So what if it was not Lashkar-e-Taiba?

December 5, 2008

One of the axioms you hear as you go through life is that you should always believe what people say about themselves.  It’s one I have learned — sometimes to my cost — to be true more often than it is false. So what are we to make of the fact that Lashkar-e-Taiba has denied responsibility for involvement in the Mumbai attacks?

The world’s media is having none of it, and the perceived threat from Lashkar-e-Taiba is growing by the day.  I’ve already written about Lashkar-e-Taiba in an earlier post, but here are a few more links to articles on the group.

According to Richard Sale, writing in the Middle East Times, LeT has had fighters in Iraq. He also quotes U.S. officials as saying that it was involved in the 2005 bombings in London — an assertion that crops up quite frequently, although I, for one, have yet to have seen anything giving conclusive proof.

The Wall Street Journal writes that Lashkar-e-Taiba has “served as a gateway for western converts turning to jihad” while The New York Times says that the evidence of the group’s involvement in the Mumbai attacks “is accumulating from around the globe”.

My Reuters colleague Tom Heneghan has unearthed an article, written in 2005 by Husain Haqqani, now Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, about the ideology of South Asian militant groups. Here is what Haqqani had to say about Lashkar-e-Taiba:

“The most significant jihadi group of Wahhabi persuasion is Lashkar-e-Taiba (The Army of the Pure) founded in 1989 by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.  Backed by Saudi money and protected by Pakistani intelligence services, Lashkar-e-Taiba became the military wing of Markaz al-Dawa wal-Irshad (Center for the Call to Righteousness). Saeed created a large campus and training facility at Muridke, outside the Pakistani metropolis of Lahore. After the U.S. froze Lashkar-e-Taiba’s assets and called for it to be banned, Saeed changed his organization’s name in Pakistan to Jamaat-ul-Dawa (the Society for Preaching). Pakistani authorities have been reluctant to move against either Lashkar, which continues to operate in Kashmir, or Jamaat-ul-Dawa, which operates freely in Pakistan. Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamaat-ul-Dawa scaled down their military operations against India to help Pakistan honor its commitments to the U.S. and India. But Saeed remains free and continues to expand membership of his organization despite divisions in its leadership. “

So it all makes sense, and blaming Lashkar-e-Taiba for the Mumbai attacks is easier than listening to what it says about itself. But in the light of the media debacle over our coverage of WMD in Iraq, should we accept this so easily?

One of the comments on my earlier post has challenged whether Lashkar-e-Taiba was indeed responsible. The comment says:

“The Lashkar-e-Toiba is essentially a Kashmir-centric Organization, it benefits nothing by attacking Mumbai at such a scale bringing the two countries at the brink of a war, rather it dare not do any such foolhardiness on its own, they have a free run in Pakistan, why would they jeopardize it? Why would the Pakistani Establishment face an International outcry & a war for a Lashkar-e-Toiba? The laskar chief was put under house arrest during the Mumbai train blast in 2006 by Pakistan even though India had not yet sounded anything. They attack to make a Political statement, why would they not own up such a successful mission? … The military precision witnessed in the Mumbai attack is far more superior than the profile of Laskar operatives…”  

Are we in danger of jumping on the Lashar-e-Taiba bandwagon just as the media did on WMD in Iraq? Or I am simply questioning the obvious? Either way, we probably need to get out there and turn over a few more stones.






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We urge the indian government to attack Pakistan to teach them a lesson not to habor terror groups like this.
Saying that terror groups are not within thier control in not an excuse. A child who commits murder may not be charged but the parents would need to answer.

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Pakistan has sent troops to the tribal regions for some time. They claim to have 100,000 there. We are told how remote these areas are and how closed the society is, so much so that we have no chance to get intelligence and they are insurmountable.

If the situation is so insurmountable, why cant we all help the Pakistani government get these terrorist groups under control??? Why is this so complicated?

