuke bomb said these sanskrit word written in bhagvad gita in 1945.

If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one…

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

I am very sure allah crusader will have 4 more high profile terrorist attacks & then we will burst these bombs in south asia & middle east. From that will emerge a new civilization free from any religious prejudice. For starters we will try it in kashmir which one you prefer nerve gas, virus or nuke ?.

Posted by vijay | Report as abusive

–Rein your emotions, we Indians must not sound like these ‘war mongers’,i am myself holding back with great difficulty, but it is a test of character, so let’s not stoop low to their level..just expose them..

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Guyz,its about time v realize that v live in a world of “humans”,and we humans are a strong reason behind the origin of the planet called “earth”.Now,if v fall in serious errors and talk as foolish as blowing ppl or structures,then i guess v r insulting our amazingly brilliant feature of reasoning and wavering from the right path.V got 2 realize all the negatives and positives of any particular calamity/issue and then decide according wt the plan of action should b.V shld start behaving like educated humans,if v r going 2 delay in our plan,then v r planning 2 fail,which would result events aweful and unknown 2 our mental capabilities.

Posted by Normal Human | Report as abusive

“We will put the animosity and fighting with the Pakistani army behind us and the Taliban will defend their frontiers, their boundaries, their country with their weapons.
“We will defend the Line of Control in the same way as we are defending the Durand Line,”

—Birds of a feather flock together…
‘..with their weapons.’lol
–This is the most amusing part, as if even now the weapons they possess doesn’t belong to Pakistan..

‘Speaking of coincidences, some in Pakistan see the hand of India behind the latest round of blood-letting in Karachi.’

–This is hilarious, the world is blaming India of having outdated Intelligence Agencies of it’s colonial times & the Pakitani’w are complimenting them..

‘Are those behind the Mumbai carnage hoping that another face- off across Pakistan’s eastern border will again see Pakistani forces leaving the Afghan border virtually unattended?’
–Did the ISI carry out the Mumbai carnage to escape estern pressure to act against Al-Queda / Taliban ? or is it a greater conspiracy to leave the field open for NATO troops to enter an abandoned area by the PAK Army???

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Message to all the haters out there….

If you want peace? then the gov of Pakistan is saying we will investigate this incident with you and who ever is responsible we will take em out (with the performance of the indian commandoes i know its a tall task) dont worry the REAL COMMANDOES WILL GO IN – SSG – Special Services Group – Rami janay yeh – The best of the BEST –

When we promise we will do it after all u lot been on the recieving end so you lot should know better? U know what I mean if u dont…


Posted by Kashmiri786 | Report as abusive

This only shows the nexus of ISI, Pakistan Military and Taliban and all terrorist group in Pakistan.

Also Pakistan Military has no guts to have an open warfare hence they are using such techniques. this is only lead for a whip out for Pakistan with their own hands.

Got guts open the front and watch the fireworks, we will fix your appointment with Devil for GOD has closed all the doors.

Posted by Varun L Berry | Report as abusive

I agree we Indian are fools…..calm down il explain why.
Firstly India the biggest coutry in South Asia and that is a fact so realisticly no millatry threat to India. Therefore it should have good ties with all the neighours n specialy Pakistan. Both countries together can achieve so much, n it dont make sense to me why dont the Indian inteliigence send the proof to Pakistan and the UN and to all countries there is the connection.

If you have lousy inteligence and corrupt politicians on both sides. We will get this from their stupid policies. We need to solve the main issue surley we are mature enough to sit down and find a solution for the kashmir issue.

It hurts to see the media acting like its a movie they have been waiting for. Show bit of responsibilty and the pakis are saying they will help with the investigation. So why all fuss lets find out first who was behind it.

Surely we all know who killed all the pakis on the train who were meant to be out guests. By who the people from the army and the hindi fanatics. We hate Taliban so much even them lot have a code where they will protect their guest wioth their own life.