How many more attacks can we tolerate while we sit and say its so complicated, we have to turn over rocks, we work together but we dont, we have the same fight but we cant work together, we tolerate terrorist groups on our territory and they arent terrorists but they are. We dont proliferate WMD but well ok we did but you cant have access to our great scientist to face charges. Dont attack our tribal areas but ok well dont do it but do it and we may shoot down a drone, but ok go ahead and keep doing it. But the Taliban are Patriots still we fight them with you…. Come on, whose interest does all of this crap serve. I say it serves to delay so the terrorists can get that bomb, get stronger, hit us again. And its all being done not on our soil, not in India or China or Russia or Europe or as much in Iraq or never proven in Iran. They are there in Pakistan though, no?? Is it fair to say this country has the biggest and strongest concentration of these Terrorists than anywhere in the world?? What rocks do you need to uncover? I do not study these groups for a living but I listen to the knews. What am I missing here?

Posted by truthmurf1 | Report as abusive

Everybody wants to perpetuate a world of mirrors to delay and to play international politics with an issue we all share in common–jihadist terrorism based in Pakistan.

China, India, Afghanistan, Europe, Russia, NATO, and the US all share the same goal. While we play around the terrorists in Pakistan have a safe haven to train and build up. This is an appeasement worse than Chamberlin in 1938. Pakistan should ask for help if they need it, and they need it. Maybe they have different motives?? How much can we tolerate of this? Blame whoever you want. Are the Taliban Patriots? We wont help you and we will fight you if you respond in self defense to an attack from our soil on innocent people?? Come on people.

Posted by truthmurf2 | Report as abusive

I advocate a joint strike by India, Israel, and the US on known terrorist camps in Pakistan, whether it be Al Qaeda or LeT. It will be impossible to find inconvertible proof that everyone accepts and spending time on it will not help matters. The terrorists have to know that if they strike, there will be a counter-strike which will be swift and hit at their heart. This is the only way they can be managed. Yes, Pakistan will get upset but their house is in disarray and they aren’t exactly cleaning it up.

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I guess Myra MacDonald wants some proof. Like Hafiz Muhammad Saeed would sign an authorization form similar to a bank letter of credit duly registered with Bank of International Settlements saying that on such and such a date they (Lashkar) will send armed terrorists to India. The announcement has to list all the name of the terrorists, their address, telephone number and family background. And oh, by the way, Saeed’s signature has to be also notarized by U.S. and Haj authorities.

Posted by chander | Report as abusive

I do not know what is fed to all these indians, because they all are saying things for which their exist no evidence only media news which we see on TV and press is again repeated here. What makes them think Pakistan is involve in terror attacks in India. One question that I am asking all indians that ok if you say it is Pakistan tell us one thing was their navy sleeping when ten people were crossing border, hijacking boat and killing their people. Further, everybody watched the CCTV video of police being hidden behind some pillar, I agreed police doesn’t have weapons to fight, but they could have call with any phone, why didn’t they do that. Please stop raising finger on Pakistan, and start revamping yourself and think out of box – Peace is the only solution.

One more thing don’t even think of harming prosperity of Pakistan – the country of great nation – because this will never happen. india had tried it earlier through element of RAW in Karachi, now this false propaganda on media, this dream of your will never come true.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

Peace, who apart from Pakistanis believes your nation. Yes, it was a big mistake by Indian intelligent agencies. They were sleeping. You want Indian intelligent agencies to be like ISI?. Regarding prosperity, When was Pakistan prosperous?. Heard it went bankrupt and begged IMF for a loan. Just google with keywords ”Pakistan”, ”IMF”, ”Bankrupt” and you will get tons of info.

Posted by Sudhir | Report as abusive

turn over stones is right. you could start by reading this about baluchistan.

or this

maybe it is just a coincidence the ‘terrorists’ decided to make a reason for the US to attack pakistan right before the cheney leaves office in the last reign of the bushman. but i doubt it.

just like i doubt it is a coincidence the top anti terror cop who just arrested the hindu extremists which was very embarrassing for the bjp party in an election year in india, was killed w/his squad in the attack only 36 hrs since he reported a death threat against him.

whoever these terror suspects are they certainly are making plans that help the US war machine and the bjp party.

follow the money.

Posted by annie | Report as abusive

Article by Richard Sale (Middle East Times)
“U.S. officials have confirmed reports by Israeli intelligence that the jihadis released 17 Russian hostages after checking their passports, despite known and lingering animosities over the Chechen conflict. The motive is unclear, they said.” (during standoff at Mumbai attacks.
Also reportedly, a Turkish couple was also released. This pattern is strange, Americans, Israelis, British nationals are the deliberate target and innocent Indians including muslims were killed.
In Islamabad Marriot bombings several US Marines were seen going into the hotel with some steel boxes and no security staff was allowed inside, this incident took place couple of days before the sept 20th Marriot bombing. RDX explosives were used and military grade mortar shells were packed in the most sophisticated manner.
I guess Mossad is behind this, this is the work of an intelligence agency, it could be CIA, ISI, MOSSAD or RAW. The level of sophistication tells its an intelligence operation PURPOSE: INDO-PAK war. RESULT= Finish Pakistan.
I hope Pakistan has the strength to retaliate and withstand this challenge.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Everyone in Pakistan is in denial about the involvement of terror groups that use its territory. There is a lot at stake and there is too much diplomatic complexity. And when the situation is complex the best approach is the simplest. Let us not confuse this with justifications and motives. Nothing and absolutely nothing justifies this. There is a peace process going on between the two countries with Kashmir being the central issue and India’s central concern throughout has been that Pakistan curb cross border terrorism before moving forward.
I even read an argument in a responsible Pakistani daily that India is overreacting since it is not the first time the country has seen violence. A Hindu-Zionist conspiracy has also been hinted at and there are indications to link ATS chief Hemant Karkere to a recent case he was investigating. That is why the simplest approach is to look at the hard evidence available and put it in front of the international community and force Pakistan to act without any compromise. And that force cannot come from the politician, but from the people of the country. That force should come from the good law-abiding and peaceful Muslims. That force should come from the civilised world.
The proof of what Zardari can do was revealed to the world in a matter of 3 hours after the barbaric massacre in Mumbai. Pakistan’s head of state promised on national television to sending the ISI chief to India and the statement was endorsed by the foreign minister minutes later. The reversal of that stand despite the enormity of the brazen incident and the pressure from the international community should leave no doubt about Zardari’s real masters and about who he fears more. Let us not expect much from the US as well. We should appreciate their help and of anyone who sympathises, but it our home and it is our soul that has suffered the wounds and we need to heal it ourselves. The first step should be to expose our own inefficiency and our corrupt system. Each and every one of us is responsible to make this place secure and peaceful. Let us put our house in order first and the rest will follow. Simultaneously there should be detailed and through investigations into the Mumbai massacre, the FBI and Scotland Yard are already helping in investigations. The evidence is damning and the US is aware of it, even Pakistan knows that. Evidence has to be put before the international community. This isn’t a discreet bomb placed somewhere, this is shoot-em-up on the roads and such crimes mostly leave a blood-trail. Justice must be done no matter who is involved and no matter who has to suffer some diplomatic and political gains, otherwise it strengthens the terrorist and breaks the spirit of those who believe in law and justice.

Posted by Deepan | Report as abusive

Pakistan has always denied allegations against it for such violences against civilians, all over the world. Basically, we are fed up of giving proof after proof after proof…… Time has come for action. US needs to take the lead in this. US being a super power obviously has a hold on all other countries. If US pressurises India not to attack Pakistan, then 95% chance is there that India will NOT attack Pakistan. Here US must realise that such tactics will only backfire, as we have already seen some trailers like 9/11, London & Madrid bombings, among others. We all must understand that the movie is yet to be released. What should be done to prevent the release. We all know that these terror groups are in Pakistan & not in control of anyone. They are independent. Al Qaida, LeT, Deccan Mujahideen, Indian Mujahideen, etc. are all synonyms of one outfit, based in Pakistan. We can all make e-mail IDs with different names. My request to everyone is that let us not waste time in even listening to nonsense by LeT that they are not responsible, and simply hammer Pak out of this planet. After all, we want to live in a world which is free of terrorists. Hence Pakistan is not at all wanted in this world.