We need new young leaders on both sides and solve issue and work together. End of the day we were and will be one people from the same land. LIVE AND LET LIVE
Hindustand n Pakistan ZINDA BAAD

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

Assumption; The Taliban is begining to yield to pressures from Pakistani and US troops.

How do you turn the military strategic advantage to the Taliban?

Redirect resources directly impacting your ability to manuver and avoid the serious threat, US troops encroaching from the west towards the Pakistani boarder.

Using the following assumptions;
Certain segments of the Pakinstanin troops are often avoiding or even outwardly supporting Taliban troops.

Intelligence suggests cooperation with the ISI from the Pakistani military during the recent attacks in Mubai.

A conflict between India and Pakinstan would redirect Pakistanin troops to the Indian boarder and release pressure from the western board on Taliban combatants.


Could these attacks have been orchestrated by Taliban/Al Queda supporters within the Pakistani military in order to reduce pressure on the Taliban in Afganistan, also causing US to refrain from additional attacks within Pakistani borders in order to avoid becoming in an Indian/Pakistani conflict.

This would explain the limited disemmination of intelligence regarding who actually is responsible for the attaks. The reponse from the Pakistani president becomes predictable, “we are not responsible”. The retoric steps up from both sides requiring a repositioning of Pakistani troops. The US sends Envoys to the region and lowers its visibility in the region by reducing combat activity which directly encroaches on Pakistani territory, the Taliban manuvers freely throughut the region without the Pakistani troop assignments.

US sends envoys to assit in finding a dipolmatic soultion and prolongs the status quo of repositioned troops. Again, working to the Talibans favor. The Pakistani government will encouage such action. How India will react is the wild card.

US intelligence offered information regarding a potential immenent attack. Indian Official discounted this information as “Inconclusive”. Will the Indian inteligence community trust further inteligence offers from th US as reliable? how will they advise thier government to react?

Could the Taliban have sufficently permeated the Pakistani military to gather resources to effectively launch what has been described as a terroits attack exectued with military efficientcy?


Thermonuclear war between Pakistan and India.

Does the Taliban care?

No, decimation of the current Pakistani government would give them free reign in the region.

Posted by David Hughes | Report as abusive

Don’t try to get the proud name of the Pashtun involved in the crimes of Punjabis. It were the Taleban who said they would fight for Pakistan against India, not the Pashtuns.

The Punjabis, their ISI (the biggest terror organization on earth) and defeated army, will do anything to bring the Pashtuns in. But rest assured that Pashtuns or for that matter the Afghans won’t be neutral in case of an outbreak of war between India and Pakistan.

Whenever, historically, the Punjabis feel the heat from the Hindus, they turn to the Pashtuns for help. Pashtuns have rescued Punjabis several times in the past, but next time we will kick the Punjabi army from the back.

To my Indian friends:

Want to get rid of Paki terror? Kick them as hard as you can. That is the only language this terrorist entity understands. An remember, if you fail to respond appropriately to the latest terror attacks, then expect even bigger and bloodier attacks. One more attack and India’s image as emerging superpower will be gone and India will be destabilized to the point of disintegration. I remind you to act wisely and decisively, but do not be afraid.

Posted by kabura | Report as abusive

It’s very hard to digest the reality……. that we know who are behind and we are not able to anything …… what a pathetic situation is this? , we all pray to God for the peace.

Posted by samuel | Report as abusive

Taliban statement shows the nexus between pak army and taliban. Its a known secret that pak army and ISI are playing a double game with US/NATO on Taliban & Al-Qaida.

People of Pakistan are hoping against hope that better sense will prevail and the new democratic setup in pak will take roots. Fundamentalism will devour pak before anything good can happen.

Pakistan is already a divided nation with Punjabis, Sindhis, Balouch , Pasthuns and Muhajirss and deep schism between mullahs & moderates. If India can play it cards well in the present diplomatic game, the world will can see changes in the contours of Pak maps very similar to what happened to East Pakistan, but this time without firing a single shot.