Posted by Guest | Report as abusive

Guest wrote:
” simply hammer Pak out of this planet. ”
Do you think it is that simple to pick up a fight with a 160 million strong muslim nation armed with nuclear weapons ? Watch your words, this is not the time of provocation, vent your anger somewhere else not Pakistan. Yes, India was hit, yes Indians are angry and in sorrow. We in Pakistan feel that, we have also witnessed terrorist attacks in our country. But if you talk war, then we know how to fight. Lets keep talking about peace, that is the only way forward.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

“Do you think it is that simple to pick up a fight with a 160 million strong muslim nation armed with nuclear weapons?”

And this is not terrorism? This is infact the exact basis of the idealogy spouted by the ISI / Pakistani military.

Posted by suresh | Report as abusive

Myra, what difference does it make if anybody accepts or denies Let is involved in mumbai attacks ??
Since there is enough evidence to proove the militants were from pakistan and large majority in the world believes taliban and al-quieda leaders are in hideouts in pakistan, zardari may call them non-state players though..pakistan deserves strong hitting from world over.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

War is not a solution, it has never been and it will never be. I’ve never been to Pakistan, though I’ve always wanted to, but from whatever I’ve heard from friends is that people are very warm and very hospitable. Let us not get this incident to become an issue with innocent people. The problem is that people in power in most cases are never interested in the good of people they are mostly interested in their power. Whether here or there. I appreciate your comments Ali but for a moment just think about the argument Thomas Friedman gave — the whole Muslim world united to protest some Danish cartoons but not one protest has come when some blood-thristy Muslims have massacred real people in Mumbai. Imagine how the Muslim world would be up in arms if 10 people of some other religion would have done that to them.
There are extremist elements in every society and every religion but most of them have moderates who oppose them as well. Christians and Hindus and Buddhists and atheists don’t have a problem with Muslims. Muslims have a problem with themselves and the good honest Muslim who is the majority has to tackle this problem. Muslims extremists are in Pakistan, in India, in Kashmir, in the US, in Great Britain, in the UAE, in Chechnya, in you name it where they are. Tell me how many other religions are waging holy wars in every part of the world. Tell me any other state that will give refuge to international terrorists. Britain would expose its offenders no matter what religion and so would other democracies and Muslims have to learn to do that.

Posted by Deepan | Report as abusive

Ms MacDonald,
Are you not being naive equating the WMD situation with an obvious all out terror war against innocent civilians ? Are thousands of civilian deaths not visible to you, unlike the quest for non-existent WMDs?

Do you think these sophisticated expensive operations could be carried out by just a bunch of disgruntled youth? Chander above gives a very apt response to your ‘pinch of salt’ surmise! Terrorists try to hide their trail, not give you a documented proof!!

It is for the first time that a perpetrator has been caught alive-so if you will NOT BELIEVE his confession about LeT masterminding this, at least believe the satellite phone trail, or the evidence on abandoned boats, or the unexploded grenade tagged of its Paki factory origin. And frankly, what’s in a name? It could be any group, but if they keep getting a refuge in the country, they could morph in thousand forms and tomorrow attack other countries too- their core philosophy is same even if rationale may differ(Kashmir/Anti-US/perceived insults). Do you know Indian Muslims have got the best deal in the Muslim world? They are part of an open society and whoever says they face discrimination, has a ‘victim’ mindset. Isn’t this the same country whose ex President is a respected Muslim, where Muslims study along side their Hindu brothers at IITs/IIMs (via an open competitive exam) and where many successful execs in its corporate world are Muslims.

While I agree there is no military solution and it will only harden the moderate good thinking people of Pakistan if we talk of things like attack etc. But at least a recognition of problem needs to come from rational Pakistanis who need to realize their own nation and its civic fabric is in peril-Frankenstein can eat it more readily since it has easiest access to your land. A stable Pakistan that has good jobs for its youth is in everyone’s interest.