Posted by Srinivasan | Report as abusive

Dear All
Iam very confused to see all this
I dont understand the Indian why are you carried away with the fake info
I have been to India and we do have alot of business and other freinds in India.
Let me tell you the Pakistani Think Tank
They Love India,They want to be freinds with India and they are never against India.We pakistanis never say Marriot Bomb or other problems are because of India.
The Indian government is very clever they know there people is dumb enough to accept everything which happens in India is because of Pakistan so why not use Pakistan and become popular.For Eg if The prime Minister gets a baby everybody asks who did this & they will say Pakistan.Isnt that Funny.
The Indian people should not get carried away and should use there minds.Now you know the whole world is behind India & Pakistan as they know if they unite then they will become more powerful.
And Show the WORLD we are together and will not fight with each other at any cost.

Thanks & regards

Posted by S.REHAN OMAR BHARARA | Report as abusive

When a crime hapens anywhere at whatever scale a investigation should take place and gather all evidence possible. In this case there has been more finger pointing towards pakistan than actualy evidence. Surely if you put the evidence on table nor can Pakistan deny it nor the International communirty.

But if u dont have any what do you?
I think that question should be directed at a Indian and I think there are plentry immature once round here.

My suggestion if you are a politician and you have been told by the CIA there is something going to hapens and even pointed out one of the hotels. Still the Indian government did not take any action now they are finger wagging. Get a reality check please no right mineded person buys your argument.

Get your smelly Ar,y out of kashmir and deploy it in Mumbai surly you need it there. My heart goes out to all the innocent victims of this hedious attack and ALSO the Murder, Rape hapening in Kashmir.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

plane was hijacked for the release of some terrorists and few innocent passengers were killed in dubai and kandahar. those released terrorists are freely moving in pak. pak wants evidence what else evidence is reqd. if that is not evidence, then no evidence can be given for any incidence. the entire world was watching in TV entire incidence. leave the question of hand over, have they been tried in pak? instead observe how they are now, then we can understand what kind of country pak is

Posted by venkat | Report as abusive

“plane was hijacked for the release of some terrorists and few innocent passengers were killed in dubai and kandahar. those released terrorists are freely moving in pak”. This is evidence? Ridicilous! That incident occured how long ago? What proof they are still in Pakistan? More then anything the proof to connect anybody in Pakistan to those incidents?

Grow up please indians, wake up get a reality check.
Get your smelly Army out of Kashmir we the kashmiris dont want those rapist and muderers fcuk off!

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

I agree with Ali, I mean where is the evidence except finger wagging by the indians. Why would Pakistan want to be involved in this hedious attack specialy when all the world is watching Pakistan. I just dont buy the argument by my indian friends. I think they need to look at other sources then just bollywood.

I am reading the news and Pakistani are willing to help you investigate and why not accept the offer. Maybe like the train that was bombed by hindu fanatics who are aslo killing our christian brothers and buring their homes n churches. India get your house in order first then look eleswhere.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I do not know what is fed to all these indians, because they all are saying things for which their exist no evidence only media news which we see on TV and press is again repeated here. What makes them think Pakistan is involve in terror attacks in India. One question that I am asking all indians that ok if you say it is Pakistan tell us one thing was their navy sleeping when ten people were crossing border, hijacking boat and killing their people. Further, everybody watched the CCTV video of police being hidden behind some pillar, I agreed police doesn’t have weapons to fight, but they could have call with any phone, why didn’t they do that. Please stop raising finger on Pakistan, and start revamping yourself and think out of box – Peace is the only solution.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

Get over youselves…..

Posted by David Hughes | Report as abusive

[…] who you are ethnically, Pakistanis fear for the nation. Regardless of the peril. You want proof? Pakistan: Now or Never? Blog Archive Taliban ready to defend Pakistan against India | Blogs | Its a most intriguing situation. The taliban will openly defend Pakistan when it comes to an […]

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