Journalists like Ms MacDonald need to shed their skepticism and open their eyes. Journalism is not just about evidence that can stand in a court room trial, but is also the ability to read social undercurrents, link the pieces in disparate trends, and also to build public opinion to do the ‘right thing’. Hope you will do some self-reflection

Posted by Manish | Report as abusive

Guest wrote:
” simply hammer Pak out of this planet. ”

One of the things common among all terrorists is their desire to exploit divisions. From GUEST’s comment, it seems the attack on Mumbai has been very successful.

I could not agree more with Myra’s closing remarks. Though India is clearly wounded, introspection is needed before retribution; its strategic interests lie in peace with Pakistan.

With elections on the horizon and an economy expected to grow by between six and seven per cent next year – considered less than impressive for the booming economy –border tensions with its neighbour only add to insecurity and reasons not to invest in India.

So those that hanker for an urgent military response should remember that clichés are clichés for a reason, and the one about revenge being “a dish best served cold” should not be forgotten.

Posted by Oliver | Report as abusive

Yes, the media is not doing enough to question the happenings here. To me it appears like the crux of the problem is Pakistan itself. LeT, ISI, JEM, what not – are just manifestation of the problem.

Fact of the matter is – Pakistani Military, with funding, expertise and help from CIA, created this whole Jihad Monster. It suited their purpose and served them well in chasing USSR out of Afghaniztan.

That terrible monster has since then evolved, mutated and expanded into this gigantic problem now – and everyone is simply turning a blind eye to this.

The message that is being spread out by pakistan and its western cohorts is simply – “elected government is not involved and want to fix this, but they have no control over the military. If anybody puts any more pressure, army is going to take over – and it will get worse. “. In capable government or evil military – that is such a shameful thing to say. Fact of the matter is, hitting a target here and squeezing a compromise there is not going to make it any better either.

Al-Quaida cannot have such a global reach without a solid base – which was, is and will be Pakistan. This has been unearthed time and again in any major attack – and nobody seems to have the guts to do anything. Future WMD is not going to be nuclear missile or atom bomb – it is going to be terrorist organizations based in pakistan.

Terrorism cannot be stopped by security precautions. Brainwashed teenagers, Religious fanatics and the technology available today makes for a deadly combination. One has to fix the root of the problem, both philosophical and logistical. Pakistan is the logistical base. Hope we all will realize this before it is too late.

Posted by Concerned citizen of the world | Report as abusive

The British Hand in the Mumbai Massacre

Posted by Tom Chechatka | Report as abusive

‘Are we in danger of jumping on the Lashar-e-Taiba bandwagon just as the media did on WMD in Iraq?’
–Myra, But in this case the WMD i.e. the ISI, is starkly visible & the result, i.e. global terrorism is manifesting in real time, not conjured up by some self-proclaimed military expert & obscure doomsday analysts in virtual space…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Anup, for the benefit of everyone above who has asked why I am sceptical that it was Laskhar-e-Taiba, I’m posting a link to one of your comments on an earlier post where you raise many questions about it: 2/03/curbing-militants-in-pakistan-a-tri al-of-patience/#comment-8266

Secondly, if you were correct in blaming the ISI (and as you know Pakistan consistently denies this), why would they risk Israeli retribution by targetting the Jewish centre in Mumbai? Provoking India is one thing, but provoking Israel would seem potentially much more dangerous for Pakistan

Thirdly, if the ISI really were out to stir trouble with India, why did Pakistan not get involved in the Amarnath land protests in Kashmir? It looked like Pakistan was conspicuous by its absence in those protests.


Posted by Myra MacDonald | Report as abusive

Myra, It’s Israel that’s been provoking Pakistan since long by trying every possible strategy to attack & destroy it’s Chinese Nuclear installations, secondly Pakistan is not vulnerable like the middle-east countries nor considers Israel as a direct threat plus targeting the Jews will earn them loads of goodwill & respect from Islamic groups & Establishments who are mostly extreme anti-Zionists & enhance their latest psychic covert strategy to club India with Israel & their latest attempts to term Indians also Zionists.
The Amarnath land row was started by the pro Pakistani Geelani faction of the Huriyat & the pro Azadi faction & Political parties had no other option but to toe the line & it actually blew out of proportion mainly because of the opposing reaction by the people of Jammu. During that phase in Pakistan, due to the existing inner turmoil’s & fresh political transitions Pakistan could not derive maximum mileage of the situation.

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

I am an Indian American. And one thing that did trouble me about this horrific tragedy of Bombay is who benefits from it. The more I think about it, and the more information becomes available about the killing/abducting/torturing patterns of the attackers, I believe its an Al Queda operation. Possibly aided and abetted by some old ex army/ISI elements in Pakistan.

Pakistan civilian Govt. gains absolutely nothing from this attack. In fact just a day before that Qureshi was in N. Delhi and the relationship between two countries seemed on a much delayed upswing.

ISI does stand to gain from it, since from the first day Zardari was trying to break it up and curtail it’s power. The second beneficiary could be the Pakistan Army. It’s the only armed forces in the world with the dubious distinction in the world of losing every war it ever fought! Even they are laughed at by the Pakistani comics. Its quickly becoming irrelevant in its own country because of the multitude of losses it suffered in NWFP. And could use a break to go to a more peaceful frontier with virtual american guarantee of no war:)

Posted by Amlan | Report as abusive

Dig a whole for Pakistan, But india fall…..
Psychiatrists in India’s financial hub are reporting increased cases of panic attacks and insomnia after last week’s attacks, telecast live into millions of homes. “There was no sense of balance or reasoning. The coverage was so jingoistic and nationalistic. This is a complex issue with various dimensions to it. Simply reducing it to ‘politicians are villains’ and ‘Pakistan is the enemy’ without discourse or debate is a deep failing of the media, but it does influence public opinion,” said Manjula.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

indian U-turn; india itself involve in mumbai mass killing:
India’s foreign minister denied Sunday that he had phoned Pakistan’s president at the height of the Mumbai terrorist siege, prompting its air force to go on high alert, but Pakistani officials insisted he — or someone else in his ministry — had placed the call.

Meanwhile, India’s investigation into the attacks was running into similar theatrics, with security officials demanding the release of one of only two men arrested so far, saying he was actually a counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission. The arrests, announced in the eastern city of Calcutta, were the first since the bloody siege ended. But what was touted as a rare success for India’s beleaguered law enforcement agencies quickly turned sour as police in two Indian regions squared off against one another.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

Myra, do check this out–  /columnists/david_aaronovitch/article52 69730.ece

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

[…] despite the focus on Lashkar-e-Taiba, the evidence linking them to the attacks on Mumbai is incomplete. Myra MacDonald, a blogger for Reuters, worries that the press may be […]

Posted by Pakistani organization accused of links to Mumbai attacks holds open house « Muslim in Suffer | Report as abusive

Its interesting that the mainstream media has ignored the most important facts and evidence. Hemant Karkare of the Indian Anti Terror Squad (ATS) had arrested Hindu terrorists (military officers) for the 29 Sept. 08 Malegaon terror attacts for which the Muslims were initially blamed. During the Mumbai 26 Nov. terrorist attacts, Hemant and two other senior officers were murdered in the first few hours of the Mumbai attack.

Here are some facts that show that the Mumbai attaces were likely to be false-flag operation similar to the Malegaon bombing:

* The terrorists steal police vehicles after they had just come from the ocean in boats. If there objective was to kill as many people as possible, then why risk attacking the police and stealtheir cars?

* There were advertisements after the Mumbai attack: “Fight terror. Vote BJP” — so, what was the motive for the attack — who will benefit? How often have we seen this in India during election time?

* Why was there no attempt to negociate with the terrorists after they had taken hosteges? And what happened to the 7 other terrorists who were captured? And why was the terrorist photographed wearing a hindu orange band? And finally, why were there no demands from the terrorists?

* The Mumbai attacks clearly do NOT benefit any of the Muslim organizations but they certainly have helped BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena!

It is not the first time the Indian government has blamed Pakistan, only to find later that Pakistan had nothing to do with the violence it was being accused of. Four times previously the Indian government falsely accused Lashkare Taiba directly as the organization sponsoring violent incidents in India, and Pakistan indirectly for harbouring the militant group, although Pakistan officially banned the outfit in 2002.

In each of the incidents, namely, the Chattisinghpura massacre, the attack on the Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001, the Malagaon blasts and the Samjhota Express incident, investigations were either refused or revealed that neither Lashkare Taiba nor Pakistan but groups from within India were responsible. In the Chattisinghpura incident, for example, on 20 March 2000, one day before President Bill Clinton was due to arrive in India, 35 Sikhs were killed in the village of Chattisinghpura. It was said that about 15 uniformed men belonging to Lashkare Taiba and trained in Pakistan were responsible. Five days later, five men were killed by paramilitary forces in a village called Pathribal, claiming that the “foreign militants” responsible for the Sikh massacre had been found and duly eliminated. When local village people protested, investigations began. When the final results of the investigation were made public, it was found that local police was responsible for the massacre of the Sikhs.

Posted by Arun Bhajari | Report as abusive

Arun Bhajari

OH NO ! God have mercy on us! another apologist strikes…sic.

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Arun bajari what you say interesting is definately not interesting..but i would like to say since you believe pakistani media so the BJP ad in Indian media and vote for BJP if at all you are an Indian and see if they fight against terror.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

I don’t know how many of you know about it but this artilce will tell you what’s really going on. I got this from GEO tv network. This is about Ajmal Kasab (only terrorist survived in recent Mumbai attacks)

Ajmal Kasab kidnapped from Nepal before 2006: lawyer

RAWALPINDI: A Pakistani lawyer C M Farooque claimed that many people, including Ajmal Kasab, were arrested before 2006 from Kathmandu by the Indian agencies with the help of Nepalese forces.

He said Ajmal Kasab went to the Napalese capital on a business tour. His application regarding his arrest was lying pending in the Nepalese Supreme Court in which a reply was sought from Nepalese forces and Indian High Commission.

While talking to the Geo News, C M Farooque Advocate said the Nepalese forces arrested almost 200 people including Ajmal Kasab before 2006 and his application in this regard was lying pending in the Nepalese Supreme Court in which Nepalese forces and Indian High Commission were made respondents.

The advocate said he wrote letters to Pakistan and Indian governments in this regard. He said that he had also addressed a press conference in Nepal highlighting the issue in which he revealed that the Nepalese forces arrested Ajmal Kasab and many others and held them at an unknown place and that these people would be used for their ulterior designs at some later stage. He said that he had no contact with Ajmal Kasab ever since he disappeared.

The lawyer said he was still pleading the case of Kasab and was to visit Nepal towards the end of this month. The Nepalese Supreme Court had repeatedly issued notices to the respondents to furnish their reply but they did not submit any reply.

Advocate Farooque said he had filed the petition in the Nepalese Supreme Court in February 2008. He said he was running an NGO, ‘Voice of Human and Prisoners Rights’ and the parents of Ajmal Kasab contacted him for help in this regard after appealing to the Pakistan Government for help.

The people arrested in Nepal had gone there on legal visa for business but Indian agencies were in the habit of capturing Pakistanis from Nepal and afterwards implicated them in the Mumbai-like incidents to malign Pakistan.

Posted by Baber Rizvi | Report as abusive

[…] despite the focus on Lashkar-e-Taiba, the evidence linking them to the attacks on Mumbai is incomplete. Myra MacDonald, a blogger for Reuters, worries that the press may be […]

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Check this out…

[…] that is the end of this article. Here you’ll find some sites that we think you’ll appreciate, just click the links over[…]……

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